Why ASG, BIFF active


Dear Sir,
The now very active BIFF (Bangsa Islamic Freedom Fighters) and the Abu Sayyaf Group is an indication that these groups are one of those disinterested in the realization of the MILF Bangsamoro Framework Agreement. Maybe these groups have allied themselves with the group of ARMM Gov. Nur Misuari who totally rejects the Agreement, claiming he and the MNLF have been left out, but which is not true as the government and the MILF had declared earlier.

It’s only a step away towards the Agreement and the people behind this dark scheme will do everything to stop it. What is puzzling is that they are proving they do not care for achieving a progressive and developed Bangsamoro, a successful Mindanao.

But our government and our AFP always see and read between the lines. As always, it is ready for any eventuality. They may wage attacks, air bluffs and warnings, but we all see these things have never succeeded.

Alex S. Camba
Zamboanga City


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  1. ASG and BIFF are bandits. they dont want to see a progressive and developed Bangsamoro Government. On the other hand,MNLF NUR MISUARI is a selfish organization. they are placing their self interest above the interest of the masses. they dont want the MILF-GPH peace talk to succeed.