• Who else did Ruby Tuason deliver PDAF kickbacks to?


    I’m surprised that nobody, except our columnist Emeterio Perez (in his column last Monday), thought of the implications of the amount of money accuser Ruby Chan Tuason said was her take for delivering to Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce Enrile kickbacks from their pork barrel.

    Tuason—under oath—testified that her “commission” from her participation in the scam was P40 million.

    She even boasted she would surrender this amount to the treasury, although she said she first had to sell her mansion in Dasmariñas Village in Makati—her “only asset,” she claimed—in order to raise that kind of money. (ABS-CBN, however, last November reported about documents showing she bought a townhouse in Las Vegas for P6 million in 2008, which she then sold to her son in September 2013.)

    She testified—under oath—that the P40 million represented her 5% share in corrupt senators’ kickbacks that she personally delivered to them. She even joked that her commission should have been 10% but alleged scam brains Janet Napoles imposed her own “5% withholding tax.”

    The scam that generated the kickbacks involved lawmakers’ directing their pork barrel allocations (the nickname for the Priority Development Assistance Fund, or PDAF) to fake NGOs controlled by Napoles, who siphoned those funds, and gave 40% to 50% of these, according to her former employee Benhur Luy, to the conniving senators and congressmen.

    Simple arithmetic on the 5% commission would show that she is claiming that the senators got kickbacks of P800 million from their PDAF.

    But she mentioned giving the dirty money only to Senators Estrada and Enrile.

    In Estrada’s case, she testified that she delivered kickback money two times: once in a small duffel bag and the second time in a carry-on suitcase with rollers. She also testified that she gave cash to Estrada that fit in her handbag, which she said would contain a maximum of P1 million in P1,000 bills. She didn’t say though how many times she gave Estrada such P1 million tranches.

    It wasn’t clear in what kind of bag she put the cash in the sole instance she delivered money to Enrile, through his chief of staff Jessica Reyes.

    So in her testimony, she in effect claimed that she delivered P800 million in three bags to the two senators, in three instances.

    Could these three bags contain a total of P800 million pesos?

    Impossible. If the cash were in P1,000 bills, each weighing 1 gram, each of the three bags Tuason delivered to the two senators containing P266 million each would weigh 266 kilos. That would have been physically impossible for her to carry and wouldn’t in the first place fit in the bags she described. (For an idea of how much this would weigh, consider that the airlines’ maximum allowable economy-class check-in luggage is 20 kilos.)

    Would anybody in her or his right mind carry and transport from a Dasmariñas home to Manila even P50 million in cash without a team of Armalite-wielding security men, and without using an armored vehicle?

    But she could have delivered the money to the senators several, maybe, many times?

    She could have, but she didn’t testify so in the Senate hearing. She specifically related the details of her delivery of the money to the two senators in only three instances.

    Therefore, she most probably delivered money to other senators, which she did not disclose.

    The expose by the Commission on Audit of the massive pork-barrel scam is the most significant attack on corruption this country has ever seen.

    It has been debased, though, and turned into President Aquino’s political weapon. This was done by the COA, the so-called “whistleblowers” under the control of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, and the Aquino-controlled Senate committee hearing, all of which have been selective in their investigation, accusing only opposition senators and just three token administration congressmen.

    History, I’m sure, will judge this episode in our nation’s life not as an epic game-changing battle against corruption. History will judge it as the debasement of our nation’s yearning for a graft-free government into a program of partisanship and political persecution.

    The latest chapter of this episode only confirms such partisanship.

    Tuason, given her disclosure that she got P40 million as her share, couldn’t have given the P800 million kickback only to Estrada and Enrile. She was mum on whom else she gave kickbacks to, and the Blue Ribbon Committee members didn’t even try to extract more of such information from her.

    It’s disgusting how Senator Teofisto Guingona III, chairman of the blue ribbon committee, fawned over Tuason, portrayed her as a heroine, and nearly kissed her on the cheek as she congratulated her after the hearing.

    Didn’t the thought pass Guingona’s skull that Tuason didn’t get 5 percent of the pork-barrel kickback—P40 million—just as a delivery girl? Or is this a class thing, another reflection of our caste system, that the rich involved in a crime can just rat on their co-conspirators, and they will be treated as heroines?

    For Napoles to have given her such huge amount—and even Tuason described her as tightfisted in sharing her loot—she had to play a big part in the scam, most likely by convincing Estrada, Enrile, and the still unnamed other senators that they could get away with the crime and by following up the release of the pork-barrel money in their offices and in the budget department.

    If we had more intelligent members of the Blue Ribbon Committee—the likes of pre-martial law Blue Ribbon chairman Senator Jose Diokno—or if we had senators without their own agendas, they would have grilled her after she claimed she got a P40 million commission, to get her to reveal who else did she deliver the dirty money to.

    But we have an unprepared and partisan Blue Ribbon Committee chairman who simply asked Tuason to verbalize her affidavit in front of the TV, who just kept saying “I see, I see” in the hearing, and who used that ‘three-point shot” basketball metaphor to publicly portray his colleague guilty as hell—as if all of these were just another kind of game.

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    1. This PDAF Issue etc will just drag on until the 2016 Elections. After that it will be out of the news. Nobody will go to jail. Nobody will be made accountable. The Supreme Court will take another quarter of a century before it decides on the issue. By then all the prime suspects including the president would be 6 ft under. Everyone will go to their graves rich and happy

    2. Who knows this Ruby Tuason is just a “planted” witness of Sen. Enrile? Of all Senators, I am too wary of Senator Enrile as a LIAR and good at scheming bad things like the following: “Gusto ko happy ka” (when he was campaigning for Senator and using the EPIRA LAW)… NOW he is taking a deafening silence on skyrocketting high prices of MERALCO rates;

      When he and his group was under attack by Marcos at Camp Aguinaldo, he said his “AMBUSH” in the gate of Malacanang was just an AMBUSH-ME to trigger the declaration of Martial Law. Lately, however, Enrile claimed that it was actually an AMBUSH and not stage-managed. And so many more… lies… like claiming that there is no SMUGGLING at Cagayan Export Processing Zone. Tiyak… tataas ang kilay ni Sen. Miriam sa bagay na ito.

    3. I am just wondering why our talkative Senators so suddenly, become mute, deaf and blind to this on-going PDAF investigation. I am just wondering, how about you!!!

    4. You are correct Mikhail, most of the senators are afraid to raise questions on Tuazon since they are also guilty, maybe Guingona also got part of this PDAF money even the 50 million from DAP given by Abad that why he just preffered to say ” I see , I see” unfortunately, Jinggoy and JPE are like guinea pigs who takes all the accusation. I still believe Tuazon is not telling all she knows.

    5. …But the Moro-moro will live on, just like the age-old conflict in Mindanao and the SABAH issue – only time will tell when it will get finally resolved. Meanwhile,
      Same, same, same with the Senate, its composition, its functions, and a BLIND eye to ABSOLUTE truth. And they are happily, ever after called Honorables- Legislators, of the highest Thieves, err, types I mean.

    6. I switched off the TV. These TELENOVELAS are really insulting to our hinterlands intelligence.

      I also quit watching ZARZUELAS, on some makeshift-dilapidated stage theaters. it is quite revolting and puking, the stench that is, and the putrid smell. Ina’Tang nila lahat na mga Stooges and Clowns na Magnanakaws.

    7. Did she intentionally made that mistake so that she’ll be found as an unreliable witness? Thereby the whistleblowers are discredited ending with no money delivered.

    8. Mr. Tiglao, judging from your article, it is obvious that you did not watch the proceeding but caught snippets of it on tv. Ruby tuason did not say that she delivered only 2 times to jinggoy. She said that she delivered in the senate 2-3times, one being in stroller bag, another in duffel. She also mentioned delivering to his house several times and dropping off a million at the comedy bar. I agree though she might be omitting the transactions of other lawmakers. Its obvious why she pegged it at 40m to cover her ass from plunder charge. So part of your article with computation should be stricken out lest you be deemed uninformative. I really find it amusing when jinggoy and bong keeps on saying that their staff will not turn their back on them. By their actuations: 1. their staff will not rat on their wrongdoing. If they are not guilty, they should have said, by all means, tell the truth, coz i have done nothing wrong. 2. He keeps on harping on why only the three of us? Why not the others, coz he knows many lawmakers also have dealings. Again, another admission. Thats the genius of mr enrile: less talk, less mistake.
      I sense too that ruby tuason was not telling the whole truth. You are correct she might have other customers. Many of us were thinking maliciously why there are so many absentees senators. Maybe they are afraid of being pointed out live on national tv.

    9. TG Guingona’s presence in the senate makes me yearn for his father more. And that’s not saying much either.

    10. Anong misteryo nakakapaloob dito at hindi pumayag ang COA na isapubliko ang records nila kaugnay ng mga gastusin ginawa ng gobyerno na ang pera ay galing sa Disbursement Acceleration Program )DAP)? Dapat lamang na malaman ng taong bayan kung saan saan ginamit itong pera ng DAP dahil galing din ito sa mamamayan na nagbayad ng buwis.

    11. i’m happy that i did not vote for these morons – guingona, trillanes & cayetano! i regret voting for santiago as she is now engaged in gutter politics.


      The fire in the kitchen is slowly but surely burning the whole “house”, No pun intended,

    13. Yes I share all those who give their views.kudos to your sir Tiglao pls continue. The end is near, we all agree that all these are Moro-Moro! Obviously that lady ruby chan or tuason is a liar.

    14. I have said many times on here & other forums the philippines needs to change drasticaly. But it wont do what is required as those in power want to keep making moneyu. In other countries people go into politics to do good here they go into politics to get rich.
      In the uk what would have happened is when benhur luy was first rescued & made those allegations the police would use a detective to question/interview him. It is a really in depth interview that can last for many hours. It is recorded on video & tape. He would then make a written in depth statement. Then those implicated would be investigated & when they have enough evidence to bring them in for questioning all the people mentioned would be bought in & put under caution & given the same indepth questioning/interviewing. Nothing no little detail is left out. Not that is the big difference with my country to your country & your country does it like this to protect those at the top.
      Ill show you how it is done to protect rich & powerful people. In the vhong case he was accused of rape, now here if you are accused & even without evidence you are locked up without bail ( its rediculous but thats the philippines ) but because he is rich & powerful he is able to stay out of jail, if that were you or i accused right now until it went to court & we were found not guilty we would be locked up in jail.I know there is no evidence or not any credible evidence against him but the system here says if you are accused of rape you are locked up without bail.
      Get you systems in everything in this country sorted out or you wont move forward. Ruby tuason is a liar, she should not be granted state witness status as she hasnt told all she knows, its that simple. Jail her for the lying corrupt person she is. She is just as greddy as the rest of them, when she did it she knew exactly what she was doing & all she could see was the millions & millions of pesos & thats all that mattered to her, now she tries to say her belief in god helped her see this right, what a liar if this hadnt have come out in the open she would still be enjoying her lavish lifestyle & walking around like she is this successful woman, but she is just a common thief.

    15. If the slum dunk and truck load of evidences are to be believe in according to Guingona and Defensor, why are these charges still pending in the ombudsman. Defensor even professes to be most knowledgable lawyer in the senate even lectured the whole country about these evidences are already enough to convict Enrile of plunder why is the former SC justice and now ombudsman can’t take advise from Miriam.

    16. jose b. taganahan on

      I beg to dis-agree, Mr. Tiglao. Even the present Senate have intelligent members but chooses not to ask more pointed questions to alleged plunderer cum whistleblower Ruby Chan Tuason for a variety of reasons namely:1. Sen. Pres Franklin Drillon, who did not even attend the hearing for fear that his name will be dragged by Ruby Tuason, 2. Sen. Angara who choosed to ask harmless questions to Ms. Tuason for fear that if he ask the witness as to who are the other Senators aside from Sen Estrada and Sen Enrile she dealt with, the witness might mention the name of his father, Sen Edgardo “Edong” Angara as among those Senators, 3.Sen. Enrile himself, a brilliant trial lawyer, but chooses not to attend knowing that the proper forum to cross examine Ruby Tuazon is at the Ombudsman and/or the Sandiganbayan and 4. Senator “Coco” Pimentel lll, a bar toptnotcher, who might find the hearing a sheer waste of money that he did not even bother to attend the hearing

    17. Correct, the very few senators who bothered to turn up to hear Tuason just verbalize her earlier information must have missed that day in school when percentages were being explained. Simple maths diba? She is minimizing her and her “friends” involvement. Sir Rigoberto, please continue to help us through this critical time in the history of the Filipino people. Please resist the tide and help us to become the people who we really are. Not the sycophantic minions of corrupt evil doers. Keep up the fight. Thanks Po.

    18. Watching this zarzuela play out is akin to watching the WWE. We know that everything is scripted and we know that we are just being taken for a ride. But the tragedy is that the joke is on us. I cannot help but wonder if there is any hope left for our beloved country. A generation has passed and another will grow to accept the utter disregard for the rule of law and untimigated graft and corruption as the norm. Pity us Pinoys.

      Salamat Mr. Tiglao and the other keen observers and critics of our society. Without you, we will never be aware of the truth behind what is presented by the established regime.

      Noy M.

    19. I believed also that Tuazon knows more than what she actually said. But the problem is, these senators she had dealt with are the allies of the administration. So there is no truth to what this adminsitration are trumpeting about, that there are only 3 vultures in the senate. Contrary to that, most of aquinos allies have more access to taxpayers money they loot because abad is so generous with them.. In the end all these scripted drama of today will backfire on them especially when Enrile will talk in the proper forum. His silence is deafening that even aquino and the rest of his gangs is bothered. In the end the last laugh will be to the one who is demonized in public without due process.

    20. mikhail hieronymus on

      Would you jeopardized yourself by asking a question that will implicate you? It is like committing Hara-Kiri. Those involved are safe for the time being, but sooner or later, somebody will “rat” on each other and the “moro-moro will be very interesting. It will be like watching the falling dominos.

    21. mikhail hieronymus on

      The truth of the matter is that most if not all the senators can not ask any leading questions from the witness because they too are “knee deep” in that Pork Barrel scam. They can not afford to open that ‘can of worms.”