• Why Lolis Solis is hyper happy again



    It was late last year when we spoke to a frail-sounding Lolit Solis on the phone. The veteran talent manager and showbiz scribe could hardly rise from bed with her potassium down.

    The very purpose of our call was one of concern and curiosity. She had been incommunicado for more than a week—something disturbingly peculiar for someone who’d always make her presence strongly felt in showbiz circles.

    In a weak voice Solis complained, “Grabe ‘tong nararamdaman ko, di ako makatayo.” She had planned to see a doctor, but her 67-year-old younger sister Yolanda (nicknamed Yaya)—who’s reeling from breast cancer—suggested she try herbal medicine.

    “Naku, yung kapatid ko walang bukambibig kundi ‘Healing Galing.’ Puntahan ko raw si Dr. Edinel Calvario,” Solis said. “My sister would rather see her than consult her oncologist. To this day, Yaya would rather take those organic medicines.”

    Also a patient of Calvario who’s been supplying us the same medications to address our lumbar problem, we told Solis that her Stem Cell and Longevity Clinic (in Barangay Talipapa in Novaliches, Quezon City) is just a stone’s throw away from her Fairview residence.

    According to Solis, Yaya heard so much about Healing Galing (which also airs on weekends on Radyo Singko and TV5) and has since impressed upon the talent manager its awe-inspiring wonders that western medicine perhaps cannot possibly provide the sick.

    Lolit Solis in Seoul, Korea

    “Matanda na talaga,” the septuagenarian Solis sighed in resignation. “Sige, I’ll ask Junior (her driver of more than 30 years) to take me there.”

    Her sister’s influence prevailed despite her reluctance. Back to her daily grind anew, “mas naging hyper pa nga siya, no,” a showbiz observer noted of Solis’ condition these days.


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