Will Duterte unleash his ‘dogs of war’?


MAYOR Rodrigo Duterte’s tough talk and low regard for the Constitution have resulted in dire predictions for the Philippines should he win in the May 9  presidential election.

Alarm bells were rung when Duterte made the irresponsible threat to close down Congress once impeachment charges are filed against him for his undeclared bank accounts and allegedly ill-gotten wealth and property. This showed he wants no accountability at all, that he considers himself untouchable. In other words, he wants to be a tyrant, a no-no under a democratic government.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes had already declared that impeachment charges will be filed against Duterte should he become President. I shudder to think of what would ensue should Duterte make good with his threat to close down Congress. Who will close down Congress? I wonder if soldiers will follow this obviously unconstitutional order. I also doubt if the representatives of the people and the judiciary will meekly allow the closure of the legislature.

If Duterte will merely rely on his rabid followers to try and close down the legislature, I’m afraid his prediction that blood will flow during his administration will come true. Or, will he say later that he was merely joking when he threatened to close down the legislature?

Trillanes said that “it would be easy” to convince soldiers to stage a coup should Duterte win because of Duterte’s known support for the New People’s Army.  Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago has also described Duterte as the NPA candidate and warned of opposition from many sectors against him.

Early on in the campaign, Duterte’s rabid followers had been cursing and wishing ill to those who find fault with him. These rabid followers obviously considered critics as being allied with criminals—and isn’t Duterte urging the vigilante killing of criminals? Sadly, his rough talk had rubbed on them.

His followers, including a supposedly religious leader, are threatening to wage a rebellion should he be “cheated.” They’re convinced that he’ll win—unless he’s cheated. Oh yes, there are also fears that even the NPA would come down from the hills and join Duterte’s rabid followers in wreaking havoc to the country.

Will a victorious Duterte cry “havoc and let slip the dogs of war?” Should he do so, expect his followers to go hammer and tongs against critics, especially in media. I don’t expect media to be cowed, however. Neither will the judiciary and Congress be running for cover. The military, the protector of the people, may not sit idly by and take sides, and generate greater anxiety.

Incidentally, the line “Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war” came from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Wikipedia explains that the “dogs of war” refers figuratively to the wild pack of soldiers “let slip” (unleashed) by war’s breakdown of civilized behavior and/or their commanders’ orders to wreak “havoc,” that is, rape, pillage and plunder. Throw in carnage also.

Tension may ease if Duterte will claim he was only joking when he expressed support for the NPA and will deny Joma Sison’s claim that they would form a coalition government. The country won’t accept a coalition with communists, especially the Maoists like Joma Sison. Communism is an outdated ideology and isn’t being followed even in China. Such a coalition could be a recipe for trouble, even for coups, as predicted by Trillanes.

The country can accept a Duterte victory even if he’ll get only 32 percent of the counted votes if he won’t cry “havoc” and unleash his “dogs of war” against critics and political opponents. He may even win over some from the majority who didn’t vote for him if he’ll prove his sincerity in waging war against crime and corruption.

For a starter, Duterte can try to bring to justice the murder of businessman Edgardo Lua last March 16 in Quezon City. Lua reportedly had no known enemy but two days before he was shot in the head by a lone gunman, he had an altercation with a national candidate who wanted to buy some multicabs from him.

Lua and the candidate had a disagreement over the price and Lua returned the down payment. The candidate, according to a certain Joseph Karlo Palomar, called Lua and threatened him. Two days later, he was killed.

“This is not about politics. This is about justice for Mr. Lua,” stressed Palomar in his appeal to media.

For a final note, Duterte partisans were all praises when I wrote columns favorable to Duterte. Now that I’ve dared point out his flaws, I’m called names. This, however, won’t prevent me from writing what I believe to be true and right.



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  1. tony de leon on

    if the bank accounts are false and just black propaganda then Duterte I think will be the salvation of the country. the political elites and dynasties ruled the country for over 50 yrs with not much progress. Duterte can be as closest the least to Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore the former dictator who made Singapore the 1st world. His experience in local government management in Davao proves his good governance. No one is perfect. If death squads are needed to eradicate the crime so be it and I think majority of the voters who are tired and victimized by the rising crime and even some police officials and military are in cahoots then this is the reason why Duterte is very popular now for the voters. Its a gamble sometimes to have a new president but knowing his past performance in governance Duterte is a calculated risk for the voters to vote compared to Poe who has no experience at all and Binay who has a pending corruption case proven and filed against him. while Mar Roxas belongs to the traditional elite dynasties. Although my second choice will be Mar Roxas, but I really prefer Duterte. we need a strong decisive leader like him who is hands on and no nonsense leader to finally put the country to prosperity and end the long oldest 2 insurgencies.

  2. Kaya hindi umunlad ang Pilipinas ay dahil sa maling mentalidad at paniniwala sa sarili na ang isang politico ang mag-aahon sa mga pilipino sa kahirapan. Ang maraming pilipino sa halip na sila ang gumawa ng ikauunlad ay pati kaluluwa ibibigay sa isang politico kahit maliwanag na ang endorso nila ay may maliwanag na masamang karakter

  3. inquirer.net on

    “Will Duterte unleash his ‘dogs of war’?”

    PNoy-Raxas already did!

  4. All classes support Mayor Duterte.

    Those classes that are sick and tired of status quo..

  5. A big question mark is what if d30 could not fulfill his campaign promise of eradicating crimes within 6 months. Or much more chaos will happen to these country. Davao is not philippines and there are many people in this country who will not take sitting down a dictatorial leader. It is still better to live in a democratic country. A big no to dictatorship. God forbids that this country will not be another thailand.

  6. manilatimes.net on

    Now i know the meaning of this kids song!

    May tatlong Bibe akong nakita (PNOY,MAR,POE)
    Mataba, mapayat mga bibe
    Ngunit ang may paLpak(PNOY)
    Sa likod na iisa
    Siya ang lider na nagsabi ng
    Kwak, kwak, kwak.

    Tayo na sa ilog ang sabi
    Kumending ng kumending
    Ang mga bibe
    Ngunit ang may paLpak(PNOY)
    Sa likod na iisa
    Siya ang lider na nagsabi ng
    Kwak, kwak, kwak.

  7. May 9, 2016 National Elections Predictions!

    Homobono Adaza’s column in Manila Times dwelling on his predictions as to who is qualified and finally will carry the Presidential banner on the May 9,2016 national elections is validly well-analyzed and written. I subscribed to Adaza’s
    observations as valid and well-thought of.

    My own take on the matter follows:

    Mar Roxas, though lacking the mass charisma and appeal only to the elite, is the only qualified among the five (5) presidential contestants, being educationally well-equipped, experienced, unblemished in character and public service. Not the least is his illustrious Roxas-Araneta family pedigree as untarnished dedicated public officials. Although he appears to be clinging to the coat-tails of Pnoy and parroting the worn-out and irritating slogan of Pnoy’s “tuwid na daan or straight path” which is pulling him down, Mar Roxas will stand-up as an independent-minded and hands-on President that will enable him to achieve substantial upliftment of the welfare of poor socio-economic segment of Philippine society.

    BINAY could have been a logical successor to the Presidency BUT carries a heavy tainted baggage as corrupt and a family dynasty full of greed for power and wealth, putting him as disqualified for lack of clean reputation being perceived as morally and simply corrupt!

    Poe is only too ambitious and in haste to become President though she has no governance experience and must not be allowed to run as being NOT a natural-born Filipino citizen and materially had lied on all her public statements on her citizenship status. Grace Poe deceives the people by claiming she will continue the service and advocacy of the poor’s economic plight by FPJ when there was nothing FPJ has done for the poor except only in his movies. Poe merely relies and felt riding high on her adoptive parents celebrity status to claim the highest post in the land.

    Duterte is not qualified to be President for lack of moral values, immoral character and will wield the power and law of the jungle and adhere to his shamefull street-gutter speeches. Duterte’s reverse psychology of acting the opposite of a decent and smooth-soft-spoken leader by cussing, cursing and using expletives and acting as machismo, courageous crime-busting mayor of Davao, was able to attract and deceived desperate and hopeless citizenry looking for an aggressive leadership that can effect faster economic and social change like the master propagandist of Hitler, named Goebbels.
    Duterte will likely turned the PNP into “vigilantes” and the AFP into “bounty hunters”. The country will be like the Wild Wild West of the USA and the “killing fields” of the Khmer Rhuge of Cambodia. With Duterte as President, the Philippines will be a pariah and in international isolation politically and economically like North Korea, and Duterte as a loose canon will be like Kim Injong.

    Miriam Santiago, who is a self-promoter of her own qualification, as a judge and intelligent public servant, though not a legal luminary in her own right, is aging fast and losing her grip on reality due to her admitted illness of stage 4 cancer, will not be able to,cope up with awesome responsibilities of the office of the President. It is a waste of votes if she gets elected for she is physically incapable to carry the duties of the office. And God forbids Bongbong Marcos is not elected with her.
    Any of these four at the helm of government will wreak havoc and disaster to the social, political and economic well-being of the nation!

    It is also my hopeful forecasts that Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo will be elected President and VP, respectively, for the good of the country.

  8. Ric Brazil on

    “….This showed he wants no accountability at all, that he considers himself untouchable. In other words, he wants to be a tyrant, a no-no under a democratic government.”

    Isn’t this happening under the Pnoy without any alarm then? Come on, we have a tyrant in our midst since the past six years. What did the media did with him?

    • ric brazil, the so called main stream media including tv and radio are all part of the communications group of malacanan except for a few small newspapers and tv and radio stations. they all broadcast and print mostly praises for benito boy sisi. how else do you think benito can have the gall to proclaim himself the greatest president this country ever had? he is a nut case and the main stream media kept quiet.

  9. You portray supporters of Duterte as “rabid followers.” This unfortunate. Actually, they’re a just advocates for genuine change. And they see Digong as the only leader who has the courage to push for their advocacies and agenda.

  10. Your comments describe the weiter as judgemental, bias, emotional, lacks coherence in logic, and plain provincial.

  11. Congress DESERVED TO BE CLOSED! its a den of thieves – family size!
    your last ditch pathetic attempt to thrash Digong only reinforces the undecided voters, it didnt work before and will not work now, that childless lunatic in the Palace should be restrained now for using children as attack dogs in ABSCBN, clearly he is losing it!

  12. Fidel Guevarra on

    A Duterte presidency is a major scandal and a catastrophic shame for the Filipinos that may result in a repeat of the statement of an American senator during the time of Marcos in describing the Philippines as a “country of sixty five million cowards and one son of a bitch.” This time it could be “a country of a hundred million insane cowards and one insane son of a bitch.”

  13. P.Akialamiro on

    Many talk about the possible consequences of Duterte’s election but, how many have seriously talked, discussed and did something about the ills of the country brought about the ‘obvious’ corruptions, even by the President, lawmakers and other government officials, as in CJ Corona case and others? How about the incessant poverty, crime, drugs, etc and opportunistic manipulations of the rich and powerful in cahhots with politicians at the expense of the poor and down-trodden. How many years have these been going on?

    If elected, Duterte may not be that ‘bad’ after all. He knows the law and he is not thatstrong and intelligent as the late FEM. It would be too soon that he has to show the kind of leader he is to be able to get the electorate to back him up. He’s just singing the tune, the people would like to hear after all the politics as usual. They are desperate for a new kind of leadership.

    I hope that he may be able to walk his talk and be able to STOP the usual trend of politics in the country. Other than him, it will be a status quo, despite all the promises a politician can muster. The people have heard them all these years, even with the slogan “daang matuwad”, Oops, I mean ‘matuwid”.

    Chanage is NOW or NEVER. May God bless the Republic of the Philippines.

  14. Just do and write what is true and right. To hell with the followers of Duterte who have the same kind of thinking (lowest level).