While the people suffered, Aquino grew in humbug and hubris


    President B. S. Aquino 3rd’s final State of the Nation Address this afternoon should contain a summing up of his first five years, and a preview of his last year in office. With his penchant for praising himself, and blaming others for his failings and mistakes, he is not likely to abandon old habits when he appears before the joint session of the two houses of Congress.

    He could decide to be a little more charming than usual, but he cannot be niggardly in his self-praise. After all, he is “an Aquino,” while his audience is merely “Juan de la Cruz,” (not even a “Romualdez”), to borrow the words of DILG Secretary Mar Roxas at the height of the Yolanda/Haiyan humanitarian crisis.

    PNoy will try once again to bamboozle us with tall tales of what he has done for the poor and the marginalized; we must no longer allow any of those lies.

    We must not allow him to tell the jobless and the endangered overseas Filipino workers that he has created job opportunities for them.

    Nor the marginally employed at the ever-growing malls, but are routinely turned out of their jobs after every five months, that he has strengthened their rights against their exploitative employers.

    Nor the hungry, that he has filled the nation’s granaries, and their individual tables with food.

    Nor the homeless and the naked, that he has housed and clad them all.

    Nor the victims of calamities, terrorism and armed conflict, and the widows and orphans of massacres and murders, that he has brought them the healing powers of legal justice.

    Nor the long lines of commuters on both sides of EDSA and the main streets of Metro Manila, waiting for the broken-down MRT and the erratic bus network to take them to and from work, that this is the price of progress.

    Nor the young who dream of the future, and those who merely hope to see a clean and honest election next year, that they must put their faith in the foreign firm Smartmatic, which has already given us two bogus elections.

    In one word, we should not allow ourselves to be fooled once again to our face.

    Our knowledge of the truth is our antidote and defense. While our people suffered during the last five years, Aquino grew in humbug and hubris. This must end.

    After putting up with so much claptrap about his bogus “daang matuwid” (straight path), his demagogic “kayo ang aking boss” (you, the people, are my bosses), his regularly commissioned bogus surveys, we need to tell him we are done listening to his lies.

    Aquino must be made to see that we know much more than he thinks we do about what he has done to this country since he came into power. We must show him we have a thorough knowledge, inside-out, of his corrupt and mentally unstable “leadership.”

    Question One. How did Aquino become our president? Did the Filipino electorate really vote for him? Or was he manufactured for us by global political and corporate operators? Who benefitted the most, and suffered the most, from his presidency these last five years?

    We have every reason to believe the Aquino presidency was the sheer product of a political operation, and that the oligarchy and foreign interest groups benefited the most, while the Filipino masses suffered the most from it in the last five years. It is time for Aquino to know that we know he was not legitimately elected in 2010. We have to make this plain.

    In 2007, Aquino came out sixth in the senatorial elections. In 2010, he had accomplished nothing to deserve higher office. His Liberal Party colleagues thought it was a sick joke when somebody suggested that the presidential aspirant Mar Roxas asked him to be his running mate. But when his mother Cory died, the political operators hovering over the death scene saw an occasion to exploit public sentiment, and turn the senatorial nonentity into an instant presidential timber.

    So money and media were used to mobilize mourners in the thousands, from the ranks of those who never showed much sympathy for Cory before, including those related to the farmers who had been killed in the famous Mendiola massacre or inside Hacienda Luisita in the hands of her supporters. Instantly, the propaganda polling firms, run by people close to the Aquinos, junked their old horse “Manny Villar” and adopted Aquino as their new champion. Mar Roxas, after marrying a potential First Lady, gave way and became Noynoy’s running mate instead.

    Noynoy said he expected to win by a margin of five million votes, but because Gloria Macapagal Arroyo would cheat him, he would mount a “people power” uprising in order to take over. This evidently so panicked GMA and her financial backers that they decided to negotiate a “modus vivendi” with the Aquino camp. One close financial supporter, with money flowing out of his ears, instantly pole-vaulted into Aquino’s camp, reportedly with an initial offering of P1 billion.

    The “modus vivendi” was then sealed. Noynoy was assured he would have his five-million vote-plurality without having to create trouble, provided he would not go after GMA for any alleged anomaly later. Comelec Chairman JoseMelo, working with the Venezuelan marketing firm Smartmatic, swiftly removed all the safety and security features and accuracy mechanisms of the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) voting machine, thereby facilitating the “hocus PCOS” in lieu of a legitimate election. PNoy then led Erap Estrada by over five million votes.

    In the vice presidential race, Mar Roxas lost to Jejomar C. Binay. This is another story altogether. It appears that Noynoy’s camp had heard that some members of the so-called Hyatt 10 had decided to use an unpublished psychological report on Noynoy after the election, to remove him from office so that Roxas could take over. This prompted some members of the Aquino clan to drop Mar for Binay. This story, if true, could help explain PNoy’s apparent reluctance until now to anoint Roxas as his candidate in 2016.

    Neither PNoy nor GMA will ever confirm this story. But all you have to do is look at the results of the 2010 senatorial elections. Although PNoy won by a “landslide”, it was GMA’s candidates, not his, that dominated the senatorial contest. PNoy’s best senatorial bet, Franklin Drilon, landed No. 4 only, while at least two candidates who had lost in the 2007 senatorial elections for being identified with GMA won in 2010 for the very same reason.

    For nearly a year the “modus vivendi” seemed to work. No trouble for GMA from the administration. But when some people started asking “where is this guy’s program of government?” his Akbayan advisers quickly replied, “Here is the program, impeach the Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, prosecute GMA for corruption, impeach and remove Chief Justice Renato Corona.”

    It took the 2013 senatorial elections, which the completely unheralded Grace Poe Llamanzares “topped” in the infamous 60-30-10 across-the-board scheme for PNoy’s candidates, before AES Watch and the National Transformation Council, among others, concluded that both the 2010 and 2013 elections were fraudulent, and that PNoy was but a “de facto” president, as were the 12 senators “elected” in 2013.

    Now, PNoy would like to insist that Smartmatic run the next election, possibly with a bogus presidential candidate, in the person of someone who is not even a natural-born Filipino, nor a legitimate resident of the country for the last ten years immediately preceding the election. We must now tell PNoy we can no longer allow him to continue destroying our Constitution and all our institutions.

    Q 2: What did Aquino do to the rule of law? Do we still have a rule of law?

    These are Aquino’s most obvious and unpunished crimes:

    1) He has bribed the members of Congress to impeach and remove Corona, and enact the widely opposed Reproductive Health Law, and thereafter assumed virtual control of the three branches of government in violation of the principle of checks and balances and the separation of powers.

    2) He has usurped the power of the purse by realigning billions of pesos in the General Appropriations Act on his own, in order to create his so-called Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) to fund his bribery of Congress and other unauthorized activities, and has refused to prosecute those involved in the misuse of the DAP, as directed by the Supreme Court, which has declared it unconstitutional and void.

    3) He has refused to accept responsibility for the death of 44 Special Action Force police commandos who were massacred in Mamasapano, Maguindanao on Jan. 25, 2015, after they were denied reinforcement by PNoy.

    No villainous president before ever committed any of these crimes. He has become impeachable for all these and more, but he could not be impeached because he has bought those who have the exclusive power to impeach and remove him. This is corruption of the first order, but he has the temerity to talk of an “incorrupt regime” and to accuse others of committing his own crimes.

    Q 3: How much of the people’s money has Aquino spent in five years, and what have we seen in terms of public infrastructure, energy development, agriculture and military modernization, social services, anti-poverty programs?

    For the first time in our history, we are seeing the national budget in trillions. In the 20 years Marcos was in power, the total national budget went a little above P600 billion. With this, he built more public infrastructure than all those built under all previous administrations combined. Cory Aquino spent something like P1.3 trillion in six and a half years, and left behind a few flyovers. What about PNoy?

    In the last five years, this government has built a few things. But it has failed to build anything nearly comparable to the Philippine Arena, a private facility owned by the Iglesia ni Cristo in Bulacan, which it probably needs to promote the country as an international convention center. Basic public goods—like roads and bridges—have become “private enterprise projects,” which the citizen must pay for every time he uses them. There is no mass transportation worthy of its name.

    Power and water have become highly priced commodities in the hands of Aquino’s friends. Even the national grid for electricity had fallen into the hands of the Chinese, against whom Aquino is waging a word war over the two countries’ dispute at Kalayaan.

    While every other government supports its farmers, Aquino is pursuing their destruction by supporting huge food imports. And while we face an Islamic insurgency and political tension in Asia, corruption continues to hobble our military modernization. Some 28 defense contracts, valued at P60 billion, remain unsigned, reportedly because Aquino suspects the contracts to be infected, but does not have the courage to scrap them either.

    Aquino’s performance will have to be measured not only according to our own standards, but also pursuant to the UN Millennium Development Goals. He has failed to meet all targets, save none. Aquino’s conditional cash transfer program is now P80 billion plus, and the P6-billion Department of Social Welfare and Development under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has P102-billion now. But Aquino has made no dent on the conditions of the poor. Despite claims of high economic growth, the country has the highest poverty rating in the region.

    We have to conclude for now by saying that Aquino’s “presidency” has been one unmitigated colossal failure. He has been a service to no one, except to his late mother whom we had earlier thought (unfairly) was the worst president we ever had. Her son has saved her. But unless we could prevent Aquino from messing up the next election, the next administration could still be worse than this one.



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    1. Until now, it puzzles me how come Pres. Noynoy Aquino got more votes when he ran for president (1 slot) than when he ran for a senate seat (12 slots). Let us assume that ALL those who voted for him as a senator also wanted him to become president (which is highly improbable); then, it only translates that he has more or less one million voters who want him to become president but not as a senator (again, that’s incredible)?
      Baka nga na-HOCUS-PICOS!

    2. Roldan Guerrero on

      I just watched his SONA and I am really amazed why Filipinos let to stay in power this long a STUPID, LIAR and GROSSLY INCOMPETENT President.

    3. cesar g.villegas on

      President Aquino is a creation of a gang of thieves who profited much during his presidency. This gang of thieves are still milking the government through this dummy of a president. The same gang created and controlled his mother, Cory Aquino. Vigilance should be not only against Aquino but also against the invisible gang who is out there trying to continue to make a dummy out of the next candidate for President of the Liberal Party. Beware of this King Makers in Philippine politics. We can fight them through our prayers only, this group is so powerful with no conscience and headed by the devil himself. Let us ask Jesus and his mother Mary to save our country from the devils. To God nothing is impossible.

    4. Dong Malonga on

      The worst single example of brazen act of failure of this admin is the MRT3. One just have to look at the long lines and hours of waiting of people . Pnoy could nt care less ! Abaya and buena fe shamelessly parades a prototype from china as an answer when truth is it is not! They have no sense of emergency! Dapat Ikulong mga ito!

    5. Don’t compare the cost what it was to build infrastructures more than 30 years ago during the time of Marcos. The peso to the dollar is 8 and it is now 45. Come on!
      Some of the achievements were: There are three corrupt senators who are now imprisoned. One Supreme Court Justice removed from office because of corruption. PH filed an arbitration case against China which was not done by previous Presidents. Purchased new jets, frigates and tanks to improve military capabilities, etc. Don’t you think these are good accomplishments?. You have been under Marcos and supporter of previous Presidents and naturally against PNOY and his government but be fare like me who has not been in our country for the last 30 years earning for my family.

      • So JT,..you been out of the country for thirty years and your’re still supporting your family?,what does it say about the way Mr.Aqui-no run our country’s economy?that you still have to work out of the country

      • I would like to advised JT to dig more about the corruption under Aquino regime that it was not only the three (3) who are corrupt but the President itself and his cohorts. He bribed the congress to impeached CJ Corona and he won. If there is really fair justice in this country those corrupt government officials and their leader should have gone to jail.
        If JT love this country he should be neutral and not to be blinded with Aquino ideology!

    6. Wolfgang Struck on

      Quote: “The United States planned and helped carry out the botched Mamasapano raid on January 25, 2015. Dozens died when commandos from the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police entered Mamasapano, where the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front had a stronghold. The Obama administration had put a $5 million bounty on terror suspect Marwan’s head. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, US drones identified Marwan’s hiding place, led the commandos to it, and provided real-time management capacity for the operation off the battlefield. Marwan was killed but his finger was severed and disappeared. It then appeared at an FBI lab in the United States a few days later. DNA tests on the finger confirmed it was Marwan who had been killed.
      Murder, torture and cruel treatment constitute war crimes under the Rome Statute and the Geneva Conventions. Both the United States and the Philippines are parties to the Geneva Conventions. But although the Philippines is a party to the Rome Statute, the United States is not. In fact, the U.S. government offered the Philippine government $30 million in additional military aid to secure an agreement that U.S. soldiers in the Philippines would not be turned over to the ICC.
      The jury in the tribunal found defendant Aquino and defendant Government of the United States of America, represented by Obama, guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. “Indeed,” the panel wrote, “the Prosecution has satisfied the burden of proving satisfactorily that the Defendants, in concert with each other, willfully and feloniously committed gross and systematic violations of Filipino people’s basic human rights.” End of Quote

    7. Primer Pagunuran on

      Nice read about PNoy’s true and objective ‘scorecard’ and grossly inept ‘political statecraft’.

    8. Guillermo Hernandez on

      Filipinos ………now what ?
      There is very little doubt that Mar Roxas will win the 2016 election. How can he lose ?
      First, there is Smartmatic to ensure the votes in his favor and then there is the humongous trillion pesos hidden in the 2015 budget to buy the votes and the politicians.

      The Filipinos are very tired of the EDSA-type revolutions…. twice it did not do them any
      good. Their hearts are now filled with both hopelessness and despair. When people does not have any hope and are in despair….they just SURRENDER themselves. And
      that is what the Filipinos would do in 2016.

      The Liberal Party would have their 12 more years of
      mis-ruling the country.

      Poor Filipinos !

    9. Leodegardo Pruna on

      I wish I could write the way you do and could have written your article. We have no other to blame but ourselves for allowing this administration and its people ram and disfigure government and its institutions to their likes. Come 2016, I hope that the Filipino people have awakened from their slumber and agonizing sleep. God bless the Philippines.

    10. To me , the meaning of SONA is ” SINS OF NOYNOY AQUINO” as Sir Tiglao Enumertaed and clearly explained in his column today, that NOYNOY, is the WORST PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT ever…..!

    11. The problem is it’s not only the Presidents lies but also the support he will get from the corrupt senators, house members and salon’s he controls thru his appointments. They will lend their support to the lies and further disgrace the office they were supposed to represent with integrity and honor.

      Sadly that was no longer possible once the 20 senators accepted pork barrel bribes to impeach sitting chief Justice Corona. Aquino then appointed his college friend to the position in order to get a more favorable payment for Hacienda Lusita.

      For people who don’t know Maria Lourdes Sereno who Aquino appointed to be the chief Justice was the one who prepared his family’s Supreme Court brief to get better compensation for Hacienda Luisita.

      In other words, The people who will be clapping their support at Aquino’s Sona on Monday have been supporting his lies and wrongdoing for years, they are just as guilty as the president of robbing the people of a better future.

      When the time comes, if it ever does for justice and accountability don’t forget about the plundering clowns that supported Aquino instead of doing the job of representing the people.

    12. Up to now, we have not stopped praying that the Almighty free us from the clutches of this this mad dog in Malacanang. We are confident one day soon, our deliverance will come in an unmistakably divine-sent way.

      We know for certain that his “karma” for fooling the people and violating his oath of office will come soon and he will never escape going to jail. We will delight to see that day.

    13. very well said former sen.Tatad and a very timely criticism before the SONA of Pnoy…i hope the filipino people would finally realise the hoax of a scripted democracy of our beloved country!