Where’s NDRRMC?

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

While Metro Manila and other provinces were being battered by strong rains over the weekend and last Monday, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) was silent.

Everybody was wondering where NDRRMC Director Rodolfo Del Rosario was when residents in Taguig, Parañaque, Cavite, and Laguna were scampering up the roof of their houses to escape high flood waters.

Even its spokesman, Army. Maj. Reynaldo Balido, could not be contacted when Radyo 5 was trying to reach him to inform the agency about the need to evacuate some residents.

Fortunately, the Philippine National Police (PNP) answered our call and promised to send their search and rescue teams to the areas where people have to be evacuated immediately, like a family with a baby and a very sick old man in Cavite.

Search and rescue is supposedly the forte of the NDRRMC, but it seemed the agency was caught flatfooted since there were a lot of people who were trapped in their homes and were waiting for rescue from the government.

Luckily, local governments such as in Taguig and Cavite have their search and rescue teams on standby, having anticipated fast rising waters hence they did not have to wait for the NDRRMC’s assitance, which came in the afternoon when the waters already subsided.

Like I said before, Del Rosario is not the right person for NDRRMC. He is one old and inutile official to head such an important agency.

Pnoy should fire Del Rosario at once and replace him with a more capable official.

Casino going politicians
What’s this I heard from my mole in a casino that a member of the House of Representative from Central Visayas, a mayor in Bulacan and another one from Rizal Province are frequent visitors of a newly-built casino in Pasay City?

Cong. “Jim” and Mayors “Donny” and “Boy” reportedly stay in the casino up to the wee hours of the morning losing up to P5 million each every week.

My source asked me, “san po kaya sila kumukuha ng ganung kalaking pera, boss”?

I asked him back, “anong ginagawa ng PDAF at yung IRA nina mayor? Di ba kinukuwestiyon na ito ngayon?”

These three nincompoops thought nobody knows them in that casino. Fortunately, my mole and two of his workmates are constituents of the officials.

Biazon should start purge from inside
There would be no smugglers if there are no corrupt Bureau of Customs (BOC) personnel.

BOC Commissioner Ruffy Biazon vowed to clean up the ports of smugglers and reshuffle heads of the different departments of his bureau so it can meet its tax collection target.

But how can Biazon clean up the bureau when it is infested with corrupt personnel inside his office and the offices of two of his deputy commissioners?

Names such as “Ason”, “Liksy”, “RR”, and “G. Anudo” of the Office of the Commissioner are famous at the South Harbor for collecting “Tara” or grease money from importers and brokers.

A certain “Ante On” reportedly extorts money for a certain DC Mansana who is in charge of running after smuggled goods.

If Biazon really wants to clean up his bureau, he should start cleaning from within and fire these corrupt personnel.



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