• Why Kris can never be a ‘Kapuso’



    IS KRIS Aquino jumping ship after guesting in a GMA morning program recently?

    Rumors regarding her reportedly shortened contract with ABS-CBN have apparently led to this question.

    From a Vignettes source, the Kapuso Network has bargained for Kris’ to sign a one-year contract which she least expected.

    So, will there be a warm welcome by GMA in the offing? The same source believes otherwise.

    “This is a remote possibility. First, let’s remember that behind Kris’ career are Boy Abunda and Deo Endrinal, both very much entrenched in ABS-CBN. Second, what career awaits her in GMA where it’s now Ai Ai de las Alas’ bailiwick? Have you forgotten that Kris was one of the reasons why Ai Ai transferred to GMA in 2015?”

    Kris Aquino

    Kris Aquino

    Our source interprets Kris’ GMA appearance as yet another ploy to a) be in the news again—as she always does—upon her return after her three-month hiatus; and b) downplay frenzied media reports about her former husband James Yap’s becoming a father again this time to Mikaela this July.

    P-Noy may no longer be President, but as far as Kris is concerned, her reign should be termless.

    * * *

    A LOT of people don’t know that former sexy actress Patricia Javier is not only a lover of paintings but a painter herself.

    Married to chiropractor Rob Welcher, she admits that life in San Diego, California could be so drab and stodgy that she needed to do something to keep herself occupied and productive.

    “It was actually Rob who convinced me to try painting,” Patricia, Genesis Canlapan in real life, said of the man whom she had met at a painting exhibit before they got hitched.

    Soon enough, Patricia found herself doing one work of art after another using mixed media. When she had completed more than two dozen pieces, she knew she was ready to mount a one-woman exhibit.

    Patricia sold all 25 of her works priced between US$750 and US$900. “What could be most fulfilling was when I saw one of my paintings, actually the most expensive one, hung on the wall of the one who bought it,” she enthused.

    With her gift for painting comes an appreciative eye for the works of others. Just recently, Patricia went back to Cristy Fermin’s Mga Obra ni Nanay for a painting she fancied the first time she visited the art gallery.

    “’Nay,” she called Cristy, “gusto ko ‘yung painting sa second floor, ‘yung mga bulaklak,” referring to a huge unframed piece by UP Fine Arts student in 2010. “Kaso, baka mahal,” Patricia coyly intoned.

    In a happy huff, Cristy had the painting brought down and dusted off. An excited Patricia was all eyes on the painting; she couldn’t wait to take it home.

    “Anak, bibigyan kita ng malaking discount,” Cristy assured her.

    Neatly bubble-wrapped, Cristy had the “good buy” loaded on her van’s hood and delivered to Patricia’s abode in Quezon City.

    Mga Obra ni Nanay, which is housed at a nearby building owned by former film producer Rose Flaminiano, used to convene a weekday club. About 80 painters around the country would converge for on-the-spot painting sessions before.

    “Puwede pa rin naman dito,” Cristy said of her two-storey three-unit art gallery, “Konti na nga lang ang puwedeng ma-accommodate.”

    Brimming with hope, Patricia replied: “Sige, ‘Nay, kapag binuhay mo uli ‘yung club, sasali ako.”

    Meanwhile, Rob, Patricia’s chiropractor-husband, has been seeing and treating a good number of patients in his QC clinic now that they’ve moved to the country.

    No, Rob maintains not a single staffer as he performs procedures himself in just minutes. The chiropractor—who can immediately tell what’s “neuromuscularly” amiss with his patient by just looking at him or her—does every.

    His proud wife said, “All that the patient needs to do is to relax his upper body, then Rob begins to twist a muscle or two until the patient feels totally relieved.”

    Two of Rob’s patients who drove all the way from Bulacan to see him for treatment were Mayors Enrico Roque and Patrick Meneses.


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