Why moms love ‘stay-cations’


mauricioThis time of the year—when quarterly exams tire out the kids, and when it literally rains on their parade of football games, playground time and play dates—every parent comes to dread the phrase, “I’m bored.”

As it runs like a broken record from the mouths of babes, every repetition sounds like sharp fingernails grazing deeper and deeper down an endless black board, which no amount freshly downloaded games on the iPad can hope to muffle.

As a mom of a four-year-old who has had to endure his parents’ seasonal wanderlust (yes, the boy has gotten used to more travels than he can count in Kindergarten), I recently did the math, and realized that it is more expensive to pacify him with App Store purchases, as well as flying iPhones and iPads, when he decides that (all together now) he is bored. After all, it’s our fault he’s gotten used to taking a break somewhere every so often.

My one-year-old, meanwhile, who is fast approaching his terrible two’s, has mistakenly taken his big brother’s “boredom” to be a sport, and is quite an expert in identifying anything from Steve Jobs’ legacy as a kind of flat ball. He doesn’t care that it doesn’t bounce back; he is simply happy to pick it up and drop it again and again.

This is what happens to Generation Z children when they get cabin fever. A nervous breakdown, on the other hand, is what can happen to their parents.


The über elegant Crowne Suite Bathroom that is practically as big as the bedroom

Thankfully, there is an escape from all of this, which saves moms from packing everything but the kitchen sink, and dads from enduring long drives or worrying about the sudden wrath of Habagat. The “stay-cation.”

So, for our latest family getaway, I picked one of my favorite hotels in Metro Manila, which is the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila. Not only does it cleverly bring together my penchant for “cozy elegance,” it’s less than a five-minute drive from our home, which rids me the worry of “Did I forget something,” for our big mid-year holiday.

And lucky, lucky, lucky me, on the weekend that I booked a two-night stay, the ever popular hotel’s 16 function rooms and piece de resistance—its pillarless grand ballroom—were hosting events and conventions that all the regular guestrooms had been taken. So thanks to Crowne Plaza’s ever sweet and hardworking PR and communications manager Aimee Lagman, I got an unbelievable upgrade to one of the newly renamed Crowne Plaza Presidential Suites on the Executive Floor—Room 1901—and became my family’s hero for the next 48 hours.

“Stay-cationing” like royalty at the Crowne, we had a very sizeable one-bedroom suite, whose every inch and detail was my kind of space. A high ceiling; a mirrored foyer with a gorgeous flower arrangement (one cannot be without the other); a powder room for possible guests (and potty training); a kitchenette with a swinging door (need to keep the takeout boxes out of sight); a grand dining table for eight; and an L-shaped sofa and gigantic flat screen TV (with DVD player for Barney and the Minions).

That’s not all, for now, we go to the bedroom . . . Yes, there is the king-size bed with all the convenient buttons you need by its side; the equally huge flat-screen TV; and the sophisticated glass working table (oh yes, there’s the unlimited free Wi-Fi folks), but what really takes the cake is über elegant Crowne Suite Bathroom that is practically as big as the bedroom! We could’ve throw in a whole new family in there and they would’ve been just as comfortable as we were.

But of course, I didn’t use the bathroom for a family guestroom, but instead, after we did some shopping at Robinsons Galleria, I sent my boys (with their doting dad) to Tom’s World and Toys ‘R Us (with emphasis on the words “for as long as you want”), and used the beautiful marble room as my very own runway to re-fit my purchases.


Crowne Plaza’s Club Lounge

Since I was rewarded with some “me time” for being the weekend’s hero, I also had a relaxing dip in the tub (which take note is separate from the shower), and had all the queenly dressing room for prepping up for the evening. You see, another plus of “stay-cationing” in a one-bedroom is that once you’ve tired out the kids in the mall, they’re zonked out after dinner and bath, and you have all that beautiful space to invite a few friends over for wine and cheese. After all, you’re right in the middle of the Ortigas Business District when staying at Crowne Plaza, and therefore easily accessible for a quick night cap.

With children re-charged from boredom (check!); adult time for mom and dad afforded (check!); and mom thrilled to have the bath and dressing room of her dreams for a couple of days (check!), the “stay-cation” was a huge success, and all our gadgets were safe again.

This is why moms love “stay-cations.” Try it soon—for your sanity!

* * *

By the way, the exclusivity and comfort of staying on the Crowne Plaza Club Floors and Executive Suites (located on the 18th and 19th floors) have additional privileges include Continental breakfast, afternoon tea, evening cocktails, express check-in, extended check-out, and complimentary Internet and use of the Club Lounge Boardroom. A designated Guest Services Associate personally sees to it, that guests’ every need is well taken care off.

* * *

Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria is located at Ortigas Avenue cor. ADB Avenue, Quezon City right beside the Robinsons Galleria Mall. For more information, call 633-7222 or log on to www.crowneplaza.com/cpmanila. To get connected, like Crowne Plaza on Facebook at facebook.com/cpmanila or follow Crowne Plaza on Twitter at crowneplazamnl.


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