• Why do we allow Trillanes to do this?


    Three weeks ago, Senator Antonio Trillanes 3rd announced in a news conference he had two witnesses who would testify that two Court of Appeals justices received P25 million each in bribes to stop the suspension of Makati mayor Junjun Binay, Jr.

    Note: “Witnesses” means persons who saw the P25 million handed over to the recipients. Note: Trillanes is accusing two justices of the Court of Appeals, by rank second only to the Supreme Court. Note: He is accusing not just a mayor, but the son of the second highest official of the land, the Vice President

    The Philippine Daily Inquirer and other broadsheets the next day put Trillanes’ accusations in screaming banner headlines. I would think most of their readers wouldn’t even remember that Trillanes never produced those witnesses.

    Three weeks have passed, and Trillanes hasn’t produced a single witness, not even any new evidence to back his accusations against, for chrissakes, members of the Court of Appeals.

    In that press conference he boasted: “I will show the pattern of behavior, the TROs, the frequency, the flip-flopping decisions (of these justices). We will show all these. We will comb through their previous decisions.”

    Three weeks later he hasn’t done that, and, of course, he hasn’t proven any of his claims. Trillanes’ accusations and boasts aren’t really surprising.

    So where are they? Newspaper banner headline three weeks ago.

    So where are they? Newspaper banner headline three weeks ago.

    More than a decade ago, he risked the lives of his comrade-in-arms, took over a hotel at the country’s premier financial district, and shattered political stability by calling on the armed forces and the people at large to topple President Gloria Arroyo’s government through violence.

    His reason for the revolt? He claimed he had evidence as a Navy officer that Arroyo and her officials were overpricing Navy supplies. Years later, and armed with the power of a Senator of the Republic, Trillanes hasn’t produced a single piece of paper to support his allegations.

    Why on earth does our nation put up with this mad dog who hurls accusations left and right, and damages a basic institution of our Republic, the judiciary.

    “Pakukulong ko sila [I’ll send them to jail]:” That’s a usual Trillanes threat. Who does this guy think he is?

    I wouldn’t want to repeat his lies here so I won’t mention his claims. But has he provided even an iota of evidence to back his allegations as stated in the screaming newspaper headlines that have recklessly impugned the integrity of the people he mentioned?

    Why doesn’t the Senate censure him for making the legislative body look like a gang that respects no one, including a co-equal branch of government?

    I guess being jailed, as Trillanes had been, affects people differently. The trapo (traditional politician) Ninoy Aquino became an idealist, for example, and Mandela found in his heart the ability to forgive. However, in Hitler’s – and I suspect Trillanes’ – case, incarceration turned them into megalomaniacs.

    What kind of a country have we become when nobody in the “august” Senate confronts this irresponsible finger-pointer, and makes him accountable for his wild accusations?

    * * *

    Out of the five members of President Benigno S. Aquino’s Citizens’ Peace Council, only two bothered to appear before the Senate hearing to present the findings they miraculously came up with in just 13 working days.

    As usual, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala was “out of town.” Nothing, of course, is more important than his business meetings. Cardinal Tagle and former Ambassador to the Vatican Howard Dee, former president Corazon Aquino’s “balae,” didn’t bother to explain why they couldn’t make it. In fact, I haven’t heard a single word from Cardinal Tagle explaining his views on the BBL.

    Even Ayala’s first “designated” representative, Cielito Habito, abandoned his post after one appearance at the Congress hearing. The tycoon had to designate another representative, former economic planning chief Cayetano Paderanga, who knows nothing about the Muslim problem. Only former Chief Justice Hilario Davide, whose son is Cebu governor and badly needs Aquino’s support for his reelection, and Bai Sumnad-Usman, whose qualification is that she founded a mostly unheard of “Teach Peace, Build Peace Movement.”

    I nearly fell off my seat upon learning of the explanation given by several of the “Peace Council” representatives why they support the parliamentary system proposed for adoption by the BM government.

    Usman, Bishop Quevedo, Jesuit priest Joel Tabora and, surprisingly, former Comelec chairman Christian Monsod, all said that direct voting for the head of the BM government wouldn’t work, as warlords and other unscrupulous politicians had managed to manipulate the masses in Muslim Mindanao.

    Usman even quoted her lolo, a sultan she said, as telling her that the old sultanate system was better. Quevedo and Tabora claimed that a more appropriate system of governance for Muslims is by having some form of a Council of Elders consisting of datus.

    These people don’t realize how crazy they sound: They are advocating a return to old feudal systems of elite dominance. There is nothing romantic about the Sultanates of Sulu and Maguindanao of the 19th century. They even involved piracy and slavery, and of course, rule by sheer birthright.

    Haven’t they heard that democracy was invented two centuries ago, and that even if there are parliamentary systems, direct voting is still considered a modern democratic experiment, a faith in the reasoning faculties of each citizen?

    The real reason for the poverty of Muslims in Mindanao is not exploitation by Christian Luzon, but the corruption of Muslim politicians. Much of the former Muslim-held territory was not “grabbed” by Christians from the Visayas and Luzon. Datus and sub-datus let these parcels of land be used by settlers and copra traders, for huge fees of course.

    Have you ever met a poor Muslim governor or congressman?

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    1. Edmundo Cuenco on

      Show me enough proof that the vice stole this and that, and I will withdraw my support. What about this former vice mayor of makati, pagkalinis links ba ng sob na yan? Hukayin lahat ng sekreto niyan at sandamakmak ang itinatago niyan. He’s from Cabanatuan kaya kilala yan dito kung gaano kayaman yan. Isa lang ang Hunter Valley na napakaluwang sa bgy Cabu Cab. City sa mga pag-aari niyan. Lubayan na ni trillanes ang kalokohan niyan.

      • your comment is not aligned with the commentary. we should maintain fairness in terms of what is the current subject being discussed. deviating the same with other major topic is magulo gulo po.

    2. Johnny Ramos on

      I think what Trillanes have done to 2 justices of Court of Appeals including Mayor Binay is not covered by immunity from libel suit. Even the baseless accusation of Renato Bondal and Mercado are no longer covered because it was done with malice. Renato Bondal should be strip of license to be lawyer, I hope he is real lawyer. I wonder how did Bondal passed the bar exams. Is there any rule in sub committee of Koko Pimentel on resource person like Bondal who admitted several times he does not have factual evidences and guessing the price of the cakes?

    3. Frank allows it because Frank is a EUNUCH. Not only does he lack principles but he is totally bereft of conscience and wisdom. Or most of them are afraid of SAMS Antonio? That guy is just another Stupid Asshole Masquerading as Senator.

    4. I am from one of the poorest Municipality in Sultan Kudarat province and i am definitely agree that there is no one single Muslim politician started with the Municipal councilors up to the highest level found to be poor, But most of their constituents were just had enough food three times a day or even 2 times only or i might say from hand to mouth sort of living. The BBL might be the immediate solutions to uplift the poor condition of my fellow Muslims living. Most of my relatives were members of the MILF (Combatant & Non-Combatant) hoping for the passage of this proposed BBL Law that they themselves believes that it could elevate or change their lives. In my humble opinion the passage of this proposed BBL law could definitely helps If used properly and not used for personal advantage of the politicians. What i observe in the ARMM is that the poor are getting poorer while the rich becomes richer. I hope and pray that the inhabitants of Mindanao life would thrive with the passage of this proposed BBL law.

    5. I don’t understand how the binays came into the picture. Ang commentary para ke trillanes, who, mga kabayan,kung iresearch naman nio ang background ng taong ito, hindi malinis tulad ng pinoportray nia. He is another scumbag who is deceitful and as usual pinoys go for the hero types. Madaling madala ang pinoy sa drama at puro drama ang pinapanood, pinapakinggan, at binubuhay. husko po naman, imulat nio naman mga mata nio, trillanes is one of the worst if not the worst kasi, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing at mas delicado ang ganitong klase ng tao. buti pa yong Makita mo sa labas ang talagang ugali kahit salbahe, kesa, pangitingiti, pabaitbait, kumukulo sa loob . Sometimes you have to look what is inside of the person rather than be mesmerized by what you see outside.

    6. Siyempre, nasapower pa si Mongoloid Penoy kaya malakas pa ang loob ng rebelde’ng Magdalo. Comes 2016, kung sino man ang uupo sa Palasyo mag a adjust na naman ng tono at kulay iyan, sa halaga’ng karapat dapat sa kanyang serbisyo espesyal – ATTACK DOG.

      O ngayon pa lang malaki ng pasasalamat ni Trillah in Manilah at nag rebellde siya sa panahon ni Pandak kung hinde eh hindi siya tatabo nang limpak limpak na salapi ng Bayan – na hindi mangyayari kung career officer lang siya sa AFP.

    7. Trillanes IV is tolerated by the Administration, the Liberal Party , the yellows. To describe him aptly, he is a rabble rouser and purely a lackey. In horse racing, he is a rabbit that disturbs the true pacer which has the best chances of winning. In Philippine fraternities, he is the “little guy” tasked to make scenes (pa- api kuno), to justify frat wars – wherein the big brothers will come to the rescue. Being a character with an attention disorder/ “kulang sa pansin”, he just cannot hack it. Evidences,or proofs and witnesses are what he is unable to show which the judiciary needs.

    8. roger espinosa on

      You are right Helen Ramos, everything is about money and power. And that’s all of the Binays wants. It’s evidence is clear from oldto younger Binays.

    9. roger espinosa on

      Alam po namin kayong mga magagaling mag comments magaling magsulat kagaya ni Tiglao, magaling maglagay ng mga salita. Piro gusto nyo lang talaga pagtakpan ung Corruption ni Binay!

    10. Helen Ramos on

      Seriously, I am so close to giving up on this country. Many of our congressmen, senators, and justices, worst of all the president himself, have absolutely no sense of respectability, honor, and love for country. Everything is about power and money. Everyone can be bought and has a price. Walang mga delikadesa. Walang dignidad. Masahol pa sa mga baboy na naglalaro sa yurak. Have the people become so uncaring for what is going on? Puro na lang ba nakapikit ang karamihan sa mga Pilipino?

    11. *Eversince I believe in trillanes.. naniniwala ako sa mga advocat niya at sa mga pinaglalaban niya… Hindi yan mag lalabas ng mga mabibigat na salita kung wala siyua pinaghahawakan na ebidensya.. :ool kung nasaan na ngayon yung mga tao kinalaban niya before?? lahat nasam pahan na ng kaso at halos nasa kulungan na.

      • P.Akialamiro on

        Ganyan yata kung ang isang ‘matino (kuno) ay nakatikim na ng milyon-milyon piso kaya nawala na lahat ang mga prinsipiyo. ‘Yan na ang kultura ng karamihan ng mga Pilipinong politiko. Hindi bale, pagbagsak ng Pilipinas, bagsak tayong lahat!

    12. im not a trillanes fan, pero i think, he’s doing his job well, he’s against corruption, and he fight for what is right, if binays is not guilty, why until now, he’s not attending senate hearing??

    13. Amnata Pundit on

      If I were one of the justices I would have immediately filed a libel case, thats why its a mystery why the justices didn’t.

    14. Yang Trillanes na iyan, simula ng kumandidato iyan, duda na ako sa mga kabalastugan nya. Malakas ang loob itong tao na ito dahil alam kasi may problema sa pag-iisip din ang amo niya kaya malakas ang loob niya. If I were Binay, after his oath of office at the Malacanang, kasuhan ang ambisyosong senador na ito para makatikim ito papaano makulong kasama ang mga sira-ulo sa loob.

    15. Ruben V. Calip on

      90% of Mindanao is at peace. Only the areas where MILF and the other Mslilm bandit armies are around are violent. Why are billions in cash and manhours spent on this MILF-caused problem instead of solving the massive poverty problem in other parts of the Philippines?


    17. We need leaders like Sen Trillantes who has used his instincts and intuitions easily acceptable and believable by the public. Like matters which have become notoriously known, we need a leader like Trillantes to say so where the rules of evidence could not be of helped to fathom the truth. Like the rule of official notices, the public has also that privilage… Let Sen. Trillanes use his very believable gut feelings.

      • Sorry, but you are deaf and blind. dig up and think outside the box and you will find dirt you haven’t seen before.

    18. i totally agree, sir! we from mindanao are really very uncertain on this bbl. why on earth do they keep on calling for peace when we are peaceful here? the people who are not peaceful are those milfs, the bandits, the criminals and the politician themselves. and that’s true, no muslim politician is poor here and just to give them fair shares, they managed to create municipalities without a clear constituency just to make them mayors. many muslims are poor, true, coz their leaders are corrupt and pointing the cause of poverty to the government. natatawa po ako sa karamihan ng mga comment ng taga-luzon na ignorante sa bbl. Akala nila yung muslims dito ang pobre, hehe, baligtad po. although, totoo naman may poor talaga, kahit christians mas marami ang poor. Pero kung rich paguusapan, hehehe, malulula kayo sa rami ng mga MUslim rich.

    19. Nagpagamit na simbahan katoliko sa Gobyerno Aquino kahit pa hiniya ni PNoy ang karamihan sa mga obispo noong dumalaw ang santo papa Francisco! Sinulatan ko sa Facebook Acct niya si Cardinal Tagle pero walang tugon sa katanungan ko kung bakit sa kabila ng kaalaman sa batas ay sumali siya sa Peace Council na magsusuri sa BBL…

    20. butch hirro on

      I wonder if the philippine military academy trained trillanes to be what he is and who he is today. or if it could be that trillanes simply grew up being the big liar that he is. trillanes is a man who exhibits a crab mentality wherein he will keep making it to the top regardless of who gets trampled in the process.

    21. Firestarter on

      The talkative Trillanes could not even offer a concrete evidence to prove his allegation. Our hard earned money is wasted on this kind of bad attitude who knows nothing in the public service.

    22. P.Akialamiro on

      Politics in the Philippines is typical of “Survival of the ‘fittest’ (powerful, corrupt and loquacious fool); elimination of the ‘unfit’ (honest and rightheous).

      If congress/senate cannot even ‘straighten’ their ranks, how can we expect them to serve as well. Sadly, we will all reap the consiequences, if we permit these to go on.

      • it is also our fault the people who are so used to the feudal system that we give our loyalty to the rich, to the owners of the land, even if they don’t treat us right. Thank the Spaniards for teaching us that. People are easily blinded, they don’t question because they are not used to that, they are used to obeyance. They are taught to defend those who gave them work on their farm, when it is the landowners who benefit from it most. The blacks were under almost same circumstances when they were enslaved, but they fought. Most of us don’t, we agree and defend the bastards who are looting the country. we keep a blind eye because he looks nice, we keep on praising them and don’t see their errors because they are the landlords, the masters, and our role is just to obey. people should be enlightened of their rights, the right to speak the right to protest and the right to question for his own good and for the good of the children of his children.

    23. Why are you so concern that Senator Trillanes will proceed with the senate hearing concerning the bribery of the CA justices? Are you afraid about the truth that some justices are selling TRO on the sides?

    24. Alejo Rosete on

      What on earth happens to Chief Justice HILARIO DAVIDE?
      I wonder why?
      Because of Politics for his son?
      Nakakahiya sa isang Chief justice

      As to Senator Trillanes – He should be cited by the Court of Appeals para magkaroon
      ng leksyon i ikulong siya. He is going berserk just to be a candidate for Vice President or President?
      Free Political Mileage? Another BS Aquino in the making or even WORST.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Kawawang former chief justice, nagpapagamit upang maisalba ang nalalabi pang katanyagan. Pinakamagandang gawin niya ay manahimik na lang sapagkat ang kanyang mga argumento ay pawang pinagtahitahing salita upang maipalabas na ang BBL ay tama lamang. Pagpalain tayo ng Diyos.

    25. Mr Tiglao your absolutely right, for the record I haven’t met a poor Muslim governor or congressmen.

    26. Migs Doromal on

      WHY do we keep talking and talking more endlessly about what ails our nation???!!!

      Let’s burn congress and hang all our politicians for a change!!!

      Now that’s a GREAT START!

      • Agree with you let is all abolish congress sayang amg gingastos natin para sa walang sawang imbistigasyon.