‘I will break up with America’


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte may eventually break ties with the United States and turn instead to China and Russia, countries that he says know the meaning of respect.

The latest of the President’s increasingly anti-American statements was made Tuesday night in a synagogue in Makati, and echoed by Malacañang on Wednesday.

“Eventually I might, in my time, I will break up with America. I would rather go to Russia and to China. At least even if we do not agree with the ideology they have respect for the people. Respect is important,” Duterte said.

Duterte repeated his apology last Sunday to the local Jewish community, for saying he was “happy to slaughter” three million drug addicts just like Hitler exterminated six million Jews during the Holocaust.

The President made the parallel reference last week as he expressed frustration at being labeled “a cousin of Hitler” by critics.

In his synagogue remarks, Duterte pointed out that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu never allowed himself to be chastised for criticizing American leaders.

“The problem is, I am very emotional because America has certainly failed us. Instead of being a friend, it’s their election time and they just, you know, go ahead and talk, reprimand another president in front of the international—is that good?” Duterte said.

The President also pointed out that he was unable to defend himself because the media have often misquoted him, refused to publish his statements in full, or gave “slants” to the stories about him.

“My explanation never reaches the front pages. It is not even given a slight—all they want—they don’t even know the feelings of the Filipinos or my feelings … They are worried of the feelings of EU, of Obama, and the [human rights advocates],” he claimed.

Future tense

The Palace on Wednesday said the President was talking about the future.

“In the future, he might make moves. In the present, there is no move yet,” presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said when asked to clarify whether or not Duterte was keen on severing ties with the country’s treaty ally.

“He (Duterte) wants the Philippines to be on equal footing with others, whether they’re big or not, and he wants to respect them and he wants to be accepted. He just wants it on equal footing,” he added.

Abella also said Duterte only wanted an independent foreign policy in which “we are not to be held down by any treaty.”

He, however, clarified that the President’s remarks of severing ties with the US was not a “definite yes” or a “definite no.”

Duterte’s pronouncements may only be considered policy if and when these are followed by “official action,” he said.

In a Palace news conference, economic analyst Peter Wallace said he did not believe Duterte intended to break ties with the Western superpower.

“I think people in the White House are smart enough to know what he’s saying is not what he intends. I don’t see him trying to divorce from America. That does not make sense,” he said.

Wallace then criticized media, specifically foreign media, for taking Duterte’s statements literally instead of “interpreting” them.

He said that while Duterte’s way of speaking may not be “politically, internationally acceptable,” there is a need for people to “understand and accept what he is.”

A consultant on business strategy for major corporations, Wallace said he was not worried about foreign investments pulling out because of Duterte’s anti-US sentiments.

“I don’t see it affecting business particularly. There have been concerns raised by the foreign business community but nobody is withdrawing,” he said.

‘Veer away from security’

Duterte on Sunday threatened to junk the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement between Manila and Washington, claiming the Philippine military did not benefit from technology transfer from the US.

For professor Bobby Tuazon, director for policy studies of the Center for People Empowerment in Governance,
Duterte’s anti-US tirades were “valid” sentiments that expressed “long-overdue” concerns, noting that the bilateral relationship had been more beneficial to Washington in terms of military exercises.

“It’s high time that the country’s foreign policy veers away from mere security objectives where relations are dominated by US interests – and begin allowing economic interests as its centerpiece,” he said in an interview.

Tuazon said expanding ties with other nations in trade, infrastructure investments and others would bolster the new administration’s programs in transportation and job-generating industries in the provinces.

“Minus whatever tough rhetoric couches his policy statements, the substance in Mr. Duterte’s presidential tirades on the US and EU remains valid – and is long overdue,” Tuazon added.

He noted that the Philippine military still lacks capability and equipment to provide a strong external defense despite years of war games.

Duterte ‘misinformed’

But Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana contradicted Duterte on the war games with the US, saying on Wednesday the President must have been “misinformed.”

“The President had said that our troops were not gaining anything from said exercises. According to him only the Americans are benefiting from it. But based on the information I’ve gathered from officials of the [Armed Forces] General Headquarters and Army, there are benefits,” he said.

Lorenzana said the US let Filipino troops use modern weapons, protective clothing and other equipment that the Philippine military does not have.

“Our soldiers are also being exposed to new systems, tactics and concepts in war fighting like joint landings, marksmanship, fire and maneuvers. Second, the trainings on humanitarian assistance and disaster readiness are very significant knowledge which helps us to react in times of calamities,” he pointed out.

Because of close military relations, the Philippine and US Armed Forces were able to immediately send their ships and helicopters to Tacloban when Typhoon “Yolanda” hit in 2013, Lorenzana said.


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  1. Jessica Felandas on

    Don’t worry Duterte, our American family has already broken up with you. You insult everyone. You trash the ones who cared, and now we don’t anymore. Good riddance. You will be impeached someday and the world will rejoice. You should be ashamed of yourself. You act like a drunken fool. And now, to you, we say loudly: GO TO HELL DUTERTE.

    • Duterte will not be impeached.

      Too many Pork barrel thieves still serving in Congress that are not being charged as long as they do as they are instructed.

      If the government really wanted to clean up corruption they would get rid of the pork barrel thieves but Duterte would rather have them serve him just like Aquino used them.

      It’s called political blackmail.

  2. Richard Caroll on

    Hi everyone,

    As an American citizen, it is a shock to see such hatred of the US here. It is true that the US behaved as an imperial power after the Treaty of Paris where Spain ceded the Philippines to the US. It is also true that had the US not imposed its political will, then another Great Power, read Germany or Imperial Japan, would have as the Philippines was too weak to defend itself.

    It is also true that the US Constitution was extended to the Pinoy, along with the 10 first amendments which curtails the power of government, the Bill of Rights, which allowed political parties to form, and a representative government to be elected. It is also true that when the Philippines asked the US to close the naval base at Subic Bay and remove its military forces, the US did so.

    It is also true that the Philippines has a favorable balance of trade with the US due to the liberal trade policy with the Philippines. It is also true that the Philippines suffers from a trade balance with China due to the unfair trade practices of China.

    It is also true that China has seized territory that belongs to the Philippines, while the majority of the people of the Philippines seem to be willing to overlook this.

    The Philippines are a sovereign country, and the US respects the will of the people of the Philippines.

    It is also true that had the Philippines not cancelled the defense treaty with the US when they closed Subic Bay, that the US would have prevented the Chinese from seizing the South China Sea.

    There are no eternal friends or enemies, only eternal interests, and the US has other friends in SE Asia, and other interests.

    If the Philippines wants to be able to kill drug users and drug dealers using unlicensed murder squads, the US would prefer to spend its time and friendship elsewhere. We here in the US are repulsed at the behavior of the people of the Philippines, and are at a loss as to how the Pinoy could be so cruel.

  3. Duterte challenged the U.S. and EU to withdraw their aids to the Philippines. This will greatly affect almost 60% of the poor Filipinos. Good for Duterte because his family’s ill-gotten wealth by the hundred millions of pesos from smuggling and corruption are considered secured for the future of his family. But STUPID Duterte is wrong because once this lunatic and evil president gets tried before the international court of justice, his ill-gotten wealth for his family will be taken back. Ang sobrang kayabangan ni Duterte ay kakainin din niya. We know for sure that Duterte already gave up our rights on the Spratly Islands in favor of China because the LEFTISTS, NPAs and China financed his presidential candidacy. Kawawang Pilipinas, ipinagbili na ni Duterte ang Pilipinas sa mga communista at China.


    The Departmens of National Defense and Foreign Affairs should have updated the President upon assumption of office the intricacies of foreign r elations, diplomacy, treaties and the like.

  5. Breakup with America? and join China and Russia and let the NPA roam around the country freely, asking tong from poor people? How crazy are you?…there are more important priorities in the country that need attention. You can move to China or Russia yourself including your puppies, but probably 99.9% of the Filipinos specially the ones abroad don’t like your big mouth that smells like a toilet that hasn’t been cleaned for 5 years..your mouth is a disgrace to the country…if your parents didn’t teach you good manners, then keep it to yourself, bastard…yeah you are fighting drug lords, drug pusher and drug addicts, but most of those killed are low level and poor people “kung baga young mga naka-tsinilas lang” how about those big time drug lords, how many have you killed? your son is probably a drug addicts…you really think the Philippines will survive in the immediate future without the assistance of other countries?..How about the assistance from the US and other countries during Yolanda and other calamities that happened and will probably happen in the future?… you want to be like North Korea, with that bastard leader, or as you said you would like to be compared to Hitler?…my God what country have we become? No wonder you are a friend of the Marcos Family…I deeply regret voting for you…

  6. No one respects him. He is another communist fool and a killer.

    How much is China and Russia paying him and his family? We will see when Wikileaks releases “The Philippine Files”

  7. Yonkers, New York
    06 October 2016

    Those who deliberately misinterpret Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte’s recent continuing pronouncements as NOT REALLY ANTI-US, but are parts of his newly-minted “independent foreign policy” are deluding themselves. Duterte is not only ANTI-US now; he is PRO-CHINA and PRO-RUSSIA.

    Soon he will be on an unprecedented State Visit to Beijing, there to be treated like an Emperor by his newly-found ” bosom” friend, Chinese President XI JINPING.

    Upon his return to the Philippines, it is possible that he will make an epochal announcement to the effect that the Philippines and China are now one in IDEOLOGY, which is COMMUNISM, of course!

    He will do what he can to make it easier for the Filipino people to accept this fundamental geostrategic change by assuring them that President XI JINPING has promised him a loot of “goodies”like a railroad in Mindanao, other infrastructure projects in Metro Manila to solve the serious traffic problems which have defied solution so far, and finally, the assurance that there will be “BILATERAL TALKS” between China and the Philippines on how to share the proceeds from the huge gas and oil reserves in the West Philippine Sea–which China will exploit for the mutual benefit of both countries.

    And why not JOINT CHINA-RP MILITARY AND NAVAL drills in the South China Sea? After all, in those projected “Bilateral Talks” China and the Philippines will have a mutual interest in protecting those huge oil and gas reserves in the West Philippine Sea. The problem here is that the United States is now engaged in FREEDOM OF NAVIGATION OPERATIONS in the South China Sea and these could collide against such JOINT CHINA-RP MILITARY AND NAVAL EXERCISES.

    Well, Little Tyrant Duterte will by then have a direct line to his friend President Xi Jinping–and ask the latter regarding what to do in the event of such a COLLISION.


  8. I cannot imagine what benefits the Filipinos will get in breaking ties with the Americans and turn to China and Russia for economic and military ties.
    As per google there is now more than 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billions of people existing in China mainland.

    Imagine just 3,000,000 of them legally or illegally enter the Philippines and assimilate in 6 years of the current administration.
    Buti pa Amerikino or Russans you will identify them at once pero Chinese ? Not even the Filipino Chinese can identify them immediately if they are real Filipinos or just overstaying nationals from mainland China. With the available language converter around the Chinese overstayers can easily learn the Filipino language in a matter of
    days without help from interpreters.

    Where probably this administration succeed in eliminating/exterminating 3,000,000 Filipino illegal drug users/pushers in 6 years, how do you eliminate these 3,000,000 illegal Chinese overstayers after this administration is over ???

    Buti kung 3,000,000 lang. Eh kung pa more pa ?

    Baka hindi na makabalik pa yung mga bayani nating OFWs dahil wala na silang mapaglagyan.

    Sana naman…. Kuya wag po…..

    • I AM SORRY…

      from Google

      Population of China (2016 and historical)
      Year Population Yearly % Change
      2016 1,382,323,332 0.46 %
      2015 1,376,048,943 0.52 %
      2010 1,340,968,737 0.54 %
      2005 1,305,600,630 0.55 %

      marunong din akong mag sorry…
      sa aking pagkakamali…

  9. turn instead to China and Russia, countries that he says know the meaning of respect.

    July 13, 2016

    China blamed the Philippines for stirring up trouble and issued a policy paper Wednesday calling the islands in the South China Sea its “inherent territory,” a day after an international tribunal said China had no legal basis for its expansive claims.

    “It is the Philippines that has created and stirred up the trouble,” Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said in introducing the paper.

    The Philippines, under a U.N. treaty governing the seas, asked in 2013 for arbitration on a number of issues it had with treaty co-signee China.

    The five-member panel from the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, Netherlands, unanimously concluded China had violated its obligations to refrain from aggravating the dispute while the settlement process was ongoing.

    It also found that China had interfered with Philippine petroleum exploration at Reed Bank, tried to stop fishing by Philippine vessels within the country’s exclusive economic zone and failed to prevent Chinese fishermen from fishing within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone at Mischief Reef and Second Thomas Shoal.

    China, which boycotted the entire proceedings, reiterated that it does not accept the panel’s jurisdiction. China “solemnly declares that the award is null and void and has no binding force. China neither accepts nor recognizes it,”

    Zambales governor Amor Deloso saying that two mountains in his province were leveled as landfill for China’s reclamation of Scarborough Shoal. Seven nickel mines operated by Chinese nationals supposedly did it during the tenure of his predecessor Hermogenes Ebdane. The seven mines were not identified. Deloso further was quoted as citing a Dept. of Foreign Affairs estimate of the reclamation at 3,000 hectares.

    That is what Duterte calls respect.

    Must be some secret deal between Duterte and China.

  10. I am Team USA.

    I like|

    1. Cartoon Network: Regular Show/ Fin and Jake/ Teen Titans/ Clarence.
    2. Yellow Cab PIzzas and Pasta
    4. Disney Channel: Descendants/ Princess Star Butterfly.
    5. Victoria’ s Secret Perfume
    6. ETOnline
    7. Radaronline
    8. CNN
    9. Chainsmokers Music Artist
    10. Halsey
    11. Taylor Swift
    12. Starbucks
    13. Marc Jacobs
    14. Kendall Jenner
    15. Donald Trump
    16. Shawn Mendes
    17. ++++++++ Many more..

    And I like about Duterte| None.

  11. Hanggang Exposure to modern militarty equipment .. kasi hindi pwede possession.

    Kaya nga binebenta eh jets without missiles! Patawa!

  12. Ignacio Balbutin on

    hahaha China knows respect, are you kidding Mr. President? China is a bully nation, bullying those small countries which she knows has no will to fight back. Is it respect when they occupied our rich scarborough shoal? Is it respect when China is flooding us with drugs? very funny indeed. I just advised to keep cool and just be friends with everybody. See according to your defense minister Lorenzana, the AFP has benefitted a lot with the cooperation with the US. Please take our communist colors for the good of the country. Communism has long been dead. There are no more communists countries in the world today. All are practicing capitalist system already which is in stark contrast with communist ideologies. China and Russia are big capitalist already

  13. Why can’t we just think of ways to improve our country instead of finger pointing? Our president cannot make this country better if he is working alone. Let’s just all be a responsible and do our part in making this country better. Instead of acting like we know better than anybody, let’s help this country regain it’s beauty, we can start in our own home, then in our baranggay, then in municipality and province. We cannot act as if the improvement of our country depends on the government alone. It is OUR country after all.

  14. HitlerDU30: Puro ka satsat. Instead of saying “I may cut-off ties with America” just simply PUT IN WRITING that the Philippines is cutting-off ties w/ America effective (specify month, date & year) & addressed it to President Obama. It is my impression that you do not know what you are talking about. Again, puro ka satsat !!

  15. Too much bull caca here. Let’s face it: Duterte’s thought processes are provincial at best equal to his lingua franca. He may have been a venerated mayor of an average city, perhaps even good at some point, but he does not have the foresight or knowledge outside of his city to take care of the whole country. He is running a one-issue administration and even that is highly questionable. And what is this hesitance on the part of sane Filipinos to vehemently disagree with him and some of his sordid and evil policies? They seem to be afraid of criticizing him. Are they afraid that they would be lumped in the category of drug users and pushers and hence subject to summary and unquestioned killings even in broad daylight?

  16. Juan D. CRUZADO on

    Respect? Do you really think China will respect us? By the way, are we respectable enough? Are you respectable Mr. President? Respect is earned!

  17. The America of the old days are long dead and gone , no more uncle Sam’s and Joe’s who handover free lollypops and AIDS to their little brown bro and sis . The new America, their politics is all based on dollar and sense with the wall street foreign policy is the only national interest they care about . Wall street neck ties are not made in RP then we’re out of luck !

  18. ” The region maintained its autonomy until 1951 when, following the Battle of Chamdo, Tibet became incorporated into the People’s Republic of China, and the previous Tibetan government was abolished in 1959 after a failed uprising.[3] Today, China governs western and central Tibet as the Tibet Autonomous Region while the eastern areas are now mostly ethnic autonomous prefectures within Sichuan, Qinghai and other neighbouring provinces. There are tensions regarding Tibet’s political status[4] and dissident groups that are active in exile.[5] It is also said that Tibetan activists in Tibet have been arrested or tortured.”

    here’s the same kind of RESPECT we get when the Chinese takes over the Philippines!

  19. The United States is the country’s largest source of official development assistance (ODA), at $1.15 billion in 2014. The United Nations came in second with $608 million, followed by Australia with $587 million and the European Union with $175 million.

    The rest of the top 10 are Japan with $167 million, Germany with $125 million, Asian Development Bank with $118 million, South Korea with $94 million and the World Bank with $84 million

    Duterte has insulted just about everyone on that list along with threats to break ties.

    Would love to see if Duterte could get China to give him 3 billion dollars in exchange for protecting people’s rights under the constitution.
    Protecting people’s right to life is hard work and too much in the Philippines.

    • FYI
      Always a beggar mentality that even today sees that kind of help is worthwhile …. Is it really a help (assistance) or a loan that we the Filipino people are paying for that …. No country in this world will just let go his money WITHOUT anything in return or collateral … in other words Business is their key notion to have their say even in Domestic affairs of this country. Because you are naive enough not to know these … always living in your comfort zone and don’t care what will happen next to our lives. You might as well migrate to USA so that your mindset is always like that. Beware in America, paupers lives on the streets …. are you living in the streets of the Philippines? I don’t think so because you are using a computer and an internet which is not readily accessible to beggars. Food first before computer.

    • This could be our Presidents reason and the offer to China. Duterte is a Tactician, a wit of law and its ways, a71 year old experienced Politician will not act this way without any reason. He is our President and has expressed his loud empathy for the people. He knows that one of the reasons why we don’t have Sabah is because of the back agreement of the late sad hero in the 500 peso bill and we lost our post in the West Philippine Sea is because of his son’s order to the Military to abandon their post. Duterte is trying to get the confidence of China and so he needs to show that he is in business and not controlled by the aid/e of others. We know aid/e means cooperation, but what do you think we have given these countries to help us back.There is always a catch for these people to help us, remember we do not have military bases with them anymore, and we are their only allies in asia aside from South Korea, to protect their business, we have to protect their interest. Not to mention they have not paid our country to the damages of World War II that our contry suffered, its not even our war, its their war! I rest.

  20. The liberal US govt. under obama is a disaster. obama and john kerry hillary clinton are an embarrassment. they have caused world unrest. I hope Duterte realizes that one half of the US population feels this way and doesnt wish to disrespect phillipine sovereignty the other half are just sons of whores

    • You are also misinformed. Under Obama, he tried to remove military forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Bring peace in the Middle East and save US from bankcruptcy. He is also responsible for universal health care in the Us, they call it Obama care. You have to read so as not to make a fool of yourself.

  21. Respect? Did China ever respected our sovereignty? Did China respected the international law. This president is dragging this country to hell, taking us away from our friends and allies. Turning us to become communist is what he want, it is not what the Filipinos want.

    • we only want a decent living, no crimes, no addicts, no criminals roaming in the streets especially at midnight and no interference from somewhere else … that is the respect we want …. Is that hard to achieve? If your mindset is always FEAR …. fear for anything that this country will become because of DU30 then you are deadly wrong because we are living in the opposite situation of no crimes, no addicts, no criminals roaming in the streets especially at midnight and no interference from somewhere else in a very long time so what is new? The new now is somebody from Mindanao wants to have it change …. did you get it?

  22. the trainings on humanitarian assistance and disaster readiness are very significant knowledge which helps us to react in times of calamities,

    Just put Aquino and Roxas in charge of disaster assistance in the country.
    The Philippines does not need the US help, they have the Tacloban heroes Aquino and Roxas.

  23. Presidential Cabinet members are expected to toe the line of the incumbent National Leadership. They are not supposed to interpret executive issues based on their own perceptions. Neither can they freely veer away from the real intentions and purposes of any such Presidential pronouncements.

    What President Duterte is stating are facts on the ground that can only be discussed bilaterally between the Philippine Government and the United States. The Philippines is the only Asian colony of the USA and yet have remained militarily weak compared to its neighboring countries. The country is said to be only receiving crumbs military packages. A far cry from the huge military aid that the USA had been raining down on other allied countries. This is besides claims that efforts to modernize Philippine military armaments is hampered by a seemingly lopsided Mutual Defense Treaty. It is thus imperative that high level military talks should be lined up in order to resolve these vital issues once and for all.

    Respect! Sad to say that aside from that great soldier General Douglas McArthur, the Filipino people has not been accorded the respect it deserves by its former colonial power.

    • Ignacio Balbutin on

      yeah and China respected us when they grab the scarborough shoal from us and flooded our country with drugs. yeah China is respecting us when they are driving our poor fishermen from scarborough shoal. yeah, the US dis-respected with all the aids that has been given to us. Our navies are improving with cutters from the US and other heavy eguipments materials. yeah the US is dis-respecting us when in every calamities that we have the US are always the first to come to our aid. Open your eyes and don’t be blinded with the ideology that has been long dead and cannot work in any given society

  24. Dick Gordon is right. Duterte talk too much. Everybody knows that we are a very poor country. Our countryman are mostly uneducated. How can you have equal footing with the US a very rich, big and most of their people are educated and upper middle class ? Obama is right. US is the most powerful nation on earth period. Have you seen our people living sleeping in the dusty sidewalk in terminal one ? My dog lives a lot better than our people.

    • TO THE MAX
      Are you sure that we are an uneducated people ….. shame on you … the surveys says that Philippines is the 3rd largest ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY in the world then how come you say that … did you see the street homeless people of America …. Yes USA is a powerful country in terms of War Armaments like North Korea militarily … Is that the basis of rich country you say… For example Singapore or Qatar Emirates , they are rich countries without debt but America has debt more than their annual budget, then you say they are rich …. If you contest my statement, go and research so that you will know

  25. Nobody likes a bratty child. First I would hope to see Americans choose another place to spend tourist dollars. That should be followed by pressure on American politicans to stop aid. Once compassion for the plight of Filipinos by Americans is gone China will be waiting for the Philippines with a kiss and a warm bed.

    • There are millions upon millions of Chinese in China. They might be the second riches country but there are millions living below poverty line in China.

    • Jessica Felandas on

      Don’t worry.. I have personally already begun a campaign to STOP all AID to Philippines, and will never ever give another penny of my money to help your country.

  26. Bobby Tuazon is very, very right.

    Professor Bobby Tuazon, director for policy studies of the Center for People Empowerment in Governance,
    Duterte’s anti-US tirades were “valid” sentiments that expressed “long-overdue” concerns, noting that the bilateral relationship had been more beneficial to Washington in terms of military exercises.

    • The big question you have to answer is did the Philippines benefited from the military exercises ? Who paid for the military exercises. ? Did US benefited, of course yes. Did we benefited ? Heck yes. US paid for all expenses. Both parties benefited. It is a win win project.

  27. DU30, You know, respect is a two way street and it’s earned. You think you’ll earned respect the way you
    speak ? You can earned respect without cussing people, you know. You can show independence by deeds, not by disparaging remarks. You can have independence and be friendly to countries….There was no need to make enemies in achieving your goals for the country.

    • It is this tirade that becomes an alternative choice for our President … nobody is blaming him except the minority people who don’t want him and also the Western Press and government. They are surprised by these events because as what they expect from him is BUSINESS AS USUAL for their influence and treatment to us Filipinos. Now they are thinking of something like DAMAGE CONTROL if this will go on and on they will lose this country to their sworn enemies. They must make up their minds how to help this country and talk to us but not waiting for us to beg and make some audience to them as if they are Kings. That is the respect the Americans know.