• Why is Aquino so afraid of Marcos?


    Aquino’s afflictions
    Undying hatred of the “Marcos past,” unreasoning fear of a “Marcos-friendly future,” and total rejection of any suggestion from any source that Filipinos had begun to rethink the real value of Martial Law and Ferdinand Marcos’ real standing among Philippine Presidents are among the saddest afflictions of President B. S. Aquino 3rd.

    These were aggressively on display on the 30th anniversary of the February 25, 1986 EDSA ‘revolt,’ when Aquino relaunched his late parents’ lifelong campaign against the late President Marcos. Completely anathema to Aquino was The New York Times’ observation that Filipinos had become nostalgic about the “golden age” of Marcos, when the Philippines and their President were highly respected everywhere. Aquino frothed in the mouth upon reading this.

    Ninoy’s politics
    Since the late ‘60s, the discrediting and destruction of Marcos had been the main object of the late former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.’s politics. As senator, his uninterrupted polemics was against Marcos. He authored only one law—the Study Now, Pay Later law, which the late former Senator Raul Roco, during his own campaign, claimed to have drafted as Ninoy’s chief of staff—but he delivered endless anti-Marcos speeches.

    In one such speech he blew the cover behind Marcos’ national security project for Sabah, the Philippine territory, which had been incorporated into Malaysia against our formal protest. This ironically made Ninoy a “hero” and Marcos a “knave” especially to the Malaysians, the British and so many naive and unthinking Filipinos, who had no appreciation of the paramount national interest involved. To this day we suffer the consequences of that highly irresponsible and “treasonous” act.

    Aquino went beyond mere speeches.

    Communist broker
    In 1969, he brokered the meeting between Amado Guerrero (aka Jose Maria Sison), leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), and Bernabe Buscayno, aka Commander Dante of the New People’s Army (NPA), which forged the ties that launched the Communist rebellion against the government. When the Communists came knocking at the gates of Malacañang, Marcos decided to fight back by declaring Martial Law in 1972. The oligarchy, which counted on the Aquinos, condemned Marcos for proclaiming martial law, but not the Communists who had threatened to overthrow the government and provoked a constitutional response from Marcos. This continues to this day.

    Plaza Miranda bombing
    In 1971, Aquino accused Marcos of having ordered the bombing of the Liberal Party political rally at Plaza Miranda, where all the top party leaders were on stage except for himself, the party secretary-general, who was mysteriously out of reach during the attack. He surfaced later, dressed in a military uniform, apparently ready to oust Marcos and take over, if any of the LP leaders had been killed. The toll was high, but none among his top colleagues were killed.

    Years later, the Communists confessed to the crime, but former Senate President Jovito Salonga, one of the most seriously injured bombing victims, said, “Ninoy had something to do with it.” But Aquino never apologized, nor was condemned for it. As Marcos’ most important martial law prisoner, he was sentenced to death by a military tribunal, but allowed to leave for the US for a heart surgery. He returned three years later only to be gunned down at the international airport that now bears his name.

    Marcos warning
    Marcos, through his Defense Secretary, Juan Ponce Enrile, had tried to dissuade him from coming home, citing a reported security threat, which the government was apparently still trying to ascertain. This went unheeded, and he returned. The rest is history. Marcos was blamed instantly for the murder, and members of the aviation security command were accused and convicted of the crime. But the grieving widow, who became revolutionary president after ousting Marcos, never bothered to find out the real brains behind it. Neither did her son PNoy, who became President in 2010. Mother and son simply encouraged the public to believe, without any basis, that Marcos was responsible.

    Cory’s politics
    Cory spent her six and a half years in office trying to wipe out anything and everything that bore Marcos’ mark. She discarded the government’s full-scale industrialization program; scrapped the Department of Energy, the all-but completed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and the entire national energy program; exempted her own family-held Hacienda Luisita from land reform; left all of Imelda Marcos’ cultural projects to the elements; expunged “Isang Bansa, Isang Diwa” from the national consciousness; handpicked 50 individuals to write a new Constitution because she could not trust the Filipinos to elect those who should do it; barred the Marcoses from returning to the country to answer charges against them, but instead asked the US to prosecute them for some of these crimes; spent over a trillion pesos in six and a half years to build a few flyovers in Metro Manila, as against the P600 billion or so Marcos had spent to build all the infrastructure in the country in 20 years; barred Marcos from being buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani where even dogs and scoundrels lie.

    PNoy does one better
    Now PNoy has done his deceased parents one better, by savaging not only Marcos pere but also Marcos fils. He has warned the nation against the “dangers” of making Sen. Ferdinand (Bonging) Marcos Jr. the next Vice President of the Philippines. As though the vice presidency, which has no known official duties or responsibilities, had become more important than the presidency, and in charge of running the government. Or that, finally guilt-stricken about his hopelessly inept and heartless six years in office, Aquino has reached the conclusion that no son of a former President should ever be allowed to go near it.

    To Aquino and his claque, trying to prevent Bongbong from becoming Vice President has now become as important as, if not more important than, trying to prevent Vice President Jejomar C. Binay from becoming the President. The plot against Binay continues, even after it has begun to produce the most embarrassing results. But it has, interestingly enough, also spun a subplot against Mar Roxas, the very candidate who is supposed to benefit from the original plot.

    If Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa and his “Samar Group” had their way, Aquino would have dumped Roxas by now for his poor survey ratings. He would have openly supported Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, the constitutionally ineligible foundling, whom he is trying to help before the Supreme Court where her disqualification by the Commission on Elections is under review. Upon my petition and those of three other petitioners, the Comelec has disqualified her and cancelled her Certificate of Candidacy for misrepresenting herself as a natural-born citizen and a resident of the country for the last 10 years.

    Still, Aquino has not shown the same aversion to and fear of Binay as he has vis-a-vis Marcos. Why is this? Is it because he knows that even with the PCOS (precinct count optical scan) machine—now renamed VCM (voting counting machine)—under his control, he may not be able to stop the surge in favor of Marcos, without courting serious trouble? As the only Ilocano candidate for Vice President, Bongbong has rekindled the spirit of the “Solid North,” which has already produced three Presidents—Elpidio Quirino, Ramon Magsaysay and Marcos, and which has traditionally contributed the cream of its youth to our armed forces.

    What millennials say
    Among the millennials, the crank propaganda effort to recreate “the horrors” of Martial Law appears to have failed. A friend who was detained during martial law tells me of his conversation with his young daughter, who is an unabashed Bongbong supporter. “Did you know I was a Martial Law victim?” he asked his daughter. “You told me so,” she said. “Why then are you supporting Bongbong, whose father was the author of Martial Law?” he said. “Well, I know nothing about his pop. But we’re talking of Bongbong, and he is cool.”

    And that, he said, was the end of their conversation.

    Is any millennial saying, Aquino is cool?

    Of the five senators running for VP, Bongbong alone has not been tarred for receiving P50 million or more from Malacañang to convict and remove Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona during his Senate impeachment trial. Next only to Senate President Franklin Drilon, who received P100 million, Francis Escudero received the biggest chunk of P98 million, while Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes 4th, and Greg Honasan received not more than P50 million each. This was an unspeakable crime, which should have immediately disqualified them from public office. Aquino knows this could not be said of Marcos.

    The long view
    But one more thing needs to be said, Although Bongbong may not have in him Aquino’s vindictive streak, and as Vice President, he may take no active interest in jailing Aquino for his crimes, his own presidency could just be a matter of time, and when his time comes, he could have the nation’s political history purged of all the bogus and revisionist claims that have made heroes out of opportunists, traitors, villains and scoundrels during the two Aquino regimes. The Aquinos, whose treason began with PNoy’s grandfather’s collaboration with the Japanese during the last Pacific war, would finally be exposed for what they are, and brought down from their outrageous pedestal.

    Permanently, we trust.

    Leni in trouble
    Aquino’s fear has apparently become palpable within his own circle. Thus, some close supporters of Congresswoman Leni Robredo, the Liberal Party vice presidential candidate, have accused him of preparing to dump her because of her poor survey ratings, in favor of Escudero, who has higher ratings. Robredo and Escudero, together with Honasan, are not only Bicolanos but also natives of the same town, Bulan, Sorsogon. By marrying the late former Naga City mayor and former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, whose death in a private plane crash remains a mystery, Leni became a resident of Camarines Sur, the biggest of the Bicol provinces, where she is said to enjoy strong “hometown” support. By contrast, Escudero is said to have made so many political enemies in his native Sorsogon. No wonder, despite his supposedly high rating, I have yet to hear someone say she’ll vote for him.

    And Roxas, too
    Malacañang has formally denied the accusation, just as it has denied that Aquino was positioning the constitutionally ineligible Mrs. Llamanzares to replace Roxas, should his numbers fail to improve. But Malacañang was reportedly behind the move to make Solicitor General Florin Hilbay argue before the Court as ‘Tribune of the People,’ that foundlings of no known parentage are natural-born citizens, even without any basis in the Constitution. And Malacañang was reportedly behind the recent move of the Commission on Human Rights to submit an intervention in the Llamanzares case, even without leave of Court after the parties had submitted the case for resolution.

    As lead petitioner against Mrs. Llamanzares, I have asked the Court, through legal counsel Manuelito Luna, to require the CHR to show cause why it should not be cited for contempt for its illegal and highly unethical intervention. We shall see how the Court treats our motion.

    A medical issue
    Amid all this, Aquino has managed to remain reasonably restrained with respect to anyone that threatens to cancel his (declared or secret) presidential candidate. It is the vice presidential contest where he tends to exaggerate his reaction. At the mere mention of Marcos’ name, he seems to froth in the mouth, ready to climb walls. This could present some custodial problems after he steps down. Should he take former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s place in her present detention, or does he need a “home” or an “institution” where he will have the privilege of thinking that he is the only sane person in the whole wide world? This appears to be a medical issue; the doctors should be looking into it.



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    1. Salamat po ng Marami it was an Eye Opener para sa tao,..kayat silipin nating maigi ang mga taong ating iboboto BBM 2016

    2. Now I know the truth. Thanks Mr. Tatad for your story. I vote and solid to VP Bongbong Marcos…..Aquino replaces Gloria…sobra na!

    3. I experienced the terror of Martial Law in my elementary and high school years in Samar. In college and later as a young professional, I was also brainwashed to believe that the Marcoses were evil which made me 100% anti-Marcos. In fact, I was there at EDSA I during the ousting of Marcos. But as soon as the Aquinos and the next presidents conquered Malacanan, it was very clear to me that those loud leaders who spent all their time and energy in trying to topple Marcos were more corrupt and incompetent than the leaders during Marcos time. Marcos has accomplished more than all the following 6 presidents. Corruption now has become a national cancer reaching from the president to the barangay officials. Favoritism and bata-bata system have become the rule everywhere, This is the reason why I regret that I joined the EDSA I. I now realize that FEMarcos was not that bad after all. Now I fully support Bongbong Marcos for Vice President!

      • james reynolds on

        its so good to hear that the truth have finally surface to all, that Ferdinan Marcos was not that bad after all it was only because the Aquino’s lied and hidden the truth to the people of the philipines. They took advantage of the situation and made us believe that Marcos was the evil one..when all along it was them.. The Karma “what comes around goes around” finally justice is serve perhaps this is just the beggining

    4. Facundo Pilapil on

      I was eight years old when men sent by that killer, Fabian Ver and his boss, that animal Ferdinand Marcos, Sr., came one night and took my Tatay. They tortured him for weeks and finally killed him. That was in 1983 – the Reign of Terror created by that animal Marcos, Sr.
      Filipinos – Wake Up!!!
      Do not be duped by that son of that animal – Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.
      History repeats itself – if you let it happen. This man Bongbong and his EVIL family starting with his demented mother and his naive sisters and their covert and well-paid killer security still control billions (of U.S. dollars, and gold bullions they stole from you and your country and the U.S), and they won’t hesitate to use that wealth to threaten, intimidate, kidnap and assassinate anybody who opposes them. They can find you anywhere you are and kill you.
      (In fact, I’m risking my life posting this message right now.)
      Pinoys – DON’T BE STUPID! Do not allow another Marcos to ascend to any position of power. These people are ANIMALS. Ask their (torture) victims and the survivors of those they deprive of liberty, human rights and human LIFE.
      THESE PEOPLE ARE SOULLESS LIVING ENTITIES – DEVILS, disguised in luxurious appearances!!!

      • Wow! It’s you who needs to wake up not us! And how did you know it was Fabian Ver and Marcos who ordered the killing of your father? Any proof? These two guys must’ve been busy all their lives to order how many thousand of killings if they’ve done it and ordered it personally. It’s either your father have done something wrong that was against the law or he’s been killed randomly by some bad people as you know communism has been very common on those days, the main reason why FEM declared martial law is for your own good! Now if you didn’t or never understand the reason behind martial law then stop talking. Some Filipinos doesn’t have any self discipline until now, they do whatever they want to do. That’s why a lot of people suffer the consequences of their own action and after they will blame the government etc.

        We don’t need to wake up! It’s you who needs to change your mentality. I would prefer another martial law and wipe all those stupid, corrupt government officials and bad people in my country rather than living in a country where in u really have the freedom but the system and government are both messed up.

        Don’t tell us what to do. Because we will bring back the Marcoses in power again.

      • How sure are you that the men who kidnap your tatay or other victims that you claim are from the Marcos side or government side? You have witness one or two kidnappings compare to mine, a dozen of kidnapping in our village and all of us in our village know the kidnappers were NPAs since they personally claim they are, who used Phil Army uniforms to be mistakenly from the government. Those victims in our village were ordinary farmers who hesitated to join the NPA revolution. They were buried alive by the NPAs as per narration of the victims who survived. And take note Martial Law was already lifted in Jan 1981. Likewise, you may need to recall WHY your tatay was kidnapped. I am one with your sentiment and It is hard to accept because I also lost my tatay when I was 3yo. And almost lost my nanay as well when one night she was about to be kidnap with another nany by NPAs, my mom pleaded and luckily let her go home as she have given them all her money that night. But blaming all these to the Marcoses like what happened to your tatay and saying the word “animal” or “devil” is I think making you more animal or devil than them. What if your accusation is not true and your evidence is not enough to support what you believed in as you are only brainwashed? I am not for Marcoses, but I am for the developments and projects for the betterment of the Philippines during Marcos Regime(you should know what are those projects and developments as those are still helpful until now) compare to what happened since Cory Aquino change the Phil constitution which made the Filipino people became poorer. Rebels/NPA leaders were freed from prison during her presidency. This days Philippines have lost more than 40 islands to other countries already aside from Sabah, government conspired with Malaysia to have control over Mindanao, Many OFWs are killed or imprisoned overseas with government inaction. All government owned and controlled companies were all privatized including hospitals. You may not fully realized the difference of the situation before and now if you are living abroad. Your sentiments to the Marcoses is just a fraction of the sentiments of the many poor Filipinos today to all the leaders after Marcos. Make a life! Live your life today. You can never go where you want if you keep on looking back. I do not want you to think like me, I just want you to think.

      • sixto Domingo Caypuno on

        Driver mechanic ako noong Martial Law, ang rota namin pier (south harbor to any point of Luzon. Dahil sa corruption sa pier hardly we could make a trip, however, when martial law was declared, we (150 truck drivers) average three (3) trips a day. dahil sa law abiding citizens kami lahat sa company na yun, no one was incarcerated tortured or kidnapped more so, murdered/killed. We were free to more around or anywhere in the country afraid of no one except during curfew hours where we have to stay at home except for us who have to travel 24 hrs a day, were given curfew passes. kaming ordinary citizen, we love martial law regime. maraming road na nagawa, tulay at patubig sa mga palayan. Sixto D. Caypuno.

      • Bong Bong Marcos was only 15 Years Old when his Father,The Late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law.
        Fifthteen. A teenAger. Should you be Blamed for what his Father did
        when you were Just A TeenAger?..Of Course, Not.


        let the people decide .wag nyo kaming turuang magalit sa mga Marcos,.being filled with hate is only going to eat you up !

      • Bong Bong Marcos was only 15 Years Old when his Father,The Late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law.
        Fifthteen. A teenAger. Should you be Blamed for what his Father did
        when you were Just A TeenAger?..Of Course, Not.
        let the people decide .Maganda ang naging outcome ng martial Law Dahil that time walang pushers, walang addict walang akyat bahay at lalong walang mga kabataang nag iinuman sa tabi tabi lalung walang mga kabataan ang maagang nagsisipagbuntis kC nga dba may curfew so BAwal tumambay o magpakalat kalat sa kalsada kaya wag nyo kaming turuang magalit sa mga Marcoses tsaka wag kang magpadala sa galit mo instead mag isip isip ka kc 8yo ka lang nun sabi mo kaya hindi mo din alam ang toong pangyayari bakit hinuli nila tatay mo mashadong busy ang defense secretary at ang presidente para pag aksayahan pa ng oras ang tatay mo.hindi nman kc huhulihin ang tatay mo ng walang dahilan db? ang sundalo at NPA ay iisa lang ang uri ng kasuotan baka mga NPA ang dumukot ki tata mo dhil anung malay mo baka NPA din ang tatay mo at may nagawa itong kasalanan kaya dinukot…being filled with hate is only going to eat you up !

    5. I like this discussion, I did not experienced the Martial Law nor we even discuss the reason behind it because at that time all the historians was focus on the out come of the People’s power. It’s time to know the truth so we can finally move on and learned from it.

    6. Maricel Maningas on

      Martial Law was declared then due to unrest and resistance from the so-called ‘makabayan’ activists…Kung hindi sila magugulo at inilagay sa more productive ways ang kanilang pagpo protesta nuon bka wala sa history ang Martial Law…

    7. ang aquinos ay takot sa totoong hero ng bayan kasi bistado silang hindi hero. nbakit pinatay ng mga ninuno ni aquino ang mga loyals ni general luna???? bakit naki lovey-dovey and lolo ni noynoy sa mga hapon?

      salot sa bayana ang mga yan: wlang kuryente kay cory , pinatay ang mga farers sa mendiola ng anahon nya hanggang ngayon pinapatay pa rin ang mga pumipiyok sa luisita deal.

      sino ang nakipaglaban sa hapon????

      sino ang nagbgay ng lupa sa mga mahiirap na kinuha nya sa mga mayayaman???

      takot ang mga takrot sa tunay n amatapang

      • si Juan Luna ba sinasabi mo kc kay Juan Luna galing ang yaman ng mga cojuangco,.naging BF ni Ysidra Cojuangco si juan Luna at d2 ipinatago ni Juan Luna ang mga Gold Coins na nasamsam nya sa mga kastila but the ipinatago nya ang mga ginto kay ysidra cojuangco tas ayun napatay nman si juan luna ng mga sundalo ni aguinaldo,,tas hinanap na ng mga kastila at nila aguinaldo ang mga gintong natangay ni juan luna walang mkapagsabi kung nasaan ito,,hindi na binalik ni ysidra ung mga gold sa tunay na nagmamay ari nito ang Pilipinas ,..eto yung proof ng mga sinabi ko paki watch na lang at masshock ka sa malalaman mo sa mga Cojuangco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02rQnnE8bCY

      • oh really? Ninoy is sentenced to death by the court martial, if he wants Ninoy to be killed, hindi na niya pina-punta pa sa US yung tao para magpa-gamot.

      • You have no proof that maecos killed aquino, there were two aquinos who vecame president why did they no do a thorough invesyigation! Simply gecause they want tge whole country to remain in gelieving tgat narcos was the killer, just lije you! You believe this false accusation !

      • It was an aquino who killed an aquino… Know ur history… It was during the marcos regime that we are among the richest country in asia… Ano na ngaun??? Poorest na corrupt pa…

      • There is no point in killing Ninoy as he is already sentenced to death because of Treason in the early 70s. Marcos is intelligent enough not to kill Ninoy as the moment he will do that, Ninoy will be a hero. Ninoy knows he is already terminally ill with his heart problem so he probably allowed himself to be sacrificed for the “assassinate me” conspiracy. Do “thinking” Filipino people ever wonder why wife Cory and son Noynoy never reopened the case when they were in the highest gov’t position of the land even if Bongbong dared them to reopen the case? Bakit Kaya?

    8. These are bias remarks from one who has served the Marcos regime. I do not think he is guiltless from fringe benefits during his political heydays. That said, his comments are just as weak and no different from Pnoy’s speech. Sigh.

    9. These are bias remarks from one who has served the Marcos regime. I do not think he is not free from fringe benefits during his political heydays. That said, his comments are just as weak and no different from Pnoy’s speech. Sigh.

    10. I may not have experienced martial law but my parents, aunts, uncles, in-laws and other relatives did. As someone who have not experienced it and just learned it from school (history). I was very curious about what was their life during that time. And guess what. No one ever said any bad things about the Marcoses. They have not experienced what the history is telling the young generations. Instead, it is the opposite. That life was better and was peaceful then. Those who had a bad experience with the martial law, I understand that you still have nightmares about it. But do we really know what the real reason behind it? Let’s be honest to ourselves. History was forged by the people who wanted the Marcoses to look bad. By the people who is afraid that the people of the Philippines will know the truth. A lot of articles and videos about the past is now published. So people will know the truth. Presidents should think of their people. How to improve the lives of each. How to improve the country. Focus on the peace and order. At least, not to be afraid of their own safety. In their own country. What good it is to compare yourself with the other presidents. What good it is to bad mouth other politicians, especially the people who did well to their people. What he is showing and saying is not a good example especially to the young generations. Same as Roxas. What are they doing? Making issues with the clan you belong with? Will not give you help in times of need because the person in charge of your hometown is from their rival family? It is time for the Filipinos to be wiser and to make research on their own rather than listening to what these politicians are saying. We can do better.

      • Glad to know that your folks didn’t experience the brutality of Marcos years. I have experienced and seen the brutality of Marcos era. Where people are forced to vacate their lands and pistoled whipped by the now defunct Philippine Constabulary. It is the time where people are afraid to go out at night because you will never know who will kidnap or torture you. If you were captured by the military they think your a communist. If you will be captured by the communist they think your a military spy. I think you can see this in the old tagalog action movie from FPJ, Lito Lapid etc. those things did happened. Now others may think that its really peaceful in that era, wrong ! Because at that time the media is owned by government and by the puppet of Marcos. They dont report most crimes unlike now that even the remote part of the Philippines is more accessible and thee are less censorship. Now let talk about our problems now, corruption. Do you think that it just pop out from nowhere? It started in Marcos years. I remember when they are building a 4 lane highway in the 80s that our house will be bought by the government because it is near the highway. They showed us the plan and the highway will hit our house. Guess what happened? That 4 lane highway is only half of the proposed and the rest becomes 2 lane. The bridges which has to be replaced had to be repainted. Vote buying is also rampant in that era. I remember that the brgy captains usually roam around the baranggay to give envelope with money. Also it is in the 80s where people started loosing there jobs and went abroad because no investment is coming in. Did you know that ford motors and other multinational has shut up their plants here because of the worsening economic condition? Marcos crony like Benedicto, “Bejo” Romualdez etc. has the monopoly on industry. The truth is during after marshall law government burrowed heavily just to spur the economy at first its ok but inefficiency and corruption bankrupt the country. It is a time were political dynasty is rampant. Imelda Marcos is an Assemblyman equivalent congressman during the marcos years and she is also the minister of human settlements (not that geedy =) ).

        Ask yourself if a leader is good and loved by its people do you think EDSA will happened? Why did he called for a snap election in 1986 one year before his term will end. Marcos is symbol of a dictator and his regime is known for corruption, extravagance, and brutality. God bless.

      • sixto Domingo Caypuno on

        you said it right sir agsj, thank you for your very enlightening commen, mabuhay ka sir!!!

    11. I am a millenial and I do not experience Marcos Regime but my grandparents and parents told me a lot of things, good things, about Marcos. I now lived in the Ilocos Region and the respect of the people here for the Marcoses are extremely high. And because of that respect, the Ilocanos remain disciplined. I lived most of my life at Central Luzon, and I must say, Ilocano values are far better than where I come from. I think we should consider more Ilocanos in the elected seats.

    12. He is very afraid because Marcos will surely remove his parents remains in the libingan ng mga bayani…because the truth is they’re not one…..

    13. Felizardo Simoy on

      Thank you that many are still telling the truth not rewriting history to suit strategic objectives. In every regime there were abuses but more are just focusing on PFM.

    14. myrna mercado on

      Thanks Mr. Tatad. calling anyone who has facts to tell relevant to this, please write so the people may know.

    15. myrna mercado on

      calling anyone who has the same facts of information such as this please write without reservation. Thanks Mr. Tatad, its very important truth that the people should know.

    16. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, . . . . . . ang ta2nda nyo na po ki2tid pa din ng UTAK nyo gumicng naman po kayo kuya ate ilang taon ng pina la2kad ng mga aquino ang pilipinas pero anong nangyari?????????? NGA NGA gumicng naman po kayo sa katotohanan Nagtra2baho ka buong araw na halos kung pwd ki2tain mo sapat lang sa pambayad ng mga bayarin, wala ka na ngang kinita ma hold up,dukotan at qng ano2 pa pano hnd na ligtas sa pinas daming masamang loob nag kalat sa kalsada ngaun icpin nyo kung anong klacng pinuno ba dapat ang nasa posisyon ung bang puro salita walang gawa walang bayag d kayang panindigan ang pilipinas oh yung taong masama man sa paningin nyo ngunit xa namang nag pa unlad sa BANSANG sinilangan natin ^_^ GICNG

    17. Jean dela Croix on

      I can’t bear to see Filipinos on this forum who do not understand what freedom is. They rather be slaves to a “strong man” in exchange of “safety and security”. Yet because of that safety and security both economic and personal safety evaporated. He was a strong man who made the country weak and a laughing stock to the rest of Asia! South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, almost all of them except Japan envied us. After Marcos, they were laughing at us.

      • I bet more are laughing at us because we believed in the Aquinos.
        Traitor since the first Benigno, that is Benigno Aquino I who sided with the Japanese during World War II and was even jailed in Japan and tried for treason in the Philippines. How many lives were lost in WWII compared to those being accused of during Marcos time where it is not even clear if its Marcos or the left side who did the killing.
        For all I know, if the move of Ninoy Aquino was not thwarted through Martial Law, for now we would have a Communist country. WOULD YOU HAVE PREFERRED THAT?

    18. Jean dela Croix on

      So explain this, if Marcos was really that good of a president. How come the Philippines was considered an Asian tiger economy before his presidency and became a basket case and was called the Sick Man of Asia by the 1980s? Have you seen charts of how the Philippines’ GDP and the Dollar-Peso exchange during his term? When did this OFW phenomenon started? How come 20 years of iron rule did not make Filipinos more prosperous yet was bankrupted by crippling debts?
      After his iron rule, even if Jose Rizal became president it would be an uphill climb out of that hell hole that he left us. He is a fascist, and implemented crony capitalism. There was no free market, no competition that’s why the economy was that bad. Only himself and his cronies have benefited. It’s not only the economy but look at all the human rights violations he committed just to maintain that grip into power.
      That’s why term limits are important! Absolute Power corrupts absolutely! It is the dark side of human nature. And also checks and balances between government branches are important too, so that no one can dictate his will on the people. Marcos dissolved all that for the pursuit of power and riches.

      • Gerry Labatorio on

        The IMF should be blamed for our economic turmoil during the Marcos presidency.

      • Agree. Economic sabotage dahil sa war loot n ginto n gusto ng mga kano, pero ayaw ibigay ni Marcos…

      • Bacause you havn’t even attended your history forum when you were in college maybe.

        Marcos became a threat to that certain organization (whatever that organization is). They were not able to control him so they controlled the so called hero (Aquino) to destroy Marcos. The first half of his term was exceptional but other half became a nightmare due to Aquino.

        I don’t get why am i even telling you this. You dont deserve to be informed because you’re blinded.

      • Wag Maging Tanga on

        Di mo ba napansin na lahat ng ito ay orchestrated? Ayaw ng US kay Marcos dahil nagiging makapangyarihan na ang Pilipinas under his rule, which in turn lefts the US to lose its grip on the nation. Ayaw din naman nila kay Ninoy because of his communistic ideologies. Kaya lumobo ng husto ang utang natin sa IMF dahil sa pagtaas nila ng porsyento sa singil. They put us into a chokehold. Ngayon ano ba ang basehan mo para sabihin na lahat ng ginawa ni Marcos ay para sa pursuit of power and riches? Lahat lang ata yan nabasa mo sa internet. Kung tutuusin sa panahon ni Cory madami din ang human rights violations. Wag magconcentrate sa kung ano nabasa mo na history. Tandaan mo, it is written by the victors. Maging open sana yang utak mo sa mga posibilidad. Wag ka na humayo at magparami. Madali ka ma-brainwash.

    19. I totally agree with you mr. tatad. as a matter of fact, we have the same view on this matter. ninoy admitted in tv and his speech that u.s doctors give him only 6 months to leave, but he lasted for another 6 years. hence, that day when he left u.s., he and his doctor, and even of course his family, friends and corroborators, knew that he is about to die anytime. but because of his fascination against marcos, he forced himself to go home, so that his euthanasia, made him a hero. that perhaps the mystery of his death being unsolved, nobody saw it, the firearm used never recovered, of course the person who entrusted the euthanasia would never give it in.

      poor marcos! victim of yellow hunger for power, who hated you most because they felt you selectively made hacienda luisita be distributed to their slaves, in collaboration with other masters/tycoons, who wanted to control the lives of every filipino laborers and farmers. Ninoy would never win in election at that time. but the white wash that was brought to peoples mind on ninoy’s death, made him a hero and his son pnoy, even with apparent medically downed indication, became the most popular president.

      but now the millenials, who are open and wide thinkers are saying, “tell that dictator’s story to the marines”, Malaysia, Japan, thailand, UK, Russia, China, aren’t they dictators?

      Marcos’ Book “The Democratic Revolution in the Philippines” which i found in a ruined school building, was the best book I ever read.

    20. But what happen to arturo tolentino? The legally and constitutionally successor of late ferdinand marcos.

    21. castro raymond on

      there’s no such big deal if bongbong wins, the big deal is that – what will the former first lady imelda will do..
      quite intriguing, isn’t it?

      • She’s old, so I think she will just be happy to see Bongbong become vice president of the Philippines.

    22. Pat Limcauco Jr on

      I hope Kit Tatad could translate his write up in Filipino so that every Filipino can fully understand how President Ferdinand Marcos run the country.

    23. As they say, history are written by the victors( aquinos) not by the vanquished(marcoses). I myself is a martial law baby and proud of it . I saw how things go, and believe me its all Antonyms now.

      • Ako dn po ay isang martial law baby at lagi kong sinasabi sa mga anak ko ngaun na ang buhay namin nuong araw ay napaka gaan at napaka tahimik hindi ka matatakot maglakad ng alanganing oras… Kaya kahit anonpa ang sabihin ng iba nananatili kaming MARCOS kayat kami ay natutuwa ng tumakbo bise si sen. Bongbong marcos

    24. the marcos loyalist on

      you got my respect sir Tatad! upon hearing p-noy urging people not to vote for Marcos, i almost hit the television , i was so enraged then, where on earth did p-noy get this noytard idea? what a piece of s–t! where is your brain mr. president? did you hang it on a tree near the riverbank? beware! the crocodile might sense it that you’re lying because you really have no brain at all mr. president! …..

    25. February 1986 When Marcos departed the Philippines, the losses in the three Central Bank accounts surpassed Php 122 billion (more than $6 billion). The big bulk of losses was attributed to the RIR account mainly due to two items: forward cover and swap contracts.

      Forward cover referred to foreign exchange provided by the CB at a fixed exchange rate to importers of essential commodities. Swap contracts referred to CB’s receiving foreign exchange from banks in exchange for pesos at the prevailing rate with a promise to deliver the foreign exchange back to them at an agreed future date. There was no mention of losses due to CB transactions in gold or foreign exchange.

      February 28, 1986 On this day, Jim Burke, security expert from the US Embassy, was tapping on the wooden paneling in Imelda’s abandoned Malacanang bedroom when he heard a hollow sound. It was the walk-in vault. Inside were thirty-five suitcases secured with locks and tape.

      They contained a treasure trove of documents about Swiss bank accounts, New York real estate, foundations in Vaduz , and some notepaper on which Marcos had practiced his William Saunders signature. They also contained jewelry valued at some US$10.5 million.

      March 16, 1986 Did Marcos steal any gold from the CB? The CB always refused to comment. Why?
      Today, the LA Times reported that 6.325 metric tons of gold was unaccounted for in the Central Bank. Between 1978, the year Marcos ordered all gold producers to sell only to the CB, and end 1984, the Bureau of Mines reported that 124,234 pounds of gold were refined. But the CB reported receiving only 110,319 pounds during this same period.

      That left a difference of 13,915 pounds (6.325 metric tons).

      • Mang Kepweng on

        At the last part of your comment, you mentioned about the gold. He stole it?really? You better make some research where the gold came from. It was given to him by Tallano clan as a commission. Have a look on this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrPT5Pcl9zs

        Filipino’s were brainwashed by stupid Aquinos.

    26. Every freedom loving Filipino should be afraid of a Marcos comeback. For all those who lived during Marcos’ dictatorship, the fear of being detained for no reason at all was a recurring nightmare. Everyone were looking at their backs for any stranger who surreptitiously lurked and tried to listen to you and your friends casual remarks. Any jokes or stories that were made should never have anything to do with the dictatorship because if they do then you will have your time in jail. It’s as simple as that.

    27. Professor Antonio on

      I lived in Marcos and post Marcos era… I have the right to compare… Even with the comfort offered by the advanced technology of today…. MARCOS TIME WAS INDEED A GOLDEN ERA… That’s all!!!!

      • Jean dela Croix on

        So explain this, if Marcos was really that good of a president. How come the Philippines was considered an Asian tiger economy before his presidency and became a basket case and was called the Sick Man of Asia by the 1980s? Have you seen charts of how the Philippines’ GDP and the Dollar-Peso exchange during his term? When did this OFW phenomenon started? How come 20 years of iron rule did not make Filipinos more prosperous yet was bankrupted by crippling debts?
        After his iron rule, even if Jose Rizal became president it would be an uphill climb out of that hell hole that he left us. He is a fascist, and implemented crony capitalism. There was no free market, no competition that’s why the economy was that bad. Only himself and his cronies have benefited. It’s not only the economy but look at all the human rights violations he committed just to maintain that grip into power.

        That’s why term limits are important! Absolute Power corrupts absolutely! It is the dark side of human nature. And also checks and balances between government branches are important too, so that no one can dictate his will on the people. Marcos dissolved all that for the pursuit of power and riches.

      • It was during Marcos era the Philippines was dubbed as the rising and next Tiger of Asia.

        During Marcos,

        Philippines was the first in Asia to have mass transportation LRT
        First in Asia to have one of a kind Hospitals
        First in Asia with the most advanced Science Agri-Lab in the world
        Other Asian countries come to study agriculture
        First time in history to import rice and become self-sufficient
        First in Asia 95% Rural Electrification 70’s
        First in Asia to have concrete highways, roads in the entire Philippines
        First in Asia to have Center of Arts Center Buildings
        First in Asia to have lending Rural Banks all over the country

        And many more…..

        These are signs of advancing and improving country

    28. Only idiots will vote for the yellowtards who doesnt know crap other than pointing fingers. To the supporters of Aquino, you’re all idiots.

      • Jun migallon on

        Tell thar to the people who voted ninoy and we all know that kit is also a marcos loyalist for those how are not a victim of martial law you are lucky but for us who are a victim of martial rule we condem marcos for what he had done to us for that injustice that we experence

    29. 98% of pinoy whine so much and 95% want to get back to his or her opponents. WHY? The past is the past. Get over it. You cannot bring back what ever happen? Either you lost a love one or you got punish. Its better to face the present and love one another. I have experience of the past but what can I do. I don’t like pay back time because its not worth a penny in my view. The son is the product but he didn’t do what happen… As the president of a country, Aquino should just face reconciliation and forgiveness. This president is clueless on people future.

    30. Marcos was a very good planner and had vision. It’s just that he got addicted to power.

      While is Noynoy is the Ultimax MENACE. The worst president this country has ever produced!

    31. We need hackers to hack into our tv stations in Philippines and show the world the true identity of the Aquinos and the current administrations….This will be a big step to educate the stupid masses of the Philippines!

    32. Well done sir. You had already wrote the Philippine History from the beginning, up to this time, and all what you said is definitely true… I dont know why these people noynoy aquino still insisting their domino theory. Mostly of the Filipinos know already who is the traitor of our country.. We will not let the left wing will rule our nation..
      This is the reason why Ferdinand marcos declare martial law… For those who do not understand what is communism , please research from the internet otherwise, Define Communism, in our school???? GOD BLESS PHILIPPINES..

    33. We always look back, why? 30 years ago and no dramatic changes to uplift the common Filipino. Should we not focus on NOW and TOMORROW.

    34. I was born ’79. Did Not really experience martial law but my parents are telling me that it was very peaceful. I could tell that life was easy then for the common law-abiding citizens like my parents. And how it could be the opposite for some. I graduated from UP, and there i heard a lot of horror stories about Martial law. Therefore, this era can be both good and bad. But what weighed more to me are my parents description of how life was when during FEM’s rule, because I have experienced the succeeding presidents, and it was not good at all. I now live in Sg, and how i wish we Filipinos could be as disciplined as Singaporeans are as a whole. And i think only FEM can do that. Duterte sounds promising though. I will definitely vote for BBM. The Aquinos are oligarchs! Serving only the rich. Pnoy is all talk, blabbermouth who knows nothing but to put blame to the previous admin. He is good at sweet talking the not so critical-thinking majority, promises everything but does nothing. He is put on a pedestal by top media outlets who clearly are so biased. I can only cringe whenever I watch the media glorifying the Aquino name, specifically Pnoy. You are right sir about may be best putting him to an institution after his term LOL. Oh don’t even get me started with Kris Aquino.
      *** I salute Manila Standard for supporting unbiased and intelligent contributors. I am a fan sir Kit. Also of sir Rigoberto Tiglao’s.

    35. I might be young being born yr 74. But as we go on this journey i can easily compare the big difference esp now life seems so hard… its not even safe to say that you can walk late at night in metro manila… drugs eveeywhere… youll see corruption everywhere…. what will be the future of the next generation? Thank you for writing this article

    36. open your eyes mr. allen. the closer you are the less you see so you better start exploring about what really happen in the past. lucky enough for me my grandparents told me how good life it is under former president marcos.

    37. For me Marcos is one of the guys who preserved our democracy in the Philippines. Marcos declared marcial law because of the rise of communism in the country at that time. With out Marcos, Philippines is a communist country long time ago, just like Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea. I still believed that Marcos stop the spread of communism in our country.

    38. What would you expect?

      “Francisco “Kit” Sarmiento Tatad is a Filipino journalist and politician best known for having served as Minister of Public Information under President Ferdinand Marcos…”

      “..he was one of the 11 senators who voted against opening an envelope that had been alleged to contain incriminating evidence against then Philippine President Joseph Ejercito Estrada..”

      People like you are this country’s problem. Have yourself checked for Dunning-Kruger!

      • Strongly agree. Kaya nga nabansagang mautak daw si Marcos dahil wala ni isang camera o isa man lang tao ang naka saksi sa pagkakapatay kay Ninoy

      • Anin, is that a valid argument? I dont think so…

        Better find more logical argument or strong analyst!!!

    39. History on the books is not what people know about the truth. It is the opposite… but made authentic by time . Remember that there was no proven guilt among all the cases filed against the Marcos family. All accusations were lame and were proven null because they either lack supporting evidences or they lack logical explanations. Marcos regime they say is the worst part of the Philippine history but Ilocanos will never agree to that.
      Marcos family is well respected in the north. They own the vote for Bongbong Marcos.

    40. Richard S. Rama on

      Brilliantly written.. Thank you so much for this article, I hope this wont be the last of your write ups to promote political awareness amongst us Filipinos.

    41. Tatad, what would you say if your father was murdered during Martial Law? You would not know because you were part of the Martial Law regime. The benefits you received from the Marcoses must have dulled your senses.

      • Ogie de Guzman on

        Then BS Aquino III should have used all the power akin to the President of the Republic of the Philippines (her mother as well). However, such did not happen they both kept mum about it. That in itself is a mystery. All those who lived within the constraints of martial law survived and even flourished because like it or not martial law instilled discipline, fear of abuse and disdained criminality. But there were atrocities and abuse done by the military and the PCs then as well. I grew up in that kind of society as a young 11 yrs old in 1972 up until my time as a college student in 1983 when martial law was lifted. My father was an ardent Ninoy Aquino fan and he instilled a dislike for FM as I was growing up. However, I saw it otherwise, may mabuting nagawa ang martial law ..walang gaanong traffic, traffic altercations, criminality was low, the streets were empty be 12 midnight up to 6am, urong ang mga oligarchs sa pang aabuso sa mga maralita. Only Metrocom cars were plying the streets, mayroon mga emergency na sila rin ang umaalalay. Limitado din ang TV channels, limitado ang mga programa (wala pang digital signal noon e kaya walang fb, twitter, emails, etc.) but we managed to survive and have some fun as young people. Ang drug problem ay hindi gaano kalaki noon kumpara sa ngayon. Sunod-sunod ang infrastructures noon na hanggang ngayon pinapakinabangan pa, marami nga sinira ng mga Aquino….ay hindi naman sa kanila mga iyon kundi sa sambayanang Pilipino. Ngayon alam mo na bakit may takot si BSCAIII kay BBM. Minu-multo sila ng mga ginawa nila o sa higit ang mga hindi nagawa.

      • Very much agree. Tatad can say anything today because we are in a real democracy today Several lies i may say also and false accusations he can say anything, expound all the hearsay. He is really good in rumor mongering and the best agitator and instigator. Magaling talaga sa hakotan ng mga bobotante

    42. @ Francisco Tatad

      Nothing wrong with re-calibrating a little bit of history to embellish the images of your favored candidates. Peddling rumors and innuendos here and there is how people make it in journalism. At the end of the day, your home and the food that you bring on your family’s table is the reason why you write. Your family must be proud of you.

      I’m sure this election cycle has been an exciting time for you and your associates. This is what journalists live for. A lot of “Benjamins” to bring home. A lot of stories to tell as well. I bet you can’t wait to see your candidates Binay and Bongbong being sworn into office. My crystal ball tells me you have been promised a cabinet position by a president Binay. Happy days are here again in the Tatad household.

      President Binay and VP Bongbong Marcos…are you serious? This will be corruption to the highest level. Wake up Philippines!!!

      • the marcos loyalist on

        one word to describe you LA 702,….”dismantled” ! yes that’s you! another yellow ribbon supporter here? words of wisdom for you , vote for marcos and you will never go wrong! have a nice day!

    43. Great article. But why is Cardinal Sin, who had a pivotal role, calling on all Church leaders & citizenry to march at Edsa, not mentioned is a million dollar question. People using the name of God in vain (ie. greed for powers-authority & money) is a mortal sin. The Aquinos et al, incl Cardinal Sin hv been using Mother Mary’s shrine in ortigas as Edsa celebration venue year in and year out for 30 years in pursuit of their never ending corruption, plunder, malversation of public funds, & suffering of the poor. It is not only for the country’s best interest but also to do justice for its poor citizenry who were primarily & heavily victimized by Aquinos et al’s big lies & corruption that these Liberal/Yellow hoodlums be held accountable for all their wrongdoings.

    44. We Filipinos were taught from the very start of our journey as toddlers to pupils, turning students to graduates that the Marcoses are the most evil leaders… but as I grow old, and continue to make a deeper analysis of the events that occurred under the leadership of the Marcoses, I am surprised to experience and see the goodness and the wittiness of them. They make great changes and produce innovations as to what is needed by the country. I must say that our teachers… getting from the books of history have taught negativity among the minds of the learners of history and government. Being at a neutral point of view, the Aquinos and the Marcoses have built a great divide that can never be united by any force, yet as to who have performed better makes me look at the books and analyze. Bongbong Marcos has stood unblemished as he reached the office of the upper house. As to question of personal integrity… Bongbong needs not to answer or explain to the people who he is because he has shown what and who he is. On the Aquino’s side, his present leadership has had many questionable issues about his leadership. Matuwid na Daan nga ba ang kanyang ginawa? The Filipinos are sorry to say and agree but, among all the former presidents of the country… he was one of the most abusive leaders of the country. He abused his rights and privileges as the executive… as to evidences, we need not to mention them. What we need in the country is a leader who starts the walk, goals the run and finishes the honor. Not somebody who starts the talk, seats on a coffee and claims the honor.
      Finally, it has been made clear to me and my analysis that the Marcoses were victims of a scripted play where the director wants a bad ending to the good characters.
      But the movies always ends where the main character will always reign…

      • Nice analysis, Jay. Now u can help rewrite the history book. I came to know these as early as y2k from friends close to the Marcoses. At first i was reluctant to believe, but i would hear the same from others. This report of Kit is 99% correct as far as i know. I suggested then to rewrite history.

      • Amen, amen and amen to you Brother Jay, for you have seen the truth! In Philippine Politics, our countrymen were made to believe that the good guys were the culprits and the traitors are the heroes! Sana ganun din ang attitude ng iba nating mga kababayan. What they seemed to know is not what it seems…..

    45. Thank you Mr Tatad. I hope my sons and their Millenial friends get to read this too. So i’m sharing it. As an afterthought, i think an “institution” is a good place for Pnoy when he steps down. I know my Psych friends in NCMH will agree.

    46. more material like this should be put out there. for the past 30 years now, we’ve heard nothing but the evils of that regime. that’s probably because the owners and managers of mass media are anti-marcos. the thing is, there are a lot of people in the lower classes who prefer the marcos era. top 3 reasons: (1) employers couldn’t exploit their employee; (2) you could go out and walk the streets drunk. you’ll be detained yes, but released you’ve got your wits back; and, (3) the economy was good (example: palengke stall owners could actually go to banks and deposit their earnings)…i wasn’t born then, but through the years, i’ve spoken to people of various classes. my advise to all marcos hecklers? go out and talk to people with an open mind. don’t just rely on the media.
      to say that anyone who says a good thing about marcos is a “tuta,” just relying on current mass media information is just stupid.

    47. wow! nothing about corruptus maximus Binay? Bayad na ba?
      Aquino is cool, cool-lang sa isip, never again to an inbred….

      what about a debate between them? Bongbong will surely outsmart the autistic haciendero, sisters debate? surely Imee has more class than the STD queen!

    48. Because he knows that the Cory Yellows are in power only because of the pack of lies they have been peddling about Marcos and Ninoy, and those lies are slowly and inevitably being exposed. The yellows are staring at a precipice and they know its only a matter of time before the people push them into it. Karma ang tawag diyan.

    49. Im a private citizens I like Pres. Marcos ever seen, Im 68 yrs old now, and I like Bonbong To win this coming election as Vice President.

    50. Rodrigo M. Alvar on

      Mabuhay ka Kit, and thank you I can assure you that I will vote for Marcos. Marcos is the only President who knows our country being interviewed live all over the world. I would like my children to see clean Philippines and presentable airport. Thank you Madam Imelda for showing to the world who we are.

    51. This is so true! One of the best article I have ever read. Let’s spread this via facebook and twitter so that the millenials will be more informed. For the past few days, all we heard was the horrors of Marital Law. This article puts the declaration of Martial Law into perspective.That Marital Law was not declared to put the oppositon in jail but to thwart the communist uprising. Look at the videos leading to the declaration of Martial Law. There is already Anarchy led by the communist and and opposition! If you were the president during that time, wouldn’t you declare Marital Law? The opposition during that time was so disruptive that it was impossible for the President to govern! It was the opposition in collaboration with the communist who are to be blamed for the declaration of Martial Law. They pushed the President against the wall and Marcos declared Martial law to save our country from the anarchy!

    52. The ultimate beneficiaries of edsa revolt are the Aquinos. CJ corona impeachment was propelled by sc decision to distribute hacienda luisita’s land to tenants. The administrations from Aquino to Aquino are the rotten decades of Philippines. Mr kit Tatad thanks for your perfectly written piece?

    53. I have a strange feeling that all people in the inquirer are obliged to comment against the marcoses in all articles written about them. Can you imagine as early as 5 in the morning you will find that said articles are teeming with a lot of copy pasted comments.

      • Yes, the PDI is a biased newspaper, you can never find a positive story or comment about the Marcoses and so is ABS CBN, all the commentators and newscasters there are of the same breed, they all tell negative stories about the martial rule and Bongbong. And I think Manny Paquiao is also a victim of this newspaper and radio and tv station because of his quotation from the bible.

    54. Mr. Tatad is part of the reviosionist plot (funded by the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcos and their cronies) to re-write history and paint the Marcoses as heroes. You searched google for the name F. Marcos and you’ll learn that Marcos is described as a kleptocrat, meaning si Marcos ay magnanakaw, and that is a description of the international community.

      Yes Marcos has done good to our country at the start of his presidency. But the number of good deeds he’d done is eclipsed by the number of sins and atrocities he committed against this country. And these are all documented Mr. Tatad! Where did Mr. Marcos get all their riches and wealth Mr. Tatad? Hard earned money? or plundered money? Use your common sense fellow filipinos, dont be so stupid to believe this writer who seems bent on changing our history.

      Tatad claims that Aquino’s grandfather was a japanese collaborator when in fact it was Marcos’ father who was a Japanese Collaborator and was in fact executed by the anti-Japanese movement for his sins against the country.

      If the international court ruled that the marcos wealth is an ill-gotten wealth, should we not believe it? Kung ang pera ng Marcos na naka deposito sa overseas banks ay nakaw na pera, common sense dictates na ang magnanakaw ng pera na iyon ay mga Marcos, hindi ba?

      Dont be stupid!

      • Omie,

        I believe you are also mistaken to take google’s way of describing Marcos. Did you ever think that USA had something to do with it? I believe wholeheartedly that USA took advantage of the time that Ninoy was killed to overthrow the Marcos regime for it’s own goals. I am an american born in 1966 at the former Clark Air Base and had fond memories living there in the Philippines during the Marcos era. I left the PI in 1979 and returned in 1989 and almost didn’t make it there during the coup. I’ve visited several times since but the country seems to have gotten worst. Almost all the people I’ve spoken to during my visits tells me that they wished for the same clean, healthy, and beautiful towns like the Marcos’ era even with Martial Law.

      • i think wala pa namang napatunayan na ninakaw nila.yung ill-gotten wealth ek ek na yan eh never namang napatunayan.

    55. During the marcos government , on those who are traitors to the nation did not like martial law because they can not do evils that they want to do. They want to grab the government before so that communism will rule the nation. They have no love of country thats why. Now they are afraid that another Marcos who can surely make the nation great again will be the vice president. GOOd luck BBM.

      • BBM Loyalist on

        I agrree 101% of this article.Although the Marcos regime is not perfect,it’s much better than the Aquinos rule.wnhen apo lakay was the president,
        there was economic prosperity,infrastructure and beatification projects
        Country side development just to mention a few .If there was something to be afraid of its the NPA or the communist not the Marcoses who tried
        To protect the country from going to the dogs.wake up kababayan at alisin natin ang maling akala natin sa mga nakalas .itaguyod natin ang kapayapaan.Mabuhay si BBM.Stand for the right VP!

    56. Sec. Tatad, Pres. Ferdinand Marcos was able to declare Martial Law by himself based 1987 Constitution that does not need the concurrence of Congress. In the 1987 Cory Constitution, the president can only declare Martial Law with the concurrence of 2/3 separate votes of Congress. Why is Pnoy and the palace afraid that Bong Bong Marcos might declare Martial Law if the Marcoses will return to Malacanang? Will the people allow Martial Law again?

      • @ APO3KR.. when you hit your thumb with a hammer and it hurt.. did you hit it again ?? Simple minded conclusion, that just because President Marcos declared martial law that Sen. Marcos would do the same. I think the hammer hit your head.

    57. What a great article to start my day! Hope other Millenials can read this. Share! Good Morning Philippines.

    58. I am very much agree to you Mr . Tatad , your column has so much information that Filipinos should read to open their minds to what is really going on to our nation .

    59. everythingunderthesun on

      This is such a good read. My childhood was a lie…. God. I am saddened by what had happened to this country. Our country. If only, if only everyone is aware of this side of the story. Ahh

    60. ha ha tru..baliw na presidente ng pilipinas..katulad xa ng mga magulang at pamilya nia mga traidor sa bayan..so tama na sobra na yan dpat pra sa kanila hindi kay marcos na nagmalasakit sa bayan..bakit mga kabataan support nila c marcos?dahil matatalino cla..inaral nila ang kasaysayan..c marcos unity ang sinisigaw…c aquino division nmn…sa totoo lang pag nanalo c marcos at robredo katapusan na ang bansang pilipinas..cla ang taong mapaglinlang sa bayan..

    61. narciso franco on

      Well said ! Hoping the youth read this brief history to balance what the President accusation of Marcos! No wonder the social trending about Marcos golden years is ironically down to what Aquino’s bronze is – a sad, sad reality !

    62. Yolanda survivor on

      When martial law was declared, as a teenager I was eager to learn what it is all about about that? What’s difference between the country being run by a martial law or for a democratic form of government? If I have to ask, I would prefer to be under martial law government as compared today wherein there is no law and order. Filipinos have been disciplined to follow laws and everything was in order. There were no street boys, snatchers, theft and robberies. If someone is afraid of, you might as well be a leftist.

      You are right Mr. Tatad, the Malacanang is more focused for the vice-presidential candidate of Mr. Marcos as compared with the opponents of their presidential candidate of Mar Roxas. They did not think that attacking Mr. Marcos, will make him more popular.

    63. MadaboutAmnesia on

      why did you deliberately skip the fact that the Vice-Presidency position is only a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the Philippines ?

      It is just common sense – so let us not fool ourselves. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ferdinand had absolute power. Make your own conclusion. Compute a Philippine President’s Peso salary and match that against the lifestyle of the family during and after their reign, in the Philippines & abroad. Investments ? Ferdinand was basically an employee of the government or of the Filipino people, on a salary basis all throughout his working life. Now did he used his government positions to enrich himself ? I guess you know the answer to my rhetorical question.

      The legacy of the Marcos regime if it can be called one – is the “corruptive culture” of almost everyone in government/public service. Because fortune was enjoyed by only a select few, and economic growth was stagnant ( it was the beginnings of OFWs ),those at the bottom decided to fend for themselves, small time or big time.

      Intentionally or unintentionally, you have displayed your true colors. I thought you had completely changed 180 degrees, when you started writing those brave columns in Mr. & Ms. Magazine during the twilight years of the Marcos regime.

      What a disappointment you are.

      • Hijo, in fairness to the guy, Mr. Marcos has a law office with Quasha and they are retained by a lot of business entities before so you can never say that he has just been working all his life from salaries. Second, I have a document that shows that even during the 50s, Mr. Marcos has already beneficial interests on several gold assets which I can only surmised as a product of a beneficial collaboration with those Swiss lawyers who he may have met during those US Senate hearings in the late 40s while representing the country to get war backpay claims and those Swiss guys defending their country from US investigations of laundering of gold and cash for Hitler. Third, his real father, a Chua belongs to the elite in a lineage whose heritage belongs to the royalty pre-dating Mao’s communist rule. The proof is when Joseph received the royal treatment in his first state visit to tsayna as he was advised by Imelda to include Bonget in his delegation – as Joseph asked for Imelda’s advice since the former does not know anyone in tsayna at that time.

      • He did nt deliberately skip the fact that the Vice-Presidency position is only a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the Philippines. In fact He discussed it in a single paragraph.

        The long view
        But one more thing needs to be said, Although Bongbong may not have in him Aquino’s vindictive streak, and as Vice President, he may take no active interest in jailing Aquino for his crimes, his own presidency could just be a matter of time, and when his time comes, he could have the nation’s political history purged of all the bogus and revisionist claims that have made heroes out of opportunists, traitors, villains and scoundrels during the two Aquino regimes. The Aquinos, whose treason began with PNoy’s grandfather’s collaboration with the Japanese during the last Pacific war, would finally be exposed for what they are, and brought down from their outrageous pedestal.

      • Corrupt kamo e madami noong martial law? Mali ka na yata e doon noon sa baryo namin e di makapangurakot ang kapitan ng barangay, ang hepe ng mga pulis, ang guro sa paaralan, ang.kagawad ng barangay, piro ngayon ano kabataang barangay na nga lang kurakot na. Guro noon na di kilangang mangulikta ng kung ano ano contribusyon piro ngayon ano na, may binata lang na walang trabaho noon na tatambay tambay sa kalsada papatawag na pati magulang at tatanongin kung bakit nagbubulakbol ang binata at di tumutulong sa gawain sa bahay, hay nako di ko alam kung saan mo napulot pinagsasabi mo. Mga bahay namin noon e di na kilangang bumili ng kandado, kalangan mo lang ng kahoy at babalikan mo bahay mo ganoon pa din dahil alam ng mga tao na pag gumawa ka ng mali e si apo Lakay ang bahala sa yo. Magalang kaming mga bata noon sa mga nakakatanda at sa mga kawani ng gobyerno. Kagalanggalang ang mga trabahador ng Gov’t dahil alam ng mga tao na kunti lang sahod piro tapat sa paglilingkod. Nako po kung nakita nyo lang noon sa kanayonan e ang saya.

      • I rather choose lesser evil (marcos era)in which STILL benefited the majority of the people most specially the poor, ordinary and less fortunate. Compared to the Aquinos in which TOO MUCH FREEDOM…that leads to almost lawlessnes, the rise of the Lords.. Gambling, Drugs, The 3G’s.. GOLD,GUNS n GOONS. Everyone wants to rule their own turfs. More human rights violations, corruptions in every branch of government offices. Etc… “TOO MUCH ARE BAD”

    64. Rudolfo a.bernardez lv on

      It is indeed very seasonable for the good senator to have come up with this piece,especially at this time when renewed and relentless unfounded attacks againt the marcoses are being waged by media outfits friendly to the aquinos and cohorts.
      This laudable effort to put the record straight from the good senator is truly enlightening, and it goes without saying,we strongly suggest he-and others possessing information of this nature-maake more “disclosures”. Thank you!

    65. Very well written mr. Tatad. I know these are all true because you yourself was a witness just like me. You are then the palace’s spokesperson who also suffered villifying from the Aquinos and their yellow armies during their reign..sana mabasa lahat ng mga kabataan ito pra mamulat sila sa katotohanan.

    66. Very well written mr. Tatad. I know these are all truths because you yourself is a witness just like me. You are then the palace’s spokesperson who also suffered villifying from the Aquinos and their yellow armies during their reign..sana mabasa lahat ng mga kabataan ito pra mamulat sila sa katotohanan.

    67. bernadette aspiras on

      I was teary-eyed sir while reading your article because I knew every bit of it is true. In my mind, I thought ‘this is the kit tatad I used to know as one of the late PFEM’s secretaries. Thank you for taking the time to pen this article.

    68. The truth shall set you free! the logo of the catholic inspired tabloid Veritas proclaims on its headings as it invites readers to peruse so they will learn the truth in the dying years of Marcos rule. Among them the fake Marcos medals and the realities of his Martial Law administration.As one of the intellectuals of the Catholic church, I wonder why you omitted Cardinal Sin in your diatribes against the Edsa revolt of 1986 used by the Aquinos in their hatred of anything Marcos.Cardinal Sin is the main pivot of this revolt against Marcos, without him there is no people power led by the catholics as they claim and the putchists led by Enrile will be six feet underground. The late Senator Jovy Salonga, a respected elder of our church could have been a greater president than Marcos because he is honest and not corrupt. Jovy Salonga singled out Joma Sison as the mastermind of the Plaza Miranda bombing that nearly cost his life.He speaks the truth, the communist bomber confessed and confirmed by NPA renegade Victor Corpus.Your column looks like your introduction in Marcos of the Philippines, a book full of lies and foreboding of what will happen to our country under Marcos rule. I was watching the live TV coverage of your dismissal by Marcos as Press Secretary because of untold wealth not disillusioned as you claimed.You wrote of other half truths but I agree that the solid north which I belong is rekindled by Bongbong Marcos, my sons who are all martial law babies likes Bongit because he is cool and dont care about the pop. Meanwhile, I am back to reality of contemplating how our dreams of EDSA became a nightmare and how to choice the least evil among the presidential candidates

      • Well said, this Tatad was dismissed by Marcos for corruption. He was lucky the people revolt did not send Marcos henchmen to firing squad. That’s the fault of EDSA 1, too soft. Now this guy telling half truth to glorify his days with Marcos.

    69. Mahal ka ni Lord GRACE POE hindi ka nya pababayaan. Madam president Grace Poe alam ko
      ikaw ang mananalong president ng republika ng pilipinas at c Vice
      ferdinand Marcos. Viva Grace. Poe the president of the Philippines

      doubt she is a true filipino…the issue about her citizenship is just a
      political strategy of the other candidates because they are afraid
      Grace will win the presidency!

      love you Senator Grace Poe, We will never give up on you, never lost
      hope still praying and hoping the Supreme Court will decide in your
      favor. Poe for President!Dapat
      ang ackasuhin nla ung kaso ng mamasapano un ang halukayin nla.hnd ung
      pgkatao n ms.poe ei, ano qng hnd xa tunay n pilipino qng xa nman ay
      tapat mglingkod s ating bansa hnd k2lad ng ibang nkaupo s malacañang
      tunay nga n pilipino cla rn ang ng bigay ng mrming problema.

      has every political ammunition to be a President of Philippines, we owe
      her the winning opportunity – the Rest Of The world think father was
      cheated from becoming President. We owe to the Daughter and full

      Support to Grace Poe

      kang bumetaw madam grace,,, nandito lng kami sumoporta xa inyo,,, God
      always guide you,,, at sana magigeng mas lalong matatag qa para lahat ng
      pilipino,,,, gogogogo,,, fight,fight,fight,,,, i will pray na ang aming
      presedente ngaung 2016,,,ay ikaw nah,,,God bless u all the
      time,,,,mhwaaaaaaaaa,,, love u much,,,

      i vote u as a president. I salute u, idol q po ang daddy nu c late
      Fernando Poe Junior kilala s pngalang FPJ.mbuhay po kau future

      • Rodan Guerrero on

        To Lamon Lamon: You must be crazy….GP is wrapped with LIES from birth. I have not seen a greeenhorn politician as ambitious and as LIAR as her. What kind of preparation does she have to qualify as president? The presidency is not a joke…this is proven by how BSA does it. We must elect a president who is capable of addressing the needs of the country and its people. In her DQ cases, all her evidence as point blank lies. Have you ever seen a person having 2 conflicting birth certificates? The other birth cerificate she presented says she is a biological daughter of Susan Roces. She declared different dates of her stay here when she ran for the Senate and now she is running for president. Do you trust a LIAR like Grace Poe to become the President of this country? Of course everybody make lies but not as Grace Poe profesionally does.

    70. “Cory spent her six and a half years in office trying to wipe out anything and everything that bore Marcos’ mark. She discarded the government’s full-scale industrialization program; scrapped the Department of Energy, the all-but completed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and the entire national energy program; exempted her own family-held Hacienda Luisita from land reform; left all of Imelda Marcos’ cultural projects to the elements….”

      And the Aquinos are still wondering why people are now supporting Bongbong Marcos.

    71. It is true that the years of Marcos were Golden. I totally agree with that. We are speaking of business, not personal. Aquino’s family cannot trumpet anything good done to the Philippines. Admit it, Benigno Sr. is a national traitor that why he was killed. He put the Philippines in total danger when he revealed state secret about Sabah. Me and my family will vote for Bongbong Marcos. I emailed him and he responded in kind. No politician has ever done that before. You email them, they will not even bother giving you any response. Don’t tell about the billions of pesos stolen during Martial law, tell me about the billions of pesos now missing and stolen during Pnoy’s administration. If I were to implement DAANG MATUWID, i would lose every single member of my family, friends and political allies BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO BE RIGHTEOUS. The moment somebody does against Daang Matuwid, he would have to go either to jail or lose employment. But not for this administration. Enough of that. The Aquino’s only motive in fighting Marcos is to keep Hacienda Luisita. To hell with them. Up to now, the land belongs to them despite the Agrarian Reform Law. During Marcos years, I experienced peace both in our daily lives and highly conducive business environment. My business prospered without fear of being threatened by everybody starting from the baranggay officials up to the president. It was very peaceful. The people have sense of moral and national responsibility during those years hence the society was more caring with each other. Enough of trash talk Mr. President. Your regime is not even a drop of water to quench the thirst of the Filipino people. The growth and investment this government’s is bragging is the STOCK MARKET that enriches more the rich and foreigners, not the common masses. Admit it, you Mr. President is only serving the rich like you. Your family never helped the Philippines. It is a sad truth, but it is a fact. If the country has to be govern again under martial law, so be it to bring back the peace, decency and self respect that we used to enjoy. There is nothing personal here, I am objective in my writing thus the truth.

      • You got e-mailed from Marcos and you believed he do it personally for you. Your letter is just like an actor fan mail that was replied by the staff of your idol.
        “to implement DAANG MATUWID, i would lose every single member of my family, friends and political allies BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO BE RIGHTEOUS”.
        Are you saying your family and friends are all corrupt that’s why you will lose them? Pity you, you have lost your mind or perhaps suffering second childhood.

    72. If what is written in this article are true, because i really have no intentions of not beleiving this highly respected writer. All these Senators who took money to impeach the cheif Justice of the Phillipines should be lock up for life, this is corruption of the higest level. this clearly makes the Phillipines the mother of corruption. Leadersship starts from the top down. President Aqunio himself should face the music as well.
      Another Article which hit the nail directly on the head.
      God bless.

    73. The moment Presidential candidates VP Binay nor Digong Duterte declared winner in the May 9,2016 election. BS Aquino should be arrested and detained immediately and no cabinet members or his appointees should be allowed to leave the country.These people are corrupt, they destroyed the every fibers of our laws of the land( constitution and emptied the country’s coffers.It’s inevitable Senator Bong bong Marcos will win the vice presidency.

      • i doubt it if binay will have the balls to incarcerate penoy. ang laki ng utang na loob nyan kay cory. isang patak ng crocodile tear ni kris bibigay agad si binay.

    74. deborah g. celedonio on

      This must be placed in Philippine history. I never honor ninoy aquino as hero for he died not for his country but for his self vested interest. The late President FM is the best president of the Philippines. He is the true hero.

    75. The Presidency of both the Mother & son are the worst in Philippines history. They are the one that divide the country… They are very incompetent in doing the responsibility as head of State..

    76. feliza o palay on

      Yes sir you got it! People should know why MARTIAL law was declared. We would like also to know remarkable changes in the life of JUAN DELA Cruz after the EDSA!

    77. Pres.Aquino should actively support his LP candidates; mentioning his enemies in a debate is not a good strategy. I thought he was the President of the Philippines voters not just an LP.

    78. If President Marcos did not declare Martial Law, the Philippines would have become communist nation and millions of Filipinos purged & killed worse than Cambodia killing fields.

      Cory did not accompany and was not physically beside Ninoy returning to Manila?


    79. And what is so cool about a LIAR who makes up something about graduating from Oxford and Wharton? just following his fathers footsteps of lying about medals from world war 2…. and you might be just one of them liars as well.

      • He is a liar, he benefitted from that regime as well. Now he’s using his “writer” status (I put that in quotation marks because REAL writers say the truth) to counteract anti-Marcos talk.

    80. What would we expect from a “tuta” ng mga marcos like you. You are a traitor to the Filipino people! We can only wonder how much you got from the Marcoses during that evil term. Ilan ba pera nakuha mo mula sa inutang ni marcos sa ngalan ng sambayanang Pilipino? syempre sasabihin mo wala…Pres. Aquino is not afraid of BBM, he is afraid for the future of the ordinary Filipinos and if worse comes to worst you will be just another traitor!

      • Reynaldogarcia@yahoo.com on

        What a nonsense you talking about, future of the ordinary people you say, that’s way he vetoed your idol Noynoy the 2000 pesos for the senior SSS pensioner, better open your eyes, Mr. Allen, at this time lyou are not safety holding your celpon outside even inside the vehicle, worst crime and flowing of drugs entire our country he made our country more worst

      • Very true, i lost my cel while driving. Mga kriminal di na takot sa batas, literally binale-wala. That’s what i call living in fear. Wala tayong tunay na kalayaan. Si noynoy Abnoy on the other hand, takot na takot kay BBM. Puro stasat at paninisi. Paninira at higit sa lahat pag angat sa sarili nyang bangko. Yan ang “tama na, sobra na! ” the very words they were chanting in edsa PPI, sa kanya nararapat.

      • I am currently based in Sg for suspecialty training. Kakainggit sila. People here are disciplined. May respeto sa batas. I feel safe here. Walang masyadong krimen. Pero syempre iba sa Pinas. Sayang, we had the chance to be a great nation, noong panahon ni FEM.

      • Some of the money is not stolen money from the government but some are gifts if you know how business and politics works, do the math.

      • I agree with you Arnold. Even yung shoes na sinasabi nilang kay Imelda most if it were given to her by shoemakers in Marikina. She wears them to promote them. Kaya malakas shoe industry noon dito. Binawi ng Marikeños ang mga sapatos na yun at nakalagay ngayon sa shoe museum. Si Ming Ramos nga di ba ang dami din gamit kinuha sa Malacañang. Sabi mga regalo din.

      • Tama ka po. Marcose money did not come only from “pangungurakot”. Some were gifts probably from foreign investors and other businessmen doing good businesses in our country. How about business at this era? Businessmen, be it legal or otherwise, give ” gifts” starting to baranggay officials up to the highest position in the government, including but not limited to their relatives, friends, supporters and mga ka alyados. And worst, even to the private armies like NPA, ASG and other rebel groups, in order to make your business (again legal or illegal like drugs etc), smooth sailing and providing good money.

      • the aquinos were the traitors. philippines back then was in order and children were sent in schools, nourishment was for every one and the poverty rate is low. tinitingala ang bansang pilipinas noong panahon ni marcos at kinaiinggitan ng ibang bansa. masagana ang lupang ito bago nila (aquino) ginulo ang pamamalakad ni marcos. i love this article. this is the truth behind the aquinos lies.