• Why is Comelec still dealing with Smartmatic?


    THIS important question was the headline of a recent Times column by former Comelec Commissioner Gus Lagman.

    It looks like the Commission on Elections is forced to impose on our Republic the same questionable Smartmatic Automated Election System (AES), using the PCOS machines, used in the 2010 and 2013 elections. The legality of the system, the soundness, absence of fraud, verifiability and correctness of the results in these two national elections are being questioned in the Supreme Court, in the Comelec and in the pages and broadcasts of a few non-coopted media as The Manila Times.

    Technical experts of the Comelec and in the information technology and communications industries agree that the Smartmatic-TIM’s AES and PCOS machines should be scrapped.

    But Comelec will not scrap the PCOS machines and Smartmatic-TIM. Why? The reason should frighten all of us ordinary Filipinos. In brief, it is because the world’s powers, in league with the Aquino Regime and the brains ruling our country since Mr. BS Aquino became our president (thanks to Smartmatic-TIM and the PCOS machines), have apparently decided, for their own benefit, to run our country the way they like and do away with the true will of the people.

    Life like Orwell’s “1984” begins here
    This development brings to the Philippines the beginning of life for mankind as told in the dystopian novel “1984” by George Orwell and many TV shows and movies with the same dire premise and projections.

    Smartmatic-TIM’s AES using PCOS machines should be banned if only because of it’s lack of accuracy. Here are the exact words of Mr. Gus Lagman:

    “During the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee hearing on August 6, 2015, I read a statement which I am reproducing below, with some minor editing:

    “For our elections to be credible, three things must be present: 1) accuracy of the counting; 2) transparency of the process; and 3) speed. All three must be present.

    How does Smartmatic’s PCOS fare with respect to these requirements?”

    In this editorial we will only take up accuracy. We will do transparency and speed in subsequent issues.


    “No mock election conducted by Smartmatic has produced the required accuracy rate of 99.995% or better (1 error in 20,000 marks)

    “The 2010 Random Manual Audit (RMA) resulted in only a 99.6% accuracy rate (80 errors in 20,000)

    “The July 24-25, 2012 mock elections in Congress resulted in only a 97.215%accuracy rate (557 errors in 20,000)

    “The 2013 RMA resulted in only a 98.86% accuracy rate (228 errors in 20,000).

    PCOS failed to transmit ERs
    “In 2010, 9% of the PCOS units failed to transmit the Election Returns (ERs) to the Transparency Server; in 2013, 23% of them failed.

    “The huge differences between the PCOS and manual counts in the election cases in General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, and Dinalupihan, Bataan are clear proofs of PCOS’ inaccurate counting and/or vulnerability to internal tampering. There surely would have been more had the protest process not been seriously impaired

    “Smartmatic’s counts and canvassing results were so arbitrary. This was exemplified by the progress of Senator Poe’s total votes. In the May 18, 2013 report, with only 42% of the votes canvassed, she already garnered 20,147,423 votes. Extrapolating the total with the remaining 58% would have brought her total to more than the voter turn-out of 39 million. But instead, in the June 7 report, she only gained 189,904 votes. Some suspect that the results were massaged. And then, in the June 11 report, her total votes went down to 16,340,333.” There was no credible explanation for this phenomenon.


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    1. The PCOS magic is the best thing that ever happened to our country. It gave us a BS for a president. It will give us another BS as a successor. It’s a price for our complacency, and a BS opposition who is too busy waging a useless campaign to even notice.

    2. The Smartmatic PCOS Machine insures the safety of Aquino after his term, to digitally elect his chosen Mar Roxas. Thats the real reason why the Comelec cannot or would not get out of the Smartmatic deal. After all the Comelec is dominated by Aquino’s minions. We must stand up against this Smartmatic deal. Otherwise it will be useless to vote on election day.

    3. Concern-Citizen on

      Ang COMELEC ay siyang hostage ngayon nang kumpanyang SMARTMATIC sa dahilang alam nila kung sino-sino yung tao sa high places at sa COMELE ang naki-pagsabwatan sa kanila. Kapag hindi pumayag ang administrasyon sa gusto ng Smartmatic – di ang lalabasan – they will spill the beans. Ano pang equations ang gusto pa ninyong hanapin – wala nang ibang dahilan.

    4. Says: “If money talks everybody.” What is the big deal anyway for the COMELEC to continue dealing with Smartmatic if their very intention is to have a clean, orderly and honest election?
      I think nothing except perhaps the promised of big bulk of money in the said transactions.

      They know for a fact how Smartmatic failed its function with a 99% inaccuracy during the past election but how come still the COMELEC re accepted this company’s offer of the use of their PCOS come 2016 elections?

      If the COMELEC was doing their job well they must ask first for a 1st, 2nd and even 3rd opinions from different sectors if how Smartmatic is reliable when it comes to our very purpose of counting our cast ballots.

      However, there was no scenes as such portrait by the COMELEC. In fact when formewr Sixto Brillantes retired from his office last year , we were just surprise to see that there was already such completed negotiation transpired between the COMELEC and the Smartmatic. One of the reasons behind the COMELEC given was that we must in a hurry ordering PCOS since their office is running out of time to have these machines check and evaluated.

      We are in a democratic country that the COMELEC must be opened its transactions to the public for public scrutiny, this must not be side lighted if the COMELEC has nothing to hide from the public.

      The problem was only few knew such contract and negotiations done by the COMELEC.

      If manual counting is less expense in the part of the government why not go back to the old system though we must wait a month or so for the total ballot cast counted?

      Than we go on modernizing counting with a lot of lapses and questionable results!

    5. jesus nazario on

      If we can’ get rid of Smartmatic, why don’t we get rid of its sponsors in and out of Comelec instead ? The question is how ? Any ideas ?

    6. Sa wikang Filipino, siguro ang tamang tanong ay hindi “Bakit nakikipagtungo pa rin ang Comelec sa Smartmatic kung hindi… Magkano ang pakikitungo ng Comelec sa SmartMaatik.

    7. Let me answer the title of the editorial in a few written words – MONEY from commissions and kickbacks. There is no other reason why Smartmatic is being protected by no less than the Comelec itself.