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    There is sheer excitement in Vic Sotto’s voice whenever he talks about his coming baby with wife Pauleen Luna. The 64-year-old veteran comedian has been by the side of the 28-year-old actress-host every step of the way since finding out she is on the way. From her regular check-up to ultra-sounds and her “pag-lilihi,” Vic and Pauleen are in it together, a beautiful picture of a happy expecting couple.

    “It’s a whole new experience for me because the last time I became a father was 26 years ago when my daughter Paulina was born. So it’s been quite sometime now, experiencing the feeling all over again and getting excited to finally see the baby. Ngayon kasi, makikita mo na ang hitsura niya with the modern ultra-sound so the more I get excited,” the showbiz luminary said as he sat down for an exclusive interview with Showbuzz. [Paulina Sotto is the comedian’s daughter by former model Angela Luz].

    The expectant dad is happy to report that Pauleen is doing A-OK in pregnancy. He is thankful that she hasn’t been having a hard time–no morning sickness, no dizzy spells.

    “She’s not the type na mahirap magbuntis. She doesn’t ask for so many things like when it comes to food. One thing I noticed though, there were dishes that she really liked before pero ayaw na niya ngayon. Parang she became choosy when it comes to food. But that’s about it. Aside from that, everything’s come easy,” the caring husband related.

    Pauleen’s due date is in early December still but early as now, the couple is already busy preparing for the arrival of their baby girl.

    One thing that they haven’t decided on, however, is her name.

    The ace comedian and wife Pauleen Luna INSTAGRAM PHOTO

    “Wala pang napipili. We have a ‘working title’,” he chuckled. “Jessica—Jessica Sotto. But we actually have a list of names and we haven’t really chosen one for sure. We are inclined to give her a biblical name though.”

    Vic had just signed with Cherry Mobile as it’s new endorser when we spoke with him, and switching topics to work, he said the endorsement came at the right time.

    “I use phone a lot these days. Alam mo na, when I’m out of the house I always call Pauleen to check on her. And of course, the phone now is not only for calling and texting but for picture-taking and uploading to social media. So magagamit namin ang Cherry Mobile,” he explained.

    Between Vic and Pauleen, it is of course the latter who is more into social media.

    “I am pretty sure sulit kay Pauleen itong bagong labas na model sa mga i-po-post niya sa bagong page ng aming buhay. She loves sharing with people significant development sa kanya, sa amin, so eto ang tamang pagkakataon,” Vic enthused.

    “Passively involved” is how Vic describes himself when it comes to social media.

    “I’m not really into it. I mean, I don’t post anything but I see the posts of other people because Pauleen is a very active social media user, and she shows me a lot of things posted by different people. I’m so updated. Like you! You’re updated sa showbuz happenings,” he joked with Showbuzz.

    While waiting for their coming baby, Vic will busy himself shooting for his movie which is an entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

    “The script that we submitted was chosen to be one of the first four entries in the festival. “It’s entitled ‘#FamilyGoals’, and as the title suggests, it’s a famuly everyone can relate to. It tackles relationships among family members.”

    The cast is not complete but Dawn Zulueta will Vic’s leading lady.

    * * *

    A simple yet fun celebration was mounted on “Eat Bulaga” to mark Maine Mendoza’s second anniversary on the show. She joined Alden Richards and Paolo Ballesteros in the “Juan For All, All For Juan” segment, which became more exciting when Wally Bayola as Lola Nidora appeared to greet Maine and went along with the “Sugod Bahay” for the day.

    “It was two years ago, on July 4, when I started in Eat Bulaga,” Maine recalled, “I can still remember I was already up at 5 am. Excited lang. I was like a student excited for her first day of school.”

    Never did Maine imagine that the following two years would bring a big change in her life. Her rise to stardom has truly been phenomenal. She was flooded with offers to do movies, TV shows, and product endorsements. Until now, she continues to be one of the most in demand product endorsers in showbiz.

    Maine Mendoza gives Showbuzz readers her signature wave

    But her sudden stardom has not changed Maine.

    “I am just busier now but I can definitely say that as a person, as Maine, I didn’t change. I’m still the same Maine na tahimik, mahiyain at totoong tao,” she averred.

    In her two years in showbiz, Maine said she can count with her fingers the people who have become close to her. Among them are Marian Rivera and her co-stars in “Destined To Be Yours,” namely Sheena Halili and Juancho Trivino.

    Alden’s role in Maine’s life is a different story. He isn’t just a close friend. Maine and Alden are bound by a special friendship so much so that they can tell each other their deepest feelings.

    “Alden is my go-to person when it comes to so many things, especially about showbiz. Siya yung nagsasabi sa akin kung ano dapat gawin. He’s been in the business longer so he gives me insights and advice. I really appreciate that he genuinely cares about my career.”

    What excites Maine right now is the book she is writing. She hopes to finish it soon for release in the third quarter of this year.

    “It’s like a journal so people will have the chance to peep into my private life. Since I’m a blogger, they’ll get to read stuff like those in my blog but ones I haven’t written about.

    “And of course, there will be pictures—never before seen photos of me and Alden, photos of me during my me-time. It will be very interesting. I can’t wait to finish it and share it with my fans and supporters,” Maine elaborated, her eyes lighting up in excitement.

    And yes, she confirmed that she and Alden are starting a movie, which will will be shown before the end of the year.

    “Parang may pagka-action yata yung story because we were advised by production to start physical training as early as now. Kami naman ni Alden, we just follow instructions so we started hitting the gym right away,” Maine ended.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Is it true this beautiful actress is a battered girlfriend? She is said to be suffering from verbal and physical abuse courtesy of her boyfriend who is also from showbiz. When asked why she’s still in the relationship, the actress gave a curt reply, “I love him.”

    Her friends are hoping she wakes up and get out of the abusive situation before their supposed marriage plans go on.


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