WikiLeaks hires US lawyer for Snowden


BOGOTA: Edward Snowden’s interests will be represented by a lawyer from the United States hired by WikiLeaks, as twitted the representatives of the organization on its official page.

“WikiLeaks has acquired a US attorney for Mr. Snowden who will be named in due course”, reads the tweet.

Earlier, a renowned attorney, former judge of the National Court of Spain Baltasar Garzon, which provides legal support to Wikileaks, has refused to represent the legal interests of ex-CIA employee.

Where to get political asylum?

British bookmakers have already started accepting bets on where the “whistleblower” will be in the next year. The list of ten possible locations includes Cuba, followed by the United States and in third place—Ecuador, where the former CIA officer has requested asylum. Venezuela and Russia are also in the list.

Ecuador is studying Snow-den’s request for political asylum. Meanwhile, US Senator Robert Menendez already threatened Ecuador that in case of acceptance of Snowden the United States will not leave this ‘favor’ unanswered.

The US government “will not reward the country for bad behavior,” and the Congress can wrest out to deprive Ecuador from trade benefits under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) USA.

Another country—Venezuela—is ready to grant asylum to Snowden, but he hasn’t requested it there yet. “What’s done this guy? Just revealed a very delicate secret facts that the United States spy in the world, listening to phone conversations and browsing the Internet, thus violating international law and the sovereignty of nations,” stated Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Snowden is still in Russia and Moscow had said it is not going to extradite him to the US.


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