Why does Poe refuse to take a DNA test with Marcos Jr.?


The only logical explanation is this: Either she has known, or suspects that she is indeed, the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos’ daughter with Rosemarie Sonora, the younger sister of her adoptive mother, Susan Roces’ (Jesusa Sonora).

And why wouldn’t she want this kind of a revelation, if true, to be made through a comparison of her DNA with that of Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., even if that could indisputably prove that she is a natural-born Filipina and, therefore, eligible to run for the presidency?

Because her entire narrative, her image that has deluded 29 percent of Filipinos to choose her in voter-preference polls, would collapse, to make her the cellar-dweller in the presidential contest, even behind President Aquino’s clone Manuel Roxas III.

Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares, in an interview with a local TV station for a news program on Friday even made a slip of the tongue to bolster this thesis, which strangely wasn’t reported in print media. She said: “Maybe I’ll agree to a DNA test with Bongbong (Marcos) after the May elections.”

Why would she say that she’d agree to the DNA test only after the elections? Because if she was proven to be Marcos’ daughter at this period, that would have a disastrous effect on her bid to be President, practically as disastrous her disqualification from the econtest.

The image of her as the dictator’s daughter, which could be proven true or false and put to rest by a DNA test, would in Filipinos’ deluded minds, eclipse her image as the daughter of a mythical Panday or the jeepney-driver-who-defended-the-poor played by her adoptive father Fernando Poe, Jr.

DO YOU SEE ANY RESEMBLANCE? From left, clockwise: Rosemarie Sonora, rumored to be Llamanzares’ real mother, in 1968; Sonora in 2008; the Poes and Marcoses in banter in some party; Marcos (with Imelda) as principal sponsors in the Poe wedding in 1968; the presidential candidate and the rumored real father.

From left, clockwise: Rosemarie Sonora, rumored to be Llamanzares’ real mother, in 1968; Sonora in 2008; the Poes and Marcoses in banter in some party; Marcos (with Imelda) as principal sponsors in the Poe wedding in 1968; the presidential candidate and the rumored real father.

And she is rating as a front-runner in presidential voter-preference polls mainly because of this.

This is not a conjecture but based on Mr. Pedro Laylo, Jr.’s recent survey reported in the Manila Standard last week, which I explained in my column last Monday. In that survey, 45 percent of the 29 percent who said they would vote for Llamanzares gave as reasons for their choice the belief that Llamanzares would continue the noble aim of “her father;” that she is kind like “her father;” that she would fulfill the promises of “her father.” “Father” here obviously didn’t really refer to FPJ as a person, but the masses’ mix-up of him with the fictional Panday and other working-class heroes he portrayed in movies for decades.

If a DNA test points to Marcos as her likely father, imagine the blaring headlines: “Marcos, Grace’s father – DNA test.” Do you think the 45 percent who preferred her on the basis of her promises to emulate the good works of her father, FPJ (or Panday), would still choose her?

I don’t think so, and Llamanzares and her strategists obviously don’t think so.

So it is much, much safer for her not to take the DNA test. If Marcos turned out to be her real father, only 16 percent would pick her as their candidate for the presidency, using Laylo’s figures, putting her behind Jejomar Binay with 23 percent, Manuel Roxas 2nd, 22 percent; and even Rodrigo Duterte, 19 percent. (The other reasons Laylo’s respondents reported show how Filipinos are so delusional. They gave reasons such as that she gives “housing to the poor,” scholarships, help to calamity victims and financial help to those in need. But she hasn’t done any of this.)

There are other disastrous consequences for Llamanzares if a DNA test proves Marcos is her father, which obviously convinced her not to take this risk:

Her melodramatic narrative — that she is a foundling abandoned at the steps of a Church (as is the script in so many soap-opera type of Filipino movies) and kept first by poor people to end up with the Poe couple – collapses. She would be instead the daughter of the most powerful man in the country who was playing around, who made arrangements for her to be adopted by her mother’s sister. Hers would not be a story of a poor foundling, but just another instance of the elite’s secret love lives and how they could easily hide their indiscretions, even tampering with birth records. Would she be as attractive to those deluded Filipinos?

Voters would conclude that her adoptive mother – and even Llamanzares herself – had been lying, as Susan Roces would have known the truth, yet has insisted that Grace’s parents were unknown. Voters would even conclude that Grace and her mother were merely taking them for a ride.

Yet even Marcos’ “Solid North” wouldn’t back her candidacy as she had, in effect, denied him whom she would have known as her biological father.

The Marcoses and the Poes at the latter’s wedding reception in 1968.

The Marcoses and the Poes at the latter’s wedding reception in 1968.

Marcos was also known to be close to the Poes, and he and Imelda were even the couple’s principal sponsors at their wedding on Dec. 25, 1968, four months after Grace was born on September 3, 1968. Poe actively campaigned for Marcos in the hotly contested presidential elections of 1969, the only time he got involved in politics until he himself ran for president in 2004.

According to a member of the Marcos’ Cabinet at that time, Rosemarie Sonora was persuaded to hide her lovechild with the President, as its public disclosure would have been so scandalous, with Imelda even raising hell and probably leaving him. In such a situation, Marcos would have lost to rival Sergio Osmena in the November 1969 presidential elections, which allowed him a second term. (And I might add, paved the way for the imposition of martial law in 1972. One gets goose bumps at the thought that a personal decision could have changed the course of Philippine history.)

I’m afraid the sweet-looking lady may be taking us for a ride. She compared her DNA with two persons (with negative results) whom she didn’t identify in November and then with another woman last month – persons who had never before claimed to be her relative.

Yet she refuses to compare her DNA with Marcos, Jr., whose father many of the small Philippine elite, and several of Marcos’ close Cabinet secretaries, believe is her father. What is she doing?

She is both playing the soap opera drama of a poor foundling looking for her true parents, and insulating herself from the very valid criticism why she hadn’t bothered to look for them all these years.

There is somebody who could put to rest in one press statement all the talk that Marcos was her father: the alleged mother Rosemarie Sonora. She lives in the US, but hasn’t said a word, and we’re sure she has heard this controversy raging.

Her silence only bolsters the rumor that she is Grace’s mother. There is a very powerful Filipino belief that a mother can’t ever deny her daughter, or she will go to the deepest recesses of hell.

But if she weren’t, wouldn’t she be shouting out to the world an angry denial that she was Marcos’ mistress? Wouldn’t she be denouncing such malicious rumors that she carried his child and abandoned her because of fear of the risk of incurring Imelda’s wrath?

Less than three months to election, Llamanzares, if she respects the nation she wants to be President of, should take that DNA test with Marcos Jr.



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  1. The resemblance to Marcos cannot be denied..she really looks the daughter of rosemary and Ferdie..
    But can you expect to vote wisely?????

  2. john c. jacinto on

    marcos sr was a fucking liar and a fucking dictator. she fucked rosemarie and we now have this fucking liar in poe-llamanzares.

  3. Ricardo Domingo jr on

    the worst possible outcome of the upcoming elections is Grace Poe and Bongbong Marcos winning as President and VP…30 yrs after EDSA I, the Marcoses return to power….

  4. Sen Juan Ponce Enrile who was the Nat’l Defence Secretary was once a close ally of the late President Marcos during the martial law years. He might have some knowledge regarding the matter. Yet when he speaks up people will think its a Politcal maneuvering. Best would be Rosemary Sonora who should speak up to rest tbe issue.

  5. True. That chismis was 40 years ago and during those times, sensitive ang movie industry sa mga scandals kya pag me lumabas na chismis, it’s 90% true

  6. she knew it a long, long time ago……why not take the DNA? for sure she will not win the election, as simple as that.

  7. I just read that Bongbong Marcos has definitively stated that he won’t take a DNA test to determine whether she and G. Poe have the same father. Sheryl Cruz has previously refused to undertake such a test as it would bring dishonor or a scandal to her mother. So the issue is really not just up to G. Poe Llamanzares. Even if she wants to take the test after the election, the other parties will, most likely, say “no” for reasons of their own.

  8. Tangin si Rosemarie Sayonara ang siyang nakaka-alam nitong bagay nato. Dapat pinag-masarap ninyo si Grace dapat mag-salita na si Rosemarie kung tutoo pinagmasarapan ninyo si Grace ni makoy. Sa tutoo lang tayo….

  9. Does it matter if Poe is the daughter of President Marcos, or whether Poe is a citizen,.
    the cloud of doubt is always there….but the real doubt now can Poe govern if she wins
    after the May 2016 elections…the nation cannot rely on her executive experience because she has none but hopeful if she willl have good judgement to turn things. around for a country, beset with corruption and poverty…unless the Supreme Court put an end to all these doubt the story line is like a movie that has no ending..

  10. she won’t because the truth they knew already is more complicated than the cases she is facing in court. in court, at least, she chose to shield herself up with legal means. with enough money in hand she could buy time until another question arises. nevertheless, the ball is in the hand of pinoy voters. our tendency to vote for wrong reason/s will work so well for her. our constitution, anyway, has been screwed up many times, big-time…nothing new!

  11. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    15 Feb . 2016

    Former diplomat and now Manila Times columnist ROBERTO D. TIGLAO has convincingly found the reason why presidential candidate GRACE POE LLAMANZARES has said that she will agree to a comparison test with BONGBONG MARCOS “only after the elections.”

    There must be more than a 99% chance that the comparison test would result in a posItive DNA match, which will then prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is, indeed, the daughter of the late dictator FERDINAND E. MARCOS!

    Come to think about it, the COMELEC disqualified her on two constitutional grounds: 1] that she is not a natural-born Filipino citizen ; and 2] that she is not in compliance with the 10-year residency requirements.

    If she agrees to a DNA comparison test with Bongbong Marcos NOW, and the test will prove positive [meaning they both have the same DNA], that will be CONCLUSIVE PROOF that she is indeed a natural-born Filipino citizen, her father being FERDINAND E. MARCOS. Then, she wins her appeal before the Supreme Court because more likely than not she can prove that she is in compliance with the 10-year residency test.


  12. Ang aligasyon, si Grace Poe ay ipinanganak sa Iloilo, Sya daw ay inabandona sa isang Katolikong simbahan. Mayroon daw naka pulot sa kanyan na ngayon ay naninirahan na sa Canada. Matagal nang nakatira sa Canada, Sa makatuwid ang nakapulot sa kanya ay isang mayaman o maganda ang kabuhayan noon pa. Ang tanong, bakit sya ibinigay kina FPJ at bakit sya napunta doon? Close family ba ang mga Poe sa mga taong naka pulot sa kanya mula Iloilo? Palaisipan di ba!

  13. Hindi si Macoy ang father ni POEnyeta. Baka si FPJ ang father at si Imeldific ang mother. Ano sa palagay ninyo? laking isyu nito. Narinig ko sa interview kay Grace kung payag siyang pa DNA ni Bongbong sabi niya after May 2016 na lang daw. Di may itinatago. Headline: Grace Poe is a daughter of Imelda thru FPJ.

  14. Wow just look at you filipinos, it seems tittle tattle is more important to you than anything. Knowing Graces parents seems more important than the Binays corruption. One of you says picture recognition is almost 70% accurate, so if thats the case then just accept she is of filipino parentage & so is a natural born citizen.

  15. Daniel B. Laurente on

    The story of GPL will become in years to come that will haunt the Filipinos mind just like the “Asyang Folklore of Antinquenos”.

  16. Well, the would be good for her. she will have the talent of Ferdinand Marcos less the corruption..what more can we want?

  17. So might the reason why Sherryl Cruz against the running of Grace Poe.. and her mother Rosemariie will put into scandal.

    • Pnoy will be condemned by his parents if he insist in supporting the Marcos’ daughter for the presidency

  18. Why not compare DNA also with Sherryl Cruz or Wowie . It would suffice who her real mother is. Then the mother would tell who the father was.
    It’s really coincidental for FPJ and Susan to adopt Grace without any knowledge of her background considering Grace was found in Susan’s hometown. Susan also knows who the parent of Grace. It’s impossible for her not to know that. She was just tightlipped.
    When i was a grade school student at that time, i remember reading a tabloid about Rosemarie missing for a week. Abducted by you-know-who at that time. Marcos Sr has a great crush on Rosemarie. Rosemarie is cuter than Susan if you happened to see old movies of Rosemarie.

    • A logical suggestion. That settles everything about Grace. Let’s put the pressure on her and Sheryl.

    • raul b. loreto on

      galit si susan ng sabihin ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw, sana magsalita siya ngayon

  19. If indeed grace poe is related to rosemarie, why not ask sheryll cruz to provide sample dna to compare with that of grace poe. I think sheryll will agree because she is, from what i read, disagreed to grace poe’s ambition to run for president

    • Sheryl Cruz vehemently denies that Grace is supposedly Rosemarie’s daughter because as Sheryl Cruz, yung tsismis na yan parang pinalalabas na naging unfaithful ang mommy nya. I saw that interview with Sheryl.

  20. There could only be one reason she doesn’t want a DNA test: it will show that Bongbong is her father and her real mother is Etang Dichter.

  21. @ RT

    An important point to ponder.

    The son of Ninoy Aquino, BOY SISI conspiring with the illegitimate child of APO Ferdinand Marcos – Grace Poe, to install her and succeed BOY SISI as the next president of this Banana Republic.

  22. The popularity of both Rosemarie Sonora and Ricky Belmonte were spiraling when they moved to and lived together in San Francisco, CA, as a “couple.” Would any actress or actor who is much gaining popularity and about to reach the pinnacle of their career all of a sudden leave their craft and live abroad? If they were really so much in love with each other, they would have been even more popular as a “love team” and continued making films in the Philippines. The problem is that there was a huge risk that the real father’s identity would been divulged and become a much bigger issue than just a gossip; and the wife of the real father would create huge trouble. The “wife” must have been the one who wanted them abroad and made arrangements. By the way, Ricky and Rosemarie were not at all lovers, as Ricky was totally uninterested in ladies; he was gay. The Cruz clan normally had huge Valentine’s Day party in the compound in Tondo, but for the very first time Ricky did was no longer around to join the party, as there was a mission so urgent that he cannot postpone his (and Rosemarie’s) trip to the USA. There are gossips that the three kids that Rosemarie gave birth to are not Ricky’s, and that Rick frequented the gay hang-outs in Haight in San Francisco, CA. By the way, what surname do Rosemarie’s three kids use?

  23. Something is terrible wrong! not only on the camp of Ms. Poe but the entire Filipino citizens. Why? as one reader says, “we are taken for a ride” although one reader says “all is fair” Ms. Poe if her intentions, purpose and goals is as pure as her public persona is than I don’t care if she is a foundling or an ampon. Imagine her being president, her mind can be easily be manipulated for a “cause” good or bad. I have nothing personal against her, but she is already showing how her administration would be–in fairness, no current candidates carries “no baggage”, they all have. All sectors of Philippine society doesn’t “come of age yet. we are not politically matured, we still in the 60s, 70s mindset, not only in politics but in majority of issues. We are “trouble souls” with dysfunctional mindset. And if the “leadership” the stewards of this nation cannot show maturity, professionalism, and integrity–what would you expect from the citizenry–and the upcoming leaders or young generations of Filipinos. In fact, it is already showing on the youths. It is “vicious cycle”

  24. Why is she very much afraid of having a DNA test with Sen. Bongbong or any of his siblings. She and her lawyers have moved the sacredness of the constitution just to support their claim that she is a natural born filipino citizen. She had conducted several DNA testing with different unknown persons. Why neglect to having test here DNA with the Marcoses. If indeed her plight is for the “justice and right of all foundlings” then there is no valid reason why she should not do this DNA testing with the Marcoses. If in truth that she is really a daughter of FM then by all means she is a natural born citizen and would in effect will have the ire of abnoy. He will be hated by Abnoy but will be loved and saved by many. Grace be strong enough to do this. Do the DNA GRACIOUSLY. Be known as the person who fight for the rights of the fundlings by making ko excuses to benefit your own self.

  25. If she is sure winner on 2016 election, that is the appropriate time for DNA, because they will surely oppose her to hold the position for the issue so in order not to proceed with her case, the only way is the DNA test to prove the natural born citizen and by that time, the completion of ten-year residency to restore the citizenship of Filipino is absolutely on June 2016. That is the FINAL answer why DNA was not done :-) Tama iyan ..

  26. Every time election comes for always there’s a lot of dirt diggings around and if nothing can be found they invent and fabricate. Indeed sure’s lot of fun in Pinas

  27. Mr. Tiglao, if what you have written is true, that the Cabinet members of Pres. Marcos knew the Ferdinand Marcos-Rosemarie Sonora affair and that Pres. Marcos was able to persuade Rosemarie Sonora to hide her lovechild with Pres. Marcos, why don’t you ask your two friends editor, former Press Sec. Francisco Tatad who filed a DQ case against Sen. Grace Poe in the Supreme Court and then Sec. Ernesto Maceda whom rumors gave Pres. Ferdinand Marcos movie starlets like Dobie Beam and the reason, at the Instant of Imelda, was removed from the cabinet.
    This will solve once and for all the problem of Sen. Grace Poe to know her parents and that her being a Natural Born Pilipino Citizen.

    • Ni hindi nga pinag tapat sa bayan ang mga psychological problems ni benigno na alam naman nya dahil pinagtapat sa kanya ng ama, yan pa kaya ang aaminin ni Ernie? Kun nagtapat sana si Ernie sa bayan, di sana sinapit ng Pilipinas ang mga ganitong kagaguhan nguni’t dahil sarili lang ang iniisip, kagaya ng pagkansela ng lahat ng logging concession nun pag upo ni quo rhee, di mo maasahan na aminin yan ni Ernie. Pag inamin kasi, lalabas na sya ang pinakamagalinig na bugaw, hehehehe.

  28. Bert O. Romero on

    Another speculative explanation: Grace , as a matter of timing, wants to continue playing the role of a ” foundling” while the Supreme Court has not yet made a final decision on her disqualification cases and while said cases continue to hug the media’s front lines and thereby giving her free ride on name recognition and retention. Kumikita pa sa takilya ang ” foundling” narrative. According to Matalin and Carville in their book, ” All’s Fair”, in any close presidential election, exploitation of family ties is fair game. If and when the SC , as it must, finally finds the legal, constitutional and moral courage to disqualify Grace, then and only then – and definitely before the 9 May 2016 elections – will Grace subject herself to DNA tests involving the Marcoses. In short, the entire campaign period for the 2016 presidential elections has been defined and will continue to be defined by Grace. The messages of corruption to define Binay, incompetence and more of the same for Mar, Dirty Harry for Duterte, and deteriorating health issue for Defensor Santiago all pale in comparison to the continuing saga that is Grace.
    Pity the Philippines and her young generation.

  29. old people in iloilo told me that GP was found in jaro church with a luggage of clothes. and how is it that the family who found her was close to the poes? it was all a script.

  30. That is why she will never be the president…if she continue this lies…everything is lies!

  31. Use facial comparison software to identify kinship – currently around 70% accuracy, but improving all the time, so someday her refusal to take a dna test with marcos will not matter. The truth will out.
    Am sure the americans/cia already know the answer, and will use that information to their advantage when necessary.

  32. manasseh Sarsoza on

    Let’s not play tricks here! You can’t stop people from choosing whom to pick-up for their president based upon honesty, reputation & sincerity of their candidates. I agree that when determining the DNA of Poe is a question? Then, Dave Diwa’s observation: (both have medical records, is it not possible to trace DNA samples and compare them and spare us all the trouble of gossips, intrigue and waiting?) is the easy answer…

    • Medical records cannot be released to anybody without the consent/authorization of the concerned individuals. It is against the law.

  33. If the test results will shoe that Her Honor Senator Llamanzares is of a different father with His Honor Senator Marcos, it will be a political disaster for the other candidates as more voters will surely support the lady senator.

    I can still remember the legal maxim that brought former President Estrada out of Malacanan Palace and it is applicable to the lady senator: the testimony of a suppressed evidence us irrefutable.

  34. If the half sibling in this election won then fmarcos sr will be vindicated after 30 yrs being ousted from power his offspring rules again. Only in the philippines!

  35. Hi Sir, thank you for sharing this. Cuz I’ve been very curious about it since my folks in my hometown told me this last Christmas. It was been a huge ‘bulong-bulungan’ in both showbiz and politics alike during those times.
    Now looking at the pics of late Macoy, Grace and Bongbong – I can see the resemblance – quite obvious tho. :)

  36. DNA samples,for the purpose of, is identical to fingerprinting. If they would require fingerprints for voter registration or aliens for ACR cards then why would a presidential candidate hold a special privacy of a DNA identity?

    She has had 3 tests already. Match it up with Marcos Jr.

    If Poe cares about “foundlings” so much she should be thrilled on the idea of a national DNA database….

  37. Jose A. Oliveros on

    A news report on the longest on-going oral arguments before the Supreme Court on the Grace Poe-Llamanzares’ disqualification cases stated that Justice Peralta – an Ilocano – told Poe-Llamanzares’ lawyer to secure a DNA sample for comparison with hers from Ilocos. Naughty Justice but maybe he knows something about her biological father.

  38. If the shoe fits…

    Imelda Marcos’ penchant for expensive shoes clearly runs in the family, as Brian Poe commits political foot in mouth…
    He should have stuck to his day job as trainee reporter at ABS-CBN, rather than becoming mommy’s campaign helper, or wannabe Nike endorser.
    The Poe Principle – get jobs which you are incapable of doing through cronyism, nepotism, or patronism.

  39. Are you not watching CI TV? All it take is a butt of cigarette to identify a murderer,a single pubic hair to trace a rapist. DNA testing can even differentiate the cavemen of Europe, neanderthals and cro magnon by their bones.With Grace Poe’s well known enemies unlimited resources at their disposal, they can easily bribe a waiter to get a napkin used by Grace Poe while eating in a restaurant and get a strand of Bonbongs hair and voila you established if they are siblings by comparing their DNA samples therefore shattering Poe’s presidential ambition.I do not believe Bobby’ s rhetoric, todays modern DNA technology can easily establish by malicious people specially those who are moving heaven and earth to stop Grace Poe, if she is sired by Marcos.

    • I agree. It is just that our reporters in the Philippines probably do not have the knowledge to proceed with such methods. Or maybe they just don’t have the authority to do so. Or maybe they are not devious enough like reporters of the National Inquirer in the USA.

  40. Ms. R. Sonora’s deafening silence in this controversy is like holding whirling air on her tummy wanting to free through her tight behind. It must be released before it gets too foul or caused her wrighting stomach pain.

    • Maybe Rosemarie is keeping quiet because she wants to maintain her peace and privacy. Suppose she comes out to deny the rumor, do you think the “tsismis” will stop? Saying something could lead to more questions, and more questions, and more questions…….

  41. Rosemarie could not be the mother of Grace, a movie columnist recently wrote. She said that Rosemarie was very much active in showbiz and had several films shown, during the time she was supposed to be pregnant.

    • I saw Grace when she was in elementary,she was so mestiza with light brown curly hair. The Sonoras are more Chinese than Spanish. And usually illegitimate children look more like their father than the legitimate ones. I believe one of parents was causcasian.

  42. Even if she will finally allow a DNA comparison after the elections, that is if, blah, blah, blah, and proves she really is a love-child of Macoy, it will not escape the fact that she is a liar and opportunist and she will leave her credibility down the drain. Shell henceforth bid goodbye of the respect of the Filipino people. She wlll be the first lame-duck president in the 1st year of her supposed tenure. No person in the country will believe anything he will say and do.

  43. both have medical records, is it not possible to trace DNA samples and compare them and spare us all the trouble of gossips, intrigue and waiting?

  44. The rumor has been there for more than 48 yrs. To kill the rumor a DNA test should have been conducted since then to put to rest the rumor. The truth will set her free

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      Since Rosemarie is still alive, the best thing to do is to ask her if she is the mother of disgraced GRACE. If she denies, that is her lookout in the life ever after. If she confirms, then the whole mystery is solved without so much gossip, intrigues, lying, and insults. What is happening now is that a very few, the manipulators of disgraced GRACE, she herself, and those who would benefit from this kind of intrigue continues to do so because of personal ambition and greed. God save the Philippines. God bless the Philippines.

    • But Marcos-Llamanzares cannot handle the truth. She is truly a fraud and a liar, the daughter of the disgraced dictator. Disrespectful of the Filipino people. Is the nation ready for another Marcos? Tell me.