• Who follows the Energy Secretary?


    IT does not help any when I hear and see the commercial of Secretary Jericho Petilla telling me to just put my fan setting to 1 and my air conditioner to 24 degrees so I can save on my electric bill. After all, I know fully well that this is not the case in government offices whose electric bills I pay thru my taxes. Besides, how can I find any comfort if my fan is set at its lowest amidst the intense heat and aircon at 24 degrees? People work so they can afford comfortable lives which seems like anathema to this government sans the basic services required of a government to provide its people. Case in point is the constant breakdown of the MRT. Last I heard its maintenance contract has been bidded out and awarded and subdivided to several parts to cover specific areas. I am not sure if this is tantamount to splitting of contracts. I am not aware how much the contract is to begin with but hopefully with this new tact, good service, which is badly needed and the least expected by our kababayans, will finally be delivered. Same goes for the PNR trains. Now that the rainy season is here, expect the usual floods that plague our streets to the despair of our riding public which includes our students. Despite millions of pesos poured into and spent on flood control and declogging, the sordid situation remains. So jeepneys and buses are replaced by bancas especially in those areas where garbage piles left uncollected block the cities’ waterways.

    Is there no end to this? Is it time to give up on this country and on this government that had so much promise in the beginning? People are on survival mode if not apathetic to their situation. Probably the reason why more and more people are planning to migrate and more and more of our workers leave as OFWs. It seems the only people who care about who is at the helm of government are the businessmen who need to establish networks for business to run “smoothly” and the supporters of politicians who are the first to enjoy the spoils. Our elections are a sham. The Comelec has failed miserably to uphold the real winners so why even bother to vote. But the day we all give up the fight for what we deserve from a government is the day we kiss the future of our children goodbye.

    Back to the subject of electricity, I hope Secretary Petilla invites us to his office or his home so we can check where his thermostat settings are. I am sure we mere mortals are the only ones who feel hostaged by Meralco’s outrageous rates.

    God is Great!



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    1. When will they encourage people to produce their own energy requirements by going “off-greed” thru alternative energy sources.

    2. If ENERGY SEC. PETILLA RUNS FOR A SENATORIAL POST will he be guilty of electioneering for prime time tv at the budget of the Dept. of Energy or what if the dept. he manages spends his ad expense now for solar panels in no electricity areas in the Phils. The person wants to be a senator but i can never vote for him. All talk and minimal accomplishment in the DOE. Happy smiling, Sec. Petilla.

    3. There are two government secretaries I find disgusting. petilla who has from the very start of his stint has done nothing to find or even suggest meaningful solutions to the energy situation now and in the future. Rather he attempted to bamboozle congress in cahoots with the moron in malacanang into granting emergency powers to the moron so he can rent power barges that are a big waste of resources after a few months but will obviously enrich some more a few allies of this administration. When this did not happen this dumbbell tried another tact of attempting to secure 500m/month allegedly to compensate oligarchs who will participate in the so called ILP where the rich owners of gensets are supposed to run their gensets to power their own needs or contribute energy to the grid. This did not happen either so he offered to resign again. Now this dumbbell comes on tv with a ridiculous campaign to save energy by lowering thermostats. I am sure he knows that this campaign will not wash either he is just making his face familiar so voters will remember him when he runs for the Senate. The other Secretary I despise is garin who should have tried instead to become a movie actress rather than a health functionary. Every time she comes on tv her face is on a close-up impeccably coiffed with her pa-cute smiles saying inconsequential pronouncements. This woman obviously is looking at a Senate run too. If the moron wishes to do something worthwhile before he packs up he should fire these two outright. You have hit on a very astute observation by using the word “network” in describing the relationship of businessmen and politicians. I read a book that pointed this out as the current trend today where individuals no longer strive for being relevant on the basis of personal excellence but rather on positioning themselves in a “network” of influential people. The moron must be aware of this so he seems unperturbed by his fast approaching end of term because he will be so entrenched with the “network” after his term that he will remain well placed in power and resources for a long time.