Why Mar? Several reasons


There are at least three explanations why President Benigno Aquino 3rd anointed his sidekick Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas as his and the Liberal Party’s presidential candidate next year despite his unpopularity, which he hasn’t been able to correct after five years on the job and with all government resources at his command.

One explanation is that Aquino’s cabal has planned and figured everything out:

That the hidden lump-sum, discretionary and pork-barrel funds, amounting to P424 billion, according to Senator Panfilo Lacson, would be more than enough to buy the loyalty of the local political bosses, and if that fails, to massively cheat in different ways in 2016.

That with his three-year stint as local government secretary, Roxas would be able to get local politicians to support him on election day.

That the popularity of leading candidate Vice President Jejomar Binay would fall like a stone after his supposed arrest on plunder charges in the coming months. Aquino’s camp may now be calculating that Binay’s political machine would grind to a halt if he would be put in jail on trumped-up plunder charges, and unable to issue orders – or checks. Already they think, Binay has lost his base – Makati City – with the suspension of his son as mayor, and therefore, has lost warm bodies for his campaign.

I have also heard rumors that Manila mayor Joseph Estrada has reached an agreement with Aquino for his son, the jailed Jinggoy, to be freed and the evidence against him destroyed in exchange for his last-minute support for Roxas. That is the reason, they say, that Erap didn’t show up at Binay’s announcement of his presidency.

Despite his conviction, Erap is said to have at least a solid 10 percent command vote of sorts among the masses. Similar deals allegedly are being worked out either with Senator Juan Ponce Enrile in exchange for his money and for votes from the North, or with Senator Bong Revilla, for his celebrity and Cavite votes. (Yes, that could be the real purpose for jailing the three senators, which Aquino has used as his main propaganda item that he has fought corruption.)
The Yellow Cabal’s political calculus could also be as follows: If Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago run, they could eat into Binay’s stable 25 percent core support, enough so that Roxas could win with a few hundred thousand votes.

Muslim votes
One source for those crucial few hundred thousand votes would be the Muslim votes from central Mindanao, controlled by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Aquino has actually lost hope that he could pass the BBL through Congress in the next few months, in a form acceptable to the MILF. So he has, instead, told the MILF that if they let Binay win in the 2016 elections, they could kiss their dream to set up a Bangsamoro nation-state goodbye.

There are also rumors that the Iglesia ni Cristo’s internal problems have been instigated by Aquino’s operatives as a warning shot – for the sect to withdraw its alleged commitment to support Binay in 2016, or at least for it to be neutral in this contest.

Aquino had thought that he could convince Llamanzares to be Roxas’ running mate, and that her popularity would somehow – a hope for a miracle, I think – rub on him. With Llamanzares refusing, and becoming so ambitious that she wants to run for President, Aquino just didn’t have any choice, since he absolutely cannot rely on her, essentially a political tabula rasa. What if for some reason, she rides the wave of outrage against Aquino when he steps down, and allows the wheels of justice to grind against him and put him in jail?

A very plausible reason why Aquino anointed Roxas was posted by someone on my Facebook page, with the now-anointed allegedly telling the President (translated from Pilipino to English):

“Choose another candidate at your own risk. Who knows who gave you that Porsche Carrera in 2011? What were your orders to Alan Purisima and the military brass when the SAF 44 were pinned down in Mamasapano? For whose sake was the shakedown of the Czech suppliers for MRT-3 if it wasn’t really for Ballsy? Who is receiving the usual payolas from jueteng operations? How much Pagcor confidential funds are being delivered to you? If the Malaysians had a stash for you, how much was it in exchange for the BBL? Who have your favorite contractors been in Tarlac for the projects funded by P2 billion from the DAP? For whom were the envelopes delivered to Malacanang by the two past Customs chiefs? Who had a cut in the military-supplies procurements? Do you want me to tell you other reasons why you should anoint me?”

Another explanation why Roxas is Aquino’s candidate, of course, could be pure hubris on their part. With an opposition really so feeble – as demonstrated during Aquino’s State of the Nation Address last week – they still believe that even if Roxas was really mainly responsible for the daily hell working class Filipinos go through everyday – the MRT-3 mess – they could still get him elected President.

The PDI article Paredes forgot about

The PDI article Paredes forgot about

Or have Aquino and Roxas got something up their sleeves to overcome this biggest obstacle to their 2016 dreams? That, on Wednesday.

Jim owes me P10 million
And for a bit of fun, and funds maybe…

It’s really another cautionary tale in this digital age. Never ever open your Facebook page, and write something on it, if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or had one too many.

Reacting to a joke I had posted on my FB account that we should forgive Aquino fan-club president Jim Paredes for his rantings as he may have been kicked in the head by a kangaroo in the outback of his country now, Australia, he angrily posted on his FB page:

“Dear classmate Rigoberto Tiglao: I am not an Australian citizen.. YOU ARE A LIAR or a really bad journo who doesn’t check the facts. If you can prove me wrong, I will give you 10 million pesos, more than you ever received from PGMA admin.” [caps his]

First of all, Jim wasn’t and couldn’t be my classmate at the Ateneo High School, but a batch mate. I was in the “B” class for semi-honors students, with “A” being the honors class. Jim was in the G or H class.

Jim is correct, though, that P10 million is more than I “ever received form the PGMA administration.” It would have taken me with my Cabinet Secretary’s secretary two decades to accumulate P10 million and that’s assuming I saved everything I received. (Jim was known in our high school for his singing and dancing, not for thinking and writing.)

Jim must have forgotten he boasted on record he left the country to be an Aussie. I easily accessed that article published in the August 20, 2006 edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, an image of which is included in this article, with the headline “Jim Paredes gives up on RP.” You can easily read the article by googling that title.

Among the relevant quotes in that article:

“The singer-composer gave up all hope for a better Philippines and is doing just fine in his new found home in Sydney, Australia.”

“’I’m happy I moved. No regrets,’ Paredes says. He urges Filipinos to follow their dream, even if it means leaving the country for a better life.”;

“Paredes applied for immigration when he was 47 [he’s 63 now], two years past the age ceiling set by the Australian government. But the Embassy allowed him to leave, noting that he was ‘a distinguished individual.’ In March (2006), the entire family packed off their belongings and left the country for good.”

Jim, though, didn’t seem to be too happy there as the Inquirer quoted him: “I don’t have that many (guitar) students and it doesn’t pay much of the bills.”

“Paredes said that he still loved the Philippines and would want to visit once in a while. “

I think that PDI article – quoting from the horse’s mouth, so to speak – is proof enough that Jim chose to no longer be a member of this “hopeless” country and instead, join that Down-Under nation. If his idol Aquino gets to have the Freedom of Information bill enacted, you can bet I’d be the first in line to file a request at our Immigration Records to find out what passport he uses.

Jim, though, is an upright person, a Daang Matuwid true believer, so there must be something to his claim that he is not an Australian citizen. So what happened? Did the Australians at the end of the day deny his petition to become an Aussie? Did he refuse to become one, even as his entire family has taken than path? Why?

However, I think I have presented proof he demanded, and he should pay me ASAP the P10 million he wagered.

I’d like to share my bounty with my readers. I am, through this column, making a legally binding commitment to give 50 percent of the proceeds to whoever could collect my P10 million from Paredes.
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  1. santi montealegre on

    Kudos to you Mr Tiglao for zipping up Paredes’ big mouth and keeping him to his place, if not dislodging him from his yellow pedestal just like his beloved self-righteous Boss Pnoy. I personally feel what we need is an overhaul of our whole system cleanse our govt of the old and dirty Trapos open up our country to trample the few and privileged oligarchs and just give the middle class and the majority of Filipinos a chance. If such revolutionary government and leader exist, please count me in.

  2. Novelito B. Daligdig on

    Between Mr, R, Tiglao and Mr. J, Paredes’ piece, who is truthful and honest? Are they both right? wrong? I leave God to judge them, He knows the innermost of their hearts’s desires. The’re human and fallible, but God is not.

  3. rigoberto says:
    August 3, 2015 at 2:25 pm
    Remember he said a few weeks back if Aquino doesn’t endorse him he will still run, which Korina also said? Yun na yun. Sayang, if he did baho ni Aquino will be his campaign thrust.

    Bobi, Mar lost his only chance of being a “potential next president” when he faile to act and react to the shocking revelation at the height of the Mamasapano Massacre expose’ that “Mar was purposefully excluded from the critical-crucial-vital chain of communications command.”

    Any self-respecting individual would have mustered enough indignation at “being deliberately left out of the communication loop, of what clearly was within one’s on-the-job area of responsibility and accountability.” Mar should have made a public outcry to the effect that he was “resigning irrevocably” from his cabinet position with a challenge that he will continue, as a private citizen, to pursue the investigations and bring the accountable to justice…because his love of country…and respect for our fighting men who risk their lives in defense of the country’s sovereignty begins and continues on, where his loyalty to his Liberal Party ends…” Goodbye, Mr. Aquino… And I am willing to bet all my share of the PHP10Million which Paredes owes you, Bobi, that the military and the We, the Pipol will rally to his INDEPENDECE (from the yellow cabal) POLITICAl position and cause…in droves, and overwhelmingly, would have shot up in the surveyed polls for POP in Elections 2016. Then again, when Peengoyngoy Abnoy was ‘noynoying’ about who his “bata” would be for the Elections…there, again, dapat tinuloy ni Mar ang “alma niya” na…he would support Binay if Peengoyngoy did not appoint him as the LP candidate. All these, unfortunately, are waters under the bridge. Too late. Too little. Mar has no track record to rely on that will bolster his total lack of “voting charisma’. Maybe, if all of a sudden he and Corina make the,announcement that they will soon be “daddy and mommy’…baka sakali that will gain him some much needed “positive and favorable” istori-telling-lies.

    Si Binay talaga ang magiging next POP. As for the “come from behind” – “dobol B”,
    anak ng ‘anak ti batak muck U Farcos’…he is late. And with all the media and political baggages and obstacles that he has to carry, and overcome, his claim of a “solid North and solid Eastern Visayas captured votes” is downgraded to nothing more than a “pipe dream” from Tabako Ilokandia.

    So it is, Bobi. You wrote a most inspiring, stimulating and challenging column today.
    Keep it up.


  4. year 1974, it was a concert at the Araneta Coliseum by the commodores. apo hiking sung on that concert, also, i think, it was jonathan potenciano has performed another number. i remembered when the apo hiking finished their number a big BO with extended O filled the dome. i felt very sorry then for these guys. but now, minus the other two, i could give him a repeat bo with extended o…
    by the way, pabalato na rin..hehehe..

  5. Jim Paredes deserve to be treated like this….well anyway, maybe he don’t mind it after all since he’s no longer a Filipino.


    R. Tigalo “B” class for semi-honors students, with “A” being the honors class. Jim Paredes was in the G or H class.

  6. Teddy Sevilla on

    A conspiracy again? Don’t you and Tatad have better sources other than James Bond wannabes?

  7. Don’t make patol to Jim Paredes Mr Tiglao… He’s a goner same with Leah Navarro and Cynthia Patag and PDI hahaha

  8. Amor propio is what drives Mar to gun for the plum position, it’s a race to erase his past misfortune against Binay – a perceived enemy. Meanwhile, as the rivalry seems to simmer at the public’s interest, so do the clans of Aquino-Cojuangco’s interest on either one to win the seat and ensure their clutch on being a political powerhouse. Free to manipulate and ravage the government and the country, to do their biddings, and the thought of being from arrest to face justice, for all their tyranny.

    Jim Paredes is a non-entity, his words reflects on how much he despise Philippines as a nation, getting out of the country to escape what he disliked, only to face a nation still bogged down with the very problem he deeply feels disappointed to fight for, only this time he is in denial because the person whom he idolize is the one with his hands on the helm, and the outlook does not look cherry.

    Equally, they are all a big let down for Philippines.

  9. Jim probably thought that it pays to parrot the Palace line or go ape for those idiots surrounding the President. Yet, after all he has done, he gets nothing; so off to Australia he goes. It’s a blessing for the country, though: we become one idiot less, and his leaving surely improved our national IQ.

  10. Im amused you found the gall to insinuate in your black propaganda column that PNoy is planning a massive cheating in the 2016 election. Maybe you were one among the GMA cabinet secretaries who planned the massive cheating done to Fernando Poe which culminated in the Hello Garci scandal? That’s why this evil idea still you cant get it out of your head eh coz you succeeded then, so it can be repeated again, right? Well, Pnoy is not a cheater like your Boss Arroyo. And most of all he is not a thief like the previous administration that you were a part of.

  11. SO i pretty much read a bunch of rumors?!?!?!? LMAO!!!!! rumors this rumors that. OHHHH GODDDDDD.

    • Reference to “rumors” are just our trick to be protect us from libel. When I can quote somebody, that’s when I’m sure it’s not rumor.

  12. now, saan ngayon ang isang tuta ng mga aquino administration magmula kay corykong, na dilawan. hahaha alila ka na rin diyan sa australia tulad namin ng mga OFW..Sino nagayon ang mas totoo na presidente ng Pilipinas?? nuong kay apo marcos, sikat kayo ng mga singers, ngayon nasaan na kayo?? parang hindi na kayo mabuhay sa Pilipinas???? kaya nagabroad na rin kayo…?? Shame on you….

  13. The LP not matter how big and formidable will disintegrate on last 30 days before the election next year. This is really different during from the 2013 elections where Pnoy and Mar is in control and can see to it that monies given to local LP stalwart are fully utilized to the fullest because of fear reprisals. This is not the case on a Presidential race next year. Once they know how that the Mar Roxas won’t meke it to poll a month because elections the local LP candidates will used the funds provided to them for their own survivals. Even Mar will feel the squeze of funds during that time, slowly the funds will run dry and Pnoy sisters will show their true colors and join the most likely winner like Binay. I doubt if the families of Mar Roxas will ever used their funds since they too will think otherwise. The politcal manuever on Erap son Jinggoy could suffer more backlash if ever implemented because the public will never accept it and will rally more for Binay. It would be easier for Erap to wait a few months anyway his Jinggoy is getting used on his accomodations in Camp Crame.

  14. Amnata Pundit on

    Like I keep saying, a yellow is not a yellow if he is not a zealot. Just take comfort in the fact that ang mga yan ay kulay ebak. (Moderator, I have seen the word fuck a few times here, why cant you allow me to use the Pilipino term for crap? Anti-Pilipno discrimination yata yan ah, joke lang..)

    • I doubt, he can’t afford to pay as he is not earning much in australia, that’s why he is trying to squeeze himself into the local scene hoping he will earn from the coming local elections..papansin-effect ba..kaso laos na

  15. Actually we are “a rich country pretending to be poor”, si madam Imelda b yun?. We are rich in popular but unqualified Filipinos( from showbiz, sports,political dynasties, and even American and Australian citizens,hehe), running our government poorly.And they are all pretending to be be God anointed, sh…t!. Why don’t we elect engineers just like me for a change?,hahaha!

  16. Jim Paredes is a nobody anywhere in Australia. In the Philippines, he manages to place himself in a position close to the powerful allied to Cory Aquino and the yellows knowing he can earn lots of money he cannot earn in Australia. Just to inform the folks that Jim is a fav of ABS-CBN and PDI says a million things.

  17. Its possible JIm might be holding an Australian Permanent Resident Visa status.
    Permanent residents enjoy many of the rights and privileges of citizens, including access to free or subsidised legal and health services. They do not have the right to vote in federal or state/territory elections but may vote in some local government elections. Permanent residents are not entitled to an Australian passport.

  18. PNoy owes ‘utang na loob’ to Roxas when the latter gave way to Aquino to run for president in 2010. Aquino III got the outpouring of sympathy and sentimentalism from the people when his own mother died prior to election, the reason why he won. Another thing Aquino wants his successor to be his ‘MAN’, subservient to him, who would continue his programs and policies, who would carry on the system of politi-cal patronage through PORK BARREL. And Roxas exactly fits the description of an Aquino man. As we know it PNoy has bungled in so many things, violated some of constitutional laws or provisions. PNoy’s culpability is almost as clear and as bright as daylight. If elected Roxas will be tasked to be the savior of Aquino from the wheel of justice which is supposedly running through its own due course.

  19. Well said. Politics is really dirty in the Philippines since Marcos time. The rich doing something wrong to became richer. They became GREEDY. As they amasses riches, however, they are still not happy. To quote Pelaez ‘ general whats happening in this country, someone as patriotic as me was saddened by the continuing mismanagement of this country by these corrupt politicians. Maybe we should abolish politics and let this country run by a good dictator answerable only to the people. Lets try Mayor Duterte. He is logical in his speeches. He loves this country just like the majority of all Filipinos. I hate this family of traitors.

  20. PinoyAkoPinoyTayo on

    The fact that Jim Paredes used the word ‘journo’ shows he is very well an aussie in culture at least. That’s aussie abbreviations for journalist. How do I know? I live in Australia.

  21. Kale Alaskador on

    I’m sorry I wasted my time reading this column. I don’t know you nor Jim Paredes personally. I suggest you solve your petty quarrels in a different venue.

    • I agree personal stuff should be brought somewhere else Lasky! But this isn’t really personal. I’m questioning why a Filipino-turned-Aussie would try to convince people to hate VP Binay and ask them not to vote for him. If his candidate Mar wins, it will be us who haven’t given up our citizenship and who don’t have a kangaroo land to escape to who will suffer another Yellow Regime. If Jim just stuck to memory-lane concerts, I’d even attend them and buy him a beer, mate.

    • I Remember... on

      Wow, just not brilliant enough the see the real game here? Or you are another execrable Yellow piece of di r th paid to write stupidities?

  22. Walaq namang matinong ginawa ang NOYTARD kundi manisi,naghiganti,magpabaya, magnoynoying,magtamad,magproitekta sa mga KKK at manigarilyo ang gago.

  23. But Gerry Lirio, the writer of the Inquirer story already apologized to Jim Paredes for writing “wrongly” about the facts of Jim Paredes” migration to Australia. Mr. Tiglao, it is wrong for you to use the article as a main source of your story.

    • Nope. What the Inquirer apologized for was only the headline that “he gave up on the Philippines.” The headline was changed to the inocuous “On Paredes’ move to Australia”, with not a single word in the article chagned. Paredes didn’t dispute any of the facts in the article. He even gave more details in other publications:
      “Sorry for the long hiatus. I was in Aus(tralia) for two weeks. It’s no secret we are moving, thanks to my kids who have been bannering it on their blogs for months now. Here’s the story from my point of view. I wasn’t going (to) write about this until I was ready. I am ready now. I first thought of migrating a few months after ERAP had won. Even if I did not vote for him, I was (in hindsight) naively hopeful that he would be a leader that would prove his detractors wrong. As it turned out, I was among the many who were so disgusted and disappointed with how things had turned out. I saw no hope for the next six years then. It was at that time that I applied for Australian migration and got it in 2001.”
      Check a good account of this at:

  24. Samuel Santos on

    I’m glad I didn’t miss Mr. Tiglao’s column today. It appears that Mar Roxas knows all about the “skeletons” in PNoy’s closet.

    • Mar should know, he was and still is a willing accomplice to all the corruption in the Aquino administration.

    • Remember he said a few weeks back if Aquino doesn’t endorse him he will still run, which Korina also said? Yun na yun. Sayang, if he did baho ni Aquino will be his campaign thrust.

  25. Felimon A. Soria on

    The guy is arrogant and can not back up his words Mr. Tiglao. Your ten million is in his dream.

  26. Annak Ti Amianan on

    Haha, Jim Paredes. Rigoberto, please do not forget my share. I need it badly,

    • Annak, kolektahin mo kay Jim, bigyan kita ng authorization letter, 50 percent ang offer to anyone who can collect it.

  27. Surely, Jim applied for an Australian citizenship. He could not have uprooted his entire family to go to Oz if he was not sure that he can get citizenship for the entire brood. But he may have had a culture shock for he became a nobody there which he may have felt to be an insult to a psyche used to public adulation. Second, the cash flow was never sufficient for the monthly bills. The sad part would be for the wife to find another source of revenue from a friendly chap – so he may just have to pack his bags back for Manila and lose his pride becoming a mercenary of the simyon clique. Of the trio, I guess it is Jim who seemed to have been waylaid since Buboy seems to be making good on his TV thing while the other one seems to be up to his neck on those chicken.

  28. Mr.Tiglao, forget about collecting that 10 million. Paredes doesn’t have enough guitar students and can’t pay his bills. That could be the reason he is such an angry person.

  29. I’m delighted to finally have you keep Jim Paredes quiet. Have pitty on him as he is unemployed and needs work from Aquino just like Cynthia Patag. These are the people who ruin the country by getting the yellows in power…Aquinos, Arroyo and Binay….

  30. Simula pa noong una,si Mar na ang nagpapatakbo,ng gobyerno,halos lahat ng pondo ay siya ang nagdesisyon!ang trabaho lang ni Aquino ay maninggil sa mga taong may atraso sa pamilya nila!
    Kung totoong lahat ang nalalaman ni Mar,dapat mabuyag ito,upang matapos na ang mga yellow anay!ano ngayon ang masasabi ng mga napopoot sa Inc!