Why ‘Boy Pick Up’ can’t peak up in the polls


“Boy Pick Up” was the name given by Senator Bong Revilla to presidential candidate Mar Roxas of the LP, whose genesis came from the efforts of President Aquino to secure enough Senate votes to impeach Chief Justice Renato Corona early in this |administration.

The name has stayed and is now being used by critics to portray Mr. Roxas as a candidate of little consequence.

Mr. Roxas can’t wiggle out of the “Boy Pick Up” tag and tame down his critics because of one thing. He has been doing badly in the polls and in that low state all negative tags stick.

He polls so low that Digong Duterte, a new entrant into the presidential race won’t like to debate him. Mr. Duterte has added to the pile of names that now refer to Mr. Roxas in negative light. He calls Mr. Roxas, “Number 4” which is Mr. Roxas standing in most presidential surveys.

Mr. Roxas is not supposed to be in this polling Hades. On paper, he has everything going for him. A U Penn-trained economist, the grandson of the Republic’s first president, a former investment banker, a former congressman, senator and Cabinet member with multiple posts. He is the candidate with the best CV. He is also Mr. Aquino’s “Chosen One.”

All of these have been ignored by respondents in the polling and for a long time, Mr. Roxas has been indeed Number 4. The latest Pulse Asia survey says so, though there is another one that says he is Number 3. Most Filipinos could explain in logical and rational terms why “ Boy Pick Up” can’t peak in the polls. Here are the reasons.

Number One. Mr. Roxas has been conducting a tired, orthodox campaign that can’t fire up the excitement of voters.

Mr. Roxas tries to show his “ strength “ by reciting the endorsements he has gotten from political figures, from real heavyweights to plain pretenders. In the Philippine context, however, parties and party bosses do not really possess solid ground games and it is “every man or woman for himself/herself” come election time. There is no such thing as “The Party Decides,” the book on US politics that suggests the extra-ordinary role party bosses play in primaries and in elections.

Endorsements do not carry weight in presidential elections, just ask those who ran the Mitra campaign in 1992 and the de Venecia campaign in 1998. The political heavyweights lined up behind Mr. Mitra in 1992 and Mr. de Venecia in 1998. But both lost miserably.

Number Two. Mr. Roxas shows not flashes of brilliance but demonstrations of trapo politics. Just ask Grace Padaca about this. And how Mr. Roxas shafted her in Isabela in favor of the Dys. With all her handicaps and her loyalty to the good cause, Mr. Roxas should not have forsaken Grace Padaca. But he did in a disgusting trapo act.
Number Three. Mr. Roxas’ record as the deputy president to Mr. Aquino, to be kind about it, has been forgettable. To others, it has been a tragedy.

The DOTC, the first agency assigned to Mr. Roxas, is a mess and its public face is the MRT
3 – a dangerous and unreliable urban rail system. The DOTC’s experiment on traffic decongestion focused its ire on mass transport carriers such as buses, not private cars. Which makes many wonder about his numeracy.

The DILG, which he handled next, literally played the blame game and cheap politics while Yolanda devastated Eastern Visayas, one of the poorest regions and the least equipped in handling disaster relief. The initial hunger for Mr. Duterte is viewed as a public response to the failure of Roxas’ DILG to enforce the law and deal with crime syndicates.

Number Four. Mr. Roxas is running on empty and on the basis of a slogan that could win favors in a Pyongyang-sponsored slogan writing contest. Right Path–Tuwid na Daan. Right Path rhymes with “Shining Path.” Google it up under Peru.

Under the Aquino administration, I have written about this a dozen times, the only vetted and verifiable occurrence of “straight path” is the trajectory of 60 percent of GDP gains. It goes straight to the Top 1 percent.

Number Five is the negativity of Mr. Aquino. Mr. Aquino’s endorsement of Mr. Roxas has not helped the LP standard bearer. In Metro Manila, Mr. Aquino’s endorsement is a negative 26 percent. It is negative six percent overall in our country. He is, of course, the favorite of the economic sector favored by Mr. Aquino’s government, the super rich and the professional managers who are proxies and gofers of the super rich. Only, these people make up less than one percent of the votes.

It is true that many things can happen between now and 2016 and it is possible that Mr. Roxas can find his traction and bearing and take the lead in the polls.

But right now, this statement is absolutely true, backed by data and political science. Boy Pick Up can’t peak up in the polls.



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  1. The main reason Roxas poll do not increase is because he is so attached with Pinoy and Pinoy is not popular anymore. Roxas cannot comment on Pinoy because Roxas candidacy is so attached with Pinoy Daan Matuwid. I like Roxas but he is going to have a hard time winning. People wants change. Obama won because he campaign for change. Roxas cannot use that as a campaign slogan. Pinoy will get mad with him.

  2. Kaya lagi sya No. 4 kasi Row 4 sya lagi sa klase nuon. Baka lagi pumapasa kasi donate lagi malaki pera ang nanay sa iskul.

  3. If you really want to know what the people are thinking, then look at the online polls and mock elections where the three clowns Grace, Binay and Roxas are all scraping the bottom at 1%-3% of the votes only. But if you want to know what the powers that be who control the cheating machine called Smartmatic are planning, then look at the survey results. Ganung ka-simple lang yan, walang kahirap hirap i-analyze.

  4. Who has no graft, corruption and plunder charges imprinted on his forehead? Who has impeccable foreign and local academic backgrounds trailing his name? Who has sufficient and encompassing executive and legislative work experiences that will prove useful and essential to his presidential duties? Who possesses the dignity and self-respect both in behavior and conversation that are essential ingredients in representing the Philippines when hobnobbing with other leaders in this globalized world? Mar Roxas maybe awful but there’s always someone worse.

  5. Enough of Roxas …if we people are the HRD trying to select the best candidate for the presidency….I find Roxas so unqualified, inutile, a dead log, a non-performing liability (instead of asset), very illogical (he can’t get it that people are turned off by his OROCAN attitude), A silent arrogant person (remember the wack wack incident by which he got suspended for unruly behavior), and lastly his history of work experiences… and that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back… he is the best symbol of INCOMPETENCE..as his performances were so poor that nobody ever notices him…. so my assessment is he failed miserably on my card….. so next applicant please…….

    • There is no next applicant. The others are so corrupt too. There is one that gave up her citizenship to be a U.S, citizen. Is that patriotic enough for you. Next is a person that stole billion of pesos and about to go to prison. Then lastly , a person whose mouth is so dirty that smells like a rotten egg. Who then will be your choice ?

  6. Sir,
    Remember what Sen. Bong Revilla said before the impeachment of forced removal of ex-Sc chief justice Renato Corona? “Anak ng teteng itong si “Boy Pick up” he narrated of what he did to Sen.Bong afterwards the it was reported the senators received millions to impeached Corona.They used all the machineries of the government to bring down GMA and afterwards Corona. Until now they have no hard proofs or evidence that she committed Plunder the same thing with the other senators.Pnoy and mar roxas are like twin brothers in his ads he said he will continue the “Tuwid na Daan” (Right Path ) many says tuwid na daan tungo sa kumunoy ng kamatayan! What the writer did not mentioned when he bad mouthed for President GMA during the Pnoy political campaign, this word against any person cannot be forgotten by the people the same thing with bad personality,propagated by threat and bad mouthing of Mayor Duterte against his enemies. until now ex-President GMA has a large followers , will they vote for roxas or duterte? NO! even her enemies now realized that the former president is better president as compared to this corrupt government of Pnoy.His speech writers and spokespersons are products of their boss “Vendetta” against his political enemies. Pnoy these are Blunders and Karmas to you! I said many times “Do not vote to any candidates who are members of the Liberal Party!”

  7. Manny De Guzman on

    Walang binabat itong BOY PICK-UP NA ITO. No BACKBONE, SPINELESS,VERY UNPROFESSIONAL IN ACTION AND WORD, doesn’t know his job. Purely publicity posing on TV. No proven job done during his stint. No class in figure, or reputation. Action speaks better then word. Talks nonsense with always string attached. Did not contribute anything at all for the benefit of the country but for himself only.

  8. concerned citizen on

    Had the Boy pick-up not picked-up any cabinet position under Boy-sisi administration, he retained his good and likable image and must be cruising all the way to win the presidency in 2016 in a landslide victory but with poor political planning and his TRAPO tendencies just ruin his political career. Boy pick-up be your future congressman representing Capiz district .

  9. Roxas is a politician without a balls, he must realise that there is no perfect governance, that “Tuwid na Daan” is not flawless nor faultless, there is always room of improving or change everything at all!!Unless he never speak his mind and his own vision, surely he will land fifth if not fourth on election day!!He must formulate his own ideas and not merely rely on fantasies of “Tuwid na Daan” sa kawalan!!

  10. Marred Roxas should stop dreaming. There is no way he can become Philippine president, even if all other popular candidates die or get disqualified.

    Those who voted for him in the 2010 election for the vice-presidency, realize now he does not deserve to be elected president in the 2013 election, after his disappointing and dismal performance as DOTC and DILF secretary under Noynoy’s administration.

  11. If Mr.Teodoro, despite his exceptional CV and good performance as a major cabinet member but endorsed by the former President who had a working economic policy, didn’t make it, how do you expect Mr. Roxas to make it?

    • at this point in time, boy pickup and the LAPIANG PORK leadership under porky drilon and porky abad will need the magic of andoy bote’s and smartmatic’s hocus pcos machines. they are sure that they can use these to make boy pickup president. how else could you explain abaya signing anomalous mrt maintenance contracts left and right if he does not feel safe from prosecution come july 1, 2016?? they are pretty sure of themselves in boy pickup’s ascent to the presidency.

  12. Mr. Roxas’ past work records speak for themselves. If they were mediocre at best, one wonders how Mr. Roxas will perform as president of the republic.

    Having said these, I pervently pray that the Filipinos will not elect a candidate with a history of massive corruption. And we all know who that is.

    God have mercy.

  13. Another reason for Boy pick-up not picking up: yellow has become an eyesore, a glaring expression of a malignant disease . . . so jaundiced. When you watch and listen to Boy Pick-Up’s infomercial, one can just sigh- “. . . a deluded person who does not understand what he’s talking about / all talk with nothing to back up his empty words. E bakit di mo ginawa nung nasa pwesto ka pa? Goodness gracious . . the guile and the nerve!!!”

  14. with all due respect, i find this article to be just all crap. first, roxas in the latest survey is even ahead of duterte. second, the writer is obviously favoring another candidate and so is biased against roxas. lastly, the writer didn’t even bother cite any accomplishments, if any, done by the other candidates on a national concern that can be compared with roxas’. yun lang po.

    • Cesar Camua Martin on

      the columnist could not cite any accomplishment of the other candidates or complain or compare those accomplishments with that of Boy p/up, simply because there ain’t any to compare with in the first place.

    • Wow a roxas psychopath….. the only your dumb bet could win is via the Pcos–hocus Pcos…..but the people would not allow that to happen ..all hell will break loose and god save the Philippines if your hallucinations will prevail…