Why Sunshine looks empowered

Sunshine Dizon

Sunshine Dizon

Sunshine Dizon may have just found the best revenge for a scorned woman in her predicament with her drop dead gorgeous billboards all over Edsa.

The Encantadia actress is aptly featured in new Belo Medical Group ads, which show Dizon in before and after shots, looking plump and unhappy on the left and radiant, slimmer and definitely empowered in a scarlet gown on the right. Atop her two selves, the words “Don’t get mad! Get beautiful” are written in bold letters.

Dizon, whose personal life has been the subject of news of late said she has taken steps “to bring control in her life.” One of these is to give celebrity doctor Vicki Belo the free hand to push her back in the confidence zone.

“I wanted to feel whole and beautiful once again,” the actress explained. “I know that I am a sympathetic human being, a mother who loves her children so much, and that I have so much to live for and celebrate for in my life despite its setbacks. I decided to take control of my life, and going to Dr. Belo to bring attention to my physical well-being is one of the first steps I am taking.”

According to Dizon, she underwent several treatments including non-invasive procedures as Thermilift for anti-aging; Laser Lipo in her abdomen; V Contour for her face; and Exilis for body contouring among others.

At the moment, Dizon and her legal team are waiting for the next hearing for the custody case she filed for her children based on estranged husband Timothy Tan.


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