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    1. What has freedom of religion got to do with the protest at DOJ? It’s mob mentality trying to hide the ugly things going on inside the Iglesia. The Iglesia has lost its moral authority. Woe to the brainwashed millions who continue to blindly support the gang of criminals hiding behind the banner of Christianity.

    2. Very bad crowd control by PNP. Repeat that scene one or two more times and there will be people headed to the hospital.

    3. Guillermo Hernandez on

      FINALLY ! ! !

      Filipinos are waking up to confront the worst ever DoJ Secretary in Philippine history.

      Good job …….INC members for standing up to her abuses ! ! !

      How about showing the same zeal towards the current ” PCOS-elected President ” ?
      More than anybody in the country, he deserves to be shamed, better still to be horse-drawned quartered in Luneta.

      • Good point Guillermo!

        We have so many Catholics too, maybe 80 million plus. We are also victims of this government’s injustices

        But, where are the protests from our side?