• Why Jennylyn refuses to talk about Dennis



    Laughs off rumors she is pregnant

    “Let’s not talk about him,” Jenny-lyn Mercado told me when Showbuzz asked her anew about her rumored romance with Dennis Trillo.

    “Whatever is between us, just leave it to us. I want to keep my love life private as much as I can help it. It’s hard when you are so open about that area in your life—people tend to say a lot. It’s like they want to make decisions for you. Whatever you see in social media, those are the only things we can share with everyone.”

    In their respective social media accounts Jen and Dennis have posts that show the real score between them. In one of her latest uploads, Jen wrote she’s missing “papaw,” her term of endearment for Dennis. Dennis, on the other hand, has been promoting Jen’s new album much as he can on his personal sites, which is for release this week.

    Jennylyn Mercado

    Jennylyn Mercado

    One thing she made sure to say about Dennis however is that she is definitely not pregnant with his child as the rumor mill has been churning.

    Meanwhile, besides saying very little about relationship with her on and off again boyfriend in interviews, Jen also avoids topic concerning his son Jazz by Patrick Garcia. “Just like any other mom, I’m protective of my son. Jazz goes to school already and I want him to have a normal life like ordinary kids. I want to shield him from intrigues or issues that might arise because of his being so exposed to the public. I really want him to have the privacy he deserves.” Clearly, when it comes looking after her family and the people she loves, Jen is all out. She will always go an extra mile just to make them happy.

    “As we talk right now, my mom is having a grand time in Bangkok. That’s my birthday gift to her. Mama is already 74, and at her age she should just be enjoying life. That’s why when she said she wanted to go to Thailand for her birthday, I booked her trip immediately.”

    GMA Network’s “Ultimate Star” is working as hard as ever these days. She definitely believes in the saying strike while the iron is hot.

    “I can’t stop working because I’m the breadwinner in the family. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. In fact, I can say that I’m happily working. I am so thankful to GMA they never get tired of taking care of me. They always give me good projects,” Jen enthused.

    Currently, Jen is excited about hosting the network’s newest celebrity talent search Superstar Duets, whose pilot episode is tomorrow [see related story below].

    “That’s an original concept from GMA,” Jen beams with pride. “I’m so happy that I am working with the likes of Kuya Allan K, Christian Bautista and Aicelle Santos who serve as judges in the show. Taping is so much fun with the celebrity contestants too.”

    Besides Superstar Duets, Jen is just waiting for the go signal from GMA to start taping her drama series My Love From the Stars. An audition is being conducted for her leading man who is supposed to be eight to 10 years her junior.

    Meanwhile, as Jen waits to start her new soap, she will be busy promoting her new album under Ivory Records entitled Hagdan. Proud of her latest recording, she related, “People have been used to hearing me sing love songs so this will show my other side as a singer. I have upbeat songs in this album. Even the arrangements of the tracks are different. I’m so excited to get feedback as I go around the country for promos.”

    Dingdong Dantes is excited to get back to doing a lot of action scenes in his new show, ‘Alyas Robinhood;’ similarly the actor is ecstatic to reunite with drama king Christopher De Leon who will play his father in the show

    Dingdong Dantes is excited to get back to doing a lot of action scenes in his new show, ‘Alyas Robinhood;’ similarly the actor is ecstatic to reunite with drama king Christopher De Leon who will play his father in the show

    Vacation mode is over for Dingdong Dantes. GMA Network’s Primetime King has buckled down to work right after his Balesin vacation with wife Marian and baby Zia. Dingdong said that their getaway was only a two-day break, but it was all worth it.

    “That’s the kind of vacation that you will always look back on. Two days is too short, I know, but the fun we had was more than enough. Just watching Zia with the new tricks she’s learned are priceless for me,” Dingdong enthused.

    The top actor is now in the thick of taping for his new primetime series Alyas Robinhood. He describes the story to be very engaging and is excited to get back to doing a lot of action scenes. He related that for the first time in his acting career, he will get to show his skills in archery.

    Dong is also very excited to be working with drama king Christopher De Leon for the program. “It’s been a while since I last worked with Brother Bo. I think that was in the soap Pahiram Ng Sandali. I’m glad that we’re working again together in this project. He plays my dad in the story and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.”

    It isn’t just Boyet whom Dong is excited to work with but the rest of the stellar cast in Cannes Best Actress Jaclyn Jose and Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival Best Actor Sid Lucero.

    “I look forward to doing my scenes with Tita Jane because I know how good she is as an actress; likewise with Sid. I’ve never had the chance to work with them before and I hope their acting chops rub off on me!”

    Also in the cast are former Miss World Megan Young who plays leading lady to Dong, also for the first time; Andrea Torres who plays the role of a sexy con artist; and Gary Estrada who is making his acting comeback after many years of serving the province of Quezon as an elected official.

    Saying goodbye to his co-stars in Conan, My Beautician was not easy for Mark Herras. He couldn’t believe it was their last taping day when Showbuzz visited him on the set.

    “We’ve been working for almost three months and we’ve developed the kind of closeness where everyone’s so comfortable with one another. The fun on the set is also unforgettable. You can just imagine what it’s like to work with a cast of comedians—Ate Cacai, Betong, Tetay, Jerald, Ate Boobsie. Their adlibs are killers!” Mark shared.

    After his comedy stint, Mark returns to drama in Sa Piling Ni Nanay with Yasmien Kurdi and Katrina Halili. The soap, actually, is also about to end, which will allow the actor some time for himself.

    “I’m going to go back to body building—I need it for my stamina so I can work the long hours of taping once the next project comes along.”

    He is also looking forward to spending time with girlfriend Wyn Marquez, whom he has openly said he would like to marry in two years’ time. “I have plans to propose to her already but I can’t tell you when that will be. I want it to be simple but memorable. For now, I just want to work and save money because I want to give Wyn a good life when we get married and start a family,” the actor intimated.

    SHORTS… Tom Rodriguez is busy on the promo trail for his primetime soap Someone To Watch Over Me with Lovi Poe, and a weekly afternoon reality show Hashtag Like, which he will be hosting with child social media sensation Balang….

    …The buzz that Julie Ann San Jose is playing sweet music with Benjamin Alves will surely persist now that they’ve been given a soap opera. The two have already had a story conference, where Showbuzz asked them if they’re an item. Julie Ann just said, “What you see is what you get.”


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