Who let the dogs out?


It’s the time of the year again festivities are held at almost every corner to commemorate a very important holiday – the celebration of the Chinese New Year! For 2018, we celebrate man’s best friend in the Year of the Dog.

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Different people and different places welcome the Lunar New Year through both traditional and creative approaches. Traditionally, Chinese decorations are placed in establishments as well as the streets to invoke good fortune and good luck as the new Lunar year begins; in addition, the traditional Lion and Dragon Dance, which is usually held outdoors to the accompaniment of drums and cymbals, is also performed to bring in good luck.

But since this year is dedicated to the 11th zodiac animal, the dog, some establishments, like popular Japanese fast fashion brand Miniso, have put their doggy offerings front and center.

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Miniso celebrates the Year of the Dog with a wide collection of lovable and huggable dog plush toys that are creative and affordable; perfect to give you good luck this New Year.

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a loyal canine by your side because you will not find another who will stay by your side no matter the circumstances. Relationships formed with these gentle souls are enduring and supportive because they seek equilibrium and a peaceful friendship. Patricia Bianca S. Taculao


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