White House hopefuls bombard NY in campaign blitz


NEW YORK: White House frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stormed through New York on a campaign blitz Sunday as Bernie Sanders defied his lagging in the polls to command a crowd of thousands. The overwhelmingly Democratic state votes Tuesday in its most decisive presidential primary in decades with Trump determined to fend off the prospect of a contested nomination for the Republican party and Sanders pinning Clinton into a tighter race than few ever imagined. Trump, the Manhattan billionaire, needs to win the majority of the 95 Republican delegates up for grabs in the primary to increase his chances of clinching the party nomination before the July convention. The 247 Democratic delegates in New York, plus 44 super-delegates, are likely to be won mostly by Clinton, giving the former secretary of state and ex-New York senator an unassailable lead over Sanders. While nationwide polls edge Clinton just 47-46 percent over her self-described democratic socialist rival, in New York she leads a whopping 53.5-41 percent, based on a RealClearPolitics poll average.



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