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    Why AAP is writing this column


    Some time ago, The Manila Times president and Executive Editor Dante Francis “Klink” Ang 2nd, a fellow Rotarian and golfing buddy, proposed the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) write a regular column for his newspaper’s motoring section.

    The Times Motoring Editor Anjo Perez followed it up with a letter to me formalizing the proposal.

    I discussed the idea with the AAP board of directors and they thought it would give the organization the chance to generate greater public awareness of our advocacies such as road safety, motoring-related laws that deserve public support and the rights and responsibilities of motorists.

    As the biggest and oldest (founded in 1931) motoring association in the country, recognized as the National Auto Club and the only affiliate in the Philippines of the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile), AAP has a lot of helpful and timely information to offer to the motoring public and all road users in general.

    The board decided that AAP directors and officers could take turns writing the column.

    For example, AAP Vice President Johnny Angeles, who heads the organization’s road safety and advocacies committee, can monitor the enforcement of laws such as the Anti-Drunk Driving Law and the Lemon Law, propose measures such as the Commercial Driver’s License, and report on the current SaveKidsLives campaign of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

    AAP Director Mandy Eduque, who chairs the motorsport committee, can write on how new technologies developed for Formula One and other car races are adapted by automakers to make road cars safer.  He can also write on local motorsport activities and training opportunities for aspiring racecar drivers and track marshals.

    Director Mina Gabor, who heads AAP’s tourism committee and AAP Travel, AAP’s wholly-owned travel agency, can write on the Drive Tourism Caravans and other projects and activities that promote sustainable, eco-friendly domestic tourism.

    Joey Mundo, who as general manager of AAP Lingkod, AAP’s automotive services subsidiary who attends AAP board meetings, can write on the experiences of AAP’s Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) crews, the most frequent repair services done by the AAP-Goodyear Auto Care Service Center, TBA (tires, batteries, accessories) and other auto maintenance topics.

    As AAP president, I can write about current transportation-related issues, such as the “No Registration, No Travel” ordinance, the shortage of car license plates, alternative fuels, easing traffic gridlock, the safety of electric vehicles, among others.

    To deliver AAP’s message more effectively, we promise to limit this column to 500 words or less.  So far, I’ve written about 420 words, so I’ll stop here with the hope that you’ll always read The AAP Corner.


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