• Why not Bongbong?


    “Those who want the present to wage war against the past are bound to lose the future.”

    I remember this old adage (was it by Sir Winston Churchill?) while some are raising martial law issues of more than 30 years ago in their bid to stop the election of Sen. Bongbong Marcos as vice president. Some may quote the words of Santayana “Those who can’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” However, there’s a big difference between remembering the past and waging war against it, as some anti-Bongbong Marcos people are doing.

    This issue against him doesn’t wash. He’s not going around the country campaigning for the return of martial law should he become vice president. He talks about martial law only because those against him want this to be a campaign issue. These antis would have done the country a greater service if they would only dissect his performance as governor and congressman of Ilocos Norte and as senator. Of course, they wouldn’t do this because voters might even be more convinced to go for him this May!

    In the 2010 senatorial campaign, Bongbong spoke of his achievements as governor and as congressman. Not once did he devote a speech extolling the virtues of martial law. Aside from his achievements, he talked about his plans once he became a senator.

    This might surprise everybody but there was never a chilly relationship between him and fellow senatorial candidates Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza while stumping all over the land in 2010. The three were in the ticket of presidential candidate Manny Villar and while they were not chummy-chummy, they weren’t antagonistic to one another either. And when Bongbong won in the nationwide election, I was convinced that the Marcos name has ceased to be a national issue.

    Of course, this was ignored by a vindictive President who devoted his speech in the 30th commemoration of EDSA 1 haranguing Bongbong and martial law. BS Aquino The Last treated EDSA 1 as if it were mainly an issue between the Aquinos and the Marcoses. Well, my wife Lynn and I were at EDSA 1 (I was there as senior reporter of Veritas Newsmagazine) but we have never tried to dissuade our numerous relatives who had decided to vote for Bongbong. I agree with them that a vote for him is a vote not only for what more he could do but also for national reconciliation.

    I have quoted this anecdote a number of times but this is always worth mentioning. After the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln offered his hands of friendship to Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America. This was resented by a mother who lost two of her sons while serving with the Union Army.

    “Why should you make friends with our enemies when you ought to destroy them?” the indignant mother wrote Lincoln.

    Lincoln replied: “Madame, don’t I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
    If we are to dwell on the past, what will stop some anti-Aquino people from demanding that his family return the Katipunan treasure entrusted by Gen. Antonio Luna to a Cojuangco more than a century ago? What will stop them from demanding that BS Aquino apologize for the sins of his grandfather, who collaborated with the Japanese Imperial Army that had tortured and killed thousands of Filipinos in World War 2 or more than 70 years ago?

    I won’t view with grave concern a Bongbong victory. This said, neither do I feel uncomfortable with the win by Sen. Chiz Escudero, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, Rep. Leni Robredo or Sen. Gringo Honasan. The vice presidency will be in good hands whoever wins among the four. As regards Sen. Antonio Trillanes, the less said of him, the better.

    Indeed, the vice presidency has a rich lode of candidates. This may not be said of the race for presidency. Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago should make a good President but unfortunately, she’s sickly and hasn’t been campaigning effectively.

    A friend was so disappointed with the presidential candidates that he’s hoping there’ll be a space in the ballot for “NOTA” – None Of The Above.

    And if others persist on picking a candidate? “Choose your poison,” he said.



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    1. Why not bb marcos jr?
      1) He is a plundered-wealth beneficiary and gatekeeper – see pages 87-89 of Sen Jovito R Salonga’s book “Presidential Plunder: The Quest for the marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth” ; also watch his Interaksyon interview where he could not say yes or no to the question if there are remaining, hidden marcos plundered wealth at http://www.interaksyon.com/…/bongbong-marcos-on-familys-wea…
      2) He is a liar as proven by his claim of having graduated from Oxford and Wharton; see http://www.rappler.com/…/85844-oxford-university-confirms-b… that led him to correct his resume http://www.rappler.com/…/90286-bongbong-marcos-corrects-res…,
      His father’s sins should be visited on bb marcos jr for as long as he actively participates in living on and hiding his father’s plundered wealth.

    2. Only the yellow fanatics and irrelevant Reds will go against Bongbong. But the educated and the ordinary masses who can now compare after 30 years will support his bid for Vice Presidency. A lot of anti-Marcos have now seen the right picture and are in fact remorseful why they supported the Oligarchy of the Yellows led by the Aquino and their elite minions like Lopez, Cojuangco, etc. The yellow politicians are good in cloaking themselves by going into populist slogans but the 30 years of rule had unmasked their evilness. They are like leech in our society that we need to rid out.

    3. Jerome Suarez on

      Akala ko ba may nabawi ng yaman mula sa mga Marcos? bakit sabihin ibalik nila.

      2 lang ang ibig sabihin nito:

      1) hindi totoo na may nabawi kasi nga until now wala pa ring guilty verdict sa mga kinaso laban sa mga Marcos kaya walang utos ang korte na bawiin ito

      2) Puwede may nakuha na talaga pero hindi naman napakinabanggan ng taong bayan. siguradong binulsa ng mga magnanakaw ngayon sa govt.

      kung pondo lang ng Yolanda binubulsa ng mga taga LP eh yaman pa kaya ng mga Marcos?

      sabagay Bongbong’s top on surveys proves that the majority of the people dont hate the Marcoses. it also means that they love his dad at kaya siya gusto ang iboto dahil naniniwala silang ipagpapatuloy ng anak ang nasimulan ng ama na mga mga magandang ginawa para sa bayan.

      kaya di maka move on ang iba dyan kasi gusto lang makaganti sa mga Marcos dahil isa sa mga nasagasaan noong panahon ng Martial Law.

      either isa kang pasaway, komunista, rebelde, o ganid na mayaman,

      at hindi titigil na atakihin ang mga Marcos hanggat wala silang nakukuhang pera mula sa kanila.

    4. Hindi ko akalain na marami pang pinoy ang walang utak. Unang-una ano ba naman
      ang na tapusan ni gong-gong Marcos. Bakit ndi niya isaoli muna ang pera nang taong bayanna niakaw nang tatay at nanay niya. Nong senador siya pinagbili niya ang kanyang PDAF ki Mrs. Napoles. Kawatan din iya katulad nang familia niya. Gusto ba ninyo ang mga piliticong kawatan?Kong may mahal kayo sa bayan itsa pwera na ninyo si Marcos, Binay, Enrile, Estrada, Revilla, Corona at iba pang kawatan.

      • charlie castro on

        kung ang sinasabi mong utak ay katulad ng utak mo na maka-dilaw (hepatitis mentality), mas gugustuhin ko ng tawagin mong walang utak, kasi may pag-asa pa akong malagyan ng matinong utak at hindi kagaya ng utak mong dilaw. nasaan ka ba nung martial law? nung edsa 2,3? nasaan ka nung minasaker ang chinese tourist sa luneta, nasaan ka nung yolanda disaster? nung zamboanga siege? nung mamasapano debacle? nung persecution ng all-oppositionist politician? at nasaan ka ba nitong huli… ang kidapawan disaster? wala ako physically sa lahat ng kaganapan na yan.. pero mulat ang isipan ko, na sa lahat ng yan, wala naman naidulot na pagbabago ang mga Aquino. alam mo rin ba na ipinagkanulo ng lolo ni Pnoy sa hapon ang mga Pilipino? alam mo ba na sa desperasyon ni Ninoy, mistulang nakipag-alyansa siya sa mga communist? NASAAN KA KUYA? naroon ka, natabunan ang utak mo ng dilaw.. gago! kaya mag-ingat ka sa pagsasabi kung sino ang walang utak! BOBO!

    5. By the way, If memory serves, Bongbong/Bonget to some, is a certified graduate of the Philippine Ranger Training Course undertaken in Tanay, Rizal ages ago.
      This makes him a really trained soldier.
      Unlike a shooter who only shoots at stationary targets, baril-barilan, or worse through
      video games ! Infantile games really.

    6. vs
      One question for his competition is with regards to Senators who run for Vice President or Vice President while bound within a six-year term that has not yet run its course.
      Who have lost and gotten back to the Senate? Legarda, Escudero,in the past, now those with existing terms in the Senate, but running for higher office are Trillanes, Llamanzares (Poe-Americana) ans Escudero again ?
      These people have no shame, I am definitely not pro-Marcos ( the Dad ), have never voted KBL, but this election, I will go for Bongbong !! Consider it a protest vote . (vs. LP)

    7. He deserved to be the leader of our nation, for his Unity motivation to our people. He doesn t want our nation to be fragmented and separated from each other, You see how he defend our constitution against BBL. He stood standstill against it, and MDS.. They were truly filipino in blood and our leader… He is right without unity we cannot achieve our goal in our life. You see how progressive his province at the north.. His people were satisfied about their services as a government official. Because they were the servant of their people. Not people is the servant of the government. GOD BLESS PHILIPPINES WITH THE HELP OF OUR NEW VICE PRESIDENT , BONG BONG MARCOS…

    8. BB does not walk the talk if he says simplicity..he wears expensive or luxurious shirts, shoes and watches.His sister Imee was mentioned in the Panama Papers leak of offshore fund. This include the three sons. I am sure the family have discussed their assets around the world. The basic question I have is the same question Leni asked. Return the money your parents illegally or unethical acquired. This money in billions of dollars is enough to alleviate the poverty in our country. I would ask the say thing to the plunderers in our country. Return the money to the Philippines.

      • Was there a proof that they stole money? So easy to make accusation isn’t and isn’t the hobby of PNoy who have done more crimes than Marcos, PDAF, DAF, Mamasapano tragedy, Kidapawan Massacre, etc? Oh you mentioned the Panama leak, people are not ignorant. People read a lot now a days. Not because their names were mentioned, they have undertaken illegal activities. Don’t jump to conclusion! Mapanghusga, typical of Yellow fanatics! Hypocrite!

    9. Indeed, Bonget will leave all the other VP candidates eating dust. Be that as it may, I am pretty sure that even if he becomes the VP, he will never look at the losers as pretentious rags and puerile morons lacking in political wisdom and administrative experience. He has been saying that he is running on a platform of unity and I am sure that he will live up to that commitment until the end of his forthcoming Presidency.

    10. marameng dapat panagutan sa taong bayan ang mga marcoses..si bongbong wala yang hiya sa taong bayan..lageng naghuhugas ng kamay sa mga nangyare noong nanunungkulan ang kanyang ama..diba nga sinabe nya sa kanyang ama na “bombahin ang edsa nung panahon ng people power”..radical magisip yan..panigurado kapag yan ang naupo sa malacañang uso na naman ang extrajudicial killings..

    11. bongbong pahihirapan lang nyan ang mga pilipino..hindi na magbabago tingin namin dyan..kasi parang yang basura na itinapon na nga,patuloy pa ring bumabalik!..kaya hindi uunlad ang pilipinas kapag nakahawak ulit yan ng pwesto sa malacañang

    12. si bongbong may ugaling hitler yan!..gusto ba ng taong bayan ng berdugo sa malacañang!..well ako hindi!..ngayon pa lang dapat hindi na bigyan si bongbong ng pusisyon sa gobyerno!..panigurado lalong malulugmok ang pilipinas sa utang sa ibang bansa!

    13. Never again to Marcoses!..Never again to BongBong for running in higher position in the government!

    14. marameng aspeto kung bakit hindi dapat manalo si bongbong..kagaya ng mga nakaw na yaman at pagmamalabis sa kapangyarihan ng mga marcoses..puro lang pangako yan sa umpisa..sigurado like father,like son!..huhuthutan na nman nyan ang pilipinas at paiikutin sa mga palad nya!..

      #NeverAgain #NotoMarcoses

    15. malinaw at buo pa ang pag iisip ko hinding hindi ko iboboto yang si bbm s mga salaysay ng magulang ko n naranasan nila s panahon ng marcos hndi ko n ggstuhin pa ulit un

    16. ni hindi sumagi s isip ko n iboboto kita kht n sbhn mo hndi ikw ang nkaraan hndi mo n maaalis pa s bawat isip ng tao ang gnwa ng pamilya ninyo

    17. Bongbong credentials are far superior to the sitting occupant of Malacañang. Bongbong was an outstanding governor of Ilocos Norte. As a senator, Bongbong worked quietly in the background, but his stand on BBL actually was very insightful and saved the nation from a horrible predicament.

      • carlcid, for the work bongbong and his committee did with the bbl bill, the nation should ge grateful to them. if bongbong and his committee just let the bill slide and let the drilon and belmonte express railroad the bbl bill just like what benito or as the writer wants to call him benigno aquino the last, then mindanao is now in the process of partition. AND THE SAD THING ABOUT IT IS THAT WE, THE TAXPAYERS, WOULD PAY FOR THE EXPENSES OF THIS ENTITY WHILE THEY GET THE LION’s SHARE OF TAXES IT WOULD COLLECT IN THE FUTURE. i was once a coryista but after a while with things not getting better up to benito’s term, i am now a SORYISTA.

    18. Bong Bong, Bong Bong, Bong Bong! Yehey! Panalo na!
      LP LP LP talo talo na he he he! Walang mga sinabi kundi vindictiveness! Grabe ang nangyari sa Pinas when you guys took care of us….grabe! Sugapa!

      • lina ranises on

        An “objective voter” will go for MARCOS jr,jr,jr period! Remember it’s the jr that’s running not the sr, obviously 2 different persons, wake-up stop dwelling on the past, let’s move on… for the country’s unity & progress!