‘I will break your necks’


Director General Ronald dela Rosa, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, on Monday warned police officers against taking advantage of the government’s crackdown on illegal drugs by extorting money from suspected “drug personalities.”

“I will break your necks,” he told them.

Dela Rosa made the warning after receiving reports that some policemen are using the Duterte administration’s war on drugs to also milk cash from innocent victims.

The PNP chief, at the same time, sought the public’s help in cleansing the police force of “misfits and scalawags.”

“I am appealing to the public, please help us police our ranks,” dela Rosa said at a news briefing after Monday’s flag-raising at Camp Crame in Quezon City.

He admitted that there are still crooks in uniform using the campaign against illegal drugs to make money.
At the news briefing, the PNP chief invited people, including “drug lords and pushers” who are being threatened and shaken down by these rogue police.

Without elaborating, he cited cases of policemen approaching businessmen and telling them that their names are on a list of drug suspects and threatening them.

Usually, dela Rosa said, the victims eventually offer the extortionists huge sums of money to have their names removed from the purported list of “drug personalities.”

Addressing those involved in the narcotics trade, he urged them to report any extortion attempt to him and he would consider the errant policemen’s offense “times two,” or twice as serious as those of drug personalities, and “I will neutralize them.”

“I promise… if I catch you, I will break your necks,” dela Rosa said as a warning to extortionist policemen.


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  1. Oh wow… what a tough man. So impressive from a 5 foot Filipino follower of racist Duterte. Philippines has gone to sh#t. For me, I am loving it abroad, never to return.

  2. Not even on the job six months and already on vacation. A free trip at that paid for by a senator.

    Only in the Philippines.

  3. oh, shut up already and do your job. given that the president believes any lie that any policeman gives, why wouldn’t they take advantage of it?

    • Yeah agreed. This fucked up prez is so eager to please the corrupted PNP n believe everything they say. He should start cleaning out the PNP now b4 they drag him down further.