• Who should be our leader? Not Roxas, Binay or any of the others


    “A man who does not know how to be President on his first day of office will never learn till the end of his term.”
    – Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

    Let me start with the current assumption that there will be presidential elections in May 2016. Why assumption? Because not the de facto President PNoy, not the Comelec, not the Supreme Court, not the political parties, not any group of politicians in this country, not all the powerful of mainstream media, not the American government, not the Malaysian government, not the Organization of Islamic Countries can say with certainty and finality that there will be presidential elections in this country next year.

    Why? Because the desires of all these preceding elements could be nullified by the Filipino people since the Constitution provides that the “Philippines is a republican and democratic State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.” As the Pharisee in Malacañang puts it in clear, unmistakable terms: “You are my boss,” meaning the boss can dismiss his servants anytime – no ifs, no buts, no dissenting opinions, no reconsideration.

    It is that simple. If it is that simple — it could only mean that the decision to hold elections or not is in the hands of the people. But the people are amorphous, so how can they do it? Well, all they need to do is find a leader who like Cicero can make them listen and like Demosthenes can make them march.

    It’s impossible you will say, intoning the lines of a song that it’s impossible to ask a baby not to cry. We are not talking here about babies. We are talking about politics and in politics everything is possible. As President John F. Kennedy used to say, “In politics there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, there are only permanent interests.” And in JFK language, the permanents interests are the country and the people.

    So finding that leader in a country of one hundred million may not be that easy, but it is not impossible.

    In our search to find that leader, the next question should be: “Is anyone among the ambitious presidential contenders that kind of a leader?” Without meaning to insult or belittle them since some of them I know quite well, I am afraid that the answer is an absolute and irrevocable –NO!

    Let us start with DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. I know him. I have watched him perform on stage and in the field. Senator Gerry Roxas, Mar’s father, was a colleague of mine in the Liberal Party. More than anybody else I still think he was more deserving to become President of the country than the other LP stars like Senators Jovito “Jovy” Salonga, Sergio “Serging” Osmena, Jr. and Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. Mar’s grandfather, President Manuel Acuna Roxas, keeps reminding me of the oratorical brilliance of Demosthenes in the golden days of Greece.

    Mar satisfies the three Cs of my friend, Nilo Tayag, with serious reservations – Competent up to a point; seemingly Clean; limited in his national Commitment. On Nilo’s three Bs, he receives a failing mark because he is not the Best, not the Brightest or the Bravest.

    Besides, he has an identity problem: Is he Mar or PNoy? Is he his own man or somebody else’s? If some people were to be believed, he is under the thumb of his mother, Judy Araneta and Korina, his wife.

    More than all these perceived negatives about him, he does not have charisma. He has more alisma than charisma. In periods of national crisis or at any other time, charisma is what makes people march behind you. You must be like Sukarno, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Evita Peron, Lenin and Troztky, Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra, John and Robert Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Moammar Khadaffi, Gammal Abdel Nasser, David Ben Gurion or, in the local scene – Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ) and Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

    Moreover, like the rest of the pack, he has not offered his vision of the country, his blue print, his road map. He has not demonstrated that kind of character and discipline that the country needs. In plain and simple language, he is nothing but a traditional politician (TP). And the country needs a traditional politician like a hole in the head. Translating a cliché into graphic language – he talks like a TP, walks like a TP, he is a TP. In the language of the street – Mar walks like a duck, he talks like a duck, and he is a duck.

    This kind of blunt language will not make friends. For the country and our people, I don’t mind having enemies. This is me. As a classmate and roommate of mine at the University of the Philippines, Senator Edgardo Angara, told a columnist for a Manila daily when asked about me, he said I could have reached the heights if I do not wage a war against everybody. I don’t wage wars against anyone. I continue to wage a just war for our people and our country so equality, justice and freedom will prevail in our land.

    And now Vice-President Jojo Binay! He was one of the acolytes of Senator Joker Arroyo in the humanist group of lawyers known as MABINI during the dark days of martial law. There is nothing spectacular or distinguished about him as there was nothing distinguished or spectacular about the group MABINI. Voluble later when Cory Aquino assumed power and swaggering like they were responsible in deposing President Ferdinand E. Marcos, none of them could be described as good trial lawyers or idealists. Most of them were interested to get government jobs as passports for making money. And make money, they did, almost without exception.

    And VP Binay is no exception. As his friends are fond of relating, he started practicing law commuting on public transport with his barong tagalog inside his attaché case. His rise to economic prominence was when he was appointed OIC Mayor of Makati City. From the dust of Makati, he vaulted into the economic and political solar system parading around as one of its stars to the point, as somebody quoted him to have said, he is as rich as Bill Gates. Really? Bill Gates is noted for honest to goodness brilliance in making honest money within the capitalist system. VP Binay has become notorious of making mind-boggling money as a rapacious traditional Philippine politician.

    Many call VP Binay the Robin Hood of Makati City because he shares his loot with a certain segment of the poor. But the initial reply of more knowledgeable people to this claim is that VP Binay is more Hood than Robin.

    Similarly, when the revelations of VP Binay’s staggering wealth by his confederates and factotums like Vice-Mayor Mercado, I have been told by more than two persons that Jojo reminds them of that story in the Arabian nights of ALI BABA and the FORTY THIEVES. The members of the thieving band like Mercado, they say, are openly admitting in straight from the shoulder language that they are the members of the thieving band but until now, the leader, ALI BABA, could only come out with a sheepish denial that he is not the leader and he is not a thief.

    VP Binay is a lawyer and a UP graduate at that yet he failed to remember three basic truisms in law – that denial is the weakest defense; that the guilty runs away but the innocent is as brave as a lion; and res ipsa loquitor – the thing speaks for itself.

    Translated into ordinary lingo: denial is not a defense, it is normally the usual defense of the guilty; you run away from your accusers giving the impression that you cannot defend yourself despite your accusers’ assurance that you will be treated with respect; your wealth, your life style, the life style of your children, your swaggering pronouncements tell a million words just like damning pictures.

    Now, you even have the effrontery of defending an antediluvian concept of dynasty, which is condemned by the Constitution. You are probably relying on your wealth that it can propel you to the presidency because, as some people claim, you vaulted to the vice-presidency because of the manipulators in Comelec and P1.5 BILLION. How true, I really don’t know.

    Testing VP Binay on the same standards as Mar Roxas on the 3Bs, he miserably fails in all. On the three Cs, he sinks to rock bottom in one, equally fails in another but probably gets a 3 in UP standards in one. So Vice-President Binay can only hope to win if the people will be under anesthesia on the continuing belief orchestrated by the oligarchs, the rich and the privileged elites that people will vote for the candidate who shares the loot with them.

    Of course, this doctrine is an insult to Filipinos but the Filipinos have been accepting the insult in every election and another one will not make any difference, until someone gives them a shock treatment or a surgical operation. And this is coming.


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    1. Francis Pavia on

      Read the articles here and the comment .

      Poe= Sumisikat lng dahil sa kanyang ama meron naman syang mga mabuting nagawa pero hindi yun sapat para sumabak na sya sa pagiging president Hindi nating kailangn sa Gobyerno na pwd na yan DAPAT ang kakayanan ay ABSOLUTE..

      Mar= He established this BPO( Call Center) dito lng sya kilala and kilala din sya bilang Mr palengke or , para saakin ai pasikat saw his videos specially yun pagging traffic inforcer nya doon palan LAGAPAK na sya parang my psychological issue sya,. He was just been ENDORSE by our president . meaning he may not be his own man, and he is just a puppet.

      Binay= marami dn tong natulong pero NO COMMENT BASURA tlga yan si binay . I did read so much articles about him . .

      Duerte= Mr. Duerte is a good man and created great impact in DAVAO he was called the New era Iron fist if he did great in being a mor in Davao maybe he can be also be a great leader. , but I have one problem with him how he choose his word may not get us well with other country , MURA mura hahahah …

      Marcos= PLS VOTE HIM. If you are really a true RATIONAL FILIPINO BEING , He did well being a senator he implemented so much law that would be useful. he deserved to be the president Because he is the man of his own. and I will assure you when he win and become the Next president , Our nation will be great again . ^_^

    2. Mr. Bono Adaza, what can you say about politics in Camiguin? When you ran there and was cheated(?) with massive vote buying buy the current dynasty lording it over there? Why you did not fight for your fellow Camiguingnons?

    3. Bongbong Marcos is now his own man by his strong showing as a Senator. We believed he will run for President in 2016 Election and announced this on September 20 at the Philippine Arena. He is a sure winner supported by the Solid North, INC bloc voting, OFWs, The Youth, Eastern Visayas and Mindanao. Landslide votes from Batanes to Jolo.

      • I can not even say that Bonget has the intellectual depth and wisdom of Ferdinand E. Marcos if we are only to use his BBL proposal as the gauge. For FEM has sponsored and filed a lot of bills and made those bills into law during his term as senator. In terms of administration, I guess it was Willy A. who was running the province during his terms as Governor. I feel Imee is a better administrator than the brother. I have nothing against Bonget for he is a fellow Ilocano. But I guess, if he wants to run as President in the forthcoming election, he must be sure 1,000% that he wins for if he loses, there is no more chance for a comeback. This early, the anti-Marcos forces among the NGOs are still a force to reckon with and they can still use the “dictator” issue to the hilt. On 2022, he will have no competitor. But on second thought, will there still be an election when tsaynah is already bent on an invasion after the November APEC meeting?

    4. Kaming mga nasa ibang bansa ay tumatawang may luha ang mata sa mga nangyayari diyan sa ating mahal na bansa. Dapat may isang MARCOS na maninindigan para tayo ay ipagtanggol at maging mariwasa maligayana ang ating buhay, HIRAP ang nararansan ngayon. kay hindi halos kumain and hindi makahanap ng trabajo.
      May buhay ang Pilipinas noon dahil umiral ang DISCIPLINA, pati mga politico tomino.
      Vested interest ang sumira sa kanya. Unti-unti ng pinapakita ng kanyang anak ang tunay na pagmamahal sa Bayan.

    5. Bong Bong Marcos is the only qualified one to be a president and Ping Lacson. the others are all clowns.

    6. I hope the Binay promoters in your newspaper read this and digest it so that they will stop writing those why-Binay-will/should-be-the-next-president-even-if-he-is-a-crook type of articles. Many of these promoters who opposed Marcos and Erap because of their supposed corruption are now happily doing all sorts of mental contortions to rationalize their promotion of Binay’s cause. This kind of thinking even among the so called intelligentsia is one reason why we are finding it hard to look for the right leader. Why can’t seemingly bright people see what you call “the thing that speaks for itself”? Are there really no real friends and enemies, only self-interest, even in the intellectual class?

    7. Santanbak na politikong basura sa pinas….sinasamantala kababawan ng mga Filipino…

      Grace Poe – naks Presidentiables ni Cubao Public Market baka di nya kayang patakbuhin ng maayos – Pilipinas pa!!!! sheeeekkk..

      Binay – mang uuto ng mga mahihirap — anyway sila ang majority bobotante at ang may say sa outcome ng eleksyon sa Pinas… mga peste ng bayan!!!

      Mar – walang napatunayang kagalingan sa serbisyo sa gobyerno… gagawing president pa!!!!!!! sheeekkkk…

      • Si Grace Poe ay masasabi nating wala pang napatunayan dahil baguhan pa lang.

        Si Binay ay marami nang napatunayan dahil matagal na sa serbisyo kaya paldo-paldo ang kanyang bulsa sa mga kinurakot niya.

        Si Mar ay meron din naman kahit papaano dahil kaya maraming nagkatrabaho sa mga call centers ay dahil siya ang nagpasimuno sa BPO noong siya pa ay dating DTI Secretary….at least!

    8. Vic Penetrante on

      There are plenty of children who already know how to read and write on their first day of school. But there are also children who only expect to learn. The school must allow both groups to enroll.

    9. Thank you Mr. Adaza for something to ponder about!

      I would not look at the wealth or money stashed away by this Candidates.
      but rather look at the Achievements that was made for the betterment of the Filipino people. We need a Leader that will Unite than Divide this country.

      Given a choice between the 2 , Binay as Robinhood will Shine more than Roxas the hallow man, His mother and wife will speak for him!

    10. Leodegardo Pruna on

      I like the short comparative analysis of the prospective presidential candidates of Atty. Homobono Adaza. They are all the same, looking like a duck, walking like a duck, sounding like a duck, and therefore, they all would be ducklings. No change expected out of them. In the case of the VP, why don’t the authorities file charges in court where the VP wants the issue ventilated? So far, no strong evidences are presented as all are allegations, hearsay, guesses, etc. After all the hearings, the investigators should file a formal complaint in court to discount the suspicion that the three (Trillanes, Cayetano, Pimentel) are using the media for their own interest. I had a nice morning reading Atty. Adaza’s article. God bless the Philippines.

    11. jun marlang estioko on

      I wonder if John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) ever said “In politics, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, there are only permanent interests”. It was Lord Palmerston (1784-1865), former British Prime Minister who said “We have no permanent allies, we have no permanent enemies, we only have permanent interest”.

      • This is quite a game, politics. There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests. _ _ William Clay

    12. Who should be our leader? Isn’t this question decided by elections under a democracy? So who are you to conclude that “Roxas, Binay or any of the others”should not be President? Exactly what system did you have in mind, Mr. Adaza? A monarchy? By the way, please stop overhyping being a U.P. graduate. There are so many U.P. graduates in government and this country is still way behind its Asian neighbors. This proves my theory that a lot of U.P. graduates are just well-trained parrots who are long on talk but short on accomplishments. And you, Sir, are a fine example of that. What substantial accomplishments have you made for the country aside from……..talk?

      • Matanda na ako sa Phil politics as an observer talagang hanga ako magagaling magtalumpati mga orador magagaling na manunulat mga magagaling sa porma. AMPAW Lang pala. Ang battleground talaga sa atin ay politics. Hindi ang poverty, hindi ang korupsyon, hindi ang traffic problems, etc. Tawa na Lang ako hahaha. Suko nako.

      • Siguro, atenista ito, hehehehe. Wag ka na mainggit, unstated fact lang talaga na mas magagaling mga gradweyt ng UP. For your info, it was only Bono who was fighting the Marcos forces during the Comelec counting of votes after the February 1986 snap election. For that single act, we shall be forever grateful to the guy. He was the exact opposite of Mr. Noted who was without balls during the counting of the votes for GMA.

      • Hi, CanUto. What i know is that (based on records and facts) Atty Adaza has done a lot for Misamis Oriental when he got elected as a governor (1 term), He became a threat to the crooks of the Bureau of Immigration when he was the commissioner of the same (3 months), He was the bravest among the opposition members of parliament at the batasan Marcos Era. And the best thing is that he is not corrupt. He talks a lot, because he has these great ideas, which are worth listening to. Anung gusto mo, yung politikong maraming project, dahil marami rin syang kick-back? and how about you? have you done something worthwhile for the country and for the Filipinos?

    13. Yes Atty. Homobono Adaza, you hit the nail right on the head by your portrayal of the two declared presidential aspirants, none of them have the leadership quality and vision, much more gravitas to rally the 100 million towards a self reliant, resilient and industrious Filipinos, characteristics required to move this nation to a dignified developed country whose economic prosperity are felt by more not by a few. Undoubtedly, the one person who can do this myriad task and well qualified at that is none other than, PANFILO “Ping” LACSON, a man of action…..a doer ! Those who fear a Lacson presidency this 2016 are the corrupt businesmen and notarious crimininal minds. Watch out come October filing date, this “darkhorse” Ping Lacson is the white knight the Philippines need and will catapult to victory. Enough of pretenders.

    14. This is a very concise description of the suppose candidates for presidency. I abhor the Binays for their continued betrayal and corruption. What we need to emphasize is how to educate and convince the “masses” to shy away from these corrupt officials who depend on them for election. The masses constitute the majority of the votes that these corrupt officials exploit. We will never attain the “daang matuwid” for as long as the “masses” remain, for lack of words, “uto uto”. Also, we should amend our constitution to permanently disqualify criminally convicted politicians from running any public office. I simply don’t understand why this is not taken seriously by our government officials. Do these politicians have criminal tendencies so they themselves can hide behind this practice as used by Erap? I applaud Sen Miriam Santiago for espousing this proposal.

    15. “A man who does not know how to be President on his first day of office will never learn till the end of his term.” – Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

      Some neophyte candidates think that they can be an OJT president once elected.

      • only second term president can honestly say that he had the experience. the problem is, philippine president serves only one term.