• Why Iza Calzado always shines



    Iza Calzado is one actress who is secure of what she is as a performer. She is definitely high on the list of our local entertainment’s most credible actresses, but she is not the type who’d rest on her laurels. She is not even the kind of actress is who is very picky when accepting a role. She doesn’t always need be the lead.

    In fact, in her latest film outing, The Candidate from Quantum Films, Iza is playing a supporting role to Derek Ramsay and Shaina Magdayao. She plays the role of Vera Sanchez, a senatorial candidate who was the ex-girlfriend of Derek’s character who is also vying for a senatorial slot. The movie opens on May 11, two days after we vote for a new president to lead us for the next six years.

    Iza describes her character Vera Sanchez as very ambitious. “She is the type of person who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. It’s as simple as that. But the character was not patterned after a specific politician. There is really no peg,” said the award-winning actress who added she agreed to do My Candidate for her friend Quark Henares who is making a directorial comeback after five years of absence from the scene. She, however, rues that she doesn’t have a kissing scene with Derek.

    After starring in ‘My Candidate,’ Iza Calzado is scheduled to begin a drama series with Bea Alonzo on ABS-CBN

    After starring in ‘My Candidate,’ Iza Calzado is scheduled to begin a drama series with Bea Alonzo on ABS-CBN

    “I was surprised nobody asked why I am not the lead in this film and yes, this is not the first time. Work is work. As long as the role is fun or is challenging, I am going to accept it,” related the beautiful actress.

    Iza is known to captivate the audience with her acting prowess—she can do wonders with her role, and no matter how small the part, she manages to shine. Remember that movie she did with Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga where she stole the thunder from the leading lady? It was her performance in the movie that people remembered.

    In her most recent trip to Los Angeles, Iza enrolled in some classes, one of them for improvisation and the other for audition techniques. She also took a speech class.

    “It’s better to be prepared right? I want to explore several things. Whatever it is, I am just preparing myself for my future,” she said.

    Iza added that she wants to equip herself with the right acting tools if and when she decides to pursue a Hollywood dream.

    “Why do you have to wait for a role to come to you? Why don’t you prepare for it? I studied audition techniques, which is totally different. We are not used to auditioning here. Thank you for saying that I am good but I always say that there is so much room for improvement. I am happy with my growth as an actress but I believe we ought to strive to be better.”

    Besides from finishing My Candidate, Iza is doing a new soap for ABS-CBN with Ian Veneracion and Bea Alonzo as her co-stars. She is excited to work with Bea after the longest time, and she believes this is the right project for both of them.

    Finally, Iza said she is also doing a psycho-thriller film to be directed by Jerrold Tarog for Artikulo Uno Productions, the makers of Heneral Luna.


    The ordeal of Ana Capri is far from over. We came across her Facebook post where she is appealing to the public to help find the man or at least the identity of the man who sexually and physically assaulted her on April 3 at the Palace Pool Club.

    Her post continues: “Surely he is protected by wealth and surrounded by rich and influential friends. Allowing him to roam freely is as easy as allowing him to do it one, two or ten more women. This case is not just about me. Its about the flight women go through every day.”

    It’s been more than a month since that incident happened to the actress but she has yet to figure out who her attacker was. Maybe the guy is a big shot and is protected by what she says are rich and influential friends. We hope that soon, Ana will find the justice she deserves.


     Lawyer Dot Balasbas-Gancayco is seeking a congressional seat through the AGBIAG party list

    Lawyer Dot Balasbas-Gancayco is seeking a congressional seat through the AGBIAG party list

    Former singer and media personality Atty. Dot Balasbas-Gancayco is seeking a congressional seat as one of the nominees of #113 AGBIAG Partylist.

    The former singer was endorser by her erstwhile manager Boy Abunda, as well as by Nonoy Zuniga, her niece Erich Gonzales and her boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga, teen actor Yves Flores, and other celebrities like Tirso Cruz 3rd, Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz, Al Tantay, Marissa Sanchez and Ricky Davao.

    Atty. Gancayco is a multi-awarded lawyer, writer, singing and dance champion and fun run winner as well. She graduated Valedictorian from her class in Kamuning Elementary School. She quit showbiz when she gave birth to her second child. She is married to Atty. Pablo Gancayco.

    She became chief of staff of several representatives in Congress. In the last Congress, she was voted president of the association of Chiefs of Staff where she served for 20 years, together with Gov. Abet Garcia of Bataan and Rep. Patrick Antonio of AGBIAG Partylist.

    She is known for providing free legal service to the poor, as well as on television and radio. Whenever there are fund raising events for singers and actors, Atty. Gancayco is sure to lend a helping hand and has assisted beleaguered OFWs who are members of bands.


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