• Will a new JPE emerge?


    SEN. Juan Ponce Enrile is raring to return to his work at the Senate. Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is eagerly awaiting JPE’s return so he could participate in the debates on the proposed Law on the Bangsa Moro (LBM), aka Bangsamoro Basic Law.  This eager anticipation notwithstanding, I don’t expect JPE to be as active in committee hearings and plenary debates as before.

    Recall that JPE had used his age (he’s 91) and his fragile health as reasons why he should he detained in a hospital despite his being charged with plunder and 15 counts of graft. Now that he’s free on bail, he can’t possibly be as active in the Senate as before – unless he suddenly discovered the Fountain of Youth or a miracle cure for his many ailments.

    Oh yes, there’s a similar incident in the 13th Congress. National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales had been cited in contempt by the Senate blue ribbon committee for refusing to give details on a government contract with a US law firm. The committee, headed by then Sen. Joker Arroyo, allowed Gonzales to be detained at the Philippine Heart Center after Gonzales complained of chest pains. The Senate panel later ordered Gonzales release “for humanitarian reasons.” Wonder of wonders! After his release, Gonzales became healthy all of a sudden and immediately resumed his normal work in Malacañang.

    I’m not saying that JPE was merely feigning illness. The fact is, he loves to work even when he’s not feeling well, as shown by the long hours he spent each day during the impeachment hearing of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    I consider his participation in vital committee hearings almost legendary. Before he became Senate President, JPE had attended the most number of hearings among the senators. His participation was very educational even to the gallery. Very often, he would add details that even the expert resource persons had failed to mention. He often asked in-depth questions that sought to elicit clearer information on the bill being discussed.

    Now, I no longer expect JPE to be attending so many committee hearings as before, and I hope he won’t ignore his health in favor of performing what he used to be doing. He has already done his job. He may ease off and the public will understand.

    He may still participate in plenary debates as long as he could muster the energy. There’s one thing about him that I hope he will leave behind with his return to the Senate. I’m referring to his temper, which has become legendary, almost equal to that of his nemesis Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago.

    A number of times, he lost his cool in debates, resulting to unparliamentary remarks. He once called Senators Nene Pimentel and Antonio Trillanes 4th “cowards.” He went almost ballistic when then Minority Leader Tito Guingona “glared” at him while debating on the charges against then President Erap Estrada.

    One incident that’s not well-known was his run-in with Sen. Rodolfo Biazon. JPE resented Biazon’s use of the phrase “the so-called EDSA 1” while praising the Outstanding Soldiers and urging them not to joing any military adventurism. He thought Biazon was demeaning EDSA 1 and he shouted his outrage over this.

    “Who are you to say that? I risked my life in EDSA. If EDSA meant nothing to you, it meant a lot to me!” he raged.

    JPE, along with then Col. Gringo Honasan, now a senator, and then AFP vice chief of staff Lt. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos who became president later, led EDSA 1 that caused the downfall of the Marcos dictatorship. Biazon was in Davao as commander of a Marine contingent when EDSA 1 erupted in February 1986.

    The session was suspended so JPE could cool down but he didn’t.
    “He said that on record and in my presence,” JPE fumed.

    Sen. Bong Revilla thought he could ease JPE’s temper by offering a glass of water. He got scolded instead.

    “I’m not a little boy!” JPE barked at Revilla.

    The session was disrupted for almost 30 minutes because of this incident, then abruptly adjourned after a short resumption. So, while JPE’s work ethic makes for a more productive legislature, his volcanic temper could also hinder

    There’s no doubt about it – the return of JPE to the Senate will be well received by his peers but most of all, by the Senate employees whom he had showered with unprecedented perks during his tenure as Senate President.

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    2. Ibalik sa kulungan ang MATANDANG MAGNANAKAW NA ENRILE.. Ano ang gagawin niya sa SENATE…Doon nga sa kulungan gusto ay sa HOSPITAL BED tapos sa SENATE ay mag lalaro lang ng CANDY CRASH. Hindi tayo dapat magpaluko sa ngmga style ni ENRILE.

      • laguatanlawzen.com on

        You are judgmenal and that is the most bankrupt remarks, a motherhood statements, a flippant remarks of a stupid individual. The general rule or doctrine in law is that, a person is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Do you have concrete evidence that Enrile is “magnanakaw?” Oh, come on! I I don’t know Enrile from Adam to ABNOY. I am pontificating on the basis of constitutional rights. Don’t shout your ignorance to the whole world.

    3. The only thing new that will make a difference in this last stage of his life is to ATTACK SMARTMATIC with hammer and thongs. He claimed he risked his life for democracy and not to seize power from Marcos, this is his last chance to prove it. Isn’t it ironic that the people who rose to power because of the gamble he made are now the ones persecuting him as if they owe him no favor at all? JPE, RESTORE DEMOCRACY, DO AN EDSA ON SMARTMATIC !

    4. With the Circus happening in the senate hearing this days. It is definitely a welcome news to see JPE back in the Senate.

    5. once all of this is proven then what are we waiting for? confiscate at least all of his stolen wealth both cash and assets and let only one house and one car to be left for his family. then let him rot and die in jail. we should have no compassion with this devil who is the cause of the hardships of all poor Filipinos. he is no hero, he is a criminal that need to pay back. the same is true with Napoles, Estrada and Revilla.

      • I do not know who you are. But let me tell you this: Senator JPE is maybe physically weak but mentally strong. He is a man with a do or die attitude and can easily recover from a difficult condition or in short he is very resilient in almost everything. Under the constitution, no person shall be deprive of life,liberty and property without due process of law nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the law. The unpleasant words you use against Senator JPE and other personalities are reprehensible. Please be nice.

    6. This is a nice piece of work about waht to expect from Enrile now that he is temporarily released, Mr. Danao. JPE is a master politician. All his life is lived in politics and is the best example of of man with politics in his blood. Why is Enrile still in politics despite his advanced age? The simple answer is, for THE POWER AND THE MONEY of it. Enrile became so powerful which started during his tenure with Ferdinand Marcos. And of course he had all the money he wanted with that power. During the Marcos years one knew first hand that he was into smuggling of logs and forest products in Mindanao with many fronts and allowed cutting permits to log on areas which were banned from logging operations. He was the majority owner of the now defunct Galleon Shipping which was into smuggling of cars and other merchandise into the country in cahoots with cronies and oligarchs of Ferdinand Marcos and the BOC cannot do anything about it. That shipping company was later found to be operating without the required permits because Enrile say to it that the same was always exempted from any government requirements. Enrile knows that it is into politics where he can continue to enjoy the power and of course avail of the monetary perks other than his salary as a Senator which include kickbacks and commissions from all his projects. According to your colleague Mr. Bobby Tiglao in his article many months ago, that around the time before and after Renato Corona was impeached, Juan Ponce Enrile received not P50 million but close to P100 of projects released by the DBM. What was that for? In short Mr. Danao, Juan Ponce Enrile will not leave, shorten, or rest from his Senate position until he can no longer walk.