• Who else but Bongbong Marcos?


    I was in Cebu these last few days, and even there where the second presidential debate was held on March 20, the apparent consensus among those who watched the April 10 vice-presidential debate in Manila was that it was far more instructive than the last two presidential debates in Cagayan de Oro and Cebu, and that Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. outshone and outflanked all his rivals and adversaries.

    In their view, LP Rep. Leni Robredo, Mar Roxas’s unseeded running mate, did unusually well. Even the normally abrasive Sen. Sonny Trillanes was refreshingly reasonable and constructive. Sen. Francis Escudero delivered his usual mechanical lines without excessively calling attention to himself.

    Sen. Gringo Honasan stuck to his old classical lines. And Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano tried to look like a “budding Rambo from Davao,” who offered “federalism” as a solution to all the problems, which presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte could not promise to solve in 90 to 180 days.

    But Bongbong Marcos outperformed his rivals on all counts.

    A TV treat

    On TV, he was not only pleasant to look at; he was above all cool, unflappable, and intelligent. Against Cayetano, who pompously repeated Duterte’s ambitious promise to solve the nation’s criminality, drug and other major problems in three to six months, he very gently reminded the latter that it was to him (Bongbong), rather than to Cayetano, that Duterte had promised to hand over “his presidency,” if he wasn’t able to deliver on the things he had promised to do in a few months.

    Except for Honasan, who as a military colonel had played a key role in ousting Ferdinand Marcos in 1986, all of the vice-presidential candidates seemed to have a personal bone to pick with Bongbong, not for any transgressions of his own, but just because of his father, who had lost the presidency in a US-assisted coup. Bongbong alone was subjected to toxic questions from the propaganda arsenal of the old anti-Marcos camp manned by its last straggler, President B.S. Aquino 3rd.

    The soundbites included “martial law,” “corruption,” and “human rights abuses.” These are pressing issues against Aquino himself, who only had to corrupt Congress and terrorize the Judiciary to mount his own “dictatorship.” Led by Aquino, Malacañang partisans had been demanding that Bongbong apologize for his father’s martial law response to the communist attempt to seize the government. Bongbong has responded by saying he would apologize anytime for his own mistakes, but only for his own mistakes.

    No apologies needed

    For that reason, he would not ask Aquino to apologize for his grandfather’s treason during the war when he collaborated with the Japanese occupation forces in the Philippines, even though this had caused so many deaths and incalculable hardships among Filipinos. Neither would he demand an apology from Aquino for his father’s treasonous conduct when he exposed the government’s secret project to recover Sabah, which has been illegally incorporated into the Federation of Malaysia.

    If Marcos were alive today, I would probably ask him, as his former information minister, to apologize for failing to turn over the country to the communists in 1971, seeing how powerful they have become under Aquino. Despite the dismantling of the Soviet empire, which ended the Cold War, the communists in the Philippines appear to have won the ideological struggle, and even the shooting war. Their armed partisans continue to grow in number, even as the political commissars enter Congress and certain areas of government.

    The martial law attacks

    To this day Marcos is attacked for proclaiming martial law by those who made it necessary, as though it were a “cause uncaused,” and a US court has assumed jurisdiction over human rights cases allegedly committed by the Philippine military, without anything being done about those killed by the communists everywhere.

    In the 20 years Marcos was in power, the government spent a little more than P600 billion to build more roads, bridges, ports, airports, schools, hospitals, dams, irrigation and hydroelectric and other infrastructure facilities than were built by all his predecessors combined. Cory Aquino spent twice that amount in only six and a half years and left nothing but a few flyovers. Her son PNoy misused over P150 billion in DAP funds alone, and now wants a “transition budget” of P3.5 trillion. Yet Marcos’s more corrupt enemies are the ones accusing him of corruption.

    The record shows that Marcos fell after he had taken a strong position against the bases.
    He did not fall because of corruption. He “became corrupt” after he fell. As soon as he was ousted, the new power-holders assigned to Marcos the authorship and fruits of their own corruption. This continues to this day. But their biggest corruption goes beyond money; it involves the sale of our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. This is one of the fundamental issues Bongbong Marcos is up against.

    A solid record

    Unlike Aquino who ran for the Senate in 2007 and for president in 2010 solely on the basis of his parents’ dubious record, the young Marcos is running for vice president on his own steam, after a solid record of 25 years in office. After initially serving as vice governor and then governor of Ilocos Norte during his early years, Bongbong spent years of exile with his family in the United States. Upon his return, he served as congressman for the second district of Ilocos Norte from 1992 to 1998, then as governor of Ilocos Norte from 1998 to 2007, then as congressman again from 2007 to 2010. In 2010, he won a seat in the Senate where he fought for a meaningful Mindanao peace process and many important legislations.

    Together with the late former Senator Joker Arroyo and Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, Marcos was one of the three Senators who opposed the conviction and removal of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona at Aquino’s behest. Aquino literally paid off 188 congressmen to sign the Articles of Impeachment against Corona without reading the document, and 19 of the 20 senator-judges who voted to convict him at the Senate impeachment trial. Each of the senator-judges received P50 million or more from the so-called P150-billion or so Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which the Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional, in a rare act of courage.

    The real corrupt ones

    Except for Bongbong Marcos, all the senators running for Vice President received the P50-million or so largesse, with Escudero receiving the biggest chunk—-P98 million. But nobody asked the candidates why they believed they should be elected to high office, or allowed to talk about the alleged corruption of others, given this stain on their public record. Neither was the DAP issue raised. Although the Supreme Court has struck down the DAP and the entire pork barrel system as unconstitutional, and ordered the Ombudsman to prosecute all those involved in its manipulation and misuse, not a single wrongdoer has been prosecuted.

    The pork barrel remains in the General Appropriations Act despite official assurances that it has been deleted, and Janet Lim Napoles, the reputed P10-billion “pork barrel queen” whom Aquino had personally received in Malacañang before escorting her to Camp Crame, has never been prosecuted. She was detained in connection with the charge of illegal detention, but never because of the alleged scam. Two days ago, she was allowed to post bail. This notwithstanding, Aquino and his cohorts continue to crow about their “daang matuwid” (straight path), as though we were a nation of fools. But this has failed to enter the public debates.

    Low expectations

    I had minimal expectations about the vice presidential debate. To begin with, the President, not the Vice President, runs the government. So the candidates, mostly Independents, were not expected to present any program of government.

    None of them like to describe the Vice President as a “spare tire,” but until and unless the VP is given a specific assignment by the President (usually a Cabinet post), that’s exactly what he is—-a spare tire. Unlike the US vice president, who presides over the sessions of the Senate, the Philippine VP does not have a precise job description; he does not even have a permanent office address, or a decent operational budget.

    Thus, it seems a little indelicate for a vice-presidential candidate to be talking of what Cabinet position he will want to have, especially if he is running as an independent. This only becomes permissible after a Vice President-elect is asked to join the Cabinet to a position of his choice. Otherwise, he is free to accept or decline only what the President offers.

    The first successor

    But because the Vice President is first in the line of presidential succession, what is otherwise a “spare tire” assumes an importance all its own. It is absolutely necessary to have a Vice President who is as qualified and deserving as the President. This has become so obvious and compelling, with the present problems that have caked around the presidential contest.

    Because of the obvious efforts of the various parties to control the results of the elections, there is growing fear that we might not be able to proclaim a president-elect. The nation cannot risk any instability, so we need to have a dependable Vice- President-elect.

    Under Section 7, Article VII of the Constitution, “If the President-elect fails to qualify, the Vice-President-elect shall act as President until the President-elect shall have qualified. If a President shall not have been chosen, the Vice-President-elect shall act as President until a President shall have been chosen and qualified.”

    What we saw at UST

    The UST debate gave the nation a glimpse of who among the VP candidates stands on solid ground as a potential acting President, should there be need for it. In this debate it was virtually impossible for any candidate to make any mistakes in responding to the hosts. But it allowed the public to see the breadth of mind, depth of character, and overall quality of the men and woman on stage.

    Cayetano alone seemed to have the extravagance to believe that people would see in him the leadership qualities they need, by repeating what Duterte has been saying about ending criminality, drug trafficking, kidnapping, illegal gambling, smuggling and other major problems in three to six months, and by proposing “federalism” for all the bigger problems that not even Hercules can solve in 180 days.

    Indeed it is our hope, it is our prayer, that we could solve all the problems that have covered the face of country in our lifetime. But it requires more than a monumental leap of faith in something that does not even claim any supernatural powers to believe that simply by putting one terribly flawed individual in charge, without changing ourselves or anything else, we could banish murder, lust, greed and the other vices in six months.

    Cayetano’s ignorance

    Some people were quick to applaud “federalism” as soon as they heard it. But even Cayetano did not know what he was talking about. Federalism is not a program of government, which the next president-elect could implement just because he wants it.

    Federalism is a constitutional proposal, whose implementation provides no public role for the President.

    Under the Constitution, it is the Congress or the Filipino people or both that should decide whether or not the Constitution should be revised or amended to allow a change in the form and structure of government. The President could try to influence efforts in that direction, but the Constitution as such provides no role for him to be involved in it.

    Therefore no presidential or vice-presidential candidate can promise to transform the country into a “federal” republic. That would be a giant swindle where we cannot afford to sink ourselves.

    My Cebuano friends say they are not the only ones who see Bongbong Marcos as our best bet for Vice President.



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    1. I have nothing against bbm but i’m curious about the foreign debts during the reign of fem. Ive read that some are illegitimate debts and should not be shouldered by the filipino people. Is this true? What is he going to do about it?

    2. I have nothing against bbm but i’m curious about the foreign debts during the reign of fem. Ive read that some are illegitimate debts and should not be shouldered by the filipino people. Is this true? If yes, what is he going to do about it?

    3. Ilocos norte was governed and still governed by Marcoses. Guess what, Ilocos norte is one of the best governed provinces in the Country recognized nationally and internationally. Many people dont know that because your yellow media wont tell you. Do some research. Now, tell me if the provinces governed by the other vp candidates surpass what the marcosses achieved in Ilocos Norte. Baka magbago pa isip ko na kung cno dapat iboto..

      • Right! It is true ! The Marcoses have good projects in Ilocos ,thus, the place is one of the tourist spots. Look at Bongbongs’ impressive project,the windmill ! It is internationally appreciated !

    4. This maybe too late but I want to join in this discussion. I am an absentee voter and just voted for Marcos; Santiago was my president. During the vice-presidential debate, I agree with the writer that Marcos was the only who stood out. He handled well the mudslinging with grace and intelligence. This coming June 2016, we will expect a Marcos comeback and only if election is rigged that this prediction will not come true!!!!!

    5. Francisco Tamad on

      Marcos, the dictator and Marcos the vice presidential candidate, oversees a kleptocratic elite, with little interest in uniting, or even running, the country. Embezzlement, graft and corruption, nationalizing corporations, Coco Levy fund, money laundering, US monetary aid and other profits drain overseas or into deep back pockets. There is no rule of law. In every measure of human development – safety, malnutrition, access to clean water, healthcare, education, human development, employment opportunities,lack of electricity, high crime rate, poverty,lack of land reform, Muslim insurgency, violation of human rights, the RP scrapes along the bottom of world rankings. The Pinoys are on their own.

    6. BBM is a class act. Very impressive. I would vote and even campaign for him. Yun mga nagsasabi ng never again, sarado ang mga utak, brainwashed by the AbNOYtards! Cayetano, putak ng putak, he is better off in the senate, tutal sabi nya magaling sya umattend ng hearings. As for Robredo, she was just chosen to be Mar’s VP because Noy noy and his whole kampon is looking for sympathy vote. In the VP debates halatang halata ang pagka “amateur” nya. She also is like her boss, magaling manisi. Escudero was just so mechanical, “play safe” kumbaga. I applaud Honasan for being a gentleman. Trillanes stole Cayetano’s thunder when he told him “wag tayong magbolahan” (re fighting crime in 6 mos).

    7. We will vote for Bongbong becase we believe in his sincerity, capability and the praticability of his programs for the government. Naniniwala ako sa katotohanan ng sinasabi ni Kit Tatad. Ang katotohanan ng Martial Law ay para sagipin ang bansa sa pangaagaw ng poder ng mga kumunista. Kung naagaw ang gobyerno ng kumunismo ay mas masahol na diktadorya din yun kasi walang makapapalag dun. Kaso sa mga huling kabanata medyo nanawa na rin ang mga tao kaya nakisimpatiya na sa mga rebelde at oposisyong oligarchs. Kaya yung mga hakbang ni Marcos na makabayan tulad ng pagpapa alis sa American bases ay di na na appreciate ng mga tao at ito ang naging mitsa upang pagkaisahan sya ng mga kalaban at CIA. Walang nakaw na yaman si Marcos kasi dati na syang pinakamayamang tao sa buong bansa at sa mundo dahil sa mga gold bullions na binayad sa kanya ng Tagean Tallano clan sa pag set up ng trust fund sa yaman ng maharlika govt. ito ang dahilan kung bakit puro paninirang puri lang ang mga yellow propaganda at ni minsan di na convict ang mga Marcos sa kaso hinggil sa nakaw na yaman. Kung may funds man na nakuha ang PCGG ito ay nasa pangalan ng gobyerno kaya sila ang may kaso at di ang mga Marcos. Iyon ang sinasabi ni Bongbong na ang gobyerno ang pumipigil para idistribute ang pera.

      • Francisco Tamad on

        Vote for Senator Macoy, pero, make sure he gives you lots of pesos to survive in the Filipinas! Make sure he gives you a trabajo inside the Malacanyang Palace as a chofer, cocinero, or body guard!

    8. Hindi Bobong Pinoy on

      Sinisilip nyo yung 170 billion pesos na kinuha ka nyo ng Marcos, e yung kulang kulang P1.1 TRILLION na nakuha ni Cory within 6 and a half years ndi nyo masilip. Yung P150 billion na DAP na ipinamudmod ni PNoy sa senator-judges hindi nyo masilip. HUWAG NYONG GISAHIN ANG BUNGA DAHIL SA PUNO! Oo, mag-ama sila late president Marcos at Bongbong, junior pa nga ee. Pero huwag nyong itulad kung ano sya magiging. Siguro kayo ng mga Tatay nyo may pagkakaiba di ba?! Huwag ngang bobo. Lawak-lawakan naman ang isip aba! 21st century na e!

    9. Hindi Bobong Pinoy on

      Not only during Japanese occupation did Cojuangcos and Aquinos betrayed our country. Even in the time of Antonio Luna, they conspired with the Americans (with Aguinaldo’s consent) to kill him and then using the funds that Luna personally handed to Ysidra Cojuangco for safekeeping…that led to personal safekeeping then buying lands which eventually has become the Hacienda Luisita.. Pnoy’s grandfather, as mentioned, then collaborated with the Japanese forces. His father, Ninoy, exposed government’s secret to recover Sabah to the Federation of Malaysia. Pnoy himself bribed senator-judges to impeach a Chief Justice who had just taken his strong stand against DAP.. So what’s next? Good thing, he has no son. LOL.. Hahaha
      On the contrary, late president Marcos on his deathbed advised his former VP that became Cory’s VP to ask Her Excellency an approval to transfer 90% of his ‘alleged’ ill-gotten wealth to the funds of the Philippines and ONLY 10% to remain in his family. What did the yellow lady do? She ignored that important call. She said whatever it was, it must be told to the public. So the VP asked if she was sure about it, but she dropped the call. OMG!!! Bobo. Mayaman na sana Pilipinas. Isa pa yang Bataan Nuclear Power Plant na yan na bubuksan na lang noon hindi pa ginawa. Ayan bulok na ngayon. Bobo talaga. Nakakapanghinayang lang ang mga panahon na umunlad na sana ang Pilipinas. #MarcosForever

    10. antonio roto on

      So what describes a “YELLOWTARD”? A yellow tard will always bash and hates the articles against their idol Aquino without reading the article. Katulad sa makikita mo dito. Na ooffend ang mga yellowtard dahil hindi nila matatanggap ang katotohanan na ang kanilang idolo ay isang traidor at minsan din ay nasa lahi ng magnanakaw.

      • Catarino Sanchez on

        Res ipsa locator. The thing speaks for itself. Noynoy Aquino maybe honest but sad to say, he is incompetent to govern the country. The bloddy encounter at Luneta, the Yolanda episode, the Mamapasapano massacre, the Kidapawan killings, etc. to name a few; are but constant reminder the Aquino is moron.

      • Francisco Tamad on

        Yellowtards? Hummmmmmm……yummmmy!! Yellow ripe mangos, a favorite of pinoys!!! Halo halo yellowtards masarap! Yellowtard mango cake, ay napa ka strap! Yellowtard flan, yellowtard ice cream delicious!!
        But who were the protesters during Edsa 1986? They were ordinary, poor
        brown colored pinoys, the same color as you! Your brown color is the same as the brown race of ordinary people who stood up and overthrew the tyranny, president-for-life dictator! The RP needs another revolution of ordinary, poor brown people to prevent the dictator’s son becoming Vice President and future President!

    11. PCGG is created solely for the Aquino to benefit themselves some percentage of the Marcos Wealth and not for the people. The Aquino government even has the audacity to sequester donations that is intended for the victims of Yolanda, how much more for stealing public funds from taxes.

      • Because graft and corruption is a way of life among Pilipino politicians, not just Aquino, but it actually started with Marcos (the one well preserved in Batac Ilocos Norte) was the first who started, stealing public funds and sequestering US dollars in payments to US Clark airbase, Subic Bay, and US aid to the RP, Coco levy fund scam, nationalizing private corporations and money laundering in Swiss, Panamanian and Caribbean banks, kick backs, pork barrel scams, bribery, stolen Yamashita gold etc.

    12. The failures of past presidents that came after Marcos were so damaging and lost-lasting that the people would rather elect a Marcos to the vice presidency than risk wasting their votes for other candidates who have anything but a bag of air to show. The Aquinos, starting with the Japanese collaborator, have put this country in the brink of total destruction, so why trust what they say against Bongbong? We’re not fools to believe Pnoy’s lies.

      • I agree with you. I would say that since PNOY is a failure to the country he should put the blame on MARCOS. How can the poor guy who died decades ago still the cause of all the hardship that’s hitting our country. PNOY has the chance starting from his MAMMA to uplift the life of Filipinos, but he is a total failure. So to cover up for his inefficiency, ineffective leadership he blame the poor guy who is resting in peace. God Bless his soul.

      • Japanese collaborator?? Are you referring to Second World War? WWII ended on September 2, 1945, that was 70 years ago, going 71 years this September!!! You still remember the Second World War??? Ay Naku! Buhay ka pa noon 1945? Ylan taon ka na? Japanese occupation of the Philippine islands did not happened last two weeks ago, or last year or five years ago!!! Have you seen the economy of Japan? Do you own a Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan car or truck? Do you know, a lot of pinoys go to Japan to work as atchays, bar hostess, karaoke singers, and nurses? Do you know Japan donates aid money in millions of dollars for economic development? Do you know ADB is the biggest lender to the Republic of the Philippines? (Asian Development Bank biggest lender Japan) Maybe RP should have become part of Japan territory! Konitchiwa Pinoys!

    13. I strongly believe na si bongbong ang mananalo.. Totoo naman lahat ng politician mga corrupt yan pero dun na ako sa corrupt nga pero kahit papano mapapaganda padin ang banda Hindi sa corrupt na nga wala pa Alam sa pagpapatakbo ng bansa. Please we don’t need anymore bayot officials.. Ang mga politikong too good to be true yan ang uubos ng pera ng bansa at least during Marcos reign prosperous ang bansa natin unlike say pag upon ni Cory..

    14. To all of those people who would like to see BBM go down, you will be disappointed. The more you hate him, the more he will likely rise above it. It has been how many decades now that the dissemination of information such as the ill-gotten wealth, martial law abuse have been used against the Marcos family. Those who people who are going after the Marcos family, have the means, resources and connections, but still they have not been able to imprison even one. Even Nonoy Aquino who is our current president, has the power to do something, but yet has done nothing, well except for crying foul all of the time. This is one family we are talking about. One family against all of the most powerful businessmen, oligarchs or whatever you want to call it. Of course when you do research about it, you will find that almost all of the information you will find are the negatives. You have to search harder. People, the tv networks and newspapers, are also used by those powerful people who want to mudsling the Marcos family. Do you guys really think that once, they get a hold of the Marcos wealth, they will really share it with the citizens of the Philippines. That would be the day. There are reasons behind what has happened in the past. It is just like war. There will always be casualties. FEM did not decide on implementing Martial Law by himself. He had his cabinet members who he consulted with. I know a lot of Filipinos are already closed minded when it comes to the Marcos family. But the fact still remains, they are still standing strong. Please do not tell me that they are so powerful that they can get away with anything. Maybe the real reason is that those people who have gone to great extents to demoralize and accuse them, do not have enough proof/evidences to prove their claims. Hundreds of cases were filed against them, but were acquitted. As the saying goes, “Innocent, until proven guilty.” Irregardless of what I say, the reality is, more and more Filipinos are supporting Bong Bong Marcos, even those who lived through the so called Darkest Era are giving their best wishes to him. And even more amazing is that he is leading in the polls, either internationally or locally. Hahaha, even with the NAIA mock elections, BBM won hands down, to think this is ran by someone close to Aquino. Lakas-CMD is endorsing BBM, whispers about the INC might also be endorsing BBM. Those who have betrayed BBM and his family, are one by one, shaking hands with him. Why is that? Whether you accept it or not, BBM is loved by a lot of people, not just because of his name, but they know it in their minds and feel it in their hearts, that he can make a change for the betterment of our country.

    15. Maribel Calanda on

      I agree with you Senator Tatad. BBM is the best choice for VP among the candidates. All of them have ganged up on BBM and still, they continue to do so and will continue more until election day perhaps. However, I belong to the many who will no longer change their minds in voting for BBM.

    16. marcos is not a qualified to be a our vp, com’n we all ready know that he is a true corrupt!

      • You are a clown. Not even a single case of corruption was filed against him. Look at Ilocos and its progression/development and tell me that Bongbong is corrupt.

    17. ikumara ang may record sa wala… tanga na lang kung yung may record ang suportahan haha!

    18. kung ang mamumuno ay isang magnanakaw maryosep, commen sense naman! ano mapapalaya niyo? haha

      • Ms. Lovely, I can’t imagine how you got your name. It does not reflect your true color. 170 Billion is that how you imagine the money PCGG recovered? Please provide me the facts how you end up with this figure. I hope you wake up from your dreams, I have a feeling you have been hitting “weeds” or “shabu” that’s why you are hallucinating 170 Billions. Common Lady, give me a break?

    19. for me po cguro.. mas nagustuhan ko ung pagka agressibo ni Sen Alan Cayetano sa pag ssbi nya ng mga saloobin..hehe.. kaya nga po debate db.. tska tumatakbo po cla sa pag ka bise.. malamang nyan talaga.. labasan talaga ng baho ng mga kandidato yan.. hahaha..

    20. para po skin… ( respeto n lang sa comment ko) mas naging palaban sa debate nto c Sen Alan.. di makasagot ung iba sa rat2 ng mga banat nya eh.. parang may tinatago ung iba.. haha..

    21. wag po tau maging bobotante… pumunta po kau ng UP at tanungin ninyo ang mga prof dun.. kung cnu iboboto nilang VP.. ndi nila kayo masasagot na c BBM!! kc alam nila mangyayari pag c BBM ang magging bise.. uulet lang ang nangyari dati..

    22. kitang kita.. 170 BILLION ang nababawi p lang sa mga marcos.. p lang yan ahh.. ndi p lahat.. ilang bilyon pa ang natitira.. ganyan kalaki nakurakot nila nung namumuno pa cla nuon.. e panu pa ngaun pag nanalo pa yan.. ilang bilyon ulet ang nanakawin ni MARCOS.

      • Wala ka kasing alam. Di mo alam bago pa si .marcos naging presidente sya na ang pinakamayamang tao sa pilipinas at sa buong mundo. Gold ang binayad sa serbisyo nya ng Tagean Tallano clan ng mga datng hari ng Maharlika govt. na dating gobyerno natin bago ang mga kastila.

    23. wala syang trahabo pero ganun kalaki pera nya.. hmmm.. parang nakapag tataka nga po un sir.. sa pulitika lang sya kumikita? ganu po ba kalaki ang sweldo ng gobernor ng senator para mag karoon ng ganung kalaking pera c Sen BBM.

    24. Excerpt from this blog https://edveecruz.wordpress.com/

      BBM or “Bonget” as he is fondly called by his friends, has had an extra-ordinary life, with its ups and downs to be sure, but has proven himself capable of handling the peak and the nadir both with equal equanimity, and the victories and the defeats with composure. Growing up as the “son of the President” during his entire teenage life until his late twenties, we did not witness any abuse of power when he could have done so and gotten away with it. We were also with him at his lowest during his days in exile and saw how he coped with it remakably well in spite of the abrupt — overnight, literally — and drastic change in lifestyle and social standing from no less than son of Head of State for more than two decades to political and social pariah and virtual prisoner in a foreign land as well as persona non grata in his own country; he even managed to retain his sense of humor whereas others with much less of a drastic and sudden change in “fortune and circumstance” would suffer “psychological and emotional breakdowns.” And because “it didn’t kill him, it could only have made him stronger,” as the adage goes; and, indeed, it has made him stronger. We have seen how his patriotism has become even firmer from what was already deep-seated when we first met him forty years ago. We have also witnessed how he has been a good son, husband, and father, too. He is, without a doubt, the best choice for the office and we are certain he will make a good Vice President at the very least, probably better. We wish him success in his latest journey, as a friend, and more importantly, for the good of the country.

    25. There is no secret to his surge in the surveys and the large and enthusiastic crowds and the warm receptions that greet him in all the places he has visited to ask people to support his candidacy. From the onset, he announced that he would conduct his campaign in a manner that is dignified and deserving of the voters, and would refrain from indulging in “gutter campaign.” He has kept his word and the people have taken notice of it, unlike other politicians that say one thing but do another. His consistency, sincerity, and a sound platform of government are the reasons why he continues to gain support nationwide specially among the youth in spite of a concerted effort to thwart his candidacy by small but powerful groups that continue to “live in the past,” a past marred by three decades of unbridled corruption, continuous finger pointing and blaming, media brainwashing, and hate campaigns that foster divisiveness that have taken this country nowhere. https://edveecruz.wordpress.com/

    26. As for the ludicrous demand that he apologize for the declaration of Martial Law half a century ago when he was in his mid-teens, this comes as plain stupidity to most people. But what puzzles and angers the voters is why there is no similar outrage against violations of human rights committed after Marcos these last 30 years. There also has been no condemnation of the present administration’s human rights record as Noynoy Aquino’s six year term comes to an end; the International watchdog group, Human Rights Watch, has simply called President Aquino’s record “a failure.” They added that “there has been no real progress on justice for serious abuses committed under the Aquino administration.” Pray tell, what happened to the anger and outrage the anti-Marcos leftist groups are good at mimicking when speaking of human rights violations but only during Martial Law? They seem to be selective in who to condemn which, besides being hypocritical, is terribly unfortunate for the victims of atrocities such as the Mendiola massacre, Hacienda Luisita massacre, the Ampatuan bloodbath and just very recently, the farmers that were killed in the Kidapawan demonstration just the other day when police open fired at them. Even the fact of our country becoming, according to CNN, “the most dangerous place not at war to live in for a journalist” has NOT caused alarm among these pseudo freedom fighters, known affiliates of the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed group, the National People’s Army. Since groups like CARMMA, SELDA, etc. have not made a dent on his current popularity, they have, just recently, charged him with plunder involving Napoles but that, too, is an old issue that’s already been resolved when Napoles herself said under oath that they had no dealings whatsoever and has never even met BBM and signatures in documents involved were said to have been forged. It is expected that “gutter campaigning” will intensify in the coming weeks and fabricated stories will abound as they already have. We can expect the “usual suspects,” ABS-CBN, the Philippines Daily Inquirer, Rappler and other media outlets “campaigning” for their own “manok” to go all out and vilify him specially because he is now occupying the number one position in all the surveys. https://edveecruz.wordpress.com/

      • I agree with you pards. Common people, look around you what is happening to our country. Drug proliferation is very active, killlings everywhere, there is no fear or respect for authority, know why, there is no discipline and you know what is lacking-leadership. Aquino should take care of the current problems facing the country, instead of politicking he should address the current situation, what he is doing is “protecting his own interest” by endorsing people that are under his wings as in saying “para tuloy ang ligaya” I say to you Mr. Aquino “TAMA NA, SOBRA”. You have had your time.

    27. It’s funny because I was a big supporter of Cayetano, but after this debate, nag muka siyang tanga sakin, kasi wala siyang bukang bibig kundi Duterte. Tanga din ang mga taong nag sasabi ng ang galing niya sa debate. I think everyone did well, specifically Marcos, except Cayetano, who only wants to kiss Duterte’s ass. Federalism is good kung ma push nila yan sa congress or Duterte becomes a dictator and force federalism himself. Pero yang 6 months crime purge nayan, ay suntok sa buwan. Cguro mababawasan ng marami, pero anjan parin yan.
      Filipinos couldn’t move on could they? Sabi nga ni bong bong look to the future wag sa past

    28. Mr. Tatad is so right about Cayetano and the folly of Federalism as espoused by this trying-hard, fake toughie and his foul-mouthed running mate. I hope Duterte will be asked in the next presidential debate what he means by Federalism, and how he would transform this country into such form of governance. I bet he would have a very convoluted, incomprehensible answer. Given his human rights record and crazy temperament, one would have a feeling that, if you press this issue, you would end up with a bullet on your forehead. Better to have no president declared after the elections. Lets try Leni Robredo who was the only one who presented a whole new vista of possibilities for the future of this country minus any stain of corruption, human rights violation, etc. A clean slate to start with. That’s what the country needs at this chaotic times.

    29. As you can see from the comments, the idiots will vote for an idiot like cayetano and the intelligent and informed voters will vote for Marcos. If BBM doesn’t win the elections, this will only prove that there are still a lot of uneducated Filipinos blinded by hate. If my parents are criminals, does that make me a criminal as well? I will vote for what the country needs, at least i know in my heart that I did something right as a voter even though Marcos wont win..

    30. pati pala kasalanan ng ama namama ng anak mag iisip ba ka yong mga alagad ni pinoy ilang president na ang lumipas cory ramos erap gloria at pinoy dalawa diyan mga aquino hangang ngayon si marcos pa din ang may kasalanan? isip isip nga ka u ang ilocos na lugar ng mga marcus walang mga naaaping mga tenant punta ka sa tarlac panay nag hihirap mga tenant nila. bakit ba nag away marcos at aquino dahil ma laland reform lupa nila bakit ba nag away cory at gloria dahil na land reform lupa nila bakit ba nag away corona at pinoy dahil final na na dapat ibigay na sa tenant lupa ginamit ang pdap pang suhol sa mga congress at senate para lang patalsikin si corona. biro mo sa lupa lang yan ha. ganyan sila ka swapang sa lupa mga lahi ni pinoy. pati ang number one na kalaban ng communista na si general palparan pina kulong pa niya para sa mga alagad ng niya. ang kapal

    31. Ang kasalanan ba ng tatay ay kasalanan din ng anak? Let us be rational why then Pres. Marcos declared martial law. Please do remember that in every action there is a corresponding basis and reason. Hindi kaya si Ninoy ang dahilan kung bakit martial law was declared because the Philippines at the times was already leaning to communism. Think about it mga BRO.

    32. YES YES YES to BBM not only for VP this 2016 but the presidency on 2022. Ibalik ang dangal ng PIlipino na niyurakan ng mga Aquino. I was there in 1986 during the EDSA revolution and even a volunteer for Cory Aquino but after 30 years , all these are not enough to cover the best years we have with FERDINAND MARCOS. Our country has gone to the dogs, rapist , criminals, bandits and drug dealers …….and even professionals in the banking industry committing the biggest banking theft in history…this is not the Philippines during Marcoses time….and now we have BBM to redeem us….so GO GO GO Bongbong!!!!!!

    33. Calm, wise and assertive are the qualities that leaders should always have. I am not on the sides of any politicians but I can see it on only in Duterte. Among VP candidates Marcos is on top, Trillanes next and Cayetano last. I put Cayetano last because I see him as the leader that will always put blame on you. He will be more scary than Duterte.

    34. the way they react to Bongbong’s ascendancy clearly shows DESPERATION and the unpalatable knowledge that their lies have no more effect….

    35. If martial law was bad how come FVR was elected president. Enrile became congressman and Senator. This two we’re the ones involve in the torture of all the victims of martial law. This two are in charge of Fort Bonifacio stockage and detention center. This two are the real berdugo’s of the people and yet the people keep on electing Enrile to Congress and Senate and FVR as president. Was Martial Law really that bad?

    36. isa lang talaga ang karapat dapat n mgng bise yan ay si sen alan cayetano lang di nmn kailngn si bbm malamang ipagpapatuloy lang nyan ang inumpisahan ng ama nya ang pag nanakaw

    37. di namin kailngn ang opinion ng writer na to sapat na saamin ang nalaman galing kay sen alan cayetano, puros paghhrap lang dala ng marcos s bansa kaya d na dpt ibalik pa mga yan

    38. aus ka dn hndi lang naman si sen cayetano ang inis s marcos dhl sa mga magnanakaw mga yan kaming mga simpleng tao lalo ang banas dyan hidden wealth d maamin tago pa nya, duwag n bbm.

    39. hindi kami mag papabulad s mga pinag sasasabi mo wala ng karapatan ang isang bbm para mahalal pa sa mataas n tungkulin, gayahin n ninyo si sen cayetano tapang at talino n pag tanggol ang mga tao. di gaya ninyo

    40. sus di na kailangan ang mga marcos s gbyerno e pinatalsik na ngaun ggstuhn pa n mabalik, mas karapat dpat si sen alan n magng Vp d katulad ni bbm n yan mag sama kau

    41. Electing BBM will only paved a way for his mom to continue what she has been longing to be for the longest time around – to be a royalty, a Queen per se. As stupid as it may sound, but if only the set of jewelries from necklaces to tiaras that she owned can speak, they can prove how glamorous the Marcoses have lived and continue to live from the money that they plundered from our country’s wealth. And how can a son say no to a request of an ailing mom?

    42. To see what Bongbong Marcos can do, Just Visit Ilocos Norte. ;) Anyway, Bakit ba kayo takot kay Bongbong Marcos eh Vice President lang iyan. Eh di nakaltokan siya ng presidente pag nagdikta dikta siya diyan, Boom!

    43. God save us from the naive and easily fooled in Philippines…surely they will deserve what they will reap should their wish for the Marcos to come back to power come true.

    44. franzel chua on

      Dapat sainyong dalawa lumayas na dito sa Pilipinas wlang puwang dito ang mga magnanakaw Mr. Tatad at BBM….

    45. Hayaan mo nang tuluyang lumaya ang Sambayanang Pilipino sa paghihirap na dinulot sa reheming Marcos noon. kaya pwd ba wag kang magpasakop kay BBM Mr. Tatad mga magnanakaw pa yan

    46. Mr. Tatad bakit ba gusto mong maghirap ang mga tao dito sa Pilipinas at si BBM ang gusto mong manalo, ahh kasi isa karin sa corrupt na opisyal na tanging gusto ay kayo lang ang yumaman. Mag isip ka nga

    47. salvador alex on

      kapal ang mukha nyong dalawa pareho kayo magnanakaw kasi..wlang kang karapatan sa pagiging Bise-Presidente Bongbong.

      • @salvador alex, wag sarcastic magsalita at wag kang magbentang ng di mo kayang patunayan masira mo lang ang tao. Kung naniniwala ka sa bentang mong ‘yan, i-file mo. Di puro ka satsat na galing lang naman sa narinig mo.

      • mas makapal ang mukha mo yata kaibigan. magisip ka muna bago mo buksan ang inyong bibig. between you vs sa kanilang dalawa baka LIBAG ka lang

      • sino ang may karapatan??? sino ang walang bahid ng DAP sa mga kandidato?? si robredo?? si robredo ay hindi nga nakakuha ng DAP na parte galing kay benito pero by joining the LAPIANG PORK which authored and conceived of this thievery she is now tainted. remember the phrase show me who your friends are and i will tell you who you are?? ganun ang lagay ni robredo ngayon. besides, robredo was one of the those who approved the house version of the BBL. if not for marcos jr and his committee, the BBL would have been railroaded by the drilon-belmonte train express and mindanao would have a new state within its borders. sad part is taxes natin ang gagastusin sa pagpatakbo ng state na ito controlled by milf-malaysia gang.

      • Lalu na ikaw. Subukan mong mag file ng candidacy for vice president at tignan natin kung anong sasabihin sa iyo ng comelec o ganung katagal sila tatawa.

      • Girlie Bebbeb on

        Salvador, why do accuse others of what you do? And what makes you think that BongBong Marcos don’t have the right to be vice president? You are making it to the world that you are a thief and arrogant. What a pity.

    48. sean magayanes on

      Anong alam ni Bongbong sa batas para magsabi kayo ni si Bongbong lang ang may karapatan sa pwesto at hindi si Sen. Allan eh isa ngang syang bobo na Senador. Para saamin si Sen. Allan ang karapat dapat na maging Vice-President kasi matlino syang tao.

      • Dalawang anak na babae ng mga dalawng dictador, na mas mabagsik pa kay Pres. Marcos, ang nahalal na Prime Mnister at Presidente ng kanikanilang bansa. Isa ay ang anak na babae ni Zulfikar Ali Bhutto na binitay ng gobierno ng Pakistan na si Benazir Bhutto at ang isa pa ang ang anak babae ng dating Presidente at Military dictator ng ROK na si Pres. Park Chung Hee na pinatay mismo ng appointed nyang director ng KCIA at ngayon ay anak nyang babae ay syang Presidente ng ROK at minamahal ng mga Koreano at tinanghal na MOST POWERFUL WOMAN NG EAST ASIA na si President Park Geun-Hye. Pinatutunayan nito na hindi naniniwala ang mga tao na ang kasalanan ng AMA ay kasalanan din ng ANAK.
        Kung ka-alaman naman sa batas ang paguusapan ay itong dalawang babaeng president ng Pakistan at South Korea ay pawing hindi abugado ngunit sila ay nagsilbing mahusay pa sa mga presdente abugado. Bakit si Magsaysay at Pnoy ba ay abugado, sean?
        Ako ay die hard Duterte- Cayetano at kinakampanya at IBOBOTO ko silang dalawa sa amin lugar. At kung sakaling si Bong Bong Marcos ang pinili ng karamihan sa atin, wala naman problema sa akin. ABANGAN NATIN ANG SUSUNOD SA MAY 9TH, SEAN DI BA?

      • BinaysVsCayetanos BGC on

        Senator cayetano? Nagtatali tlinuhan lang yan. At kunwari hindi corrupt. Go to bonifacio global (former part of taguig city, now Makati’s) ask around.. ang dami building dun db?(porsyento) personal vengeta nila kasi nawala sa taguig ang kita nila napunta sa binay..well mawawala kasi porsyento ng cayetano or sino man local mayor.. matic kasi un, parang presidentil funds lang yan ng presidente s pagcor. Yan ang kalakalan.
        Then sa gawi ng QC, naispottan na yan na kunwari naligaw o nagUTurn, bakit may isang bahay na hinintuan sa isang village, nakapalibot ng body guard, vip na vip.. un pala tila yata napakaimportante nung taong pinuntahan nya dun malapit sa himlayang pilipino… sino magaakala na sa dulo ng visayas avenue, dead end, at kasublong ng cementeryo ay merong babae sya na kabet dito? Alam kaya iyan ni mayora Lani?? Yan lang naman ang haka haka dito at maraming takot magsalita o pagusapan. So kahit natatalinuhan ka pa s knya, ok lang.. wag nalang sya trying hard magpaka “ala digong du30” , hindi kasi bgay, napaplastikan ang tao… korupt lahat yan!

    49. Dexter Maliwat on

      Wala talagang maiaambag na maganda sa bayan si BongBong. Dapat nga kinukulong yan! Sa dami ba naman na ninakaw nyang gagong yan!

      • u make my day friend. if may ebidensya ka na nagnakaw si sen bongbong prove it in court. kung wala tahimik ka nlang kasi nagmumukha kang polpol

      • Si Bongbong Marcos ay maraming nang proyekto naipatayo sa lugar nila noong siya nasa local post pa. Isa siya sa lumalaban sa BBL para proteksuyan ang kapakanan ng bayan. Hindi siya puro dada tulad ng mga kalaban niya na wala namang nagawa. Pinili siyang runningmate ni Miriam santiagao dahil kahit si Miriam ay hanga kay Bongbong Marcos bilang senador.

      • “sa dami ba naman na ninakaw nyang gagong yan” hmmmm. Still wondering why up until now, not even a single Marcos was convicted from such accusation. I smell bull’s poop here. What’s your source of that information by the way? Guinness Book? or the books published by the Yellow Zombies? LOL. And oh by the way, the Marcoses won 938 cases against them including the so-called Trial of the Century. Just a reminder folks, these cases were not only filed by individual persons but by GOVERNMENTS, and the Marcoses were acquited in all of these cases. If they really stole something from somebody, even one of them will be in jail a long time ago already especially that 2 Aquinos held the presidency after FEM. I hope that the Filipino People will be enlightened by the truth soon.

    50. Dapat sayo BongBong tinatapon sa Pacific Ocean at pinapalapa sa mga pating! Mga magnanakaw na marcos!

      • isa kapang bobotante. ibig mo bang sabihin if nagnakaw tatay mo magnanakaw karin. ang kitid ng utak mo kaibigan.

      • Ano ba ang basehan mo sa sinabi mong magnanakaw si Bongbong? Eh ano naman ang masasabi mo sa hundreds billion manipulated secretly thru illegally invented thru DAP provisions nina Aquino at Abad? Ito ay talagang galing sa kaban ng bayan. Idagdag mo pa ang PDAF Scam, Malampaya Scam, MRT Scam, Misused and unliquidated funds, vanishing Yolanda funds, etc. all are in hundred billion and under Aquino Administration.

        Bakit hindi mo tingnan ang expenditures ng bawat admistration at ang kanilang mga accomplishments para malaman mo kung sino talaga ang tunay na nagsamantala sa kaban ng bayan.

        Ang expenditures lang ni Marcos in 20 years ay nasa Php482B lang at napakarami ng kanyang proyekto at mga accomplishments.

        Si Cory aquino in 6 years ay nasa Php1.07 Trillion, at ano ba ang kanyang mga nagawa? Di ba puro pansarili lang tulad ng pagpalit ng mga pangalan ng mga proyekto ni Marcos sa pangalan ni Aquino? Nakakatulong ba ang pagpalit ng pangalan ng mga proyekto sa pagalan ni Ninoy para sa kumakalam na sikmura ng mamamayang Filipino? Napababa ba nito ang presyo ng mga bilihin? Mag-iasip-isip ka.

        Ngayon, kay Noynoy Aquino, sa isang taon lang ay nasa Php3.002 Trillion ang budget wherein halos mabilang mo lang nag mga proyekto nito at karamihan ay hindi pa natatapos at hindi nasimulan. Pabaya ta puro pamulitika ang inaatupag. ‘Yan ba ang gusto niyo?

      • nahiya naman ako sayo. get the correct facts bro. ito ibigay ko sayo: si sen bongbong wala bahid na anomally mula siya ay naelect to present; si sen allan tumanggap ng PDAP at DAP. ngayon sino ang magnanakaw. isip ka nman pag may time bro

      • Sorry, at marami na ngayon ang gising at hindi na naniniwala sa mga yellowtards. Patunay dito, si Bongbong Marcos ay nangunguna “sa lahat” ng mga survey.

      • I was just amazed how you are afraid of facing the truth. God created us with our brain above our hearts, so be wise not to be dictated by your emotions. I am convinced that your opinion were kindled and influenced by the statement made by your beloved President who hides under the skirt of his MOMMY. He is scared that somebody might discover something fishy going on during his Presidency. Open your eyes, don’t compare apple vs. orange since these are two different object. Wake up to reality, my only wish “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are saying”.

    51. henry navarro on

      walang kwenta yan si BBM! wag na nating hayaan na maulit ang nakaraan. A big NO TO BONGBONG

    52. Cynthia padilla on

      Gago ka ba Francisco Tatad? Magkano ba binayad sayo ni BBM? Ilan ba ang makukuha mo kapag nanalo si BBM? Gustong gusto mo sa korap na tao ah. Walang kwenta yan si BBM mo. Magnanakaw ng pera ng taong bayan.

      • Hinay hinay lang sa pananalita. isang abogado at magaling na senador si dating sen. Kit Tatad.

      • Anim na trawl kayo sabaysabay na nag post ha. Kung ako ang supervisor nyo, sasabihin ko sa inyo na wag sabaysabay para hindi halata. .

    53. Leodegardo Pruna on

      There is definitely a good chance for Bongbong to make it to the Vice Presidency. He has the unstained public record to show knowledge and experience in the executive and legislative. No one among the bets can beat that record. God save the Philippines.

    54. Mr. Tatad writes it with authority and with conviction! It’s Bongbong after all, the newly elected VP in May election 2016. Leni would be 2nd & Chiz, 3rd and the rest don’t count! Saling pusa lang sila.

    55. Who else but Bong Bong Marcos all the way. CALIGULA (BSA) is running scared and will do everything to keep him (BONG BONG) away from Malacanang. He knows that the Aquino fairy tale is destined to oblivion once BONG BONG who is destined eventually to take over the reins of our country. Watch a savior in the making, bury the Aquino’s farce, the canards had nothing good to show anyhow and have been the curse of our nation. Go Bong Bong thread your Fathers foresight.

    56. Naku Kit ha, pangangampanya yata itong column mo today altho in fairness, Bonget is really ONLY the Vice Presidential bet who has the administrative and executive wisdom and experience to perform the job – in fact, even better than all the presidential candidates. Surely, it was wisdom and humility that he chose to run as VP for he believes that he needed more experience for the future job of a president which is destined for him.

    57. Samuel Santos on

      Isang candidate lamang ang iboboto ko sa May 9 national elections. Sya ay si Bongbong Marcos para vice president. Ipapaubaya ko na sa taongbayan kung sino ang nais nilang maging next president at labing-dalawang mga senator.

    58. With the ‘solid north’ as his base, it’ll be Veep BBM 2016! While Martial Law is for Ferdinand E. Marcos, peace, unity and progress is for Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. Realistically, who else has the track record for the executive position of Vice President? We need one who has the hands-on experiences, UNLIKE all the others who are ambitious hopefuls and will be OJTs.

    59. I Think Mr. Tatad has gained and benifitted so much during the marshall law regime of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos that he in praise od the son of a dictator.He is trying to repay his utang na loob.I don’t understand why Mr. Tatad likes corrupt killer politiciansortheir children.

      • Sinasabi lang po ang totoong pangyayari at karanasan dahil naandoon si Mr. Tatad sa panahong iyon. Can you handle the truth. Wag maniwala sa mga kwentong kalye.

    60. Hangang ngayon mula sa ama hanggang anak tuta parin ng mga Marcos ‘tong Tatad! kapal ng muka…a.

      • kapal ba? maybe you should ask ur self kng cnu sa mga pumalit na mga presidente ang ma kakagawa ni marcos. kahit na mag combine silang lahat wala sa kalinkingan! 30 years na anu ba kina hinatnan ng EDSA mo? cnu ang hindi makapal ang mukha ung nag benta ng sabah sa malaysia? ung nag tatatag ng komunismo dito sa pilipinas? ung nag mamasacre ng mga magsasaka? ung gusto mag hirap ang pilipinas dahil gusto nya magalit ang taongbayan kay marcos? ung ang angkan eh traydor ng bayan makapili? ung inuna pa ang pagawaan ng sasakyan kaysa sa mga namatay na sundalo? ung nina kaw ang pondo ng yolanda victims? 30 yrs VS 20 yrs marcos vs cory,ramos,erap,gloria,noy-noy. mag research ka…para hindi ka nag mumukhang mang-mang!

    61. When it come to political achivements I think Bongbong Marcos tops them all. Though he was the son of a former strongman, Bongbong had to start from ground zero because their names were destroyed more literally by the Aquinos. Bongbong excelled most governing the province of Ilocos Norte and two term as congressman. Though he loss his first try to the senate but recovered in 2010 and indeed he performed well in the senate. I bet he will win handily next month and Pnoy should be blame because he never stop his vindictiveness against the Marcoses.

    62. So true, Marcos has quality of a very calm and intelligent leader…the other’s are like wannabees that has no character, it id just unfortunate that every issue about his dad is being blamed on him, hopefully our voters are intelligent enough to see the right person, based on performance and character as a leader, we have so much suffering of Yellow shadow for 30 years, it is about time to try a new color!!

      • the others are like wannabes. . .
        no the others except honasan are dalahira. . .
        lalo na si cayetano…

      • I watched the VP Debate…to be fair only Bongbong and Honasan had the cool, intelligence, and statesmanship! Si Cayetano…so far behind in intelligence and proper behavior the VP Office requires. The character of each candidate really showed. Thank you CNN for the program. I am voting for Bongbong.

    63. The failures of past presidents that came after Marcos were so damaging and lost-lasting that the people would rather elect a Marcos to the vice presidency than risk wasting their votes for other candidates who have anything but a bag of air to show. The Aquinos, starting with the Japanese collaborator, have put this country in the brink of total destruction, so why trust what they say against Bongbong? We’re not fools to believe Pnoy’s lies.

      • Absolutely correct . Bongbong Marcos is clearly the only candidate worthy of Vice President. !!!!!!!