• Who’s afraid of Jejomar Binay?


    If the next presidential elections were held today, there is no question about who will win.

    The heavy favorite must be Vice President Jejomar Binay, and unless someone’s political star rises dramatically in the next two years, he will be the odds-on favorite to become the next tenant of Malacañan Palace.

    Binay, quite naturally, has his detractors, and they will use any weapon at their disposal to cut the vice president down to size.

    This week, an incident that happened a couple of weeks ago is being used by his opponents to put Binay in his place.

    The sad part is, the VP was nowhere near the place where the incident happened.

    That “incident” occurred close to midnight some two weeks ago, and it involved a small convoy of Makati City Mayor JunJun Binay. The convoy had tried to enter the ultra exclusive Dasmarinas Village but were blocked by over-anxious village guards.

    This is where the story becomes confusing.

    Some anti-Binay groups are pointing to the CCTV video of the incident. They say that Mayor Binay was abusive to the three guards manning the gate, without any proof.

    The grainy video shows little except what appears to be a verbal altercation between the guards (who radioed for assistance where none was needed) and the convoy.

    Broadcast media also pointed out that one man from the Binay convoy pulled out a gun.

    Was this the right move or not?

    At this point, who’s to say? After all, the three security guards who were joined by two more who arrived in motorcycles were all armed.

    To put the incident in its proper perspective, recall that when he was Makati mayor, the head of Jejomar Binay’s security was killed in cold blood. As far as the vice president is concerned, that was a politically motivated killing.

    As for the Dasmarinas Village security guards, the owner of the security agency admitted that the trio did not follow proper protocol. That owner himself said that the guards at their gates should extend all possible courtesies, including allowing ingress and egress to the village, to three government officials – the President of the Philippines, the vice president, and the incumbent mayor of the city.

    Last we checked, JunJun Binay remains the mayor of Makati City.

    Some media organizations also went overboard in claiming that the young Binay ordered the arrest of the three security guards. The video of the incident does not support this claim.

    What it does support is Mayor Binay’s version. They were invited by the police to submit their report, and they willingly went to the nearest police station.

    The Dasmarinas Village incident is really a case of much ado over nothing. But it is clear that there are parties who will do everything possible to weaken the chances of VP Binay from becoming president in 2016.

    The veep should therefore expect more of the same between now and the next presidential elections. Already he is the subject of numerous rumors, all nasty.

    In the end, it will be the electorate who will decide if the incumbent vice president is elevated to the presidency in the 2016 polls.


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    1. “In the end, it will be the electorate who will decide if the incumbent vice president is elevated to the presidency in the 2016 polls.”

      Voter profile by highest educational attainment (2004; 49 million voters):
      Elementary 34%
      High School 32%
      College Undergraduate 15%
      Academic Dfgree Holder 7%
      Post Secondary 6%
      No Grade Completed 3%
      Post Baccalaureate 1%
      Total 98%

      The Constitution (Article V) provides that suffrage may be exercised by ALL CITIZENS who are at least 18 years old, and not disqualified by law.. No other requirements or qualifications are imposed.

      Who’s afraid of Jejomar Binay? I am not afraid of Jejomar Binay, but I am MORE AFRAID of the Filipino VOTER! Not to belittle the judgment or mental capacity of the Filipino voter, I am afraid that we are still ill-equipped to properly elect PUBLIC OFFICIALS worthy of PUBLIC TRUST.

      The Filipino voter sadly lacks appreciation of the POWER of his VOTE. He does not fully understand that his vote is the key to meaningful and inclusive national social, political, economic development. His poverty is the offshoot of his shortsighted and wasted vote! His complaints today about government incompetence, neglect, corruption are really testaments to his voting ineptness! Poor quality of education, inadequate health services, widening gap between the rivh and the poor, ill-equipped military, and many more that ails the Philippine political scene.

      Voter education is the antidote to the Philippine POLITICAL CURSE . . . a country run like hell by Filipinos.

      I am afraid that the Philippines would be a political hell for many decades if not generations because of missed opportunities with our votes. Jejomar Binay if he should be president, and does not become a blessing to Filipinos will just be six years of that hell.

      When will our votes deliver us from the Philippine POLITICAL CURSE . . . a country run like hell by Filipinos?

    2. Dapat 1hr before mag depart si mayor , sinurvey na ng security nya ang dadaanan nila . San gate dadaan , alin ang sarado alin ang bukas . At kng dadaan sa sarado maki usap at maki coordinate ng maayos . At kung d pwede di sa bukas na gate dumaan . Pero malaking chance na pag nakiusap and I-ak knowledge mo ang presence ng guard ay pagbibigyan ka nila . Mayor ka . Dapat ganun ang ginawa ng detail nya . Kung sinunod nila ito sa tingin mo mangyayari ito.

    3. Mary Anne Hebert on

      the open gate was 150 meters away. they could have just turned around and used it. But because the sentiment of aggrandized self-importance is prominent in filipino politicians, they had to insist on bullying the security guards just so they could get through. Im disappointed in the manila times’ unbalanced view of this incident.

    4. This “editorial” reads just like a press release from Binay.

      It would be ideal for the nation to vote for someone who does not have personal ambition to be Pres. but is urged by many of the electorate to run for the good of the country, and not for personal interest.

    5. MVP (Manny Pangilinan) – GCT (Gibo Teodoro) – vice versa- for PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT MOVEMENT…SAVE THE FILIPINOS AND THE PHILIPPINES from the shameless and overly ambitious EPALS (roxas, binay,cayetanos,santiago,lacson,escudero – NONE OF THE ABOVE)!

      • so…….ibalik ang mga MARCOSES……GO FOR Bongbong Marcos, tunay na may nagawa sa bayan…hindi NGAWA at WANG-WANG AT PURO KABOBOHAN NI KALBO.

    6. Neither of the 2 widely opened presidential hopefuls, Mar Roxas and VP Binay should never be President of the country. They are both self-centered individual and will not work for the Pilipino people. Roxas will just be protecting their riches and maybe become more richer if he becomes President. Almost all of those who acquired their temporary power from the people become richer. Their wealth did not stagnated during their incumbency but multiplied a thousand times. The same with Binay. Every interview that I heard from him regarding his past, he always say that he comes from a poor family that he has to support himself to finished his college studies. Now the VP has declared an assets of 59 Million pesos from his SALN. His ready answer to this is he inherited some of his wealth from his parents. These all came from his previous interviews when he is confronted about his present wealth. How can you reconcile his coming from a poor family and his present wealth? Liar!

    7. This editorial is advocating special treatment to VIPs. Private villages has its set of rules to follow..and these must be applied to all, politicians or not. The situation was not an emergency. What’s the difference between a mayor and an ordinary taxpayer. So you mean any politician can, at his own will, break any rules of a private property like a residential village? Who is paying the salaries of these abusive politicians, anyway? It’s taxpayer’s money. Then as taxpayers, we must be the ones be given a special privilege more than any politicians, presidente ka man, vice-mayor, or mayor…This editorial is clearly anti-people and anti-poor…and promotes inequalities!

    8. You call this incident a case of much ado over nothing? OMG. The video does not lie. Your assumption is misguided and illogical. Those poor security guards were only doing their job and you blame them for that. Nobody is above the law. This is abuse of power. Do you want to live under a tyrant?

    9. A punk who became mayor through the mistake of a designation as OIC, now VP, with children as unqualified as he is and who, in the case of the current Mayor, enriches himself like his father, who extorts from property developers in Makati! What are you talking about? God bless the Philippines if Jojo becomes the President!

    10. Primer Pagunuran on

      After reading this one editorial which unabashedly is as biased as that whom he attacks, I must decide to stop reading this portion of the newspaper since no one knows who wrote the editorial piece. He or she can be another paid hack, if I may venture a suspicion given the skill in how the interpretation of existing accounts are straightforwardly trained where he or she points her finger to.

      This itself is a violation of the existing PPI rules and regulations where I suspect since the editorial must come from the perspective of the “we” and not from an “I”. In other words, this is just another damage control thing masquerading as a more objective view of an event.

      Enough. This one is kaput!

    11. Ang lahat na tao ay pantay-pantay..dapat sundin kung ano ang batas, lalo pa ikaw ay lider, dapat ikaw ang model sa pagsunod..Ang mga nakatira doon ay mga may kilalang tao, at sunod sila sa patakaran doon,,Magkano ba ang bayad sa Iyo? A good leader is a good follower of rules…..


    13. If I may hazard a guess, this piece was submitted as a letter to the editor by Joey Salgado, the spokesman of the Binays, but was inadvertently uploaded as the Times editorial. If we don’t read any clarification or apology from the editors soon we will presume Mr. Salgado is moonlighting as Times editorial writer.

    14. If the security guards at Dasmarinas Village did their job diligently, this scandal would not have happened. I say it’s either over zealousness or ignorance or both that caused the security guards to behave like “guardians of an autonomous state within the City of Makati”. It is irrational to apply to the mayor of Makati their policy, after all their duty is to look after the safety of the “sacred” exclusive Dasmarinas village from bad elements; and Mayor Jun Binay and his convoy are definitely not bad elements. The guards are totally wrong in their decision. In denying the ingress/egress to Mayor Binay, they were “protecting” the sanctity of their village and “protecting” the lives of its inhabitants. But, did they ever think that denial would have also cost the life of the mayor and the lives of other members of the convoy of the Mayor due to that misplaced restriction? Courtesy and respect must be accorded to the head of that city whoever is sitting as mayor wherever he goes whether it is an EXCLUSIVE village or a forlorn ghetto. The application of the village rule is TOTALLY MISPLACED and not called for. The guards should have been oriented fully well of their duties and responsibilities before being sent in that village or to other villages in Makati for that matter. It means, to use their common sense and proper discretion in ugly situations like what Mayor Binay underwent. It is ugly and nasty and with the politicization of the incident, it becomes uglier and nastier. Embarassing and disrespecting a political figure in public puts the whole country in bad light and sadly, it is a norm we have been witnessing.

    15. Given the personality being forced upon the people by Malacanang to be its tenant in 2016, Jejomar Binay appears a lot better character- wise to be President. The alternative should be “bahala na sa buhay niya.” The knock on Binay is being the head of the political dynasty of Makati. That can easily be remedied by not voting into power any more candidate named Binay running for any elective position anywhere. That is after Jojo Binay defeats the LP candidate in 2016.

    16. no i don’t think so the binay’s are really arogant, i rememer right with dilg sectary robledo, about the informal settlers in guadalupe, the mayor shouted at him
      maybe they think they are king, so much more when their dad is the next president
      i hope they all loose in the nex election, they have been in politics since 1986 after corazon aquino appointed him, enough is enough, this is polotical dyanasty

    17. WHY would the police of Makati, invited the guards to go to the Mayor’s Makati police office post ? WHY WHY WHY? Why were they in the wrong gate in the first place. The policemen should have invited Jun Jun Binay to the police station because he was the one violating village rules! Rules apply to everyone you know!