• Who wants Duterte out?

    Ricardo Saludo

    Ricardo Saludo

    Who wants President Rodrigo Duterte ousted?

    Now, don’t everyone slam the reply button all at once. Let’s give way to those admitting they are among the factions and interests hurt or threatened by his nearly three-month-old administration.

    Are you a drug or crime boss? Then your ilk was first to wish Davao City’s crime-busting mayor stayed south. Your narco-business has shriveled to one-tenth its mammoth size under past President Benigno Aquino 3rd, as reported by Philippine National Police chief Ronald de la Rosa.

    Indeed, incarcerated narco-kings were said to have offered P50 million for contract killers to take out Duterte and de la Rosa. The convicts quickly denied it, but they certainly wouldn’t mourn if the two join the 3,000-plus narco-suspects killed in the bloody anti-drug campaign.

    Nor would their cohorts in government. President Duterte has named dozens of officials allegedly protecting narco-syndicates, from former Justice Secretary and now-Sen. Leila de Lima and other lawmakers to provincial governors, city and town mayors, police generals and judges. Not a few would back Duterte’s removal.

    De Lima has spearheaded a Senate inquiry into drug-related killings. Duterte has accused her of protecting drug lords in the national penitentiary that she supervised when she was Justice chief, and allegedly getting millions of pesos in payoffs.

    Duterte’s campaign has also squeezed all manner of criminals, with incidence down

    30 percent to 50 percent from a year ago, after tripling under Aquino to more than

    1 milion annually since 2013.

    Based on 2014 figures found online in the Philippine Statistics Authority’s Philippines In Figures 2015 book, the crime reduction reported by PNP chief dela Rosa would mean some 3,000 murders prevented over one year, 4,000 rapes, 20,000 robberies, 50,000 thefts and 75,000 assaults. The perpetrators and masterminds behind such lawlessness would want Duterte and de la Rosa taken out.

    So would Mindanao extremists supporting the barbaric Islamic State: the Abu Sayaff Group (ASG), a brutal kidnap-for-ransom gang based in Basilan and Sulu; and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), a splinter group of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) talking peace with Duterte.

    The Abu Sayaff and drug lords are suspected masterminds of the recent Davao City market bombing, which killed at least 15 and injured dozens. Duterte has ordered the Armed Forces to wipe out the ASG; it wants to get him first.

    The BIFF broke away from the MILF, which itself splintered from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). Both the MILF and the BIFF went on their own after their mother insurgencies engaged in autonomy talks. These radicals wanted to continue fighting for secession.

    Aquino’s once and future power?
    Besides lawless groups, elements of the past administration are plotting ouster, according to President Duterte himself. He said recently that “yellows” were behind machinations to remove him—referring to politicians and media linked to Aquino. His emblem is the yellow ribbon popularized by his late mother, democracy icon and former president Corazon Aquino.

    Duterte’s predecessor sought to continue Liberal Party rule, but LP standard-bearer Mar Roxas lost, along with erstwhile survey topnotcher Sen. Grace Poe, widely seen as Aquino’s Plan B. But Roxas’s running mate Leni Robredo won, fueling speculation that the LP could oust Duterte and install his vice president.

    VP Robredo denies the purported plot, saying she has a good working relationship with Duterte, and any impeachment move would not prosper.

    For an official to be impeached and sent to the Senate for trial and possible removal, one-third of the House of Representatives must approve the Articles of Impeachment. That is deemed unlikely, given Malacañang’s immense clout among congressmen, who have mostly allied withDuterte.

    Moreover, his Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno now has pork barrel records of all legislators, many of whom benefited from the tripling of pork under Aquino to more than P20 billion a year, plus his illegal P157-billion Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    Notably, as the Senate moved to probe anti-drug killings, Duterte announced a deeper pork barrel probe, which had mainly implicated Aquino opponents. That would give pause to ouster plans by lawmakers who got pork and DAP in the past regime.

    Still, if Duterte’s 91 percent trust rating crashes, he may yet see a sudden House revolt. That happened to then-President Joseph Estrada in 2000 after his crony then-Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson admitted giving him jueteng payoffs. The House impeached Estrada in a lightning petition signed by most congressmen–including dozens of his own allies.

    If that happens to Duterte, VP Robredo’s Liberal Party and the Aquino camp return to power, to be cheered no doubt by the crime, jueteng and smuggling syndicates, which flourished under LP rule and are now under threat by Duterte.

    If Duterte falls, America stands
    Also likely to gain from an LP comeback is the United States and its allies. Washington wants Duterte to continue Aquino’s pro-American policies, including the confrontational stance toward Beijing and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement.

    The EDCA would escalate US forces in the archipelago and grant them use of Philippine bases. It is crucial to Washington’s pivot to Asia policy to move 60 percent of naval assets to the region.

    If Duterte drops EDCA, American forces would be hard put to find another vast host nation close to Asian flashpoints.

    That’s why his conciliatory moves toward China and recent rough talk toward America and President Obama worry the West, which now shows growing antipathy toward Duterte.

    The US and the European Union have criticized the anti-drug killings, in contrast to their muted response to abuses by regimes they back, like Egypt’s brutal suppression of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Western aid and investment may sour, as warned by Western business chambers in the Philippines.

    Western media too is increasingly negative, decrying killings but hardly mentioning the crime explosion Duterte inherited, and his campaign’s dramatic gains. Compare them with the more balanced Middle East network Al-Jazeera.

    Plainly, if Duterte is taken out, the big gainers wouldn’t be the Filipino people.


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    1. Thank you for this article. Just to note that the 3,000 includes unidentified murders and not really part of legitimate police operations – so the correct number is around 1,100.

      Regarding the enemies plan for Duterte’s ouster, they are eyeing the International Criminal Court to intervene that’s why they are painting such a bad picture of Duterte in international media.

    2. Correctly said, here in Australia the Western Media is putting their perception management tactics into practice, all major media channels viewed Matabato’s claims but you saw nothing on his claims being proven to be lies, the western powers are brain washing the world setting it up for their next move. The whole world is against our President because his a rare breed, a politician with integrity and guess what, his going to do it because plain and simple, God is with him and God keeps his promise and saves his people. This is the century of the Filipino (the most gifted of all the Malay race), they are God’s chosen people, the Jews had it, the Europeans were given it and the Filipino’s will finish it, the 3 stages of the faith in Christ. Love your writing your one mind that definitely seeks the truth which only people that can read between the lines may comprehend the true meaning of truth, keep up the good work and I hope to see more. Cheers Brah.

    3. I agree,Sec. Salud who will gain? not us Pinoys but the entities mention by you in the above article.

      You forgot to mention 1/4 of Popultion in M.M. are Cebuano speaking, they will protect their Pres. all cost (Muslims and Christians alike)

      Pray for his protection ..

    4. You are right RS, if Pres. Digong is taken out early by USA and EU to retain their Imperialist hold in cahoots with the Yellow losers who are subservient and docile to them, it’s the rest of the Filipino people who will lose. This is the first president of our nation who articulated what we common Filipinos wanted to say to the world to stop treating us like second class citizens to them. General Luna would have been very proud of Pres. Digong. We common citizens feel safer walking in the streets at night less the drug crazed muggers,robbers. rapists and killers coming our way. Yet its not even 100 days of Digong’s presidency!.He has got balls!.The previous one was scratching his balls while millions of drug users and addicts accumulated without fear of the law and human rights of their victims. He is shown respect by the NPAs, Commies, Moro rebel groups because of his sincerity to attain an inclusive peace agreement with them. On the other hand, if Pres.Digong survives his term and down to earth style of leadership, the next leaders will inherit a nation proud of being Filipinos with the impetus of peace and prosperity laid down for them but with the caveat ” Dont fu..k with the us!”.hahaha.

    5. Change? whoa…under PDU30 the god-like know it all smartest son of a beach. . .the most 2 years. maraming na siyang kasalanan bago pa siya naging pangulo. Up there will decide

    6. The BRAVE ONE DU3 must rule….He has not progress 25% on his madate period and now this rumors of him wanting to be forcibly remove from office….only the rich and the influentials can draw this cabal scheme. The BRAVE ONE DU30 I pervently pray for his life and can continue his vision for our RP. The rich and influentials are only after their own benefits, I mean mostly these are the politicians being sidewiped by the iron-will of The BRAVE ONE DU30 to erradicate corruption, eliminate illegal drugs, uplift RP economy..et al. RP politics is very dirty and somebody outside this category is now the highest elected politician of the land. It is normal that when he steps into his office and smell the rotten air that permeates, he has the right to ask why and inject remedies and in the process might kill some rodents wearing barong…..Give this BRAVE ONE a chance to brathe and let DU30 do his work…

    7. You hit the nail Sir! Only the Yellows led by the Liberal Party and the drug syndicates on one hand and the United States on the other will benefit if President Duterte is ousted. It is about time that we Filipinos should unite to support and rally behind our President! Change has come and it will come more if we continue to be vigilant against the anti-Duterte’s. Remember Leni’s message in New York when she trolled there? Waiting for something to happen to the President…..Ambisyosa ang lola maliban sa pandaraya matayog ang pangarap. EVIL!

    8. The issue of extrajudicial killing and contested issues of many killings of the police can still be corrected if President DU30 begins also to listen to other people. Mr. President DU30 should not only be listening to his supporters of his crusade against illigal drug. He must also listen to other people in the land, because they have different way of looking at leadeship to eradicate drugs and peddlers. Knowing from previous intellegence work that drug in the Philippines are all sourced from China and enters into the Philippine via several entry points, why should we not involve other relevant institutions, communities of faith, women and men organizations to stop the use of illegal drugs and the flow of drugs from China.

    9. Crisostomo Ibarra on

      First is the war on drugs, I kinda agree with the idea but disagree with the method. Whether his campaign will be successful or not. We’ll have to wait and see, as to how big the collateral damage would be; meaning how many innocent lives would be sacrificed in this endeavour.

      Second is the Communist and Moro issue, I pray that he would not turn this country into a communist state or worst an Islamic caliphate. It’s my earnest hope that he would finally bring peace and unification to the country without Mindanao seceding.

      If DU30 drops EDCA …… It would be China who would benefit, ergo good bye South China Sea, good bye oils and mineral, good bye fish in the ocean.

      In conclusion, currently DU30 is enjoying a honeymoon phase with the Filipino people but if the above mentioned issues starts to manifest in a negative way. It is highly likely that the Filipino people would want him out.

    10. To RWG
      Your comment is totally wrong … what you see is the collateral damage inflicted by these Narco criminals. Are you blind on what was happening during Aquino Administration or you live in your comfort zone of which you don’t see what is the rampant abuse of Drugs in this country. DU30 only wants to eradicate this menace which is going to be bloody by these criminals who wants to continue their bad ways. Progress comes even on high speed if and only if PEACE and NO CRMINALITY is at hand. Investors wants their business flourish if there is PEACE in the workplace. That is the way to achieve PROGRESS. May i remind you …. 95% of CRMINALS cannot mend their ways …. that is a fact.

    11. i did’t vote for him, but now fully supportive of his causes & initiatives! He is the only President (IMHO) who can talk peace and understand the Moro problem in Mindanao, One who despises the Manila elites and oligarchs who believes only them can chart the destiny of this country !

      • “Your analysis is CORRECT. You remove DUTERTE from being a President and you will have a stagnating and drug-filled country”

        Fixed that for you.

      • Your analysis is wrong. You put DUTERTE as President and you will have a progressive and peaceful & safe country

      • If his analysis is wrong then where do you base your statement when you said that, and I quote “You remove DUTERTE from being a President and you will have a progressive and peaceful country”?
        May I ask you Sir, what have you done to help our country to have a progressive and peaceful country?

        I’m saying here is that, just maybe, before we look at the mistakes of others, maybe we can ask ourselves first if I’m doing my part for my country to be progressive and peaceful.

        “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country”
        – JFK

      • Your analysis is wrong. You remove Duterte and we, Filipinos will lose the chance for a real change. His leadership qualities shine true and through. Wala ng leader na katulad niya ang lilitaw pa.

    12. Bugok Duterte has no business of being a president of the Philippines. he is a reluctant candidate now he is in power because he was able to fool the Filipino people to vote for him. better he resign now. he is not needed

      • your comment is out of line Mr. RWG YELLOW … better shut up because you are not helping the cause for a better Philippines … instead commenting something like the one you are telling the readers is making them look stupid and they are not entitled to this kind personality not like you. Take your non sense foul mind somewhere else.

    13. President Duterte is President OF The Philippines and all of its people. Your President in the eyes of a foreigner with ties in the Philippines is doing an admirable job in fighting crime and drugs in particular. He is truly a brave and courageous man for all of the people.I would hope that all authorities particularily those in a position of trust who are convicted of drug offenses lose all of their wealth if the courts deem such wealth was obtained from criminal activities.Proceeds would of course revert to the Government to benefit all of the people. You have a Great Leader ;be proud of him and pray for his safety.