• Whimsical subpoenas scare off investors, warns Binay camp


    SENATORS should be cautious in sending subpoenas to legitimate businessmen because doing so recklessly may scare off investors, the camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay warned on Thursday.

    “That [discouraging businessmen]is a possible consequence,” Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla, also Binay’s spokesman on political concerns, said, referring to a threat of pro-administration Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th to grill Chinese-Filipino businessman Antonio Tiu until he tells the truth.

    Binay’s camp has noted that Trillanes and Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano have been harsh and cruel to resource persons who they think will not toe their line but treat those testifying against the Vice President with kid gloves even though they admitted violating the laws.

    Tiu is reported to have a picture showing him with Trillanes.

    Interviewed by reporters at the North Cotabato Capitol also on Thursday, the Vice President said he pities Tiu because the businessman had been demeaned even before he testifies before the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee on graft allegations against Binay.

    The Vice President was in North Cotabato to lead the Sinab’badan Festival 2014 Fun Run at the municipal grounds of Makilala. He was also scheduled to keynote the 60th founding anniversary celebration of Makilala.

    When asked about a vast estate in Rosario, Batangas, that includes expensive infrastructure supposedly owned by his family as alleged by former Makati City Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado, Binay noted that it was an old and rehashed issue even as he denied that he owns the property.

    On another invitation by the Senate sub-committee led by Trillanes and Cayetano for him to attend the next hearing, the Vice President said he won’t give dignity to senators presiding what he called a moro-moro (farce) of an inquiry.

    He added that he finds it funny that the sub-committee was inquiring into the Makati City Hall Building 2 but suddenly turned to probing the Batangas property that he does not own.

    Meanwhile, the Vice President also on Thursday joined the nation in celebrating the 24th anniversary of the passage of Republic Act (RA) 7160 or the Local Government Code.

    “The enactment of this law has been largely responsible for the empowerment of local government units [LGUs] and making them more responsive to the needs of the people,” he said in a statement.

    Binay credited the growth of Makati City (Metro Manila) and other progressive LGUs to the opportunities given them to govern better through the devolution and decentralization of functions provided by the code.

    “Through responsible fiscal management and sound planning, Makati, under my watch [as mayor], was able to assume the new responsibilities mandated by the code and deliver better service to its citizens and investors. We were able to reinvent the local government into a people-centered and results-oriented city, which is one of the original intents of the code’s passage,” he said.

    The Vice President called on all stakeholders, particularly Congress, to revisit provisions of RA 7160 that have become “outdated and unable to cope with the fast-changing social, political, economic, and environmental landscape.”

    He suggested that a Joint Executive-Legislative Local Government Reform Commission be formed to tackle the issues that have arisen from implementation of the code.

    Also on Thursday, Binay, along with Rep. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao, visited the wake of overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Maribel Hipolito in General Santos City.

    He extended his condolences to the family of Hipolito, who was killed in an accident in Gizan, Saudi Arabia.

    Binay assured the Hipolitos of government help in claiming benefits they may receive from the OFW’s employer and the Social Security System, as well as in filing a case against the perpetrators and in demanding “blood” money.


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    1. What the Philippines needs to do is clean house. Round up the political family’s that have been stealing and plundering the peoples money year after year and get rid of them. Take back everything they stole and get rid of them.


      Let them continue to control everything and steal your lives away like they have always done. The President appointed these thief’s and supports them and pretends to not know anything. His family continues to steal the land from the farmers and the Justice Dept wont do anything without his approval. The Senate and the House are Dens of Corruption and wont allow a real investigation into where all the money has gone.

      It is business as usual for these guys because they control everything but take responsibility for nothing.

      Get rid of them or get used to it.

    2. member na rin pala kau ng 3 itlog kakahiya instead na ang pagtuunan ay employment puro paninira ang alam nyo. what happen kung nag 3 itlog ang mapwesto ay lalo ng walang mangyayari sa bansang PH mga kababayan wake up.

    3. Bert O. Romero on

      What scares businessmen most is the institutionalization of 13 percent kickback for doing business in Makati thereby throwing to the winds rules-based policies. Being subpoenaed to appear before any congressional inquiry is nothing to fear if you haven’t allowed your firm to be used as a front or dummy for any rapacious and conscienceless presidential wanna be.

    4. Binay is desperate and is grasping at straws. What legitimate businessmen are really afraid of are unscrupulous politicians who extort kickbacks. Much like the allegations against VP Binay and his immediate family. Alleged to be a family of extortionists!

      What the Senators at the Blue Ribbon sub-committee are doing in aid of legislation is to get information on corruption and graft which has been alleged against the BInays. So, what the Senators are doing is welcomed by legitimate businessmen, contrary to the claims of the BInay camp.

      • I absolutely agree Kulas !!! … I also believe that the ongoing investigations would encourage foreign investors to invest in our Country , most especially if the allegations against the BINAYs would be proven to be true and they would be punished accordingly …….BUT how can the truth be proven if VP Binay keep on avoiding to face his accusers ? …….. Is it maybe because HIS DEMEANOR MIGHT BETRAY HIM when in front of his accusers and the senate ? ………. OR is he trying to DRAG / STOP the investigation until he would LUCKILY / UNLUCKILY / ACCIDENTALLY be elected President in 2016 ? …….. by then, he would already be immune from any charges during his term !!!…What do you think ?

    5. Firstly this a whimsical if not comical, businessmen if not engaged in illegal, undue advantage and dubious business, are nothing to worry, businessmen are scared of their are inside trading, favoritism or sort of red tape. In the first place legitimate business operating on legal can stand storm wherever that debate can reach. Just ask the investor, if you invested in SMB corporation, or Ayala land holding, or even Andrew Tan of mega world so those scared are the one whose business done under the table, or conspired to hide to the public. These are the scariest people who play illegally to undermine legal responsibilities and are used as dummies by unscrupulous politician. Many politician become rich overnight because of corruption and kickbacks, red tape or worst thieves of the coffin. They attack Marcos whose corrupt but now they are the one worst than Marcos they forget where they stand, eroded their integrity and honor overnight. These is the legacy being left by almost entire politics, nothing is spared. Only Ramon Magsaysay among the President show decency and delicadeza.