• Why not Mamasapano 45? Muslim lives matter


    I HAVE no problem with probing PNoy’s liability for Mamasapano. But, no Prez is charged for any misjudgment or shortcoming, as differentiated from wrongdoing. Infallibility of judgment is not a qualification for Prez.

    PNoy has admitted responsibility for Mamasapano but beyond that he answers only to his conscience and history.

    JPE, Gringo, et al., with all their background tried to stage a coup in February 1986, which spectacularly failed, but they were saved and rescued by the people.

    If Mamasapano would be reopened, the thorough-going report should make it clear who was responsible for killing Sara, the five-year-old Muslim girl. It would not do to say “why bother, siya ay Muslim lamang.” Who was responsible for killing that farmer, with his eyes gouged out? In short, it should not be Mamasapano 44 but Mamasapano 45, Mamasapano 46, and so on. Muslim lives matter.

    I found incredible Tempo’s headline the other day ENRILE WANTS AQUINO JAILED. Was there talk of Roosevelt being jailed for Pearl Harbor and Bataan, Kennedy for Bay of Pigs, Clinton for Black Hawk Down, Dubya Bush for Iraq? They answer to their conscience and to history.

    Why not accentuate the positive? Mamasapano resulted in taking out terrorist Marwan, responsible for hundreds of deaths. That was the intent of Operation Wolverine, Exodus or whatever. The glass was at least half-full. Look at the dough, not the hole, in the donut. A Prez may authorize an operation but once it begins we have to rely on the judgment of the warriors and their commanders in the ground. It’s not a parlor video game.

    Terrorist Marwan should be in some Hall of Shame, like Osama Bin Laden.

    Here, we see the latest batch of sports Hall of Famers, as announced the other day by the Philippine Sports Commission. Kudos to the deserving awardees. How I wish there could be some way we could include Victoria Manalo Dravis there, the Fil-Brit who won two Olympic diving golds in the London Olympics in 1948. Victoria na, Manalo pa! Her musikero father, Teofilo, was from Orani, Bataan where she made a sentimental journey home more than a decade ago, to connect with her roots, to popular acclaim. Fiesta for longer than a day. Last I could travel to the US three years ago, I made a point of visiting the two-acre Victoria Manalo Dravis Park in downtown San Fran.

    In the 40’s racial discrimination was rife in the US. It was only in 1967 when white Americans could marry non-whites. A black man won in Loving v. Virginia in the US Supreme Court, which OK’d inter-racial unions.

    It used to be blacks were regarded as chattels by the same Court (Dred Scott, 1857), which later said, separate but equal (Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896), and today, equal, with no more segregation. Memories abound of Negroes saying “yessa, massa, I gon be a gud nigra,” in the plantations in the South. We were such a plantation before the Kanos left after the Senate vote in 1991, ending centuries of presence of foreign soldiers — and now, back again because of the unfortunate 10-4-1 Edca ruling.

    As a student, I never heard of the Balangiga Massacre, where Gen. Jacob Smith ordered any male above ten killed, with no prisoners taken, and Samar turned into “a howling wilderness.” Anywhere from 2,500 to 50,000 Pinoys were killed. Court-martialed, Smith was simply admonished and later discharged from the service.

    Almost a thousand Muslims warriors, women and children were massacred in Mr. Bud Dajo in 1906 by troops commanded by Gen. Leonard Wood.

    We were not told about these atrocities as students. General Macario Sakay, we were told was a bandit and heard, “oy pagupit ka na, para kang si Sakay.” A nationalist hero, from where I sit, tricked by the Kanos into surrendering on a false promise of parliamentary participation; he faced execution calmly, and cried for independence, which the Supreme Court has just diminished, castrating the Senate in the process.

    We do not have the guts of the Vietnamese, who defeated the French, the Kanos, and in 1979, in a border war, fended off the Chinese. 30,000 were killed, not only 44; daily, soldiers and cops get killed here in fighting the enemies of the state, but no Senate probe as to them, no benefits approximating what the 44 are getting thru their widows and orphans. But, they are not the only widows and orphans. Ordinary benefits, but no housing, no scholarships, etc., for non-Mamasapano casualties. If Manong JPE pushes thru with his reported intent to jail PNoy to get even, it would be a waste of legislative time and effort.

    Take Cuba and its “Cuba si, Yanqui No” slogan. The US could not do anything to it in 55 years. JFK and the CIA tried, and failed spectacularly. If Vietnam can stand up to China and Cuba can stand up to the US, why can’t we, against and bully?

    The Cubans and the Vietnamese have shown PUSO. Instead of Cuba Si, Yanqui No, what we seem to chant is “yessa, massa, I gon be a good niggah” in pining to revert America’s Last Plantation. Not enough Sakays.

    In 1897, the winning rebels, led by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, went to exile in Hongkong, and quarelled over money. On America’s word, Justice Marvic Leonen opened his blistering EDCA dissent with this quote from the movie, Heneral Luna, addressing Pedro Paterno, Felix Buencamino and Aguinaldo, on the American promise to recognize our independence: “Para kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pag-ibig ng isang puta.”

    Frankly, I do not understand “birhen” in this context and a “puta” could be Mary Magdalene. But, I get the core of the message. China was our ally in WWII against the Japanese, which is now with us against China’s irredentism.

    So I marched last June 12 and demoed in front of the Chinese and US Embassies.
    On Sunday, January 31, morning, I intend to join Vietnamese studes rally in front of the Chinese Embassy.

    Pinoy si! Yanqui no! Tsina, no!

    MamasapaNO! Nothing new will come out – Grace Poe has pinned the blame on PNoy, who has answered – unless we invite the innocent Muslim victims, to complete the sorry story. Else, what’s the point?

    Never again! As Senator Enrile entitled his Explanation of Vote on September 16, 1991, when we finally ended the continuous presence of foreign troops for close to five centuries: “Finally, I am against this Treaty because its basic assumption is an insult to our race. I cannot live with a treaty that assumes that without 8,000 servicemen and some passing warships, we shall fall flat on our faces. I cannot believe that the vitality of this country will be extinguished when the last bargirl in Olongapo turns off the light in the last cabaret.”
    Never Again is not 25 years.

    See you on January 31 in front of the Chinese Embassy.

    See you also on Monday, January 25. While we sympathize with the Mamasapano 45, et al., there will be those of us who plan to be in Rockwell, 5/F on Monday, 5:30 pm, for the Mass to mark Prez Cory’s birth anniv. We will also pray for the 45, et al..


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    1. You are right Mr. Rene S. that Muslim lives matter, however, it’s sad to note that nobody cares about our Muslim brethren in Mindanao. Like you said who was responsible for killing the five-year-old Muslim girl, nobody dahil siya ay Muslim lamang and the farmer with eyes gouged out? Our Muslim brethren live in Mindanao before Magellan came on 1521. Who cares, mga Muslim lamang sila.

    2. Misjudgment, incompetence, whatever, the Nazis had a better way out of that dilemma. They give the culprit a pistol.

    3. There you go again Mr Saguisag …. but the public has to know what steps Aquino did to help the SAF 44 while they are being massacred!

    4. Indeed, quo rhee and her computerized senators have their day raking for “pogi” points claiming for credit for driving the aremikans in 1991 forgetting the historical fact that it was Mr. Marcos who worked for the reduction of the 100-year lease into a 25-year lease that ended in 1991. With or without that senate vote, the aremikans were obligated to leave anyway and the aremikans were just too happy to allow quo rhee some face with her grandstanding as she was their puppet all along.

      If only all those presidents after Mr. Marcos had the balls and heart for our country, each could have provided a large percentage of their budgets to upgrade our defense posture so we would not have needed EDCA at this time.

    5. Carlos de Castro on

      JPE has his moments during Marcos and Cory,s era. I remember very well because I live all of the martial law years in PH. And I can say that I kind of like it.

      JPE has his bright moments duringn the Marcos and Cory’s era, and I can say that I like the way things went on. Only people that has somethimg to do,in politics got a complain. Compare today , I can say na nakakahiya tayo. Can you imagine a plunderer leading a survey. Never happen in Marcos day.Tell me
      sen. nabayaran na ba ang lahat na ito o bukas ang bulsa nilang lahat sa darating na biyaya.Senador hindi po ginawa ni Marcos ito..

      also pls. remind the madlang people na pag sinabi na the buck stop here ay sinasagot na niyang lahat ang kamalian,kaya tapos na.



    6. If Enrile wants the President to put in jail, I guess Enrile should be returned also there…hey we all know the bail and the case he has…his arrogance and the nerve to press the President, why they allowed this old man to that bail, he doesn’t deserve to be there in the Senate seat. No way Enrile! Vacate the position please…

      • everything happens for a reason , Enrile survived and was sent back to where the saf-44 brought him because they the saf-44 are still crying for justice . the senate hearing under the chairmanship of grace poe did not mean anything . It was a kangaroo hearing . poe virtually said, “bsaquino need not attend the investigation” when in fact, aquino should be the one to answer all the querries because he is the only one who knows the story from the beginning to the end . purisima and napenas were accomplices but Aquino is the mastermind . BAKIT TINANGGAP NG MGA AUTHORITIES ANG PINAGGAGAWA NI grace poe at that time . lahat ng tao nakatunganga nung inanounce na lang ni poe na tapus na ang mamasapano case and pres. bsaquino is ultimately responsible. Atty. saguisag , let this new investigation proceed and let us thank sen enrile for being brave enough to re-open this case despite attempts of many senators like grace poe , drillon and chiz escudero to block this most important part of Philippine history

      • No brainer Harley. My 5 centavo worth of opinion.
        You charge a person with plunder but you need evidence to back it up. In Enrile’s case. there was not a single detail about how much was given to him(enrile), who gave it to him, when and where it was given,,,,,,Sorry friend but up to now the prosecutor can’t even come up with these and most likely they never will dahil imbento lang .

        Wait for the Mamasapano investigation and surely there will be enough evidence to conclude that Pinoy did nothing to save the SAF 44 .

        Hindi ito yung misjudgement or infallability that Saguisag said. Simply put, it is a no judgement — walang ginawang decision to save the SAF 44….

    7. “…no Prez is charged for any misjudgment or shortcoming, as differentiated from wrongdoing. Infallibility of judgment is not a qualification for Prez.”

      The world is overturned eh Atty Saguisag. Where you see evil intent, malice and crime in everything Marcos did, you see only misjudgement in PNoy.

      I think indeed it was a case of serious miscalculation but the government was not being forthright and was clearly evasive. PNoy was lying on a lot of things and obviously was attempting to wash his hands off of any responsibility, laying it all on Napeñas and his troop. What kind of leader is that? He was only forced into admitting his responsibility towards the end— but only ambiguously. We deserve to know more than those you and the government want us to know Atty Saguisag

    8. did Enrile do something to strengthen our Armed Forces after the Americans left?

      or he just fattened his wallet?

    9. i’mnot a lawyer like atty. Saguisag but , I wanna know if president aquino coammanded the army /pnp to standown when they told aquino they were going to rescue the trapped saf-44 who also ran out of ammunitions to conrtinue battling the muslim enemies because this particular order that senators enrile and bbmarcos wanted to clarify is most crucial becauase yun na lang ang HULING BARAHA PARA MAISALBA ANG IBANG BUHAY PA NA NATITIRA SA SAF-44. nut because aquino , the ultimate commander in chief told them ” negative ,negative, stand down” … the ultimate saviour laid back off and laid their arms leaving the saf-44 tobe slautered . Now, atty sauisag or to anybody contra to this new investigation, kung isa sa saf-44 ay anak o apo o kahit sinung mahal nyo sa buhay, will you say aquino was right in virtually stopping the army to resue the saf-44????? i do not know anybody of the saf-44 but i thirst for each one’s justice … justice applies toall …grace poe is not playing fair ..ngayun palang corrupt na sya

    10. Again, you are right Rene. You always see the other side of the story and give kudos to what is right. Filipinos has the shortest memory on earth but I know that you were sent by Marcos to jail for believing sol. Like justice Marivic Leonen who believes that the duty of the Supreme court is to correct injustice I believe that in the end justice and what is right will prevail!