• Who’d be the better President – Poe or Duterte?


    Anyone unsure about President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s support for Senator Grace Poe in the presidential race, should have nil doubt now. His Cavite remarks last week obliquely attacking Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte showed that Aquino is fine with either Poe or his endorsed presidentiable Mar Roxas winning next month.

    Evidently, the administration now fears Duterte more than Vice-President Jejomar Binay, whose ratings dropped in the latest voter preference polls. The VP is still within winning distance, with his formidable nationwide machinery able to translate popularity into votes better than most rivals (see Rigorberto Tiglao’s column yesterday at http://www.manilatimes.net/only-binay-and-roxas-have-electoral-machinery/253878/).

    However, if Duterte keeps gaining in coming weeks, with fresh funds boosting his media campaign, he may yet get more local political kingpins beefing up his vote-generating network. We’ll see.

    For now, many voters are looking at the two frontrunners and asking: Who’d be the better President — Poe or Duterte? Let’s see.

    Both seem to draw support from voters looking for a change from the present administration, but may be wary of VP Binay due to massive media allegations of corruption against him and his family during their decades of rule in Makati City.

    Beyond that initial draw, Poe and Duterte attract different kinds of voter. Her supporters are drawn to her kindly personality, as well as strong sentiments for her adoptive father, the late action superstar Fernando Poe Jr.

    Duterte gains among Filipinos wanting strong, decisive action, especially against crime and corruption. His straight-talking soundbites also win favor, so different from Poe’s careful tone, often deferring replies till she has given a question more thought.

    So which type of leader and manner is better for the country at this time? It depends what one considers the biggest challenges faced by the nation.

    Poe, Binay and Roxas have largely projected themselves as delivering a better life through jobs, education, and public services. Crime and corruption are not given as much emphasis or urgency.

    Poe and Roxas downplay the latter concerns, largely echoing by their silence the adminstration’s claim that under Aquino’s Daang Matuwid, both graft and lawlessness are not paramount worries.

    For his part, Binay has been careful not to talk much about corruption, which would only draw attention to the accusations against him. For example, in the second presidential debate on March 20, when the VP pledged to issue an executive order instituting freedom of information, the other candidates quickly criticized his refusal to appear in Senate hearings on Makati anomalies.

    By contrast, Duterte has put crime, drugs, and graft front and center in his campaign messaging, highlighting his much-publicized campaign to clean up Davao City. His talk of using extreme measures against lawless elements has won many nods, while also provoking concern among rights advocates.

    If Duterte’s iron-hand stance against lawlessness is winning support, it must be partly because it addresses a very real public concern.

    After all, we now have three times the crime in the year President Benigno Aquino 3rd took office, leaping from 324,083 incidents in 2010 to more than a million a year since 2013. To quote the presidentiables briefing published in this column last August (http://www.manilatimes.net/presidentiables-briefing-the-crime-explosion/210493/):

    “Crime incidence per 100,000 population nearly tripled to 1,004 in 2014, from 350 four years before. Index crimes, which include major offenses like murder, rape and robbery, more than doubled to nearly half a million in 2014, from just over 200,000 in 2010. Per 100,000 population, index crimes went from 218 to 493 in the same period.

    “Crimes against persons hit 258,444 — triple the 2010 number, while crimes against property jumped 94 percent, from 118,943 to 231,005 four years later. Physical injury, rape and theft more than doubled.”

    Contraband has also trebled under Aquino. The undeclared or under-declared value of Philippine imports has trebled, from $7.9 billion in 2009 to a record $26.6 billion last year, based on International Monetary Fund trade statistics. The proportion of goods misdeclared or never declared has doubled from 14.7 percent in 2010 to 27.2 percent in 2014.

    And the total amount of smuggling exceeds an unprecedented P4 trillion, with revenue losses topping P760 billion just for uncollected value-added tax, with excise, luxury and other special levies not counted (http://www.manilatimes.net/smuggling-utterly-out-of-control-under-aquino-regime-p4-trillion-in-last-five-years/212920/).

    As for corruption, the laglag-bala scam victimizing travelers and overseas workers, plus the widely publicized Metro Rail Transit anomalies that wrecked the MRT have shown voters that Daang Matuwid has failed to stop grafters squeezing ordinary Filipinos.

    In the face of these undeniable scourges and excesses afflicting millions of Filipinos, Duterte’s rough approach seems to many the right tack, making other candidates seem not just ineffective, but even unconcerned by comparison.

    Add to the growing concern over crime and corruption the escalating threat of confrontation in the South China Sea, and the spate of terrorist incidents in Mindanao, including the recent abduction of Indonesians and Malaysians.

    And there’s still the yawning gap in public infrastructure, now dramatized by the five-hour blackout that disrupted more than a hundred flights at NAIA Terminal 3. People wondering what major projects have been done since 2010, are hard put to list them.

    Again, what kind of leader do we need to address security threats and accelerate infrastructure — the kindly Poe or the nasty Duterte?

    In the second presidential debate, the mayor asked the senator what she would do if, as President, she is awakened in the middle of the night by news that two Philippine coast guard vessels were sunk in an encounter with Chinese ships.

    Poe waffled at first, prompting Duterte to repeat his question. She then replied that she would get up from bed (to audience laughter) and call the armed forces chief.

    There will be many rude awakenings like that, as criminals, insurgents, terrorists, grafters, and foreign powers test the mettle of the next President and Commander-in-Chief. Who can rise to the crises, and who might fold, as Aquino did in the 2010 Luneta hostage carnage and the 2015 Mamasapano massacre?

    That is one big question for Filipinos choosing between Poe and Duterte.


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    1. PURO KAYO SATSAT ..kahit sino presidenti nyo walang mangyari sa pinas. Hirap,Gutom, Kriminal at coruption parin. lunod na kayo sa utang. puro pangako ang poli-puli tikas na politicians. The only solution…….
      Federal-Parliamentary system pattern in America-Great Britain like canada ,australia or new zealand the progress country. Not mexico or columbia..Kaya duterte-cayetano ang pag-asa ninyo..This two politicians duterte-cayetano can change slowly your corupt system..It’s time to change the system not puli-puli politicians dynasty.

    2. Duterte is a fraud,he can’t even clean up his own city of drugs. It took him kore than a decade to fix the flooding in Davao. Yes,I’m a born and raised Davaoeño and I will not elect someone who promotes murder as justice!

      • Lol! Would You rather Vote for a president who Rules like a Thief, or a President who rules to kill Criminals. Think Before you say this Dummy! And my opinion is that All Criminals should be put out of misery in this World. No wonder why our country is not improving.

      • Baka ikaw yung Pinakain ng Papel ni Duterte sa Bilanguann. Ikaw nga Yun. TAMA!!!

    3. Adrian Roxas on

      Di ba yan din sinabi nila nung 1986, mas magaling, malakas at experienced si apo kaysa dun sa housewife. Yan din ang sinabi nila nung 1992, mas magaling, organized at experienced si balbas kaysa kay tabako. Nung 1998, mas organized, connected at politicaĺy savvy si tenga kaysa kay bigote. Come 2004, mas popular si da king kaysa kay pandak at nung 2010 mas funded, prepared at entrenched si ST kaysa kay abnoy. Ngayon kaya sino mananalo si killer o si unexperienced? Given the track record of the philippine electorate, never sya naging extremist and as such, most likely the unexperienced one will win, given the platform, personality and philosophies of the candidates. Added indicators na lang ang numbers ng survey on winnability and political and institutional support. Masaklap lang kay killer, he is the right candidate for mindanao but he is not the right candidate for the philippines, as of now. Kung federal/parliamentary na sana tayo, may laban syang PM, pero i doubt it if he can even muster a majority in a federal/parliamentary system. Kahit si hitler di nagawa yon sa germany. Reality lang talaga yon. Mahirap ibase ang governance philosophy mo sa fear and anger. Masyadong nega and vibe, masyadong distruptive. Yan ang kung yung killer at unexperienced lang pagpipilian. Masaklap isang palpak, isang corrupt at isang dying ang natira. This is the insanity of the system. Wala na talagang iba.

      • Kay Duterte na ko kesa kay Poe. Walang mangyayaring matino sa gobyernong Poe. It’s just a repetition of the Cory admin–lacks experience and susceptible to massive corruption.

    4. Anselmo Abalde on

      Duterte is the last card for us to change the system of the Government in order to have safe better country like Singapore.. Corruption, crimes and drugs are the 3 main problems that we Filipinos are suffering for a long time. Don’t be blind of what’s the real situation of the country that it need a Strong Leader like Duterte to solve for it.

      Filipino who vote s for the other candidates, their hands belong to them with conscience but I believed their hearts belong to Duterte.

      To erase your conscience and for the good of own self and your family and for a better country, Please vote for Duterte.

      • A lot of Filipinos abroad like me have seen, heard and judged the debates on the Internet. Only Duterte makes a lot of sense in his analysis and we are convinced he can duplicate the Davao phenomenon as long as corruption is curbed.I have lived in Davao for 2 decades as a journalist before migrating. I know the sterling integrity of the Duterte family.

    5. arnel rollan on

      pinag- iisipan o pinag- uusapan pa ba yan? easy as abc. duterte 2016. dont look at the man, look at what he has done and still doing. that is the record of what he would do if elected president of the republic.

    6. Here is the threat I foresee, Roxas, being the anointed one and with the present administration having control of Comelec and SC, Mar might have a chance of winning by cheating if we put our guard down. Binay of course has the money to buy the presidency as what he did last 2010 election, he buys the vice presidency through Comelec. Grace however, has a sky high level of confidence, being backed by SC blessings to run for presidency but very obvious that there is an unseen hand doing the manipulation for her, ehem danding cojuangco ehem. while for Duterte, he is the only one who address the real concern of our problem right now. People are grievely longing for a real change, if not now, when? Duterte is the only candidate who has a track record and is capable leader. He is not much of a sweet talker but he is doer, a man of action. Duterte should be a kind of president we need right now, someone who is not afraid to do the right thing even if it looks tasteless and ugly in the eyes of the few.

    7. Di ko maiwasang isipin na baka isang opotunista lang itong si senadora Grace Poe. How can she claim she is Filipino by blood and by heart if she doesn’t convince her whole family to renounce their American citizenship.? Kailangan ba manalo muna? Siguristang pamilya? Out of 100 million Filipinos how could we pick someone who chose to be an American for so many years and just came back when she was offered a job by the president? Presidency ito mga kapatid. Kung manalo yan ngingisihan lang tayo ng mga Amerikano.

    8. Hope that all eligible voters will support this once in a lifetime opportunity for a candidate like Duterte. Wouldn’t you want a better Philippines for the coming years – a government that will really look after the welfare of all its citizens by eliminating rampant corruption from the top down to barangay officials. Once we have a clean government. – like chess pieces, safety for all will come next and Duterte is offering this vision of a nation that can be much better than what it is now

    9. Agapito Bagumbayan on

      It’ll be between someone who’s offered himself to his people or somebody who’s trying to pimp us to her boss Danding.

      Wake up Filipinos, It’s not the President, VP all the way down who are our biggest enemies. Our biggest enemy is this fool-proof SYSTEM carefully crafted by the oligarchy. Businessmen, hacienderos, feudal lords, who pour money and support would-be-presidentiables, eventually will want their investments back. It is us poor Filipinos who are offered to these self-proclaimed gods.

      This is the Grace Poe that everyone fails to see. She may be nice, honest, kind but no matter how pure she may be she is beholden to his King Maker who is once again already salivating to rape us dead. To appease her master, she is bound to deliver us, our parents, our wives/husbands and our children to him.

      Then here is Duterte, who just gave a huge ‘FU’ to this system. Hand-picking only genuine and harmless supporters and outright rejecting those oligarch lords. Yes he is not the most intelligent. He definitely can never ever eliminate drugs, crime and corruption to a 100%. He sure is not the most presentable. But he knows who or what our biggest enemy is and he promises to screw this god forsaken old system or die trying.

      So, still going for your Grace Poe? Remember Mr. Noynoy from 2010?

    10. The race is not between Poe and Duterte but rather between Duterte and Binay. Duterte seems winning over the internet’s public polls. However, Binay has a solid grass root votes which has no access over the internet. Let us see comes election day.

    11. The next president must have a law background, para di sya paikot ikotin ng kanyang mga advisers.

    12. This is a problem now because Filipinos voted for a weak president in 2010. There were some unnoticeable improvements but not to the extreme that is felt by the masses. The country’s security and services like the MRT, NAIA services was less than mediocre.

      The people are looking for a much needed change. They all see that with Duterte!

    13. Duterte is his own man He has no big backers. Poe is just a puppet, Roxas is a light weight. Binay is the most corrupt politician since Marcos. There can only be one that can do the job and that’s Duterte…My fear is that he may get assassinated.

    14. Duterte top latest survey conducted from March 25 to April 1,2016 by Standard poll commissioned by Laylo it shows that Duterte got 30% while trailing behind him is Grace Llamanzares @ 26%.Duterte landslide victory is the victory of the Filipino people who was oppressed by the oligarch who ruled Philippine politics for many decades.

    15. It would be Duterte to fix the problems which for years remained unsolved.
      We need a leader who has political will to make decision without fear or favor.
      A leader who can’t be dictated and can’t refuse due to payback that he has to pay
      to any individual or group.

    16. Duterte is genuine, sincere, yet strong and has most political will to do what is right for our people and our country

    17. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      05 April 2016

      If the choice is limited to only between Poe or Duterte, my personal opinion is that Duterte will be the better President than Poe.

      Poe is a complete and “innocent” NEOPHYTE as far as GOVERNANCE is concerned. Her few-years’ stint as a Senator is not enough preparation for the completely different set of skills, executive in nature, which the presidency requires.

      Duterte, on the other hand, has had more than ample actual experience, and successful experience at that, as Mayor of Davao City, an executive position.


    18. irene j lising on

      Duterte would be the better president to deal directly and strongly with the current and recurrent problems of crime, drugs and corruption. He has the track record to show his capability and sincerity. I believe this is our last chance for meaningful and beneficial Change.

    19. I am a natural born Filipino and certainly my family and I will surely go for a truer patriotic Filipino presidential candidate. We don’t care whether he or she is a nasty person. At the present state of our country we need a strong willed, discipline leader who walks the talk just like what Lee Kwan Yu did for Singapore to become a progressive nation NOT BACKWARD!

    20. No doubt about it, It will be Duterte all the way. We need discipline, stability and peace and order more than democracy. We need to have leaders and administrators like those in Singapore to eradicate crimes and corruption

    21. How can we give a vote to man whom her family cannot even afford to give her a single vote? It was clear her money and influence provides her the privilege to run for a top most position. We’ve been cheated before, yet we allow ourselves to be at the bay again for another daylight cheating. Too much abuse of our constitution.

    22. The problem with Senator Poe is her citizenship and residency which is still hanging up to now. Once and for all the Supreme Court has to affirm now their decision with finality before the May 9 election. This is just to avoid great havoc to the “would be disenfranchised” Filipino voters. Think it over folks.

    23. Muslimen Sharif Noor on

      I assume President like a chess player: Poe needs someone around to ask what will be the next move, so even you vote her, as if you vote for someone you don’n who.

      Duterte is an experience Chess player like a grand master. I will support him with all my family and friends.

    24. Gloria B. Wilhelm on

      ANY ONE OF THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES can have the gumption to fight criminals included in his/her platform. Are trying to rule with an iron fist and combating crimes the only requirements to become a president to govern a very complex country like the Philippines? How little minds some of the Filipinos have. This is not the solution. Create employment, improve the health care, provide affordable housing, regulate rents, improve the benefits, entice businesses to come to the Philippines and thus create employment.

      Dodirty (Duterte) is full of “buga” by saying Davao City is safe (I apologise for the name calling.) It is now known that it is numero uno as crime city. When I heard Duterte said “kill them, be killed, kill” during the presidential debates, I was so askance, I stopped watching it. THE MAN IS A JOKE. It takes more than that to govern a nation. Who is he to decide “kill them, be killed, kill!”? And this without even the due process of the laws. He is not Zeus.

      NO, NO, NO TO DUTERTE!!! In his own admission, he lacks knowledge of the economy, of foreign relations, of international affairs, of the intricacies in managing a nation. He even went to admit he is NOT adept to lead the nation. Besides, he also admitted that he may not last for the whole term; he is 70+ years old.

      • A shallow reason… A BIG WHAAAA HAHAHA TO YOU MADam. !!!!! same like Poe answerED the question from DUTERTE.

      • Earl Mijares on

        Our present president has all the knowledge in the economy, in foreign relations, in international affairs, and in the intricacies in managing a nation. so what happened? Are you satisfied with his term? Maybe not..

      • oh shut your t-r-a-p! What little minds? who do you think you are? Do you know who are the people who strongly support Duterte without expecting anything in return but to have a safe and corrupt free country? You think you’re the only one who think what is better for our country? You think you’re better than the Doctor, Lawyers and other group of professionals and civic organizations who strongly support Duterte’s political platform? to hell with your hypocrisy! You want your daughter to get raped or your children to grow up and later find out they got influenced by drugs? You want this country to be continually manipulated and controlled by the insensitive oligarchs who only care to protect their own vested interest? Duterte may not be perfect as a human being but he is the perfect leader to lead this God forsaken country of ours… We all want to have a government who can provide us security and protection… That’s what we see in Duterte.. and who are you to say that Duterte lacks knowledge in certain areas such as economics and foreign relations? Read and see for yourself my dear what going on around you ! It’s you who lacks knowledge.. You failed to see how Duterte made the formerly chaotic place of Davao to be an economically progressive city in the south despite his limited authority as local chief executive… How he was being loved by his constituents… Duterte has proven way a lot better compared to his other presidential contenders… most especially that neophyte Grace Poe and that Mar Roxas who knows nothing but failure (MRT, Yolanda, Mamasapano, etc.).. Actually, if not for the corruption allegations thrown against Binay, Binay would have had been a worthy opponent for Duterte.. Only, they have these huge differences, Duterte has an untarnished reputation against corruption, and he possesses that strong political will to fight criminality and corruption that has been flooding this poor country of ours for so many years.. It’s you who should think better… Think well, minus your h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y!

      • Who do you think is most capable mam?? Mar? Grace? Binay? I think non of them! You’ve been here on earth for a long time Im sure for that the way you wrote your comment..Due process in the philippines you are talking about is only for the rich persons.. Have’nt you noticed that? look at the ampatuan’s case up to now nobody is convicted. We really need a real change! If we have a leader like Duterte with the iron fist so be it. I vote for DUTERTE for real change!!

    25. Federico Lojo on

      Poe is a good liar, Roxas is a better liar
      Duterte is the best liar, Binay is the next president

      • Binay is best of the best,,,,, LIAR!!!!!! That is the truth!! He is afraid going to senate to defend his self because he knows that lying in front of the senators is kiss to death..(going to jail)

    26. Amnata Pundit on

      Lets not compare Grace with Duterte please because that woman is simply not in the same league as Digong. Lets rephrase the question to, ” With whom will the national treasury be safer, Grace or Binay?” And don’t use the rule of law argument, please?

    27. Carlos Puentespina Jr. on

      I would rather go for a “nasty” doer than a “nice” incompetent. Nice article, you really made it perfectly clear who the right leader should be to solve our country’s ailments.

    28. Grabe naman kayong maka Poe, last time we tried Pnoy, kahit wala masyadong experience sa ledearship, cge. Ngayon anong nangyari di nasayang ang 6 yrs.Ngayon ilagay nyo na naman si Poe na wala pang experience, pamilya nya puro US citizen pa, Ano ba talaga kuya. Lets go for Duterte, we need a leader who can implement laws with political will.

    29. Duterte’s iron-hand stance against lawlessness is what the Country need to solve the problems mentioned above. The country have so much problems. A lady president, I believe, WILL NOT solve those problems. The whole family and friends will VOTE FOR DUTERTE!!!

    30. Binay pa rin! Let’s wait and see and Binay will the cream who rises to the top! Go Binay Go! It’ll be Bi- Bong ( Binay- Bongbong)

      • True! It is Binay and Bongbong in 2016!!! This is the true “People’s Revolution” against the “tyranny of the yellow regime” of BS Aquino3, Roxas, Drilon and their corrupt Liberal Party.

      • I hate to disagree but it is true! It is Binay and Bongbong in 2016!!! This is the true “People’s Revolution” against the “tyranny of the yellow regime” of BS Aquino3, Roxas, Drilon and their corrupt Liberal Party.

    31. G. L. Tanglao on

      I would prefer any one, even Duterte with his fascist tendencies, to an ambitious American WITHOUT A CLUE, as president of my beloved country.

    32. Simple , One qualifies under the constitution ( DUTERTE ) ……The other is a cheat and a liar and DOES NOT QUALIFY UNDER THE PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION ( Poe ) . !!!!!!

    33. The biggest problem confronting the common tao is the seemingly uncontrolled crimes happening in the streets and which our law enforces seem uninterested to prevent or solve. Of the five candidates, only Duterte makes it his top priority.

      You cannot expect poe to understand these problems as she is not exposed to them. Come election day, the common tao will decide with this issue in mind.

    34. The candidates for president except Binay and Duterte are fine. Binay is a corrupt person that stole too much money from the government. Duterte cursed the Pope and keeps on bragging to have wives and girlfriends using Viagra. Duterte did not mince any words against abusive powerful families and politicians. Duterte can only bully the middle and low income families. Let us keep on praying to save the Philippines from the family of Binay and Duterte. Let these two old candidates have their own positions in hell.

      • Let us see pagka nakaupo na sa pwesto yang si Duterte, yung bigtime smuggler lang e hindi nya pinatawad yan pa kaya. This guy is not a typical type of politician. and besides we need leader not a saint.

      • Don’t you know that a prominent Chinese businessman from Cebu City died about a year or so from now in Davao due to alleged drug involvement? It’s not true that Duterte can only run after the poor and middle class violators… Duterte was able to threaten the Big telecommunication companies in Davao just to get that 911 emergency number for the constituents of Davao… He has no favoritism… He even went out in the middle of the night to inspect an ongoing construction site of ONE of the biggest multi million construction companies here in Cebu who has a project there in Davao just to scold and tell the project engineers to cancel their building permit if they don’t clean up i-m-m-e-d-i-a-t-e-l-y their construction waste and garbage and other construction materials placed in the sidewalk of Davao… The head of the project engineers happened to be a close friend of mine who graduated with merits at the University of San Carlos Talamban, Cebu City… I can’t forget that was 12 years ago… Duterte cares not if you’re rich or poor.. He’s only concern is that laws must be well implemented and that it must be followed by everybody … I know these as I grew up in Mindanao and been in Davao for so many times..

    35. The Philippines need a President who can minimize if not totally get rid of crime and corruption … DUTERTE FOR PRESIDENT !!!

      NOON : Kumandidato si PANDAY para matulungan lang si ASYONG SALONGA … hindi ang Pilipinas.

      NGAYON : Ka-kandidato naman ang ANAK NI PANDAY para matulungan ang ANAK NI ASYONG SALONGA na siya naman ngayon ang nakakulong … di kaya ?

      • You mean ampon ng PANDAY!!! Hindi naman Lahi ng PANDAY yan Reyna ng kasinungalingan at opportunists. Yikes nakakahiya.

    36. Sir,
      Everybody know Duterte is better president compared to a weak woman like Sen. Grace Poe, Duterte is a seasoned politician while Poe should undergo job training, a neophyte who does’nt know anything but with full of promises like Pnoy Aquino with negative results.If I were Poe, and Duterte asked me the same question; my answer will be; I will order the armed Forces of the Philippines to fire back or retaliate and hit the Chinese ships with explosives and kill all chinese by all means even a bolo or big knife can behead them, that is the best answer, I think Duterte will answer the same as mine.The International media always portray our country as with weak military? You cannot gauge a country is strong because they have a big population or with big nuclear arsenal, with huge ships and with a lot of weapons. Filipinos are the true soldiers that anybody can’t beat, we are armed with brains,tactics,brave fighters, nationalist, with strong will that can defend our sea territories against any outsiders, sea grabber like China.

    37. Well, well, well…the question posed by the author could be summed up in a single litmus test of whose presidency could persuade the American Embassy by the Bay in the old Dewey blvd to grant more US Visas to our Filipino brothers wishing to see Dieneyland- and see for themselves if they could compete with these hardworking Mexicans toiling in the fields of central Valley of California. I’ll wage my old $5 bill the Lady in immaculate signatured white politically colored attire will win hands down being used to be a US Passport holder many years ago during her heyday as an American citizen….as for Digong Duterte – he is a true blue Indio, orig na Phillipine passport holder, kahit saan mo itaga na Bato,

    38. I don;t know why some people still talk about Grace Poe when it is undeniably clear that she does not stand a chance. She utterly lacks political machinery to win the race apart from her ineligibility. The SC might even reverse itself and dealt a blow to her presidential bid.

      • Mam she’s not lack of political machinery, behind her is danding cojuanco and many other prominent bussinessmen..And she’s capable of winning the presidency by cheating because of these well known businessman can manipulate the election system (comelec)..beware of your votes when it comes election day..DUCAY2016!!!!