• Wife of pyramid scam head falls


    The wife of the alleged mastermind of the billion-peso Aman Futures scam was arrested last week in Pampanga sporting a new name and nose, police reports said on Tuesday.

    Central Luzon 3 police director, Chief Supt. Raul Petrasanta, reported that Abigail Pendulas was arrested late at night on May 2 at the Party Place in Dolores, San Fernando City.

    Pendulas, the wife of Manuel Amalilio, was using the name Azziah De Guzman, Petrasanta said.

    “The suspect has been in hiding since last year and even managed to change her personal [appearance through an]artificial nose lift,” he added.

    Pendulas is the subject of a warrant of arrest for syndicated estafa issued by Judge Alberto Quinto of Branch 1 of the Regional Trial Court in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte.

    She is detained at Camp Olivas prior to her turnover to the court.

    Amalilio, the Malaysian founder of the Aman Futures Group Inc., is accused of pulling off a pyramiding scam that swindled thousands of investors, including local government executives, of as much as P12 billion.

    He escaped but was arrested in Sabah, Malaysia, early last year.

    Malaysian authorities prevented Amalilio from leaving just as he was about to be flown to the country by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation to face charges for the scam.

    He has since been sentenced to two years in jail after pleading guilty to holding false travel documents.

    According to case records, Amalilio duped investors by promising them dividends ranging from 20 to 80 percent in a maximum of 20 days.

    He left for Malaysia even before his victims discovered they had been defrauded.


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    1. I would jail all these important ivestors that worked for the government as it seems they dont have any brains at all. I will explain. Deposit your money in any bank in the philippines & how much interest will you get for the year, Yes correct less than one percent. I repeat less than one percent. Now listen guys i can make you between 20 to 80 percent in 20 days. I hope even the dumbest of you can see that for what it is. In the uk a child of 6 would see that for what it is. Next thing i wonder what the maximum amount one of these local government executives invested. Is it enough to warrant an investigation into where they got that amount of money from. I dont know im just asking. But knowing of the corruption here it could well be stolen money anyway. But do i have any sympathy for the stupidity of these people, no none whatsoever.