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Showbiz columnist-radio host Cristy Fermin slammed former actor Robbie Tarroza who earlier accused her of spreading rumors that Isabel Granada, who slipped into a coma after suffering from aneurysm in Qatar, had expired.

An apparently incensed yet composed Fermin lashed back at Tarroza in response to the latter’s Facebook post saying the actress-singer already passed on, and the showbiz columnist-host was the source of the fake news.

Fermin just read on air a text message from stage actor-director Frannie Zamora who based his report on Vivian Velez’s FB post, which was deleted minutes later.

What Fermin actually deemed most inhuman in Tarroza’s post was the latter’s “appeal” that it’s her who should be gone.

Fermin surmised that Tarroza probably felt slighted when a couple of years back she had a branded bag returned to the latter as a present.

She also recalled having written a magazine article on Tarroza years ago, making her believe that Joed Serrano (another member of the defunct “That’s Entertainment”) was his brother, although they did not grow up together. It turned out – as everyone in the biz later knew – that Tarroza and Serrano were actually lovers.

A peek into Tarroza’s FB wall contains no reaction following Fermin’s backlash.

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GUESS WHO? This showbiz mom (SM) can be so unreasonably strict with her singer-daughter (SD) that she won’t even allow her to eat ice cream lest it will affect her voice.

“I was a witness to that,” a show promoter-colleague told Vignettes. “Kinuha kasi namin ang anak niya along with a fellow female singer (FS) to perform abroad. While lounging at a holding area, yung kasama naming singer bought an ice cream. She and the SD were seated across each other. Kitang-kita ko na parang naglalaway yung SD, kaso ni ice cream ayaw siyang pakainin ng mom niya.”

When the SM disappeared in sight, her SD couldn’t wait to sit beside her FS as she grabbed the show promoter’s arm, “Tita, will you please cover me?” Seated right next to her FS, the SD pleaded, “Patikim naman niyan.”

It’s no surprise why the SD has not a single ice cream TVC.


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