Why I am not giving up on Jojo Binay


Grace Liamanzares has conceded the Duterte win. Mar Roxas, at this writing, is scheduled to face the nation, expectedly to do the same. Nothing much is said about Miriam Defensor Santiago. From UNA’s end comes what can amount to an announcement of a graceful way out: wait for official results.

“Pag nanalo ako, bili kita ng gift,” I had promised my apo.

She giggles, “He he he. Kung magsalita ka, Lo, para kang si Binay.”

I am not giving up on Jojo.

Of the many reasons why, the really obvious one is that my faith in Jojo hasn’t wavered at any point in the campaign, nor had it in the period of his terrible damning in the media even before that. I had known Jojo from as far back as our camaraderie in the anti-dictatorship struggle against Ferdinand E. Marcos in 1972 and in the years thereafter. A staunch advocate of human rights, champion of the working class and a fearless defender of the oppressed and exploited, he stands as the best equipped to put in place a truly pro-people government, one which addresses in a comprehensive, lasting manner the multifarious social, political, and economic concerns of the people. He recognizes, for instance, that such problems as criminality and corruption in government are rooted in one single social ill which is poverty. Cure poverty and you do away with criminals and corrupt government officials.

Now, television coverage of the election just passed sees Jojo ranking below Duterte, Grace Liamanzares, Mar Roxas, in that order, being on top only of Miriam Defensor Santiago.

I say, what a truly sorry development for one who until February was still topping his opponents in pre-poll surveys. In literature, it’s bad plot to have one dropping from success to failure. This is what appears to be depicted now in Jojo.

I just can’t take that. Once in the past, I titled one article of mine in this paper this way: “Hitting Binay is a beating I can’t take without a couterpunch.” I wrote the article as a retort to a slamming Jojo got from someone who happened to have in Roxas my kind of faith in Jojo. This time around, I’d say “Putting Binay down in the count is a cheat I can’t take without raising hell.”

As one televiewer commented on Jojo’s hitting 4th as shown on the screen, “Something must be wrong here.”

To me it’s not just something. It’s a terrible one, too.

What was taking place was an exact – repeat and in all caps, EXACT – replication in actual vote count of the results of pre-poll surveys in the period from April to first week of May, to wit: Duterte, 35%; Liamanzares, 26%; Roxas, 20%; and Jojo, 14%, with Santiago in 5th at 5%. The partial unofficial tally shown on television screens as of 8:00 Monday evening was Duterte, 11 million; Liamanzares, 6 million; Roxas, 5 million; Jojo, 4 million; Santiago, 1 million.

With the registered voters who cast their votes at 54 million and the turnout at 75%, those who actually voted should number 40 million. Now, at 8:00 Monday evening when allegedly, as claimed by the telecast vote count on ABS-CBN, 60% of votes cast in the election have been accounted for, meaning 32 million, Duterte was scoring 11 million. And how much per cent of 32 million is 11 million? 35%!



Exactly how the surveys between April and May 9 have scored for Duterte. As though election were one simple exercise of computer programming, which, indeed, now it was turning out to be so.


Philippine election has gone to the dogs.

You do your own computation and see how the telecast vote counts for Liamanzares, Roxas and Santiago perfectly conform as well to some pre-conceived formula of depicting the Davao City Butcher as winner of Presidential Election 2016.


And now the ultimate revelation. By 8:00 Monday evening, Jojo was being assigned the count of 4 million – at an hour when 60% of votes cast, or 32 million, have been accounted for. How much in percentage of 32 million is 4 million? 14%!

Dammit! Putangina!

14% is exactly what the surveys between April and May 9 were assigning to Vice President Jejomar C. Binay!

14% in the surveys, 14% in the votes. It’s not just probability, as all surveys are. It’s probability matching reality to a T. In criminology, this would be very highly suspect. Criminals are also human and it’s understandable that they commit mistakes. The absence of the factor of mistake in the actuations of a crime suspect betrays meticulous planning of the crime, which ultimately indicates his guilt.

Jojo could not have been but done in from the very start. A powerful entity has been in command of the whole process. It is probably to his utter regret now that he realizes his purity of intention to bring good governance to the people is powerless against the ogre manipulating results in the labyrinth of the Philippine electoral process.

Jojo was never up against Duterte. He was pitted against a machination that gained control over the Comelec, its top operators and the technology of its electoral equipment; control over the trimedia and thousands of trolls in the social media; control over survey entities and over people’s psyche by which thereby to perfectly match abstract survey results with concrete warm bodies.

According to a friend political analyst, no local entity is capable of wielding such enormous power over Philippine elections. It involves logistics which only the CIA is capable of having.

Poor Jojo. Does he realize he had been thrown back to those days when together we were shouting: “Down with US imperialism!” Calls like that, you don’t do with elections. You do with revolution.


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  1. hey samonte, you better stop hallucinating. have you been paid by binay or may utang ka sa kanya. kung magsulat ka para kang hilo and out of your mind. your writings are nothing but a lot of nonsense. move on and try to write a better column.

  2. fron day 1 as vice president, JEDEMON DINAY campaiged for the presesidency , he was almost there, but thanks to sen trillanes the corruption of his family was exposed….this writer us very fanatic of JEDEMON…he clained he earned money becausevhe is a lawyer…how will you earn money as a volunteer lawyer….
    …SOON this writer will escort HIS idol in the NBP….

  3. Daniel B. Laurente on

    You uses the word ‘Putangina ” because you are upset that the result did not come near your expectations. Putangina as you repeated it once more may nauna pang dammit! but you castigated Duturte when he uses this very word during campaign period when he was saying to everyone that because of anger he utter the word. Hypocrisy sometime besets us unknowing but to others you dislike it. Anyway it is your right to express your anger and disappointment. I know Jojo Binay is good man aside from from being decent personality and have much also show of result of governance in Makati and other Government institutions he handled. He was only put down by group people who thinks it is decent for them to tell a lie and poisoned the minds of the el;ectorate that Digong was also subjected to as you are one of them. But good thing he did was ” he fights back ” unlike Jojo Binay he just let it passed. His decency took a toll on him that morons percieved it as true. Jojo Binay always abide by the law. Myself does not believed they are involved in that Makati Buildings Bruhaha. Government Works and Building Department has it own Standard Costing of Materials. Binays has nothing to do with pricing and bill of materials are done by Engineers not by lawyers. But because he was the mayor at that time and has control over everything that goes in and out of the Governance of the City, the opposition fingers pointed at him, accused him as the Godfather of Anomaly. If it was really anomaly.

  4. Federico Lojo on

    The truth is the people who vote do not count it is the people who count the vote.

  5. jack reacher on

    Hindi na mababago yan .. Duterte is the overwhelming winner and Robredo MAY be the VP ..

    . hmmm .. even in anyone’s market research .. it will be very difficult to be that EXACT. Achieving exactly the outcome of 43 mil ( 81% + of 54 mil) based on a sampling of less than 2000 lots. This is like Brand x coming in targeting this segment of the market and gaining this market share from the existing brands — EXACTO ha !

    The ranking YES cge malamang .. pero the % outcome which shows almost IDENTICAL to the survey — to good to be true.

    Ung sa Senatorial line up ba — PAREHO rin .. parang HINDI right .. I stand corrected kung exacto rin.

  6. Are you on Blinders? The midday sun is scorching us with blinding light and heat – It could actually burn me to a grilled nognog, but, but – – – never the mind, it is okay.

  7. I was once a Binay fan. However, when the campaign started, I noticed that he wasn’t really sincere in his campaign. To me, it looked like he was just going through the motions. His facial expression said so, his actions said so, and his speeches said so. Also, his promises were very unrealistic and unattainable: 2 million jobs a year, free manicure and so forth. They were so far from reality. He just wanted to be President to meet his personal goal. Then came the accusations. He never addressed them; he just danced around them. At the end of the day, in my opinion, he is a self-serving, power-hungry, and corrupt politician. I’m glad he didn’t win because I want him to face the charges, which he managed to evade for the last 2 years. So, Binay, show what you got after June 30 when your term ends. Face the court and explain, and by the way, bring your son and your wife.

  8. Amnata Pundit on

    Kung puede lang nilang ikulelat sila Duterte at Bongbong sa survey ginawa na nila, but I strongly believe they couldn’t because the numbers of Duterte and Bongbong were at least double what the survey firms were showing, kaya hindi nila mailagay sa huli ng survey. Google ng 7-11 survey. It may have been “unscientific” but 7-11 most certainly has no political agenda unlike the “scientific” survey outfits. Duterte was in the 50-60% while Grace was in the 10-12% only, while your Binay and Roxas were in the 5% range. So yes, I believe they are indeed massaging the results to mirror the surveys exactly, and they allowed Duterte to win because given his massive lead they were afraid of the backlash.

  9. The voice of the people Social Media is reality…Facebook…..I can see your face and even face to face chat………..To talk someone fresh face to face is much,much better than writing,than TV and adverts…Social Media is free and open to all and most of no bias because it the voice of common people and the nation itself…

  10. way easier to just give up on this one… he isn’t going to be winning any time soon

  11. at the rate this writer dishes out PUTANGINAS, he obviously has or had one. manila times is good at censoring comments not their manure mouthed writers.

  12. “Cure poverty and you do away with criminals and corrupt government officials”

  13. Marvin Santiago on

    That is what you call statistics (sampling, margin of error, extrapolation). Surveys right before the election would more or less mirror the actual results assuming that they are strictly using accurate statistical methods. And don’t compare whole number percentages and declare that they are EXACT. Especially for a population of millions, a 0.1% difference is large. Suggesting that there is something wrong with the results of the elections just because surveys before that and the actual results are similar is simply WRONG. You may also want to revisit the survey and actual results of past elections and/or of other democratic countries.

    • Pablo D. Lobaton on

      Mr. Samonte, I could sense why you’re not giving up on VP Binay. You are still nurturing your dream to be a member of Binay’s cabinet. Better move on and not cry on spilled milk.

  14. This article would have been more believable if you based your calculations on the final official vote count, and not on partial tally only.

  15. With the election over I hope corrupt government officials will be prosecuted and put to jail..Airport corrupt emlpoyees at the airport will be dismissed. Their pending cases were dismissed through palakasan system.

  16. Just swallow the bitter pill, that your hero lost. That in this election it is almost impossible to cheat. I think you are one of the internet trolls, because you did not provide the technical details on how the automation can be rigid. In this automated election, digital signature is used, here is the short description of the reliability of digital signatures:

    A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for demonstrating the authenticity of a digital message or documents. A valid digital signature gives a recipient reason to believe that the message was created by a known sender, that the sender cannot deny having sent the message (authentication and non-repudiation), and that the message was not altered in transit (integrity).

    And the “Non-repudiation” effect of a digital signature.

    Non-repudiation, or more specifically non-repudiation of origin, is an important aspect of digital signatures. By this property, an entity that has signed some information cannot at a later time deny having signed it. Similarly, access to the public key only does not enable a fraudulent party to fake a valid signature.

    This if implemented correctly in a system, hacking the system takes decades or centuries to do and needs a resources that only a state can do. Remember, it takes decades, not merely weeks to defeat a properly implemented secure system. Even if the US will rig the results using hacking methods, it is not worth the effort since it will take them decades to do that. US and other western nations has also been using the same technology to guard themselves from frauds.

    So you say:
    “It is probably to his utter regret now that he realizes his purity of intention to bring good governance to the people is powerless against the ogre manipulating results in the labyrinth of the Philippine electoral process.”

    If true, it would have been Poe or Roxas who should win, not Duterte!

    According to the wiki an internet troll is:

    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.

    Fits exactly the nature of your article.

    • D'Guilderman on

      You gave a complete & thorough reply to mauro gia samonte’s article mr aer. It only shows how misinformed & biased mauro is. He should be pleased that his garbage article has even been dignified by your level-headed discussion. People like him should have hidden their ignorance & illogical thinking by not writing such stupid articles. You better shut up mauro & concentrate on massaging the misplaced ego of ur dear friend jojo binay. Pweehh.

    • plainman simply on

      Dear aer (Sir or Ma’am?)
      Out of so much internet forum content out here;

      Your share here, simply stands out, impress, and elicited my highest respect , for your quiet wisdom and objectivity.

      Though my curiosity to your academic background still exists, I am content to send my high regards as an unexpected “stranger-to-stranger” admirations from afar.

  17. barks barks on

    hes gone never to return the people have spoken, you are completly wrong corruption makes poverty, every country with severe poverty has mass corruption,

  18. So is the game that is being played now in the contest for the Vice Presidency. The manipulators are slowly upping the count for Ms. Leni as if there was really counting going on.

  19. Nice try. You have much more lively imagination than most people in our beloved land.

  20. Sorry punggok at natalo ang PUTANG INA mong manok.
    Ang magnanakaw ay lagging mahuhuli.
    Isang bala ka Lang.

  21. Blame your boss Binay for enriching himself illegally through the too much corruption. An hacienda in Batangas, mansions of his children with elevators, billions of pesos in his banks through his dummies, the disappearance of Limlingan and Barloloy. Note that that the whole Philippines knows the corruption of the Binay family

  22. It’s time to accept the truth and move on. Duterte has won resoundingly despite media bias and all the garbage thrown at him.