Who stole what from whom?



A NEWS bulletin that Filipinos should be proud of: (Walangim posible kapag likas ang ating pagmamahal sa kapwa; nothing is impossible if we have a genuine love for our fellowmen.)

The Philippine Red Cross has acquired the M/V Susitna ferry to effectively perform humanitarian duties.

PRC Chairman Senator Richard J. Gordon said the ship is an essential tool for the archipelagic country that is visited by an average of 22 to 26 typhoons a year, among other natural and manmade disasters. He said the vessel’s beach-landing capabilities would help overcome obstacles similar to those that the PRC faced during typhoon Yolanda. The 2013 storm closed airports and seaports, making it difficult for the Red Cross to bring relief to the affected areas.

“At the onset of Yolanda, it took us four days to reach affected areas,” Gordon said in a statement. “Hence, the Philippine Red Cross and delegates from partner national societies and IFRC agreed that we need our own ship to effectively perform our humanitarian work in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific region.”

The ship is the largest ambulance and disaster response vessel in the country.

The PRC said a six-man crew will operate the vessel and the craft will serve as emergency units’ fast transport and landing vessel, relief supply transport ship, hospital ship, medical facility deployment ship, sea rescue vessel, mass evacuation vessel, humanitarian logistics ship, mobile operations command post and humanitarian education and training ship.

Gordon said: “The necessity for a ship was further driven home by the PRC’s experience when typhoon Yolanda battered the Eastern Visayas, causing the closure of airports and seaports which made it difficult for the Red Cross to bring relief to the affected areas.”

“Since it is designed for direct beach landings and to operate and land cargo and passengers on unimproved areas and damaged ports and wharfs, we won’t have to go through what we have experienced during Yolanda again,” he said.

“This ship can land on the port, and where there is none, on the beach or shore, can carry 10 trucks of relief goods, can also accommodate 120 people sitting comfortably, or evacuate a village of a thousand people. Now, we have a ship and a very good institution to run it,” he said.

“The plan is to dock it first at Manila Bay, and eventually in the Visayas when help is needed,” Gordon added.

* * *

If alive today, Confucius will be Confused.

Espinosa maintained it was Espenido who referred Dayan to him. But Dayan claimed not to knowEspenido. Espenido also denied calling Espinosa to refer Dayan.

Dayan said it was De Lima who ordered him to contact Espinosa and maintained he only collected money from Espinosa. He denied receiving money from inmates at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP). He said he only solicited campaign funds from Espinosa, estimated at P8 million.

Dayan said De Lima gave Espinosa’s name and number to him to follow up their request.

De Lima is denying that she knows Kerwin Espinosa, or that she received any money from him. She says they are all lying.Clear as mud.

* * *

It looks like we are a nation of thieves. Someone accusing somebody of trying to steal the vice presidency, someone accusing somebody that someone stole the vice presidency through election fraud, a party accused of trying to steal the presidency by discrediting the president so the VP can take over, claims that the nation is being is robbed of historical memories of an oppressive regime, a government accused of grabbing human rights and due process away, citizens complaining that taxpayers money are being stolen by prolonged simultaneous legislative hearings that cause officials to suspend daily functions. And then some groups will say that this indeed is a reflection of, and proof that we live in, a democratic society.

Sigh and duh.

* * *

Let us not be naive. We all know that VP Leni’s resignation (or sacking) was bound to happen sooner or later. And she herself knows that her actions and sentiments will soon reap the consequential verdict. And demanding respect will equally draw the same expectation from her fellow family members. Looking back, she should have refused the offer outright knowing that her party is very much in conflict with the present administration’s way of handling the reins of government. At least she is now free to strut her own style at her own pace without the growls of resentment from the other stable dwellers.

* * *

Fact: PRRD is our duly elected president. By all means he is an open target for criticism. I am not pro or anti but I play my role as a citizen to praise or criticize whenever something good or bad happens during his watch. To his followers, this is not to derail or discredit his persona but to help him discern the impact of his mistakes and gains. This is about pointing out that those handpicked officials are prone to lapses and temptations too.

We appeal to the President’s supporters not to be naive or blind about these errors as you will ultimately be a part of his destruction. Let us guide him properly if we want him to succeed in his unusual way of achieving his goal as the Chief Executive.

To the antis, especially those who voted or favored his opponents, time to quit masquerading as nationalists and do-gooders. Your kind has been given a six-year time allotment but you failed miserably, that is why this unorthodox city mayor was chosen. Call the result as frustrating or what, quit being zombies of a failed reign. Be a nationalist and a patriot in the true sense of the word and not an indoctrinated and programmed droid. Criticize if you will but note the positives as well. A clenched fist or wearing black or yellow will not do the job. Be attentive. And speak the truth.

* * *

My personal YES and NO on issues:
NO to EJK, human rights violation and vigilantes
NO to Marcos burial at LNMB
YES to war against drugs
YES to independent foreign policy
YES to charter change, through ConCon
YES to parliamentary form of government
NO to death penalty except for drug lords and protectors
YES to rehab of drug addicts andusers
NO to suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus
NO to martial law ever
NO to mining that destroys the environment
YES to UN recognition/membership
NO to mutual defense treaties and bases agreements with any country

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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  1. Yes or No? Kung ganito ang style ng opinion writer, bakit pa natin kailangan ng diyaryo? As for the Red Cross, please be reminded that if prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, fund raising is the oldest racket.