Why life is rosy for Donita

Donita Rose is back on morning TV

Donita Rose is back on morning TV

One of the sweetest faces Philippine showbiz has ever seen is back on television after a two-year hiatus in the United States.

Donita Rose, who began her career as a That’s Entertainment discovery in her teens, grew up in the limelight to eventually become a movie star, the country’s very first MTV VJ, and a finally found her niche as a TV show host.

GMA Network executives called Donita all the way in Las Vegas to ask her to join character actresses Gladys Reyes and Alessandra de Rossi, along with comedic chef Boy Logoro, in its newest morning program, Basta Every Day Happy.

“I was very hesitant to accept the show at first because as a host, I know that chemistry is so important in a show with several personalities,” she confessed on Thursday at her first press conference since returning to Manila. “Thankfully, when I finally decided to do it, because I missed hosting so much, Gladys, Alex and Chef Boy and I really got along. Lahat kasi sila walang ‘kiyeme’ and non-stop talaga ang tawanan naming apat.”

It will be remembered that Donita best honed her hosting skills as one of the hosts of ABS-CBN’s morning program Umagang Kay Ganda. With her career on track following a lengthy stint in Singapore, then the Asian headquarters of MTV, and of course becoming a wife and mother, it came as a surprise when Donita left for Las Vegas with husband Eric and son Joshua in 2012.

“My husband [a Filipino-American]had a difficult time in Manila back then as a photographer and graphic designer, so I supported him in his decision to move to the States,” Donita, who is also half-American explained. “It was a good move because he now works with a top landscape photographer over there, while my son [a special child]is getting the best education with straight A’s.”

The bubbly and ever conversant lady also said she savored living in Las Vegas because it gave her a chance to finally be with her side of the family whom she hardly had lived with since she joined show business.

An Angeles, Pampanga lass, Donita’s family moved to the States following the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991.

“Siyempre naiwan ako dito because of my career and since then never really had the chance to bond with them,” she added. “So even if life is hard in the States—I’m my son’s yaya, driver, the house help, the gardener, etc.—I loved living there.

“I had lots of roles but I liked it.   It was a new season in my life but I savored living it because it gave me new lessons.”

Clearly, Donita’s return to Manila is but temporary for her husband and son stayed behind in Las Vegas.

“But I’m so grateful to them for giving me this time to do what I’ve always loved to do,” she continued. “For now, I guess I’ll be flying back and forth.  We’ll see where it all goes.”

And with that, Donita Rose flashed her famously sweet smile, which has truly been missed in showbiz.

Basta Every Day Happy premieres on Monday, May 12 at 11 a.m. on GMA Network.


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