• Why Ai-Ai feels so good


    Only Ai-Ai delas Alas can pull off this particular endorsement.

    The country’s Comedy Queen signed an endorsement contract with the Belo Medical Group on Tuesday for the clinic’s newest procedure called Femilift—a laser treatment that restores one’s “womanhood” after multiple childbirth.

    Ai-Ai delas Alas is a whole new woman

    Ai-Ai delas Alas is a whole new woman

    Known for her candor, Dr. Vicki Belo thought of no other celebrity besides Ai-Ai to be able to discuss the delicate topic of vaginal tightening, and why women may want to undergo the elective procedure.

    Ai-Ai openly related at the contract signing that she understands this kind of woman problem much too well, having given birth three times over. Since she had her first session of Femilift the day before, she earned the right to guarantee that the procedure will allow women to “feel whole, complete, very feminine and sexy again.”

    Dr. Belo, in turn, discussed the actual medical procedure as “a painless and non-surgical procedure that can achieve similar results [as the surgical counterpart]in just three 10-minute sessions.”

    She described, “Femilift uses a fractional carbon dioxide laser to restructure and restore damaged tissues. The procedure increases the collagen and elastin in the vaginal wall for more pleasurable contact, and it doesn’t require anesthesia nor numbing cream. Best of all the procedure is safe.”

    Apparently, this laser treatment is already very popular in England and the Middle East, and yet again, the Belo Medical Group is the first to offer Femilift in South East Asia.

    For Ai-Ai, whose turbulent love life has been an open book in showbiz, said she is excited now more than ever for her next relationship, simply because she “feels so good.”

    For inquiries, call 819-BELO or log on to facebook.com/belomedicalgroupofficial and twitter.com/belobeauty.


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