Will anyone put a stop to Aquino’s madness?


THE arrogance with which President B.S. Aquino 3rd’s allies in the House of Representatives handled the debate and hasty approval of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) on Monday did not really come as a surprise, but was nonetheless appalling for its breathtaking depravity.

No fewer than 14 amendments meant to correct the glaring constitutional infirmities in the BBL were summarily rejected by the ad hoc committee dominated the Aquino administration. And to add insult to injury, the draft selected for transmission to the full House plenary for a vote was not the one that resulted from several months’ of review by congressional staffers and a variety of outside experts, but a new draft of the BBL virtually identical to the original, and provided to the congressional committee by Malacañang over the weekend.

The mood of the public, nearly three-fourths of whom—if not more—are decidedly against passage of the BBL and the creation of a Moro substate, seems to be turning darker with each day our stubborn President shoves this manifestation of his twisted concept of “peace” in Mindanao farther down the nation’s throat. President Aquino has said on numerous occasions that not passing the BBL will lead to greater violence; we now fear that may be the tragically ironic result of his persistence.

But the ball, as they say, is now in the Legislature’s court. Whatever political arm-twisting or other influence Aquino may have exerted to ensure passage of the BBL, the onus is on the members of the House and Senate to do the right thing. The right thing, of course, is to either reject the BBL as presented, and call for a fairer, more inclusive peace agreement and enabling law, or to revise the BBL to whatever degree is necessary to make it fairer, more inclusive, and compliant with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

Aquino’s single-minded determination to produce what to his mind would be a “lasting” achievement before his term ends next year is a personal, petty quest, but the greater shame should be heaped on the congressmen who not only seem willing but eager to help him fulfill it, no matter what the costs to the country they supposedly serve. And what’s more, the eagerness to wash their hands of the matter – one ad hoc committee member pointed out that the BBL still has to pass a House plenary vote, the several steps of the legislative process in the Senate, and then an inevitable Supreme Court challenge – reveals that our representatives are wholly unconcerned with the implications of their actions.

There must be peace in Mindanao. We here at The Times, as well as virtually everyone who has publicly expressed their opposition to the BBL have consistently made it clear that opposition is precisely because the ultimate goal is peace, not in spite of it. Our elected representatives have gravely disappointed us with their betrayal of the entire nation, and particularly the people of Mindanao who have a right to an inclusive peace.

We fervently hope that there are still enough among the full House of Representatives and the Senate with a sense of duty and personal ethics to find the courage to stand up to the President’s bullying and put a stop to the BBL madness. It is a hope, however, that is sadly becoming more desperate by the day.


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  1. Romy A. Cator on

    Hindi si Pangulong Aquino ang problema ng bayan. Tanungin ninyo ang inyong mga sarili kung bakit nangunguna pa rin sa presidential poll survey si VP Binay. Iyan ang malaking problema dahil baka maging pangulo iyan at pag nangyari iyan ay kawawa naman ang mga tao.

    Sa oras po na ito ang problema ay si Aquino at ang mga tao niya sa Kongreso. Kasi ibibigay na ni Abnoy sa MILF at Malasaysia ang isang piraso ng Mindanao! oo nga kailangan supilin ang kurapsyon ni Aquino at ni Binay. Pero ang malaking malaking problem ngayon ay ang pagkamatay ng Inang Bayan!

  2. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    21 May 2015

    This Editorial of the Manila Times of 19 May asks, “Will anyone put a stop to Aquino’s madness?”

    Yes, yes, it is the Senate which will! The Senate Committee charged with going over the BBL, chaired by Senator Mirriam Defensor Santiago, has just submitted its Report. There it clearly says that there are those unconstitutional provisions in the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law [BBL] WHICH REQUIRE AMENDING THE CONSTITUTION for the BBL to pass.

    This is in contrast to the House of Representatives which obviously has yielded to pressure from President Aquino and appears ready to pass the BBL even without the necessary Amendments suggested by the PEACE COUNCIL created by President Aquino himself and headed by former Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide. Those Members of the House of Representatives who vote “Yes” to the BBL are vulnerable to a charge of TREASON!


  3. vagoneto rieles on

    Most Filipinos understand the issues surrounding the BBL and see it as a pointless and dangerous experiment. It appears to be, (and perhaps it is), a poorly masked devise to cover an outright ‘territorial-give-away’ to the Philippine Muslim so as to quell their insurrection and anarchy in Mindanao and Sulu. It would ,as well, embellish the resumes of the President, Ms. Quintos-Deles and Ms. Coronel-Ferrer.. as peacemakers. The issue that is unclear.. one that needs to be addressed.. is that of accountability. President Aquino is indisputably the father and prime-mover of the proposed law; Mesdames Quintos-Deles and Coronel-Ferrer, who acted as the midwives in its birthing.. the active accomplices; and, the party-mates in the Senate and the Congress who favor the law’s passage.. the nursemaids.. are its abettors and co-conspirators. What responsibilities do they carry; and what sanctions are they heir to, for this blatant betrayal? These individuals must not be allowed to go ‘scot-free’ now… or in the future..to go their merry way, when the Philippines and the Filipino end up suffering the consequences of the BBL.
    Where have our national leaders been? What have they been doing these past years. Bin Ladin and Al Zarkawi.. both diseased.. had been spreading hatred and venom against non-Muslims for years while still alive; and now there is Abu Bakr Al Bagdati of ISIS, who is bringing this venom to reality through his worldwide ‘Caliphate’.. and our leaders yet favor a BBL? They should have, at least, taken a hint from the restiveness and arms build-up of the Abu Sayaff, the MNLF, and MILF, whose moods and inclinations match and echo those of the characters earlier mentioned. Reading and listening to foreign dispatches must be too burdensome to our leaders. Are they all totally about politics, patronage.. and the loot? Seriously?
    This BBL business should not be just ‘slowed downed’. It should be stopped dead on its tracks. Now.

    • BBL will sow more rebellions, insurrections, civil war in the South, if passed into law. The excluded groups like AARM, non-Muslims, Tausugs, minority Muslim groups, Christians will supplant the MILF and MNLF to foment revolution against these secessionists! The idiocy of Pnoy and his disciples in advocating passage of BBL is so palpable and disastrous to the territorial integrity and contiguousness of the nation. Instead of expanding its territory by war or other means, Pnoy and his insane congressional backers are intent to “TEAR” the country apart by giving away Mindanao to the Muslim Malaysian Federation!
      Those Congressional members who will vote for the BBL deserves to be “beheaded”. So that they will not be able to use their brains to destructive purposes. Pnoy ‘s head must be pounded on the rice-pound to “refine” his thinking! MILF and MNLF are mere rubber-stamps of the Malaysian government so that it can manipulate them to exploit the natural resources of Mindanao, like gas, oil, ocean fishing grounds and other minerals and depriving the Philippines of these lawful patrimonial possessions!

  4. Every time I’ve watched these Tongressmen I cannot help myself not to be ashamed of my government for being so corrupt and unpatriotic. Oh God please take these people…

  5. Those who do his bidding have lost not only their sense of what is right and their sense of duty and patriotism but have sold the very core of their conscience and decency . They not only wrong us but future generations for a few coins … It is amazing how cheaply a lawmaker can be bought

  6. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

    grabe na talaga ang mga TONGressmen,,, magkano kaya ang bayad ng Malacañang.

  7. only a bullet can stop the this crazy madman….

    Huwag po naman! People Power na lang sana.

    • emmanuel mallari on

      i’d prefer a bullet rather than people power.

      Please don’t think that way, sir. We must not forget that murder is not only a crime it’s also a SIN!

  8. Matthew Parkes on

    What is also disturbing is that there are no alternatives because corruption permeates every level of life in the Philippines. This is also why Filipinos don’t care about corrupt politicians because 99% of the population are nothing but liars, thieves, and cheats.

    Let’s face facts: Filipinos are defective and incapable of self-government.

    The Philippines should be turned into a protectorate of those nations who regularly come to its aid when its government cannot handle something (like after Yolanda). Let those nations collectively govern the Philippines and then, in perhaps 100 years, Filipinos will have evolved enough to be allowed to run their own country.

    What crap!!! The reason we have a PNoy Aquino government is precisely because the Filipinos have been ruled by foreigners–even after we are supposed to have become independent. We lost Sabah to Malaysia because you foreigners — the UK, Malaysia, the UN with the approval of the US–took it away. Philippine independence given by the US was conditioned to Parity Rights for American citizens and corporations and the continued stay of US bases in our country. That’s why we have a “damaged culture.” And now you are proposing that our culture be damaged some more by being placed under your occupation?

    • I agreed with Matthew Parkes. But for me to add more All filipinos should go to psychiatrist. There is something in our brain that haven’t evolved when it comes to integrity. Corruption is not only stealing money. There is also corruption of utang na loob, crab mentality, bahala na etc.We should have a very strict leader not only in the government but in the public sector to do good. I keep on saying no one in his right mind to invest in our country because of traffic, high crime, corrupt people, rebels, busy and dilapidated ports. Call center is the only investor do business. If not from OFW our ecoonomy will push to bottom.

  9. Unfortunately all these congressmen have no choice but to toe line as PNoy wanted them. They all have the “Sword of Damocles” hanging over their heads. Remember the third batch to be charged on the PDAF scam? And there are more of them as per new COA audit report. Abad has all their SAROs, and anytime this could be used against them. They all risk being charged if they don’t submit to PNoy’s demand.

    • With what he did, he adds another possible case of obstruction of justice to the long list of charges he will soon face.

  10. sadly i have to say that we cannot hope for the lower house to defang the BaBaLa in the plenary. these dis honorable congs are what we call PREPAID in our cellphone plan. as mentioned in the editorial, these members of the ad hoc committee acted like pontius pilate after voting for the BaBaLa by giving a reason that the BaBaLa will have to pass thru the process and then pass the supreme court. these cop outs are the modern version of pontius pilate. if they are really honorable, they would have corrected or defang it in the committee.

    • But who said they are honorable? They have been showcasing their dishonesty and love for the people’s money since they got elected into office. And they will continue to do so as long as there are Aquinos, Abad, Drilons out there who are experts in influencing public officials to be corrupt like them.

  11. genesisbughaw on

    Wow! This is an exciting time in our History as a Nation.

    As if we the house of congress swarmed by black bug.

  12. P.Akialamiro on

    That’s the force and effect of PDAF and DAP. Not in my lifetime, have I read about, all the ‘anomalies’ involving billions of pesos, in the national goernment and yet, no one or group is putting a steady stance to go against the government of Abnoy. Everyone is into the “noynoying” effect and attitude as a result of all the corruption monies. Perhaps, we all deserved what we have. The only consolation is we will ALL go down together.

  13. Very good editorial. I appreciate your point of view. we cannot have a lasting peace if all the stakeholders in the area will not be considered in the BBL. This is made for MILF only. WHAT A SHAME to the frameworkers of the BBL. There should be law that would penalize the legislators of their actions. We should not stop condemning these people behind these issue. Please publish the names of those legislators who supported this law which was passed in a haste

  14. There is a reason why the philippines is 3rd world, and the farce of BBL demonstrates why.
    Bribes in place of brains, and parasitic puppets instead of principled politicians.
    Corruption and hypocricy by Pnoy Aquino and greed and self-interest by congressmen.
    Voters take note.

    ‘The difference between a democracy
    and a dictatorship is that in a
    democracy you deliberate and then vote; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting – the outcome is pre-determined’

  15. Let’s make it clear, if Abnoy insists on his peace plan to achieve his legacy, the possible implications could be these: 1. Billions of taxpayer’s money from illegal savings and lump sums in the current budget will be spent as bribes to our dirty politicians not to mention Malaysia’s own secret bribe money maybe now distributed too. 2. About 500 billions of public funds will be spent in five years time to develop the new Bangsamoro Entity while other regions in our poor country will be deprived. 3. Those rebels and other minorities or tribes whose rights not considered in the peace negotiation will either make moves to resist the new Autonomous Region through armed struggle or any means to gain their original rights, hence, the situation in Mindanao after the peace pact is concluded will still be shaky and the dream of peace is doubtful. 4. Malaysia will have control over the new Autonomous Bangsamoro Area and whatever that country wishes to do, these MILF leaders cannot say no to their master, the Malaysian Najib, who brokered this peace accord and Malaysia will be free to exploit anything in the Liguasan Marsh for potential oil and other minerals as what they are doing now in Sabah. Let’s all fight to block this evil plan of selfish, shameless, arrogant and traitor Abnoy and his equally evil yellow army or we will be very very very sorrrrrrry later!

  16. Pnoy stubbornness to pass the BBL or threat for more body bags if not passed by Congress, is the product of Pnoy obsession to grab the Nobel Peace Prize reward and his twisted abnormal thinking processes likened to a megalomaniac nerd who does not grasp the long term ramifications of this BBL to the detriment of a unified Philippines, rather than a splintered dismembered nation with Mindanao seceding and joining the Malaysian Federatin of Muslim stated. Pnoy do not possess a keen sense of patriotism but only individual glory of persistence on what he believes in no matter how destructive his mind-set is. Pnoy is truly a “mad-man” capable of destroying the nation like Hitler! Like Hitler, Pnoy doesn’t care to deprive the country of another important “region” (Mindanao) for its long term sustainable economic prosperity. Contrary to BBL advocates that “peace” is the lasting result, the law will only create a bitter strong “rift” and animosities of excluded group of Muslims and non-Muslims since MILF and MNLFALL are not tru.ly representative of at least majority of the populace in that region. MILF and MNLF are merely a conduit or tool ofthe Muslim Malaysian Federation to form its own group that they can easily manipulate!
    Stop and reject the BBL! No Mindanao Substate now or in the future!

  17. It seems the only option for the country is to overthrow the govt. or the people should arm themselves to defend the country.

  18. Todo-todo na ang pressure na ginagawa ng Malaysia at US kay Aquino,bago mahuli ang lahat at matapos ang pagka-pangulo nito!
    Kaya parang asong ulo,na binabraso at pinagbabantaan ang mga walang bayag na mambabatas!
    Kailangan ng may makialam, pati mga pari at sina tagle ay ginagamit nito!
    Mukhang napakalaking pera at pakinabang ang hinihitay ni Aquino na makukuha sa Malaysia at US,kaya hindi na makahitay at kahit malagay sa panganib ang bansa ay hindi alintana!
    Wala na bang makakapigil sa nababaliw na pangulo??wala na?

    • hindi na siguro kailangan i-publish pa. lahat ng membro ng Lapiang Pork (LP) at mga kaalyadong grupo like akbayan, etc. do not forget rufus “LUMAMBOT’ r.

    • those congressmen and senators later who will vote for the passing of BBL as drafted/presented by noynoy & milf do not care even if they are voted out in 2016. they have the monies that they keep until the next election in 2019 where most will forget about about BBL. these people are only interested in lining their pockets from the bribes taken from the taxpayers.