• Why not ask Ramos and Enrile about Martial Law ‘abuses’?


    After all, for almost the entire period of martial law, Juan Ponce Enrile (now a senator), served officially as Martial Law administrator and Defense Secretary in charge of all the armed forces’ services during that time. Fidel V. Ramos, who later became President of the Philippines, was director of both the Philippine Constabulary (PC) and Philippine Integrated Police (PIP) during the Martial Law days. The two of them commanded the soldiers and police, who allegedly committed horrible human rights abuses during that regime.

    But then we elected Ramos as President, and Enrile for five senate terms, didn’t we? And now President Aquino says we shouldn’t elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for vice-president?

    I’ve never heard of death squads directly under Marcos. If Enrile and Ramos weren’t in control of army and police killers and torturers, and even of the feared anti-Communist Gen. Rolando Abadilla, then why didn’t they resign early? But would you really believe these two strong-willed men didn’t control the organizations under them?

    If there were human rights abuses that President BS Aquino 3rd is now blaming Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for, they were undertaken by the armed forces under Enrile and by the PC under Ramos. In fact, I’ve never heard allegations of human rights violations by operatives of the National Intelligence Services Agency, the unit which the alleged Marcos factotum Gen. Fabian Ver headed.

    Take my case. The arrest orders against me and my late wife, Raquel, were issued by Ramos, who was, would you believe, PC Chief from 1970 to 1986. It was the PC’s top anti-subversive unit, the 5th Constabulary Security Unit (which also  captured Communist chief Jose Sison and most of the Party’s leaders) that arrested us, with one of their tall burly soldiers beating me up.

    We were incarcerated for nearly two years, early 1973 to Christmas 1974,  in  Camp Aguinaldo and Fort Bonifacio special prisons that were under the supervision of Martial Law administrator Enrile, so I should blame him for the scars of the boils I got on my body because of the malnutrition and unhygienic conditions in those prisons. In the end it was Enrile who officially ordered our release, “in the spirit of reconciliation and Christmas,” to quote the release order.

    Marcos, with his two top officials then commanding the military and the police: Defense Secretary Enrile and Constabulary chief Ramos.

    Marcos, with his two top officials then commanding the military and the police: Defense Secretary Enrile and Constabulary chief Ramos.

    If human rights violations during Martial Law were as horrible as Aquino claims, then why did her mother Cory appoint Ramos first as her AFP Chief of Staff and then Defense Secretary?

    Not only that, she suddenly turned around and fielded Ramos for the 1992 presidential race, and threw government resources behind him, abandoning the veteran anti-Marcos opposition leader Speaker Ramon Mitra, one of the first people along with her husband who were arrested by soldiers of the PC chief, hours after Martial Law was declared.

    If the human rights violations during Martial Law were so horrible, Cory either set aside all moral decency and closed her eyes to these, or she was such an opportunist that she decided to use Ramos to defend her from the seven coup attempts against her, and then relied on him to watch her back when she stepped own from power.

    Even if Ramos defected – really in the last “five minutes” of the dictatorship – and became an EDSA I hero, she could have just asked him to retire quietly as his way of apologizing for the alleged human rights abuses by his officers and soldiers. But he gave the former Marcos PC chief an entirely new and glorious career, as one of our best Presidents ever.

    And if the human rights violations during Martial Law were so horrible, why did President Aquino, who had loyal supporters among the senators, allow Enrile to become Senate president, the second most powerful man in the country?

    Honest with history

    We need to be honest with our history, and not let it be hijacked by the Yellow Cult, especially by Aquino, who is using it for his political agenda – in the present case, to put down Marcos Jr. who is running as a vice presidential candidate, so the Palace VP bet Leni Robredo, a necro-politician like him, would win.

    There were indisputably human rights violations during Martial Law, even the most despicable ones. Many of my close friends were killed by the military or the constabulary in their mid-twenties. However, I would blame Communist chief Jose Ma. Sison for many of those deaths because he deployed those men who were barely out of their teens to foment unrest and revolt in the countryside, telling them that the masses had been roused to revolution because of Martial Law. They were very poorly armed, and were killed not even by the military but by police and militias who thought they were bandits.

    There would always be such human rights violations whenever people in arms are given absolute authority, without the rule of law to check them.

    There are sadists in any military organization: even the US armed forces, with all their huge legalistic apparatus and democratic values, couldn’t stop Drone operators from killing civilians in Iraq, and Guantanamo guards – even the females, would you believe? – from torturing their prisoners. But there are also many soldiers, including the PC operatives who arrested us, in fact, who have been so scared to go into the battlefield, or undertake an arrest operation, that they needed to first get drunk or take drugs – to make them forget their human values.

    There has never been any real, objective analysis of human rights violations during Martial Law, and all we’ve really heard is the propaganda of the Yellow Cult that resorts to demonizing the Marcos regime to cover up for its own corruption and inefficiency.

    The important question to answer should be obvious, and Ramos and Enrile should tell us what they think happened: Was there a policy of the Marcos regime to systematically kill the opposition and torture them? Or were the human rights abuses exceptional cases, aberrations, similar to cases of police brutality?

    There are historians, for instance, who have concluded that Indonesia’s 31-year old strongman rule under  Gen. Suharto  implemented a plan to totally exterminate the Indonesian Communists, which got out of hand and resulted in the killing of 500,000 Indonesians, mostly Chinese. The South Korean strongman, Gen.  Park Chung Hee directly supervised  the dreaded Korean Central Intelligence Agency, which was responsible for the abduction, torture and killing of opposition activists.

    I’m sure Enrile and Ramos can tell us if there was such a policy or not. If indeed, there was such a policy, I don’t think these two would have allowed themselves to be its executioners.

    What complicates an objective assessment of human rights violations during Martial Law is this, and most Filipinos aren’t aware of it: There were two internal bloody wars raging during the entire Martial Law period.

    The first was the Republic against the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), which, with Libyan and Malaysian backing, was rallying the Muslims to fight for an independent state. The second was the war declared by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the protracted people’s war as the rebel group called it, plagiarizing Mao Ze Dong – when it was established in 1969, before Martial Law. Even the CPP flag emphasized it: The hammer-and-sickle communist logo, with an AK-47 across it.

    It wasn’t an empty threat of war. China was set to deliver 10,000 M-14 rifles to the NPA, which they especially manufactured solely for that purpose. The CPP bungled the first two deliveries so much that Mao Ze Dong aborted the plan. Communist chief Jose Sison, as early as 1971, was boasting that Isabela was becoming his Yenan.

    The horrors of war

    Out of the alleged killings, tortures and disappearances the Yellow Cult claims, how many of those were due to the horrors of war, when combatants lose their humanity because of their fear of death in an explosive mix, with feelings of absolute hatred against the perceived enemy?

    Most of those killed and offered as proof of Martial Law’s human rights violations, and shamelessly used in Aquino’s carnival of horrors he calls the “People Power Experiential Museum,” were the first generation of cadres of the Communist Party who tried to sow revolution, unsuccessfully, all over the country.

    This is simply because those who took up arms against Martial Law in its early years were either with the Communist Party or the MNLF. The Liberal Party and the Kumbaya-singing peaceniks like the Social Democrats, as well as the religious group-backed organizations such as Kasapi and Lakasdiwa, had turned tail and disappeared, terrified when Martial Law was imposed.

    Even the able sons of Marcos’ archenemies – like Benigno S. Aquino 3rd and Manuel Roxas 2nd – chose to live quiet lives abroad. After finishing college in 1981, Aquino joined his father for an American-dream kind of life in Massachusetts. Roxas studied at the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton, he says), and was looking to a Wall Street career, apparently oblivious of his country. He returned home only in 1993 when Mommy ordered him back when his elder brother died, since he was the only remaining son to continue his family’s political clout. (Too young to be involved? Most of the Communist cadres killed in the first years of Martial Law were in their teens and 20s.)

    Only when the dictatorship started weakening in the 1980s did the non-Communist opposition – very few, however – took up arms against the Marcos regime.

    Take the case of a former comrade who has been a poster boy for human rights violations during Martial Law. His tale goes: he was just a student activist and a writer in a student-newspaper when the 5th CSU operatives arrested and tortured him. That’s true, and I sympathize with him, but the tale is only half the truth. That guy was a top Communist cadre, in charge of what was then called the “Explosives Movement” directly operating under the Politburo. That was the group in charge of manufacturing what are now called IEDs – improvised explosive devices.

    Again, take my case. I can claim to be a human rights victim, that I was jailed for two years because I was student activist at the Ateneo and a labor organizer in factories in Marikina.  That’s true, but not the whole truth. I was a firebrand Communist, believing in my heart that only through the dictatorship of the proletariat could humanity end man’s exploitation of man. I headed the party’s organization in the metropolis when we were arrested.

    We were also organizing the first armed urban guerillas called romantically the Armed City Partisans. While we were pathetic, really kids playing soldier with untested World War II vintage carbines and pistols, those units would later evolve in the 1980s as deadly assassination squads, called the Alex Boncayao Brigade.

    I don’t like to be called a “human rights victim,” as that makes me look like a wimp and it is inauthentic. We were revolutionaries of that era, but we lost. If we had won, we would have put Ramos, Enrile and all the Marcoses – as well as the landlords like the Cojuangcos and Aquinos – in prison, or most likely in front of firing squads.

    And if there were a proletarian heaven, my departed comrades peeking down at us would be so angry at being used by Aquino in his anti-Marcos propaganda and portrayed as pussies, “Martial Law victims.” They would prefer to be called Revolutionary Martyrs.



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    1. Suspensions of writ of habeas corpus is the definitions of martial law. Putting people in prison and held prisoner without any rights to depend themselves wether they are innocent or guilty.
      People get pick up by military and killed for no reason. It gives Marcos the power to kill all his political enemies.

    2. I used to read every article of Rigoberto Tiglao. I found his writings well-written and sober. However, things changed when he became an official in President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration. Since then (and in this article), I sense bitterness in his writings and obvious bias against the Aquinos. What happened Mr. Tiglao?

    3. Shaira Santiago on

      Today, I saw a 360 degree video showing from left to right, center, above, and below some visuals about Martial Law in Martial Law Chronicles. It was all negative. It made feel like the whole Philippines was really in the hands of the devil at that time, like, the country was in torture.

      I do believe in media. But not all.

      I was fed up with a lot of Marcos hates all throughout my life. Like it was a mistake that he became the president because he was the cause of all the distresses of this country even until today. I wasn’t born during that time so I didn’t know what happened.

      All I believe is, there is always a twist in every story.



    4. Norma Hennessy on

      That’s very noble of you, Mt. Tiglao for such an honest revelation of your own experience and your truthful perspective of a period of history that has become quite the focus of distortion, colorization, falsification and cosmetic surgery. History is written by winners, they say, and much of what the next generations will be fed with as their historic past will be just that -version of what took place. And it will not be necessarily the truth. Sadly, even rewriting it will not righten the wrongs. It simply adds to the aura of mystery that history evokes.


      kahit anong gawin na pangdiin ni NOYNOY sa mga MARCOSES E HINDI NIYA NAMAMALAYAN NA LALONG UMAANGAT. Halata naman kasi sa mga aksyon ni NOYNOY masyado niyang pinipersonal yong galit niya sa mga MARCOSES. noynoy mag move on kana para sa ikauunlad ng Bayan. Gawin mo ang yong sarili na modelo sa ating bayan, Forget the past let the people judge. Tumahimik ka na lang par patas ang laban.GOD BLESS

    6. Urgie Faderogao on

      The whole truth : The US orchestrated coup against the Philippines ‘ President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos in 1986. “SHULTZ AND THE HIT MEN DESTROYED THE PHILIPPINES” Secretary of State George Shultz and his deputy Paul Wolfowitz who were responsible for imposing and deposing Philippine Economy in favor of IMF puppet while calling the operation of people. and installed Corazon Cojuangco Aquino as US PUPPET PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES
      Read this article, http:// larouchephil.com/2004/shultz – and-the-hit-men-destroyed-the-philippines /

    7. stop using the communists as whipping boys if you do not know what communist means….where can you find communists? china and russia are not communists…

      there are only military adventurists and dictators….they are like viruses, they self destruct just like marcos did….

      • Marcos dictated martial law alone. Enrile and Ramos were just forced to enforce his law. Redeeming themselves, both revolted against the dictator and given the chance to go back to democratic ways. Ramos proved himself truthful while Enrile has is own agenda to hold on the past. Ramos was faithful to Cory while Enrile staged futile coup after coup. Ramos became a good president, Enrile a horrible senator, imprisoned because of plundering government money.Now, Bongbong Marcos is surely an Enrile in waiting, Why elect him.

      • Art, dictated ML alone? FYI before he proclaimed ML, he convened his cabinets and consulted with them. It’s not a decision that he arrived at on his own whims and caprices, but dictated by the urgency of suppressing lawlessness, rebellion and insurrection. Even the Supreme Court, sustained the legality and constitutionality of its declaration. At any rate, did you mean Tabako and Enrile have allowed themselves to be used by US to stage a coup d etat against FM. And oh, did Tabako become a good Pres? I doubt it. He sold Fort Bonifacio intended supposedly for the modenisation, however, the proceeds from such sale vanished without a trace and the grandfather of all scams. Remember too, that when he was the PC chief, this unit of AFP was the most abusive among the military. While you were right that Enrile and Tabako were merely enforcing the order of FM, it cannot be presumed that Marcos ordered them to do an unlawful acts. In saying this, any act they committed outside of the lawful act of FM is, by law, considered not the act of FM. Besides you have no basis for stating

    8. My idea of Marcos and Martial Law came from the History Books (Araling Panlipunan), old clips and pictures of the People Power since I am born later after the Revolution.

      At a tender age I am fed with information written and discussions made by my teachers, about Marcos Regime that made me think that the it was just an era of abuses, corruption and a few cents can buy you a coke. The economic development, infrastructure, peace and order are not part of the lesson.

      Social media is a very different platform of information compared to the old mass media. Here we are presented with vast information considering different angles of the story. Opinions from people of all walks of life. It could be a plane chismis or a barely true which leaves every person the freedom to judge.

      It is great to read something unbiased from a person who experienced Martial Law emposed to him first hand. As what Sir Tiglao wrote the other side of the story. Story that know’s no color.

      A brilliant man is the best description be given to the late president. A glorified and top Philippines during his time. But let’s not forget the abuse of power during this era, corruption, the ‘Siga’ system of being a Marcos crony and their Imeldific way of living.

      My country is still on the process of winning over the pasts mistakes. Rewrite the whole Philippine History, the unbiased one. Our mistakes could be the answer to our unsolved problem of today,

    9. Miguel Bisnar on

      Dear Mr. Tiglao,
      I think you know more the inside out of really what happened through all these years. As a last request and to be fair with the Filipino people before all is forgotten, I suggest you make a book detailing what you know about Martial Law. Are stil in the dark on what happened and who really are the culprits and traitors. This may also unearthed who really killed (or masterminded the killing) Ninoy Aquino. Although partly to be blamed, it is unfair to the Marcos family to be blamed for all the wrong doings of officials during the martial law years. Let us set the records straight. A collaboration among the writers and true historians would be a great work to watch.
      Best regards and take care.

      • I agree with this. There should be a book about martial law that sets biases aside. This would greatly help a lot of Filipino people to see different perspective.

      • julius ronquillo on

        Same here. Do publish a book which tells about what your real experience and no limiting beliefs during that era.

      • same here it would really help a lot.. sana po mag karoon.. ira panganiban has a view nabasa ko sa FB niya. last year birthday niya…

    10. juan felices on

      hey guys this not only about martial law but also the UNEXPLAINED WEALTH of the Marcoses..yang nakaw n yaman n yan ay patuloy na pinakikinabangan ng mga naiwan ng dating diktador para makabalik at manatili sa puwesto…sabihin n nating ok pra sa bansa ang martial law pero halata rin naman na nakunabang rin ang mga marcoses dahil sa martial humaba ang term ni Marcos nailuklok nya ang gusto na na iupo sa govt. lahat ng pmilya nya my posisyon sa govt. naipakulong nya mga oposisyon at nagkaron ng nkkgulat n kyamanan…tandaan ntin ng ngbalik si ninoy pra tumakbo sa snap election namatay s tarmac pa lng at itinuro sa magsasakang si rolando galman ang pagpatay paano mkklusot sa airport n may baril ang isang mgsasaka bumalik mga marcoses sa bansa at walang namatay at hinayaan cl kumandidato at nanalo sa balwarte nila yon ang kaibahan.

      • 1.9 billion pesos na po ang nababawi ng PCGG mula sa mga Marcos, ang tanong, saan napunta? Ano ang nakapagtataka kung mayaman si Marcos? Anak siya ng dating Kongresista na naging gobernador ng Davao. Ang lolo niya na si Fructoso Edralin was the first Mayor of Batac, Ilocos Norte. Before Marcos joined politics he was already very rich plus the fact that he was also a corporate lawyer of multi-national mining companies before joining politics. He was doing well as a business man that’s why Magsaysay hired him as his economic adviser. So ano ang nakapagtataka kung mayaman siya? Magbasa kasi muna ng history at magresearch bago manghusga!

      • juan felices on

        anong history binabasa mo? s mga blogger ng loyalista? ikaw n nga nagsabi meron ng binawi n 1.9 billion ang pcgg. yang tanong mo kung san napunta eh sino ba ng eelect ng mga curropt kundi kayo rin may bahid n ng anomalya nkkbalik p s puwesto erap GMA at marcoses isama n mga binay at enrile at marami pang political dynasty..my desisyon n korte suprema dyan di nya kikitain ang billion dollars pati mga gold na itinago sa ibang bansa as politician dapat 300k dollars lang..isipin mo na lang kung dati ng mayaman sila hindi mag aaral si F. marcos Sr. sa UP ng abogasya for sure sa england o harvard yan mag aaral. oh common men naging abogado lang ng mining ngkaron ng 6 tons of gold? kung talagang ngbabasa k ng history walang marcoses n nbabangit before ww2 n myayaman ktulad ng mga rizal or del pilar n sa Uerope nag aaral or ayala soriano zobel cojuangco..naging politiko lang yumaman na no.2 sa forbes magazine si idol mo n most corrupt leader of all time at no. 10 si erap onli in d Philippines dahil s mga loyalista ng pamilya dapt s byan kyo mging loyal wag mg iboto ang sino man n may bahid.

      • Juan Felices. ang yaman ng Marcos sinagot ng yan ni Imelda M. Inverview with Mel Tianco. bago sila mag asawa. may Gold na si Mcoy. Abogado. at ang cliente ay taga mindanao, Prinsipe. na ipinaglalabay ay ang Saba. walang pera ang mga Datu laya Ginto ang pambayad. >>> FF paano lumaki ? Naging mag asawa sila ni imelda Idineposito sa Banko. mas pag babasehan ko itog kuwento ni imelda marcos dahil may mga ducumento ito. na ipinakita kay Mel Tianco. kesa maging TANGA na pag katiwalaan ng “forbes ” at “Guiness” .. cge nga kung tataoo yan sinasabi mo sana yan ang ginamit na ibidensya nila sa korte tiyak talo na.. b.t.w. hindinaman talaga nabangit na mayaman si FEM dahil ikaw ba may ginto ka sa bahay ni ipag mamalaki mo ba ? edi na akyat bahay ka na. dalawa sila nuon isang Pari at si FEM

      • juan felices on

        napanood ko rin yon sa powerhouse at ikaw ang TANGA n naniwala na isang abogado lang ngkaron ng 4-6 tons n ginto n kbayaran bkit di mo hnapin kung nasan n yung prinsipe n yon bk nga ordinaryong tao n lng kc kinuha n ni marcos lhat ng ginto nya..wl ngang nasulat s ksaysayan n my prinsipe pl sa pilipinas n maraming ginto…marami ng naibalik sa phil. treasury n nkaw ng mga marcos naniniwala p rin ku s kwento n yan…di n mkukulong si imelda at patay n si F marcos Sr. parang si napoles lng nkkulong sa selda pero ng eenjoy s lbas ang mga anak at asawa.

      • Juan Felices, they who allege must prove that Marcos wealth was ill-gotten. This has been the condition of the Swiss court imposed on the yellow hordes to prove via criminal conviction, however, they failed miserably. So, if they cannot prove it, you cannot claim that its nakaw. Get the point.

      • juan felices on

        kadami ng nabalik sa philippine treasury na nahabol ng pcgg my ilan p n lang na hinahabol ssabihin mo n I prove p rin n na ninakaw n yaman..

      • juan felices on

        yan din ang akala ko noon…military tatay ko bawal kmi mgsalita against marcos bk daw mdukot kami.. pag nanalo si cory magiging communist ang pilipinas kaming mga bata bawal mglaro kailangan mgtrabho ngkaron ng edsa.. isa ko sa nabahala…di naman ngyari n naging communist pilipinas..yung mga NPA at MNLF patuloy p rin nkipaglaban under cory dumami p nga rebelde kc after 1 year nagkaroon ng kudeta nila gringo honasan puppet ni Enrile..panahon ni cory naging mas malaya p nga kasi walang bawal magbatikos..patuloy p rin ang laro naming mga bata nalaman ko rin ang mahirap ipaliwanag n yaman ng mga marcoses at mga alahas at ginto na hinahabol ng govt. ..S mga nging presidente ng pilipinas from aguinaldo to Pnoy ung mga relatives ng naging presidente natin walng sinabi yan s yaman ng mga marcoses n ang naging business lang ay pulitika…kaya sori mga KAKABSAT akoy tga norte pero di ako loyalista ng sinumang pulitiko n my bahid anomalya at my political dynasty.

      • Your statement are all hearsay, dude, Juan Felices. Tell it to the marines.

        Facts are wealthy for you to know the truth. Don’t be blinded.

      • juan felices on

        yun na nga akoy nakinig sa hearsay noon dhil s kgagawan ng diktador na I control lahat ng media pati usapng pribado at pati komiks puro glorifying marcos…at tama k mayaman ang ktotohanan sa ngayon para mapagtimbang ko kung ano dapat paniwalaan sad to say di bumenta sakin ang kwentong ala fairytale para m justify ang unexplained wealth na kita ng abogado 4 tons n ginto? WOW..pag nabara ssbihin nyong dati ng myaman tanong dating ng mayaman tapos nag aral sa UP?…pasalamat kyo itong mga ito nagagawa nyong pag usapan kahit kwentong kutsero n pwedeng gawin ng khit sinong writer..kung noon yan panahon ng idol nyo wla di mngyayari yan dahil my huhuli s inyo khit nga yang si tiglao aminado sya n nkatikim sya ng pambubugbog noon panahon ng martial law.

    11. Angelita Pascual-Cardinale on

      I then happened to be one of the stenographers during the preliminary invesitgation of the cases filed agaist Mr. Benigno Aquino, Sr. in 1973 and I still remember the exact words of Mr. Aquino during his speech before the Jury of Military Commission No. 2, headed by Gen. Romualdez, which goes: “Mr. President, today you are my jucges but tomorrow history will judge you”. I could say that Mr. Gregorio Honassan, who was then a 1LT (1st Leautenant), could confirm this because he was then the Prosecuting officer Analizing those words, do you think he (Mr. Aquino) was already planning a so-called “revenge” against the Marcoses? Sad to say that I wasn’t able to continue as stenographer in these cases for long because I was trnasferred to the office of Mr. Rolando dela Cuesta at the DND and subsequently filed my resignation and transferred to the Court of First Instance of Manila (now Regional Trial Court) in 1976.

    12. Salute to Mr. Tiglao.

      I appeal to all my fellow countrymen, We shall install a President with true Leadership Qualities and a lover of Mother Philippines.

    13. Well written Bobi, who better person to write about Martial Law abuses than someone who experienced it first hand and who is not colored at all by those so called color coded factions. The whole Philippines must see this that all would know!

    14. Arlene Samonte on

      Isa si Mr Tiglao sa dapat na nagsusulat ng ating kasaysayan, hindi and mga dilawang may pansariling interes

    15. The atrocities were a command responsibility issue. Enrile and Ramos were under Marcos. Marcos would have been aware of these atrocities.

      The sad truth is that the Filipinos put Enrile and Ramos in the position of power for decades. True, Cory would have prevented this by asking Enrile and Ramos to step down after the coup and she could have started with a new slate to start the government. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

      Marcos looted the Philippines and his cronies benefited from martial law. BBM is still living off Marcos’s ill-gotten wealth.

      The Philippines should elect candidates that will help the country. Enough.

      • if cory asked the two to step down, do you honestly think., she would have survived the coup de etats ? I think coup de tats against cory were staged by Ramos and enrile to keep themselves in the good grace of cory. and make themselves relevant and indispensable. i remember ramos punishing caught rogue officers simply to do push-ups and return to barracks.

    16. Mabuhay ka sir Tiglao. You are not afraid to tell the truth! I am a fan! Noynoy is a coward. Nangangatog na, to the point of incontinence. The Young Marcoses are back, and doing what they do best. They deliver and are really committed to building our nation. Di puro sisi. Kaya mahal sila ng marami!

    17. Before i really believe in Benigno Aquino Jr. for the patriotism he states , and all the bad things that is happening in this country during my college days in Manila under Martial Law. Like a young and energetic kid full of idealism i joined student movements like LFS believing the change will come from the masses. Now as 30+ years gone by i realized my greatest mistake of my belief, since analyzing the chronology of events and reading articles upon articles pro & against Marcos, i came to know the real brief political history of Martial Law. My view now is the Filipinos must move on now, forget the past and let it be a part of our history. By the way this present government controlled by Aquino’s cannot accept the reality and wants to perpetuate their hold in power by always blaming the past. “THEY CANNOT MOVE ON”

    18. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      29 Feb 2016

      I compliment Manila Times columnist RIGOBERTO D. TIGLAO for summoning the courage to “come clean” with what passes as his Confession on what happened to him during the dark days of the Marcos Dictatorship. He is not shy about admitting that he was a Communist.

      I second his suggestion that JUAN PONCE ENRILE and FIDEL RAMOS also “come clean” with their own honest and complete version about their own participation in the much-hated Marcos dictatorship. They are now “in the winter of their own lives” and do not have much time left to do something which they owe Philippine Hisrtory ad the Filipino people.


    19. To historians, how will you write the history of Marcos and the Martial Law days ? Will you be pro or anti Marcos ? Per ex military men during Marcos , he was a gentle person and the abuses were made by his subordinates which was Enrile andFidel Ramos which is now being praised as heroes.

      • WOW! so you believe that marcos was under the control of his subordinates coz he can’t do anything about the abuses being done around the country. it’s just like saying his a really lousy leader at the same time.

    20. Someday , somehow … with writers like you Mr. Tiglao … the truth would come out !!!

      Indeed , why not Ramos and Enrile included ?

      • Leonora Thillaye on

        Sir what you have shared is really interesting. My lack of knowledge in many things could not stop me to agree with you about Enrile and Ramos. My instinct tells me that Enrile was the brain of many criminalities in our country. And so Ramos was. The Aquinos are opportunist and did not contribute anything goood in our country. Very sad but then again, i could’nt trust my vote to Bong Marcos. How about Duterte and Cayetano? What’s your opinion of these 2? Please answer me. I trust your knowledge pertaining the political stand of our country and the people who are vying to be our next leaders. Thank you and praying for you Sir. Leonora Thillaye

      • Let second guess how Amb. Tiglao will answer you.

        Do you still believe in an election in an environment controlled by oligarchs?

    21. now I know why MB did not publish my comment which I already suspect for sometime specially on Mr Tiglao’s commentary..never again will I participate in your charade..thanks for enlightening me..

    22. Mr tiglao, your quote as below:
      “I’ve never heard of death squads directly under Marcos. If Enrile and Ramos weren’t in control of army and police killers and torturers, and even of the feared anti-Communist Gen. Rolando Abadilla, then why didn’t they resign early? But would you really believe these two strong-willed men didn’t control the organizations under them?”
      Reply: Enrile and Ramos are as scared as any soldier during martial law when General Ver was the most powerful of all..they just plainly follow orders whatever for survival and just keep quite when abuses are being done..Can you ignore all the missing people during martial law..not just one person there are so many of them that cannot be ignored or whitewashed..

      • Ver is not yet part of the martial law agenda at that time…. it was enrile acting as sec of national defense and ramos as pc chief (chief of police) fabian ver joined the armed forces on the latter part only before the feb edsa revolt acting as defense secretary replacing enrile

      • Why keep on bashing about the killings of yesterday and not about the killings of today? What’s the difference? Is it because yesterday was Marcos and today is Aquino? Regardless of numbers, they both let others get killed. If you truly care for the Philippines and the Filipino people then why hate only Marcos? Just asking folks…

      • Only Enrile and Ramos were signing those ASSO. I don’t think Kulot has authority to sign any ASSO. Ditto with Balbino.

      • Vasj is right. Ver is not yet part of martial law plan.
        This is the very reason why Ramos and Enrile back stab Marcos. They have a strong envious to Ver. They are the one who design and implements all successful plan with late President F. Marcos yet General F. Ver got the highest reliance and position from marcos. The position Ramos is longing for.
        As you mentioned, why not Ramos and Enrile included ?
        Enrile and Ramos are the true director of Philippines History right after martial law.

      • Pedro Penduko on

        That right there is why Enrile and Ramos defected. They did the dirty work, then this Fabian Ver comes swooping in, hogging the favors of Marcos. Martial Law was effected to perpetuate Marcos in power, in order to plunder the country’s coffers and live like royalty. The human rights abuses were merely incidental, the dissenters had to be kept quiet.

      • Pedro Penduko, that is why Enrile and Ramos defected—wrong. They allowed themselves to be used by US to oust FM in order that they could implement IMF world bank economic globalist policies. And ML was effected not to perpetuate FM in power, but to suppress lawlessness, rebellion and insurrection that pervaded the countryside.

        As to your accusation of being a plunderer, when a leader of a country is no longer serving its interest, they normally label or call that leader, a dictator, plunder, human rights violator and all, so they can justify the leader’s ouster and ultimately, put a their puppet in placed to implement their wishes and interests. Search the truth via Aljazeera’ tv documentary, the US War on Democracy or Shultz and the Economic hitman destroyed the Phils, so you would know the real score of FM admin and false Edsa 86.

    23. Mariano Mendez on

      No need to asks Ramos and Enrile : Very Obvious ! For they are Implementors and Abusers of “Martial Law”, later turned Traitors ! Ask Ramos for the assasination of Ninoy,the “Big Dante of NPA” convicted of “Treason” by Military Court, death by “Firing Squad”. A Fake Hero :”Filipino is worth Dying Poor.”

    24. Mabuhay ka Ambassador Tiglao! Kayo nina Rolly Cleofas a.k.a. Popo Villanueva at Leonardo Rodriguez a.k.a. Ka Amor and Ka Nards ang tunay na rebolusyonaryo na hindi nagpapanggap na “hindi komunista” nung mga panahon na yon at umaamin na kayo ay mga komunista noon. At hindi kayo humingi ng bayad para sa inyong communist activities unlike others who pretend to be “non-communists” but were/are really communists and still getting payment from the government they tried to overthrow through a violent civil war using arms and other deadly weapons.

    25. This opinion enlightened my understanding of that era. Although i was already in High school, I didn’t have the opportunity to keep track of what were happening due to lack of information from the media but rely only on whispers or word of mouths.
      So what Pnoy is going to portray is mere twisting of facts to favor the LP and indirectly
      give advantage to more intelligent Bongbong. Pnoy couldn’t help but to accept the
      fact that BBM would be the next VP which a step closer to be President.

    26. sa iyo leipzig panoorin mo yong movies na Killing Feilds para malaman mo ang ibig sabihin ng cummunist

    27. As they say ” History is filled with liars” plus “History is written by the victors”. Good piece of article Mr. Tiglao.

    28. Mr Tiglao, we are on the same page. Yellowturds continuing the issue of torture in Martial Law so why not asks Ramos, Enrile and Honassan? I believe these three had something to do with it. Or better form a panel Nonoy Aquino for investigation to fill your satisfaction. For sure at the end history will judge Marcos properly.

      Thank you very much for that, Mr. Rigoberto Tigloa. God bless you and family.

    29. FVR is one of the most hypocrite creature we have ever known. Nakikitalon kuno pag may EDSA celebration eh isa sya sa mga berdugo ng martial law. Pareho sila ni Enrile na nag ambisyon na agawin ang presidency kay Apo Lakay. Sinuwerte lang si Tabako dahil dikit na dikit kay Tita Cory.

      • Ulupong ka! Kung hindi dahil kay FVR at JPE, wala yan si Cory at EDSA mo. Hindi kayang itaguyod ng mga tiga Metro Manila ang EDSA revolution dahil walang sapat na armas and kaalaman sa digmaan ang mga sibilyang nasa EDSA. Nasaan ba si Cory nun unang araw ng EDSA revolution, hind ba’t nasa Cebu at nagtatago kasama ang mga madre. Lumabas lang siya nung sigurado nang lumisan ang mga Marcos. HETO TANDAAN MO AT MGA KAPWA MONG ULUPONG NG EDSA, kung hindi nangahas mag-aklas ang mga rebeldeng sundalo kasama si Ramos at Enrile, malamang patay lahat yun nasa EDSA. ULUPONG!

    30. All I know is BUNGO (Col or Gen Ortega of P.C.) which was potrayed by the late Rudy Fernandez in a movie was the man behind the PC death squad. But they only targeted CPP/NPA comrades. There is a war between Communism and Democracy then and now so when you are involved, only 2 things can happen to you, either you kill & be killed or captured/tortured.

    31. Well said… may your article open more eyes and minds about the true history. This could pave the way for the unity of Filipinos. Thanks Mr. BOBBY

    32. Thank you again Mr Tiglao for this very informative article on Martial Law. Please continue to write and expound this time of our Philippine history. The people need to know the other side of Martial Law, direct from the very person who was imprisoned himself. Only the truth will set us free. We need to have a closure, but we can only attain that if all facts are out in the open. We need truth and forgiveness in order to move forward as a nation.

    33. This is an explosive narrative! Mr. Tiglao, are you writing a book about it? If so, definitely, I will purchase some – for my family and friends.

      I was a very young government employee then. My family, relatives, friends and I never experienced what some people keep on saying, for more than a generation now, about the “horrors of martial law”.

      Today? It appears that this country has lost, or is losing, its bearing. Why do I say this? Because I had the privileged of having travelled to many countries in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe, and had the luxury of comparison.

      • me too. write the book sir. “former communist’s view of martial law era” or something. anything that talks about the other side of the coin.

    34. Mr. Tiglao have a good point here, to ask Enrile and Ramos what exactly were their roles during the Martial Rule years. Of course we expect the excuse that they were following orders from Marcos which does not eliminate the late strongman from fault. But how he allowed his instructions to be implemented could be a key point. Did Enrile and Ramos over-reacted in the manner they followed the instructions of the strongman will be a good thesis case study.

      • I think if the former president Marcos was really a bad guy , he would have then approved what former general Ver suggest to bomb all those rebel inside the Camp. But I can recalled then President Marcos gave the order on televised a big NO . He didn’t allowed blood to flow on Edsa.

      • @senior.. that conversation between marcos and ver is a cheap moro moro play done on broadcast. funny some people are so blinded by faith in maRCOS

      • @ cusslikeme, are you nuts? It was a televised conference where Gen Ver was reporting to FM about the pile of hakot in Edsa and was asking for a standing order to attack crame where US conspirators, Enrile and Tabako were holed up. So, whose blinded yellow turd then?

    35. Bravo Mr. Tiglao! Thank you for enlightening us about Martial Law. You were pushing for your communist ideology and a comrade of ninoy to instigate chaos against the legitimate Marcos government. I am a martial law baby, born and raised inside U.P. Diliman and was a public elementary student in the 80’s. I remember eating free Nutriban and i can say life was peaceful then, no petty crimes. I never heard my parents say anything bad about Marcos and politics was never discussed inside our house in U.P. Diliman. I hope your article would shed light on who were the real perpetrators of tortures and killings during those years. Bong Bong Marcos was a teenager then. I don’t think he played any role during Martial Law and I can say he really wants to unite and serve the country. Good luck to him. GOD bless him.

      • P.S. I did not vote for Ramos. I was never swayed by the yellow bandwagon. I voted for Miriam Defensor Santiago. I was a freshman at UPLB when she did her campaign there. She should have won then. Just saying. ☺

    36. You just turned the Cory Yellow narrative upside down. Indeed, it was not about Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker. It was about King Arthur vs Darth Vader, and Ninoy Aquino was Darth.

    37. Had it not been for Ramos and Enrile, Cory would have not been president and eventually, Noynoy. So how could Noynoy blame on the two for having significant roles during martial law? He has no option except to blame Marcos alone and at this juncture, Bong–bong who is running for Vice President during May election.

    38. Marcos was demonized by the oligarchs and the Yellow Opportunist to rule the whole Philippines as their own kingdom.The majority of Filipino masses are voiceless and easy to manipulate and they damn well know that.Show the masses a daily dose of soap opera to watch and a little bit of Eat Bulaga & Wowowee,Presto! Voila! Them got you by the neck!That’s what happened and they damn know that thing will work like magic. Mr.R.Tiglao you are very honest and honorable to write clearly your side of the story and we are thankful that an honest and honorable person like you still do exist.Thank you and Mabuhay ka.

    39. I was still in high school when me & my gf was caught in san Juan trying to get a ride before midnight. I was an active “dining bayan” member and had with me some radical Xmas cards (I think it was early November). When we were brought to camp panopio, a PC Major asked the TSgt who arrested us: “who are those kids?” The TSgt replied: Student activist Sir. The officer then asked me: “where do you live?” I told him where then he ordered the TSgt to take us home after telling me to prepare a good alibi to my gf’s parents. Before we left, the TSgt confiscated those brilliantly designed Xmas cards. That is the most horrible thing that happened to me during martial law in addition to the punishment I got from my father plus the fear of marrying at an early age.

    40. so, who then was this former comrade who has been a poster boy for human rights violations during Martial Law ? Edgar Jopson?
      turns out he’s top communist cadre and with intentions to sow confusion kill fellow Filipinos.
      why then does a big catholic university loves him so much ?

    41. Thanks for articulating what many knew but did not express. This should have been written earlier. Nonetheless, it is good that the ‘other side of the coin’ is put forward in an honest and genuine way by an ex-commie.

    42. Great piece, Mr. Tiglao. You exactly said what I thought all these years. Let’s make the issue explode in all our faces. This will be a real re-birth for all of us. Help ‘human rights victims’ become less pussies.

    43. Indeed, joma and benigno exploited the idealism of our youth and fed us to the gallows in their megalomanic quest for power. Despite their bravado to go to war against Mr. Marcos, their bungling and inexperience in a real arena was very much evident during the landing of MV Karagatan where so many of the “revolutionaries” were killed as they were ambushed on the beach – similar to the Bay of Pigs fiasco. In hindsight, the lyrics of the song Empty Chairs and Empty Tables in Les Miserables can just reflect my present sentiments of those bygone years.

    44. Thank you for reminding us again of our history during that period in which it was the safest time of being a pinoy.

    45. Common Sir Tiglao. Let the people know that history of martial law. my kids do not even know the true story because in school , it was it was taught to them that marcos regime is nothing but bad government. thank you for your column..

    46. Yung mga walang achievements na tulad ni Noynoy, walang magawa kundi manakot sa multo na siya mismo ay takot!

      • past is past let the historian do ther duty. for now the term of the abnormal is coming to end what can you observe during his term me puro pandaraya paninisi kasam ang yellow cult , sabagay mula pa sa kanyang ninuno sa kangyang ama may pinagminahan nmna kaya wala kawawang ph talaga.

      • Prove it in the court of law. Puro kayo trial by publicity. Palibhasa kayo at ang idolo niyong si Noynoy, at ang tatay niyang si Ninoy at ang lolo nyang si Igno e mga walang bayag.

    47. mr tiglao, this is a very good piece. kasamahan mo pala si edjop. i would like to ask you if you know where this benito boy sisi was during the edsa revolt?? i do not know where he was to say those things about edsa revolt. i know his mother was hiding in cebu monastery fearful of her like. lumabas lang sa lunga, kung baga, nung maliwanag na bumaligtad na ang mga kano at pinapaalis na si makoy sr sa malacanan.

    48. My only question why wait until now to pen this story. Why just now? Where are our intelligent resourceful historians to test and confirm everything that was said? I already list my faith and trust to our government and media. Each one are manipulating the mind of our people.

      • Matagal na pong “out” ang ganitong bersiyon ng kuwento, ang problema, walang nakikinig! Sa Pilipinas kasi hindi naisusulat nang wasto ang kasaysayan dahil pinagpapasiyahan ito ng kung sino ang nagwawagi sa tunggaliang politikal. Nang manalo si Cory with the rest of her cohorts during EDSA PP I, siya ang nagpasiya kung paano dapat isulat ang kasaysayan ang Pilipinas, kaya wala siyang ginawa kundi i-emortalize ang kaniyang asawa! Ganito rin ang ginagawa ni Pnoy ngayon, ang i-emortalize ang kaniyang mga magulang! Malinaw para kay Pnoy na an objective writing of history particularly the human rights violation during the martial law will jeopardize their place in history! He preferred to lie if not totally exaggerate things so as to secure their space in history. But unfortunately hindi si Pnoy at ang mga miyembro ng “yellow cult” ang magpapasiya kung paano huhusgahan ng sambayanan ang kasaysayan dahil panahon ang magtatakda nito!

    49. ..this revelation directly from the person who was imprisoned and a real
      “victim” of martial rule really enlightened my mind what was really happened during those tumultuous years of Marcos regime…I realized that you can’t twisted the truth and fooled the people all the times because someone like Mr. Tiglao will come out to tell us the truth..Bravo!

    50. Why not ask them? After all these years, these two guys Enrile & Ramos are top living legends of Martial Law w/c FM declared. Why blame Marcos Jr.? Instead, we should vote BBM because of his patriotism, efficiency, etc. as a leader. May God bless Bongbong Marcos!

      • Why not ask also Sen. Ping Lacson and Gen. Berroya, who were then the right hand men of Col.Rolando Abadilla and Col. Honasan the right hand man of Sec. Enrile. Ask also, Amb. Tiglao, the 12 Rolex Generals ( I forgot their names ) who supported the Martial Law.

    51. Until now communism still exist and pestering our country in the rural and urban front. JM Sison still command arm struggle not by peaceful means. Martial law saved this country from being a communist state!

    52. Thank you brod for this explosive information. I can share this for the benefit of those (esp.) still in the blind of communism and still recruiting. We are in the same age during those times of KM. Emmie dj, clarence a., etc

    53. I’m very thankful to the author for being frank and truthful. His narration regarding martial law was very clear and I believed in him. I was student at that time. Even we were not rich but life at that time was peaceful because people was afraid to violate any laws . There was discipline and not much thieves at that time. Now as if every time you go out of your house you should alway be careful of your belongings. Before food became abundant after few years of martial rules . Many big factories and business was flourishing in our country. It was because after the death of Noynoy were everyday civil unrest for years that undermined the business viability that many closed down and transfer abroad . We practical give our country advantage to Thailand , Malaysia and Singapore . Because after those big foreign corporation closed down most of them transfer to these country. Look where these country economy are now and where does people power bring us today. It’s very sad to see many people suffer because of these political maneuvering. Unless we United this country we cannot bring back the old glory we once have as a country.

    54. Your right Mr. Tiglao. If there are really abuses like tortures, killings and disappearances which were illegally done, then investigate the still alive former civilian and military officers who implemented the Martial Law e.g. Enrile, Ramos, Almonte and including Gazmin who is a lieutenant that time. Why focus on Bongbong who at that time is still in his teens and does not have any say to the affairs of the government.

      • I hope that more comrades of Mr. Tiglao will write their own version of history pertaining to the human rights abuses during martial law era so the younger generation who were corrupted by erroneous textbooks will be enlightened as well. No politics, just plain history!

    55. Ramos and enrile are the epitome of what we call a heartless traitor. These two could have been hanged to death, yet, They were elected as president and as a senator respectively, so easily, hiding the truth to the people and using the marcoses as their punching bags and excuse as if they were not the living witnesses and the excecutioners of that bloody martial law they are talking about. They know what really happened but they cant speak now because it will all come back to them. Why not, it made them heroes anyway and they dont wanna rewrite the history.

      • Out of ignorance, Kurokuro lang said, Ramos and Enrile are the epitome of what we call a heartless traitor“ He talked as if Ramos and Enrile were busy all the time torturing and executing the so called “victims“ of Martial Law when in fact they are busy fighting against the enemies of state. He forgot the fact that Ramos and Enrile were soldiers during the Martial Law who were bound to serve and protect our country, our Constitution and the Filipino people against the enemies of state which at that moment in time in Philippine History are the MNLF and the communists with their death squad communist NPA.

        We must not forget the fact that Martial law is mandated in the Constitution to protect and save our beloved country against serious threat to our national security such as communist insurgency, terrorists and other enemies of state. It is very easy for anybody to call Ramos and Enrile traitors but without our soldiers like them, who then will protect and save our beloved country against the enemies of state? Dapat nating tanungin sa ating mga sarili kung nasaan tayo noong Martial Law at kung ano ang ating nagawa laban sa mga kaaway ng ating bansa at mamamayang Filipinos.

        Whereas, our soldiers were out there risking their precious lives fighting against the communists and Muslim rebels. Why not also ask the news reporters who are covering prominent players of Martial Law like Ramos and Enrile? Ask them about what happened when Ramos himself personally led government troops in repulsing 400 Muslim rebels who attacked Camp Amai Pakpak in Marawi City. Our soldiers led by Ramos were outnumbered but never outfought. Ask them about the time when the Philippine Constabulary led by Ramos were busy collecting unlicensed firearms all over the country. From 1972 to 1974, they collected over 500,000 unlicensed firearms all over the archipelago. Ask them how Ramos escape massacre when he could have been one of the 43 military personnel led by Brig. Gen. Teodulfo Bautista who were betrayed and mercilessly massacred by Muslim rebels led by Usman Sali. We must bear in mind that our soldiers risked their precious lives to serve and protect our country. Kaya dapat ay magpasalamat tayo sa kanila.

        Dapat sa ating mga Filipinos ay basa basa naman pag may time to self-educate ourselves and keep us well-informed or keep us from ignorance. Maximiliene Robespierre said, “The secret of freedom lies in educating people. Whereas the secret of tyranny is keeping them ignorant.“

        Like Tiglao and some of the journalists and news reporters are doing, we can educate the Filipino people by being honest with our history and keep them well-informed with the truth and not with the lies or alternative truth from the tyrants who want to keep the Filipino people ignorant.

        Who then are these tyrants who want to keep the Filipinos ignorant? They are the demons in the midst of our community who are good in demonizing to deceive the Filipino people by twisting the truth for their own vested interests. They are the enemies of state who are out to destroy our country and the Filipino people such as the communists with their death squad communist NPA and the MNLF led by Nur Misuari who ultimately signed a Peace Agreement with Ramos when he became the President of our beloved country.

      • JRaffyO, kurokuro lang was right in his claim that Enrile and Tabako were the epitome of a heartless traitors. Why? Its because they allowed themselves to be used by US to oust FM in order that US could implement the IMF WB neo-globalist policies. And all the propaganda against FM was US inspired with the help of little brown brother.

    56. Pnoy Aquino never make an objective assessment of everything. Everytime he opens his mouth, he subjects everything under his filthy and “incomplete mind”. Now his daang matuwid is barely mentioned as the election campaign winds down because it is only a “fad” to twist the minds of people and a weapon to jail his opponents.

      I did not hear of legitimate abuse of human during the Martial law years, maybe I am wrong and I apologize for that. But my question is: if anyone revolts against the authority, does the authority have the option to subvert it. Martial law was declared according to the constitution that makes it legitimate. Still martial law is not nice. But I have been a law abiding citizen and did not suffer of any abuse during those years and instead my business prospered because there was peace among the citizens, my children grew up happy. The people were generally and mutually respectful of each other during the martial law years. Comparing those years nowadays, I missed them. I did not run afoul with the government because I followed the law and without being abused and trampled of my rights. But I was not and am not a supporter of martial law. Judgment on the martial law era depends on who is talking. Is the present day Philippines much better than the martial law years, if so, in what aspect? If the present condition is free from graft, corruption, and abuse from authorities, that will make me reverse my comments. When this president puts his enemies to jail indefinitely, he is exactly doing the same for what was done to his late father. The difference is his enemies are not traitors of the state, his father was because he betrayed his own country to the Malaysians that led to our losing Sabah.

    57. This article, Hit the Nail directly on the head, i myself has been asking the very same question for over two years.
      Very well written and Presented, I have nothing more to add to it. God bless.

    58. Why don’t we look beyond Martial Law or the regime of Marcos way back to as far as possible such as the regime of Magsaysay or more and trace anything about all of these players, I mean all of them, and find out their tract records as public servants and government officials? Let us look all their contributions to our country and its people. Let us also look on the history of their families and relatives and find out who are really helping or abusing the country and its people.

      It will be interesting to find out who are really the heroes and/or villains of our country. For sure, there’s more to it than meets the eye? What we really know or need to know might have been destroyed or twisted by the demons who are good in demonizing and/or the enemies of state who are out to destroy our country and the Filipino people for their own vested interests.

      Dapat nating malaman kung sino talaga ang nakikinabang sa ating bansa at mamamayang Filipinos at kung sino ang nagsasakripisiyo para sa kapakanan, kapalaran at kinabukasan ng ating bansa at mamamayang Filipinos. Dapat nating malaman kung sino talaga ang dapat nating paniwalaan at mapapagkatiwalaan dahil nawawala na ang tiwala natin sa bawat isa. Are we trusting the wrong people and destroying the right ones? Sino ba talaga sa ating mga Filipinos ang tunay na kaibigan at kaaway ng ating bansa? That’s what we need to know for us to move on in the right direction. We need to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help us God.

      The secret of freedom lies in educating people. Whereas the secret of tyranny is keeping them ignorant. – Maximiliene Robespierre

      • juan felices on

        yan rin naman po ang tinitingnan ko..kung magsimula tayo kay aguinaldo hanggang sa kasakulayn n naging presidente at tingnan ang status ng kabuhayan ng mga relatives nila aba walang tatalo sa status ng kabuhayan ng mga marcoses at naging yaman ng mga nila ng maging pangulo ng pilipinas…meron bang nagawa si marcos? agree! marami.. pero kung nagnakaw naman eh magnnkaw parin. hindi ito usapin lang ng martial kundi usapin rin ng nakaw n yaman ng mga marcos isa lng yang human right abuses.

      • kuan felices puro pagnanakaw ang sinasabi mo magbigay ka ng ebidensya!

        parang ikaw AGKAKALDING ka ogag!

      • tes, sa dami ba naman ng published na nakaw ng mga marcos sa media wala ka pa ring alam. san ka nakatira sa kweba. Mr. Tiglaos’ article is very educational and eye opening, he even stressed out about pinoy and roxas during those times. but saddly nothing againts the marcoses. Is this a bongbong marcos pro build up article? coz if it is well, then that would destroy the essence of this article.

    59. I couldn’t agree more. It’s the demonizing of Marcos that the yellowtards want to paint and not the reality of the struggle of the so-called “victims” of Martial Law.

    60. siguro nga mas maganda kung naging komunista ang Pilipinas para lahat tayo ay pantay-pantay, mahirap o mayaman.

      kasama nating nagbubungkal ng lupa ang mga anak ng rich and famous families katulad ng mga Araneta, Cojuangco, Aquino, Roxas, Elizalde, Sy, Ayala, etc. pati iyong mga magaganda nilang mga anak ay nagbubungkal ng lupa sa kasagsagan ng tindi init ng araw.

      • sa akin palagay kahit na naging komunista tayo ngayon marami pa rin mga corrupt, kung sino ang nasa kapangyarihan sila din makikinabang ng marami hindi rin pantay pantay dahil marami pa rin ang gusto na sila lang ang maginhawa . kumikita na hindi napoapagod

      • Sus naman! Di ko tuloy mapigilan mag comment sa katangahan mo. Pumunta ka nga sa China at ng makita mo ang sina sabi mong pantay pantay.

      • i think you are very wrong. these rich people will be gone before the communists can take over the gov’t. they have their own jets to spirit them away to a country where their stash are hidden. it is only us who have no means who will shoulder the harsh conditions of being a communist led country. just look at north korea where people are dying of hunger while their great leader wallow in luxury.

      • Nakakatuwa naman ang comment mo leipzig? ano ang ibig mong sabihin, lahat ng pilipino magbubungkal ng lupa?

        Pansinin mo sa Tsina,di ba communist country sila? sa tingin mo pantay pantay ba? Bakit malayo ang agwat ng mga mayayaman at mahihirap?

    61. “….. If we had won, we would have put Ramos, Enrile and all the Marcoses – as well as the landlords like the Cojuangcos and Aquinos – in prison, or most likely in front of firing squads.”

      Now, after reading this, shouldn’t we be thankful that Marcos saved the Philippines from communists, CPP founder Jose Maria Sison, NPA commander Dante Buscayno and communist sympathizer like Ninoy Aquino?

      Maybe it would be better if we had fallen under Communism so that the landlords like the Roxas, Cojuangcos, Aquinos, Zobels, Ayalas, Concepcions, Sorianos, Aranetas, Elizaldes, et al would be imprisoned by CPP-NPAs and do hard labor, or die by firing squads. Dapat pala silang magpasalamat kay Marcos at hindi naging komunista ang Pilipinas.

      But in the inverted world of Philippine politics and media, the patriotic Marcos became a villain, and a villain became a hero and got an airport named after him.

      • yung pinaghirapang hanapin at arestuhin na si joma sison ay pinakawalan lang ni cory. ngayon nanduon sa nehterlands at pakape kape lang at nagbibigay ng utos sa mga cadre ng npa para itumba ang ating bansa.

      • Poor marcoses, they are suffering all the blames of martial law…but why mr tiglao waited 30 more years before he publish this article? Ang tagal nyang nagising sa kanyang pagtulog….

      • @Simple,

        Matagal na ito. Baka NGAYON mo na lang nabasa o kaya DI KA NAKIKINIG noon.

    62. I call this straight from the horse’s mouth and let’s see if the yellow propagandists can claim otherwise.