• Who’s the true DU30?


    PRESUMPTIVE President-elect Rodrigo Duterte drew a lot of praises when he said he was offering his hand of friendship to all those who had opposed him.

    That was a gallant gesture from a run-away winner. There was no gloating from the tough-talking Duterte. It showed that he was most willing to unite the nation behind his leadership after a very divisive presidential campaign.

    Where is that Duterte?

    We are not seeing today a Duterte who is humble and gentle in victory. Instead, we see a victor who couldn’t forget critics and makes this known through his now famous acerbic tongue. How soon could he forget his offer of friendship to his critics?

    Duterte’s inability to forget the past is shown by his harsh words against the Catholic Church and its bishops. It didn’t matter to him that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines had congratulated him and declared their “vigilant cooperation.”

    I guess their call against voting for him still rankles. How long will this resentment last? Or will he start his promise to unite the nation only when he starts his term as President? Will he start acting presidential only after June 30? In the meantime, will he continue cursing as ingrained in his nature?

    The attitude of Duterte against critics and criticisms is vital to us in the Fourth Estate. A very harsh and long-lasting tirade by Duterte against critics is certain to foster unhealthy dialogues between them.

    We, in the media, will never waver from our duty to present the truth. And if the truth is inconvenient or unflattering to the administration, so be it. As Manong Max Soliven used to write, the role of media is “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

    Duterte started on the right foot in offering his hand of friendship to enemies. He shouldn’t digress from this and start right away even before June 30.

    One of his main selling points in the campaign was his vow to turn Manila Bay red with the blood of criminals. I hope his ascent to Malacañang will moderate this promise. We loathe to see the day when those who want to rid society of monsters become monsters themselves.

    Incidentally, Duterte is correctly labeled as “presumptive President-elect.” He can’t be called “President-elect” until Congress, convened as the National Board of Canvassers, proclaims him as the duly-elected President. He becomes President only after taking his oath at noon of June 30.

    Personal note: I want to greet a good friend, Mat Vicencio, on his birthday today. We covered the House together before he became editor and, now, ghost writer. Oh yes, he was very active in the campaign of Sen. Grace Poe, but I never got to write a favorable column about her despite our friendship.

    Mat and I may be on different sides of the political fence but we never let this ruin our friendship.

    The same goes with other old hands in media like Joe Javier and Bobby Capco, who supported Mar Roxas; Bert de Guzman and Mel Velasco, who were for Poe; and Rolly Carandang and Jess Matubis, of the Duterte camp.

    Oh yes, I still believe that Miriam was the best candidate but now that Duterte is the incoming President, we should all set aside our political leanings and hope for the best under his administration.



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    1. ‘Tong mga plunderer sa Tongress they jumped ship to his side. Can he discipline them? Sinusongkit para mgbalimbing, where’s their decency both LP&PDP?These are all magnanakaw, big time. This LANGAW MENTALITY runs in Pilipino blood, grossly manifested mirrored on their leaders. Pareparehong magnanakaw trapos, rich & poor.
      The poor looking for freebee, the plunderer looking for more ways to get more.

    2. Efren, you should not have to be in this position of writing any article. I am really anoid when ever someone uses `PRESUMPTIVE’ to our President elect. Look it up on you dictionary the meaning of this word you idiot.

    3. I believe that the only way to remove the bad guys is to eliminate the bad guys. There is a culture of bad guys that they are going to do it again and again. As mayor Halili said, after catching the criminals they will post bail and next day they are out on the street doing the same bad thing. Where is the so called Human Right ? Does it belong only to the criminals ? What about us , peace loving citizens ? Do we not have our rights too ? That is why we need a Duterte. The more I think about the result of the election, the more I see the logic of the voting public that is fed up with crime and corruption. Do not think Duterte is a fine , smooth talker. He s not. He is one bad dude. The only answer to all Filipino bad dudes.