• Why not give her a ‘harana’?

    A surprise ‘harana’ creates a touching scene

    A surprise ‘harana’ creates a touching scene

    Still wondering what’s the best way to make your special someone feel truly special on Valentines’s Day? Harana.ph might just be your best bet.

    A service brand under IT company 88DB, Harana.ph is the best way to surprise your significant other with a modernized twist to an old Filipino tradition of expressing love.

    In an interview with The Manila Times, Jane Soco, managing director of Harana.ph, explained exactly what goes into their unique service. According to her, when a client avails of a harana package, the person he or she wants to surprise will be serenaded with two or three songs of their choice, and if they want to, have the haranista read a love letter, before handing over a bouquet of flowers and a stuffed toy for a grand finale.

    And since the moment is sure to be one for the books, Harana.ph will also provide video coverage so the client will see for him or herself how beautifully the surprise transpired.

    Former  Southborder frontman Vince Alaras is one of the Harana.ph’s most  requested ‘haranista’

    Former Southborder frontman Vince Alaras is one of the Harana.ph’s most
    requested ‘haranista’

    “Harana is really the best way to make your loved one kilig this Valentine’s,” Soco enthused.

    While they also offer the harana for birthdays and other happy occasions, Soco related that February 14 is the peak season for the company. “Last year, we were able to give almost 20 haranas in different locations around Metro Manila in just a single day. We had to split everyone to get it done and eve I had to help in the video coverage too,” she laughed.

    The managing director also admitted that they had to turn down a number of bookings because they didn’t want to rush things and sacrifice the quality of the harana.

    “You know how Filipinos are; it’s the same as the Christmas rush. People will only start preparing their gifts when there’s one week left,” she added. “As a tip for those interested, try to book as early as possible.”

    ‘It’s our passion’
    Harana.ph was founded in 2010 by a musician and producer in the 2000s named Jason dela Rosa. With lots of singer friends looking for gigs, he and co-founder Jay-Jay Viray thought about a unique venue for their talent via Harana.ph.

    “At first, they just wanted to help really talented singers who are no longer popular these days. But later on, they also decided to give young promising singers a break to showcase their talents,” shared Soco.

    Presently, Harana.ph’s roster of artists range from former Southborder frontman Vince Alaras to Butuan City’s Jason Dy.

    But besides the in-house artists, Soco said that clients can choose their own haranista whom the Harana.ph team will contact and employ for the surprise. He or she can be a popular singer of the day, but of course, the package price—which is usually between P7,000 to P12,000—will rise accordingly.

    Soco added that clients can be sure that every harana will be romantic because the founders are very romantic themselves.

    “This is our passion. We want harana to be the medium for all lovers to express their true feelings. Harana.ph is essentially feel-good service especially when we see that we really make people happy,” Soco explained.

    ‘Modern day harana’
    Harana is a Filipino courtship tradition in which a determined gentleman, with the backing of trusted companions, plays and sings music to win a lady’s heart. It is considered not only as a symbol of true love but also one of bravery as men also face the scrutiny of parents. Nowadays, however, the harana is hardly done or heard of.

    Thus, it is Harana.ph’s aim to revive a forgotten tradition by offering something relevant to the present time
    “I can say that we offer the ‘modern day harana’ that is still very touching,” said Soco.

    Citing examples, Soco shared several harana moments that have been very memorable to her. One was from an overseas Filipino worker (OFWs) who surprised his wife on her birthday.

    Thinking her husband was still in a foreign land, she was even more surprised when he came out after the harana.

    Soco noted that some 60 to 70 percent of their clientele are OFWs who want to express their love from far away. “We always send them the links of the video coverage for them to see the reaction of their partners,” she shared

    Another memorable harana was a wedding proposal on behalf of a gentleman who was not the “marrying type.” Soco recounted, “The girl had accepted for a long time that they will never marry, even when they had been in a relationship for a very long time. So when the guy knelt down and proposed after the harana, she could hardly believe what was happening and cried tears of joy.”

    “Aren’t Filipinos hopelessly romantic?” Soco concluded.
    For more information, visit harana.ph.


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