Why KC Concepcion looks – and smells – good


kc120160303In a report by menshealth.com, Gary Beauchamp, Ph. D, director of the US-based Monell Chemical Senses Center, reveals that olfaction—or the sense of smell—can discern so much more than people realize because among all the four other senses, it reaches the emotional part of the brain the fastest.

This only goes to prove that a person’s scent can play a major role in physical attraction. No less than showbiz royalty KC Concepcion believes in this as she revealed during her launch as brand ambassador of Natural Looks Philippines, an international perfume and skincare company originating from Jordan and operating in UK, Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia. As such, she advises women to choose perfumes that suit their personalities.

“If you’re feminine, you should have a floral scent,” she elaborated. “If you’re athletic, you can go for a musky one. For me, if you smell good, you will definitely be attractive.”

Endorsing Natural Looks, whose flagship store is located at The Annex of SM North Edsa in Quezon City, Concepcion assured Filipinas an extensive range of fragrances to choose from, not only in terms of scent but also longevity.

KC Concepcion—is ready to find love this year PHOTOS BY ABBY PALMONES

KC Concepcion—is ready to find love this year PHOTOS BY ABBY PALMONES

“What is nice about Natural Looks is that it has a body spray that you can use often during the day but it also has a glass-type perfume that is long-lasting. There is also a line that you can keep in your pocket,” she added.

Asked to reveal her favorites, she picked fruity and vanilla-based scents. That night though, she was in the mood to wear the Raspberry because it evokes romance.

The topic of love finally on the table, Concepcion—who looked in her best shape ever wearing a revealing black top—admitted she is ready to find love this year.

“Hopefully, 2016 will be good to me in the love department,” the actress, who has had rocky relationships and highly publicized breakups, smiled.

“[I hope] to really be with one who will be proud to be with me and I with him. I would like to explore the world with a special someone,” she enthused. “I would like to be in a relationship na hindi tinatago [that is not hidden]. I really would love to express myself freely.”

But for now, the ABS-CBN talent and United Nations ambassador is more than happy with her latest project as endorser of Natural Looks.

Besides perfumes, Natural Looks also features a complete skincare line

Besides perfumes, Natural Looks also features a complete skincare line

“I’ve really been dreaming of endorsing a perfume line . . . [because]everywhere I go, I always look for perfumes. I first found out about this brand in the UK. And finally, when I found out that they already opened a store in the Philippines, and that they wanted to tap me as their endorser, I got very excited,” she explained.

Natural Looks is distributed in the Philippines by Filipino-Jordanian Sabreen Daas, who said in separate interview, “KC is one of the celebrities that when she chooses something, there’s a special reason a behind it. For us, she is a very influential individual across different generations. She is a UN Ambassador [against Hunger under the World Food Programme]. She always stands for something. And this reflects our brand in terms of social responsibility because we use natural ingredients and we don’t test on animals, among others,” she continued.

And while Concepcion has endorsed some of the biggest brands in the country, she is proud to represent the newcomer that is Natural Looks.

“It’s a good risk to take,” she ended.


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  1. Well done. It looks always fresh using a green peace for only a descent people that can afford. But a lot of a high profile ignored using a natural brand.