• Will Davao City mayor open bank account?


    WHO between Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is telling the truth?

    The answer will be known today if the mayor’s supposed multi-million peso bank account at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Julia Vargas Branch is opened.

    Trillanes, who earlier accused Duterte of not declaring his P211 million deposit in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN), said he will wait for Duterte or his representative this morning for the opening of the mayor’s bank account.

    Trillanes, who is running for Vice President, had challenged Duterte to meet him on May 2.

    “I will be at BPI Julia Vargas Branch, Ortigas, Pasig City [Metro Manila], tomorrow, at 11 a.m. to wait for Mayor Duterte or his representative to fulfill the said challenge,” the senator said on Sunday.

    Duterte has expressed willingness to accept Trillanes’ challenge with the condition that the senator sign an affidavit that will explain where and when he got his information and why he released it.

    Trillanes, however, rejected Duterte’s condition and insisted that he will not reveal his source.

    He called on the mayor to stop diverting the issue and answer the matter regarding his bank deposits.

    Duterte has issued different statements regarding his bank accounts.

    He initially denied having an account at the BPI Julia Vargas Branch but later admitted its existence, saying it only contains around P50,000.

    The mayor changed his statement again on Friday, this time admitting the account holds a little less than P211 million.

    Trillanes, in a statement, said he feels vindicated by the admission of Duterte that he has P200 million in his account.

    “But most important, it’s time to shatter Duterte’s fraudulent image of being simple, honest and incorruptible. He actually is as corrupt as the Binays. Worse, he is a psychopath and a confessed murderer,” Trillanes said.

    The senator a few months ago accused Vice President Jejomar Binay and his family of corruption, an issue that the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee investigated.

    Trilllanes was a leading member of the committee.


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    1. Rodan Guerrero on

      This is my first time to see an individual who has two (2) conflicting birth certificates. This is in the person of GRACE POE. This is also my 1st time to see a foul-mouthed presidentiable, unbecoming a future head of a state. Both Grace Poe and Rodrigo Duterte are menace to the Filipino People and this Republic! Both are UNTRUSTED and LIARS….

    2. http://www.rigobertotiglao.com/2016/04/05/candidate-poe-inveterate-liar/

      “We will be the world’s laughing stock if Poe ever wins the presidency: somebody who renounced her citizenship to become a US citizen, who then renounced her American citizenship to run for the presidency. In any other nation on the face of this planet, and include there the most illiterate and the poorest, such candidate would be immediately thrown out as a political and cultural aberration.”

    3. Duterte should open his bank transactions for the sake of transparency and for the people to really know if he is telling the truth. Some of his die hard supporters are proclaiming all kinds of stupid excuse for the issue. The main issue is this: is Duterte telling the truth or not? Is he really poor and untainted by corruption or bribery or unexplained wealth as he claims to be?

      Tell the truth now Mr. Duterte, and don’t hide in technical legalities, otherwise you are no different from Binay, a corrupt traditional politician!

    4. Its plain and simple. Kung walang tinatago bakit hindi ipakita. But if you are hiding something the bank secrecy law is being apply. if the accusation pf trillanes is not true and you d30 allows it to be open including the history of said account then trillanes should suffer the consequence e paano nman if trillanes statement is true then the truth will set us free.

    5. Asking for an affidavit is like a lawyer asking a detective, “How did you find out?”
      The detective may have hidden a CCTV under the table of the Mayor.

    6. Trillianes affidavit is not needed… AMLAC can require BPI to divulge the transaction because it is alleged to have come from dirty money.

    7. Juan T. Delacruz on

      Trillanes should go to jail for illegally obtaining bank records of Duterte. Whether Trillanes is correct about his allegations, he’s still can be found guilty because of his illegal maneuver, doing illegal things that cannot be connected to his job as a legislator. The court should make an example out of him because he can get a bank record on anybody that he doesn’t like, and therefore, banking law is useless and is not followed anymore. The bottom line is this–Trillanes clearly stepped on his dick, again. If Duterte will sue him for couple of Billion Pesos for damages, his balls probably will shrink again, and his response would be “in aid of legislation”.

      His mother didn’t raised a fool, therefore, Duterte will not fall for Trillanes’ challenge. Instead, he should execute a sworn statement, as Duterte has asked him to do.

      • AMLAC have the power to compel BPI to check the account for suspicious transactions, since it was alleged that the money does not conform with a salary of a mayor. BPI may avail bank secrecy because if it is true.BPI is liable for banking lapses by the AMLAC and Banko Sentral.

    8. Duterte’s lawyer or whoever is responsible looking into it must ensure that the transactions are not rigged. It is possible that it’s an insider job, considering that BPI management is unaware of the issue, if it’s indeed similar to the report of trillanes.

    9. I doubt whether Mayor Duterte has this amount of money in the bank. He might be toying Trillanes and supporters, knowing his style. After all, the issue is common at this time of campaign, usually if you are winning the race. For one thing, Sen. Trillanes has dubious character and posses a crab mentality. Neither, the kind of Trillanes can be trusted on any of his statements, evident by his past rebellious attitude. When he tried to meddle between the Philippine Government and China on the conflict about the Scarborough Shoal, he acted in favor of the later. This was proven by the Brady Report,Wilfred our Philippine Ambasador to China. Obviously, he was an emissary serving the interest (if the price is right), of some power broker.

    10. Of course Tonying Trillanes is “firing” blank cartridges, just like all his accusations against Boy Scout Jojo Binay. He even accused the members of the Court for accepting 25 million bribes to favor Jojo, Jr. He immediately was brought to jail for libel and paid a hefty bail. This man is a congenital liar and it is strange the other politicians are immediately riding on all the lies. It is so easy to make accusations that this and that person have billions of money in the bank, properties here and there, left and right and fabricating documents to support the lies. Just like what they did to poor CJ Renato Corona but they will not succeed this time because people knows and unlike the Representathieves and Senathieves whom they bribed in millions, they cannot bribe the entire nation.

      • Show us the money, BPI maybe required by the regulators to divulge the transactions to AMLAC and Banko Sentral, because it was alleged to be dirty money.