Why penalize motorists for LTO, dealers idiocy?


The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is dead wrong in implementing the “no plate, no travel” policy, particularly in the case of newly-bought vehicles from auto dealers.

It is simply unfair for new vehicle owners to get penalized for the dealers’ failure to secure their plates, as the auto registration and acquisition of the license plate is part of the fees buyers pay.

It’s just unreasonable to expect the buyers to bear the burden of having to go to the LTO offices and accomplish what they paid the dealers to do.

It’s sheer injustice that motorists get apprehended because their newly-bought vehicles do not bear license plates they’ve paid for.

Who can blame MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino for being displeased with LTO’s insistence in enforcing the ridiculous policy?

Tolentino said the MMDA and the 17 local government units of Metro Manila are unlikely to apprehend “violators” of the LTO order.

He even said what the LTO is doing might be unconstitutional, considering that it deprives an individual of the right to use his own property without due process of law.

The long-time Tagaytay City mayor must know what he is talking about. Tolentino is a lawyer.

He said, “Majority of motorists should not be blamed for buying new cars that until now are waiting for the release of their license plates from the LTO. They should not be penalized for not having their license plates on time, they already have their conduction stickers. They are paying their monthly amortizations and have no deliberate intention to violate the law.”

“In fact, at this time of the year, we need to freely move people, especially now that there is shortage of provincial buses,” Tolentino added.

The certificate of registration (CR) and the official receipt (OR) are sufficient to confirm that a motorist has paid in full the fees entailed in buying a new car or renewing its annual registration.

If the newly sold cars have been registered and license plates are available as the LTO claims, it should not be difficult for the car dealers to pick them up and deliver them to their customers.

In the first place, it was the LTO that screwed up in its questionable contract with the supplier of the damn license plates.

These idiots have caused us aggravation and we’re smarting over their idiotic policy!

LTO Chief Assist. Sec. Alfonso Tan asked “new motor vehicle owners who have yet to receive their license plates to ask their dealers to furnish them with proof of registration application.”

Why, is he suggesting that the car owners themselves go line up with the LTO?

If that is so, why subject the car owners to the agony of transacting with the LTO, which is the car dealers’ responsibility.

Needless to say, people who can afford to buy their vehicles for comfort and convenience should not be deprived of the enjoyment of their property.

LTO enforcers and deputized agents including policemen are ordered by the LTO and LTFRB bosses to apprehend motorists who do not have license plates on their vehicles.

Pursuant to the joint administrative order of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and the LTO, violators will pay a fine of P10,000 while apprehended drivers would pay P1,000.

Motorists who will be able to present the official receipt or certificate of registration will be fined P5,000 for failure to put their license plates on their car.

LTO spokesman Jason Salvador said that the agency had actually delayed implementation of the law, citing that it should have been done last August.

Dapat pala magpasalamat pa kami sa kabolastogan n’yo!

Transport Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya promised that the government is “fine-tuning” the LTO “no registration, no travel” policy.

Promises, promises!

Time and again, Abaya has proven to be one of the most incompetent and inefficient executives in the Noynoy Cabinet.

If empty promises are all Abaya has to offer to correct LTO’s stupidity, there should be small wonder why the state of our transport sector and industry is such a mess.

If this knucklehead “thinks” that the LTO’s “no plate, no travel” policy needs fine-tuning, then he should’ve stopped the DOTC-attached agency’s stupidity at once.

Inutile! Imbecile!



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  1. Keigh Angeli Balloguing on

    The car dealers should be the one to shoulder the fine! We recently bought a New pick up not because we want to. But we need it for our business. And because of this damn law, we were not able to use the car for its intended purposes! See how it can cause damage?! I hope LTO will review this again. Because we already spend so much money and we can’t even utilize the vehicle that we bought.

  2. Fred Singzon on

    New car released to us March 24, 2015 up until today no registration and plates thus cannot use the car.

    We are penalized by the regulations of LTO!

  3. Clarifications or rider to my post above:
    In New York State, all car dealerships have link to the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Office (DVM) main computer through a program where a clerk can access. So, in effect the dealerships serve as a virtual extension office of the DMV. The dealership process everything needed: Insurance, registration, plates, inspection sticker for the current year, financing and NOTARIZATION if needed. In other words, the dealership is a one-stop-shop and can be done in 30-45 minutes. Then when everything is OK, the DVM sends you the Title of Ownership and that’s it. Pinas DMV should look into this. It will save a lot because you don’t need that much people. People a.k.a. bureaucracy is the cause of delays.

  4. ernesto albay on

    When you buy a motor vehicle what do you do.You pay, have an insurance in order to get registered, no insurance no registration. so you to LTO with your documents, what is they reason for LTO for not regitering your vehicle when you have all the necessary documents,

    Since we are so excited to drive our car to show off that I have a new car even without LICENSE PLATE i will already agree to have my vehicle delivered even if not properly registered. That is how most our KABABAYAN behave, when time come to a problem then BLAMING one after the other.

    Never take a vehicle out from the dealer when not properly registered or else you pay the PRICE especially when accident happen. It will cost you more like legal fees and time.

  5. I just called one of the offices from LTO and they said that the 7 day press release is not true. They were reasoning that there is a delay on the delivery of plates which are coming from “NETHERLANDS”. It was said by verbatim that it never happened in the history to release OR/CR and plate within 7 days. Which is which? LTO staff are even telling me that they are still processing plates for the vehicles last year. ANONG NANGYAYARI SA MUNDO????

  6. Wala na talagang incompetent ang mamumuno sa DOTC bakit kasi umuwi pa hindi naman pala alam kung ano gagawin pwe!

  7. The policy redered our car useless when it was priorly intended to transport our mother to and from the hospital for her regular medical check up and other activities as a Senior citizen within and without Manila. Very inefficient and incompetent policy. Sec. Abaya should re-consider the effect of the policy to many car buyers who don’t have the luxury of using many cars alternatively.

  8. You mean the procedure in having a license plate on your new car that’s in place since the Jurassic era is still the same up to now in Pinas? OMG!

    A neighbor’s lawn is always greener than yours. So, if after many tries you still failed, probably its time to ask your neighbor or copy what he is doing. Copying is bad only when it comes to exams or if it infringes a patent, copyright or trademark but ideas which make a ‘lawn’ greener cannot be patented and you’re free to copy.

    Here in the U.S., (practically all states) when you buy a new car from a dealership, your car automatically have a plate number, inspection sticker and temporary registration the moment you drive out of the dealership’s gate even if you paid only 10% downpayment. This is because the dealership have already stacks of plate numbers they got in advance from the Department of Motor Vehicle’s Office (DMV). They just pick up one of those plates, attach it to your vehicle, make notations on the registration form they they will submit to the DMV and you’re done. Week after, you receive your registration of ownership from the mail with “Lien” notation in favor of financing company if you did not pay the whole price and that’s it. Mr. Tulfo, tell them to copy this and those people will save plenty of Tylenols.

  9. I just hope one irate motorists shoots an LTO enforcer who tries to fine him for driving his newly bought vehicle without a license plate. Then, the case will show who really created the booboo for not coming out with the plates. The motorist can just claim that the LTO enforcer may be part of a carnapping syndicate out to get his brand new car just as what was seen on that daylight carnapping along Ortigas Street at Greenhills. Why can’t all the motorists just band themselves together and storm the office of joseph to demand him to come out with those plates? Maybe, they can create a text brigade so that they show up in his office or in front of his house one fine day. I hope that when that occurs, someone throws an egg on his face.

  10. From helicopters to cars, DND to LTO…
    Hmmmm…. I hope we’re wrong sir Erwin, I hope we’re wrong!