• Who among them are the fittest?



    IT may not be fair to readers of The Manila Times, who look forward to new items in this space, to find a rehash of comments from two of them. But sometimes deviation from the usual stuff is necessary.

    Because I find very timely the two readers’ reactions to Duediligencer, I am reproducing them here, today being the “judgment day” for voters who will decide the fate of liars and non-liars alike.

    It is up to the people to choose who among the candidates deserve their trust and to whom they can entrust the future of their children.

    * * *

    A reader, who identified himself only as PhilJayc reacted to a piece which appeared on July 19, 2015. He wrote:

    “That so-called C5 diversion is not the fault of Villar. It was just a demolition job by his political opponents when Villar ran in the 2010 presidential election.

    “How come we’ve heard nothing whether charges have been filed against Villar regarding this C5 controversy or what is now the status of the charges, if any?

    “Villar already lost in the last presidential election and his detractors already accomplished their job of demolishing him, so they are quiet now.

    “Watch the ‘YouTube’ wherein Bro. Mike Velarde admitted that it was he (Velarde) who did not want the government’s road project to pass through Bro. Mike’s property, that’s why the road project had to be extended near Sen. Villar’s properties.

    “Velarde said he wondered why the senators did not invite him during the Senate hearings regarding the allegation of C5 Extension controversy, when he had previously admitted during past interviews that he did not want the road project to pass through his private property.”

    * * *

    The reaction of PhilJayc to “Villar: From Senate president to chairman of the board” illustrates the dirty politics that characterize our electoral system.

    Why can’t our politicians just tell the people the public service that they intend to deliver once they get elected? By doing so, the people would know how the majority could possibly benefit from such-and-such programs of government.

    It is right for PhilJayc to ask whatever happened to the accusation that allegedly benefited the property projects of former Senator Manuel Villar. Why didn’t the accusers sue him for graft if the allegations against him were true and could be documented to stand in court?

    The reader’s comments tell us that not everything thrown against political opponents are true. Well, the accusers had had their day parading themselves as the more righteous when they are not.

    “Has the Philippines become a looters’ paradise?” appeared on Oct. 27, 2015. The following day, Noel Horlanda wrote:

    “Since we became an independent nation in 1945 or even before, there were already thieves in the government services and up to now their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren not excepting their kin have become big time crooks of the millennium, it’s now in the blood as they say.

    “These abominable creatures will remain and multiply more if not checked in time. It is high time to annihilate them all in Election 2016 before they could contaminate the entire Philippines.”

    Mr. Horlanda and PhilJayc are among the voters who hold the power to unleash their anger against the pretenders among those aiming to serve but may not be as trustworthy as they picture themselves to be.

    As taught by parents and teachers in grade school “honesty is the best policy” has been lost as corrupt men dominate what is supposed to be public service.

    * * *

    On a personal note, I briefly left the media to join the media volunteers for the late Senate President Jovito R. Salonga who ran for president under the Liberal Party in 1992. It was not easy to write press releases for a candidate who did not want us to preempt him in what he intended to say.

    One time my immediate boss, the late Bobby Versola, asked me to write a press release which he and I did not clear with our candidate. The result was a reminder from Salonga for us “… not to put words into his mouth.”

    Salonga lost the election but succeeded in putting the LP back to life. Unfortunately for him, the party that he had revived is again bound for perdition.

    By the way, one of the 24 candidates in the LP ticket in 1992 was a certain Florencio “Butch” Abad, who was one of the 23 losers. The party produced only one winner in Wigberto Tañada. Abad and Tañada are now members of the yellow troop of Malacanang’s chief temporary occupant.



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