Why Tiffany & Co. is a precious symbol of love


ring20150927An engagement ring is considered one of the greatest symbols of love as it marks the beginning of a couple’s life together, forever.

Around the globe, the most iconic engagement ring is the Tiffany Setting, a trademark design by Tiffany & Co. It was introduced to the world by no less than the company’s founder himself, Charles Lewis Tiffany as early as 1886.

Hence, it is no wonder that throughout the years people—especially those who appreciate the finer things in life—have regarded the Tiffany diamond as the most precious engagement ring a woman can ever receive.

In the Philippines, Tiffany & Co. finally brought its celebrated Tiffany Setting along with other timeless engagement rings thanks to the efforts of its exclusive distributor Rustan’s.

“[If] a diamond ring—in the jewelry world—is the one that underlines all love stories, then a Tiffany ring is what underlines fundamental love and joy,” expressed Marc Jacheet, Tiffany & Co.’s group vice president for Asia Pacific, at an exclusive media launch at Rustan’s Makati.

Truly a romantic, Jacheet also believes that love stories are the most unforgettable memories. He explained, “When we are in our deathbed, what will we think about? [That] I made a lot of money? Probably not. What we will remember are the love stories. What we will remember is the moment when a man gently went down on his knee and said, ‘Will you marry me?’”

Marc Jacheet, Tiffany & Co.’s group vice president for Asia Pacific, believes that love stories are the most unforgettable memories

Marc Jacheet, Tiffany & Co.’s group vice president for Asia Pacific, believes that love stories are the most unforgettable memories

The bridal collection
It is to make such memories that Tiffany, through its 178-history, offered generations upon generations the highest quality and the most beautiful diamond rings.

On top of the list, the Tiffany Setting, is still the world’s most popular engagement ring, and celebrated in literature, art and film. This innovative, six-prong design lifts the diamond off the band into the light, maximizing the stone’s natural radiance.

Another famous design is the Lucida, an exclusive diamond cut with a setting of clean, sensuous curves. The diamond’s square mixed-cut shape combines the classic elegance of a step-cut crown and a brilliant-cut pavilion. Together, the two styles strike a balance between line and brilliance.

Tifanny Novo, on the other hand, is a brilliant cushion cut set in a customized mounting of four sleek, tapered prongs. The diamond that generates a show of light epitomizes a style for all time.

Two more classic designs come in Soleste, a cushion modified brilliant diamond encircled by a double row of exquisite bead-set diamonds; and Harmony, a round diamond in a tapered platinum setting with a contoured wedding band.

These five icons are joined by other masterpieces like the Legacy, which is inspired by a period design from the early 1900s; Grace, a princess-cut diamond in a band of round brilliant diamonds; Bezet a fresh interpretation of the traditional bezel setting; Etoile, a brilliant cut diamond; and Embrace, a ring with a round brilliant center diamond complemented by a circle of bead-set diamonds.

Rustan’s and Tiffany & Co. celebrate love with Tiffany engagement rings

Rustan’s and Tiffany & Co. celebrate love with Tiffany engagement rings

“If there is one collection that is the epitome of Tiffany, it is the bridal collection,” Jacheet proudly shared.

Besides the engagement rings, the company also offers a whole range of wedding bands that range from platinum to 18-karat gold or rose gold.

The diamond authority
Also invited to the launch to explain why Tiffany & Co. has been dubbed the “world’s diamond authority” was Tanja Sadow, dean and managing director at the Jewellery Design & Management International School in Singapore.

“After almost 20 years of looking at all kinds of jewelry from all over the world, it sill excites me to talk about Tiffany diamonds because I understand why a Tiffany diamond sparkles so much,” she enthused.

According to her, everything can be traced back to the founder, who she described as a “gem connoisseur and collector.” She noted, “He understood that when a gem is superlative, it holds a powerful and beautiful allure.”

Tiffany also discovered the Tiffany Diamond, which is the world’s most expensive and largest stone in 128.5 karat. It was last worn by the late actress Audrey Hepburn to promote her movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The founder’s strictest standards have been adhered to by the company to this very day in such a way that 99.96 percent of the world gem-grade diamonds fall short of Tiffany’s standards leaving only 0.04 percent worthy to be made into rings.

Another notable characteristic is the way a setting is made to fit a cut and not the other way around.

Besides the meticulous cut of the diamond and the setting the stone, Sadow identified other features that make a Tiffany truly the best. These include the most natural color, the clearest clarity, the highest karat, and even the commanding presence.

Finally, Sadow assured that all Tiffany diamonds are obtained in ways that are ethically and environmentally responsible.

Tiffany & Co.’s engagement rings are exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati.


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